Monday, July 21, 2008

Would You Have Decided on The Mercedes? replace your four year-old Perdana?

I mean, let's face it. We all have our own favourite models.

For the sake of argument, would you have bought another Perdana V6 or the Mercedes E200 Kompressor?

Did the Terengganu Government do the right thing by buying 14 of the Mercedes for its state excos and senior officials.

It spent RM3.43m for them.

Menteri Besar Ahmad Said defended the decision saying that it had planned to buy the E200 Kompressor for a long time to replace its Proton Perdana V6 Executive fleet.

It is a move to cut cost because he says that the Perdana V6s are high maintenance. Therefore, cheaper to have the E200 Kompressor in the long run, he said.

So, is the state government "far-sighted" for opting for the Mercs, as Ahmad Said claimed?

Read more HERE.

Do you buy his argument? Or do you think that, it's just, you know, an excuse to splurge?

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak has reservations here. He said that it has been the government's policy that all federal government ministries and state government use the national car.

Making his point, he said he and his boss (the Prime Minister) use the national car.

Read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Very unwise move and decision made by the Terengganu government. Cost-cutting is just a lame excuse. Its obvious.

They could just replace with a new perdana v6 instead of buying more executive e200 compressor mercz. What a waste of money.

Although honestly I favor the merz than the perdana v6, but taking into all circumstances and considerations I fell that is better to buy perdana v6 than the merz e200 compressor.

Anonymous said...

Taking some money fr PETROAS to
subsidise petrol price - government say tak boleh tahan lagi
but can use millions to buy mercz!!
u decide - to sokong Anwar or BN

Bung Karno said...


1. All new MB have to start from somewhere. Plouging and plundering, that is.

2. What better way to get the Excos and high officials to support later plans of (1) above.

3. Good excuse for the rakyat to boot them out in PU13. Coming.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the time to buy mercedes! Not when price of fuel has gone up so much with worries of more rises! So WTF do these people think they are doing?

Once elected, slpurging the people's money for their comfort is just "par for the course?"

Absolutely apalling. Sack all Ahmad Said and his team. He appears no better than the felon Idris Yusoh.

Politicians? Damn!

Hi&Lo said...

Wah, spending money to save money.

slyderrose said...

Do you know the current Perdanas own by Trengganu state government are only 4 years old, same age with mine. Let me tell Trengganu MB, maintenance cost of my Perdana is much cheaper than normal servicing of Merz E200 Kompressor. This is a lame excuse to please his umno colleagues. Just wondering what opposition DUNs are doing about this?. Keep quite lah since PAS is planning to collaborate with umno. To PAS in Trengganu is not their concern now. What matter most is to please umno and afterall Harakah can be now sold twice a week back to good old days. Mustafa Ali, oh mustafa ali. Apa nak jadi?

Anonymous said...

The MB said that it is costly to maintain Perdana, that's why he bought Mercedes Benz. If that's the case, then Pak Lah is not that smart because he is still using Perdana. If PM could use Perdana, why they cannot follow the PM? If it really costly to maintain Perdana, they could have cosen cheaper but reliable car such as Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. I believe Mercedes consume more fuel. In long run, it will cost more if you include maintenance and fuel cost.Another mistake is the timing. When the rakyat is facing problems with petrol price hike, they seem do not care much about people's feeling...

Anonymous said...

Let's say he's right, Protons are unreliable. Why did they not choose say... Toyota Camry? Wouldn't that be much cheaper? Cheaper spare parts too.

Anonymous said...

A stupid excuse to splurge rakyat's money. If maintenance cost is the problem, they can always get a Toyota or Honda, it's as reliable and cheaper. Such a blatant disregard towards the austerity drive, very bad move.

Anonymous said...

nonsense!!!are they saying that our malaysian car is useless after 4 years?just a lame excuse la terengganu government.another waste of tax payers money

Anonymous said...

kalau nak save budget kenapa tak beli saja perodua viva kasi sorang satu kat exco... niat tak menghalalkan cara..

Anonymous said...

If you buy new perdana, I am sure that Proton will provide warranty for it's part, so how can it be more costly? How can local parts be more expensive than Imported parts. How can you spend RM50,000 to repair a Perdana? Maybe that exco from MCA? better explain.Lots of hanky panky in the Trangganu government.

Anonymous said...

The decision is obviously based on:
- syiok sendiri with the state's money!
- the opportunity to buy off these cars after a couple of years at a cheap price!

Then these fellas get to roll past the kampung folk who are farming, fishing, toiling - rolling past in their shiny new Mercs! And telling the world thay are saving State money!! They make me sick!

gram.kong said...

I agree with the MB, he is right, the Perdana is a gas-guzzler and unreliable.Even the Proton Wira 1500 consumes more fuel than the Merc 200.

Most of Protons engines are 30-year old technology,uninspiring, lacking in power and poor torque.They are built for West Malaysia's highways where it is not mountainous.

In Sabah we have many mountain roads and the Protons are the worst in hill climbing due to its low torque.

Unless Proton improves its quality, it's only a matter of time before it closes shop.

We should look at the bigger picture instead of splitting hairs.

Anonymous said...

1) Proton Perdana got problem after 120,000km. GearBox proble and high maintenance.

20 Dont forget the Mongolia case!

Anonymous said...

When Ahmad Said first took the hotseat, I held out hope that he was going to be different from the UMNO splurgers. But when push comes to shove, he has shown that he is no different. They have the money, so why not enjoy the perks that come with the job at the expense of the rakyat of Terengganu. They may be poor but they are not stupid to buy the reasons given to justify the purchase.

Jane Smith said...

I'm not a fan of Mercedez Benz. But I support the Terengganu State Government's decision to buy a fleet of Mercedez. After all, they're also 2,000 cc.

Proton Perdana V6 do have problem with the gearbox. Those who own a Perdana would agree with the Terengganu State Government rationale to phase out its Perdanas.

Reliable sources told me long time ago that the gearbox on our Perdanas were supplied by Mitsubishi. Unfortunately, they're all faulty. There is nothing Proton can do to fix the problem except to keep changing the gearbox. They cannot make an attempt to tweak the gearbox cos there are some agreement with Mitsubishi regarding this matter.

I agree that the Mercedez is a better choice in the long term. Continental cars last longer than Japanese-based cars.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ahmad;

I don't agrree! I agree if there were BMW 7 series.

Perdana is only for predana menteri la, he got no standard la! We are big guy, V6 is too small it bang head ma!

from, BN supporter.

Da Real Deal said...

Check out the roads in Terengganu, see how big the State is and determine how much travelling the exco members need to do. The cabinet members and the rakyat can sit and judge them easily because they don't drive their perdana anywhere beyond the Kuala Lumpur as often.

All this while everyone's been complaining about proton now they're flipping and telling the state govt to buy car.

When the exco members are expected to officiate a program, the organizers expect them to get there on time after spending much on the event. Faulty vehicles will delay and upset important meetings.

Reflect on it.

Anonymous said...

If the menteri besar agument makes sense, then the choice of cars should be a Japanese make.

Comparing a Perdana with a E-Class would be an insult to the Merc.

ummi68 said...

what a waste of money..hmmm

bayi said...

I may not agree with the Proton project but like any true-blooded Malaysian, I am a staunch supporter of the Proton. I have three in my family and they are well-serviced. So I have no breakdowns to complain about. Are they expensive to maintain. Well, I am no assemblyman and I can't afford to maintain even one unit of Mercedes!

Anonymous said...

The new MB just lost a lot of sympathy support he got when he was first appointed!

UMNO! They are all the same, aren't they? It's all about wealth and all things materialistic. :(

GobloKing said...

And they wonder why others call it a stupid move?

YEA...HHH!!! Let them eat cake!!

So do I pressume that poverty is eradicated in Trengganu?

ermmm...btw are there any openings in Trengganu state exco for an old has-been-sarong-party gal? I wouldn't mind drving those 4yr old cast off proton perdanas so long as someone else is servicing it

Anonymous said...

Bismilah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Cik Nuriana
Untuk respon periahal 14 buah kereta mercz yang akan dibawa ke meja kabinet BN untuk di perbincangkan , saya rasa keputusan jemaah Kabinet BN sudah dijangkakan keputusannya sebelum mesyurat di bentangkan .KEPUTUSANNYA WAJIB DI TUKAR DARI PERDANA V6 KEPADA e200 MERCZ. Alasannya ia boleh tahan lama dan tak perlu diselenggarakan selama 5 tahun dan akan dapat menjimat kos baik pulih jika menguna perdana v6 . Ini theory Barisan Nasional .Ini sahja alasan yang akan diusul setiap menteri kabinet barisan nasional supaya semua ahli parlimen / ahli exco / menteri besar / adun / wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional akan impikan kereta e200 compressor mercz.Bab memperhabiskan duit rakyat , memang ahli barisan nasional pakar dalam bab ni.Dan alasan kedua akan dibawa dalam mesyuarat kabinet BN nanti ,TAKUT NANTI SAUDARA DSAI UNGKIT , KERANA SAUDARA DSAI YANG DAHULU MENGUSULKAN SEMUA AHLI MENGUNAKAN KERETA NASIONAL MALAYSIA , SO TAK BOLEH IKUT CAKAP SAUDARA DSAI LAGI.

Anonymous said...

The whole country is bracing for a rough time with the increase in fuel prices. Yet you have such example of never-ending wasteful spending by bn government. Mind you, it's not their pocket money, but using tax payers' i.e., rakyat's money. Still telling lies that they care about the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Said was not long ago very vocal on Trg oil royalty being managed mainly by people outside the state. Now that he has full control over the money it seems he can't resist the temptation to show off. I Think he's intoxicated with his instant wealth. May be it's worth checking who got the contract. During the mayhem prior to his appointment as MB, a senior politician was investigated by ACA for alleged corruption committed during his tenure as Exco Member.

Tidak Mabuk

Johnny Ong said...

a next of kin is selling merz and will agree anytime tat petrol comsumption is really high. not to mention its scheduled maintenance where min is rm500 each time

Anonymous said...

It's very clear to me that the new state exco is all out to splurge at the rakyat's expense. Don't forget that this is the poorest state in Malaysia! Anyone with conscience will think thrice about getting a Merc at a time like this, but the MB and gang decided otherwise. This is very very bad governance. If there was a real need to change to a new car, they could have opted for a Honda or Toyota. I fear that the rakyat's plight is still at the bottom of the list...

Hawk Tan said...

My comment:

Dato Ahmad Said, I SALUTE YOU

Kerana membeli 14 buah kereta Mercedes E200 Compressor untuk kegunaan kerajaan negeri.

Hakikatnya ialah beliau berani membuat keputusan yang tidak disenangi oleh Boss Besar beliau di Kuala Lumpur.

Sememangnya kini tiada YB (UMNO & BN) yang betul betul berani melawan atau menentang dasar dan polisi kerajaan pusat.

Persoalannya ialah:-

1. Apakah Menteri Besar Terengganu sememangnya mempunyai sebab sebab yang munasabah?

2. Apakah isu ini ada udang disebalik mee?

3. Apakah Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu merasa amat dukacita dengan Kerajaan Pusat sehingga sengaja membuat keputusan yang tidak disenangi oleh Kerajaan Pusat?

4. Apakah selama ini Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu memang tidak bersetuju dengan cara pemerintahan dan dasar Kerajaan Pusat sehingga menyebabkan Kerajaan Negeri sanggup membuat keputusan yang mereka rasa wajar dan betul?

5. Apakah Dato' Ahmad Said tidak mengetahui langsung beliau akan dikenakan tindakan yang sewajarnya daripada kerajaan pusat?

6. Apakah Pak Lah begitu lemah sekali sehingga Kerajaan Negeri tidak mempunyai hormat langsung kepada Pak Lah.

Apa apa pun Dato' Ahmad Said sememangnya seorang yang berpendirian, berpandangan jauh dan berani membuat sesuatu keputusan yang beliau rasa praktikal dan munasabah.

Sekiranya kerajaan negeri mampu, APA SALAHNYA?

Akhirkata, saya rasa, Kerajaan Pusat seperti biasa tidak akan mengambil sebarang tindakan terhadap Dato' Ahmad Said.

Conspiracy Theorist said...


If State Govt tak support National car siapa lagi..?? heheh..wat can I say..(,").. wrong moved coz a toyota camry wud hav been appropriate..jst my tot..


p.s. ini belum dapat duit royalti dlm tangan lagi nih..heheh.. Power can change a person, no?

Anonymous said...

Learn something from the PR state government in Penang.

Don't even think of replacing a 4 year old Proton Perdana.

A 4 year old car is still a good car.

toyolbuster said...

I think this MB must have heard Najib wrongly when Najib said lets change our lifestyle. Just another typical umno character.

Ghifari X said...

Playing us for fools. They were never going to buy those merc they just want Najis to look good. This cheap ass politics is to sure up the higher-ups credibility. Go look and see most of these scum bags have 3 -5 cars SUVs for their own personal us use and they will use it at Gov functions then charge the state ...who's fooling who?

hischild said...

what we can learn from the purchase of the merc
1, Perdana's are not reliable cars for anyone to use
2, If its not good for MB's why should it be good for the rakyat?
3,so the message the Trengganu MB is giving is stop buying Malaysian made cars, and follow his example.

Anonymous said...

It is reward time after the hard work put in after the 2008 election.

Smart move for the ex-co members/MB but pity the poor rakyat.

The MB sure has long term views, after five years the ex-co can 'buy' the Merc at a song.

Malaysia Boleh and UMNO boleh...

jojo51 said...

This is a matter of national policy. Not of choice or preferences. Since the policy is that all federal and state government leaders must drive a Proton Perdana then the issue of replacing it with a foreign car does not arise.

The arguement therefore should be on the policy and not whether its a waste of money or whether the state government can afford a mercedez. Otherwise the arguement becomes emotional.

Anonymous said...

I can think in a blink of an eye about car models which supercedes mercedes in terms of budgeting.. just to name a few:-

1. Honda
2. Perodua
3. Toyota
4. Hyundai
5. Naza

Why don't just buy these state excos Naza ria which have a big capacity of loading.. but no.. these guys still went for mercedes benz.. for the brand.. I wonder why?? plus the cars are not for them.. but to serve the rakyat!

I say yes to naza ria for these state excos instead of mercedes benz!

Anonymous said...

Thede people think the world of themselves.
How grand to 'serve' the people!
Must be prestigious post therefore only the top range will suffice.
If ti's maintaince I am sure Toyota or Honda will beat Proton in terms of durability - no need a Mercs.

Anonymous said...

Do they really need so many Mercedes ? Can't they carpool? The Mercedes purchased are used for official purpose, right ?

Anonymous said...

This is an enormous storm in a Monsoon Cup. Small money really compared to other wastage on an internationally grand scale. However, this is not the time to be ostentatious. The people are tightening their belts due to rampant inflation and these jokers are still flaunting their propensity to spend public funds with ill disguised arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Apa nak kecoh2 lagi, kete dah beli, ckp2 kita ni TAKKAN merubah apa2. Dia peduli ape, bukan duit dia pon, DUIT KITA.

Unknown said...

Whatever it is.. I want to know who profited at least RM50K per car? A whooping RM700K for the deal? Which Company? Who are the director?

Who Profited RM700K?

Just want some answer.. thats all!

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

Why are 40 people complaining when the Rakyat of Trengganu state are not. Do not forget that they have given UMNO/BN the mandate to rule the state as they deem fit.So who are we to make any noise now when they were returned to power on March 08.

Besides, the seats of the E200 are definitely more comfortable meaning KINDER TO THEIR KNEES. All these guys have many mistresses and they need to perform regularly while they are on the move. Maklumlah as they say, "Time Is Money In Their Pockets". Therefore, the seats of the E200 win hands-down compared to the other makes which has coconut fibre/husks in them.

Anonymous said...

aiyah, dun fuss over this lah , no doubt you nice bloggers have helped out for us to get back the 5% oil royalty, THANKS, so now let's us spend the $$$$$$$ the way we wan lah , after all billions what so much a year how to finish ?
stop your criticism, ok ! got chance i belanjar lah !! tq.

Unknown said...

I would have decided on a Porshe or Ferrari. Reasons; a) Not my money b)don't have to pay for fuel c)can reach my destination faster d)looks cool e)I am not stupid f)who ask them to vote for BN.

pua kang kang said...

Don't talk about the Boss maa. remember..the jet ala Air force one.. kencing berdiri murid kencing berlari lahhh...pak lah

Anonymous said...

nothing i just visited ur blog ..foto tu lawa ..keep it up..

Anonymous said...

NEVER listen to politicians, NEVER trust politicians; they are all the same. Never mind from what background and political affiliations they come from. POLITICS is an art of possibles!!

Anonymous said...

If you were to ask anyone anytime anywhere in Malaysia today regarding the position of UMNO, you shall get one standard homogeneous answer "Kalau ada pilihan raya hari ini, UMNO akan bungkus". UMNO never learn anything from the 08 March 08 general election ... Wali Kota

Fadhil said...

Ahmad Said got appointed to the MB's post not by Abdullah or by Najib. So he doesn't give a hoot what the top UMNO people think of him buying the Mercs for Terengganu Exco.

Way to go Ahmad Said! Dare to be different!

Anonymous said...

Once in power they show their true colour. Treat the Rakyat as idiots, cannot comprehend anything. Sudah biasa lah politikus UMNO. 4 year old car whatever the model is still very useable by any account. Rakyat di tipu...... fullstop.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Anonymous said...

The Mercedes is, of course, miles superior than the Perdana. Given the choice, anyone would choose the Merc.

Now this question of the Terengganu State government: It's true that we should favour national products, as Najib has shown himself to have done. Especially so when the purchase involves taxpayers' money ... to NOT WASTE.

But would be `waste' when a Merc is chosen over the Perdana, despite the higher cost? Not necessarily.

I don't know about maintainence (had never owned a Merc nor a Perdana... had a Saga before), BUT I'll bet the Merc will have higher resale value after ... say 5 years.

And since it is Terengganu's money, let them decide what they want to buy!

P/S: Is Nuraina a former ANE of NST in the mid-90's? I was a former journalist at one of the states ... just a nondescript one. But you might remember. And it's remarkable too that someone 51 can still look this pretty:-) asyanonATgmailDOTcom

Anonymous said...

SalaM Nuraina

Saya rasa perangai orang politic ni sama je , yang dulu pn sama yang sultan sayang pun sama jadi apa yang nak di hairan kan sekira nya PAS mampu menawan Trengganu.

Da Real Deal said...

3.5 Million is better spent on exco members who are in turn serving the people across the State than 350 million on a water sport that serves no purpose for the rakyat.

The caninet is being foolish and hypocrites for discussing a necessary expenditure every 4 years worth 1% compared to the wastage by the previous govt on a yearly basis.

Anonymous said...

I think it's wrong for the Terengganu government to spend so much to buy such expensive cars when their rakyat, who are among the poorest in the country, are suffering.

On the other hand, I don't think we should support the use of the Perdana just because it's a national car. If the Perdana V6 really is that problematic, then no one should have to use it. Find a more cost-effective car to use.

Let's just scrap this national car industry. Who has it benefitted, anyway? If we didn't have our own national cars, there would be no need for protectionism, and we the ordinary rakyat could get better foreign cars for cheaper! Instead of buying shoddy local cars for more than their worth!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pemimpin , I drive a 10 yrs old proton . Kalau pandai maintain , kos tak tinggi pun .


Anonymous said...

Nope. The claimed repair costs for the Perdanas don't make sense. It shouldn't be THAT high... even for a state-owned vehicle with lots of miles on it.

The Mercedes Benzes don't make good public relations to the public... especially to the impoverished citizens of Tranung.

Now if I had a choice other than the Perdanas with their dodgy transmissions, I'll go for the Sylphy. Its cheaper than the Camry's & Accords.

Nissans are underrated, but reliable.

Unknown said...

Proton do not cost a lot to maintain, that's for sure as parts and prices are regulated by Proton Parts Centre.

I suspect that it is the service centre (with greasy palms)highly inflated prices. Take any service invoice and you can go through the part listing. Compare it with Proton Service Centres and you will see the difference.

Sheer waste of money. And if that's the attitude and poor judgement of this MB, I hate to say this....he is proving to be a nangka busuk.

Anonymous said...


It's not the issue of Perdana V6 or MB200Kompressor. Look at the big picture. What Ahmad Said is doing is all about state - federal relationship. Under federal BN administration, it mostly 'dictates' how each state needs to be administered; even in the purchase of executive cars!

What Ahmad Said is saying is that, I will do what is best for my more 'blind' following of federal govt's directive in all matters. There must be some degree of 'freedom'.If states under non BN can use discretion on what they do in each state..then so do states under BN control.In other words, there has been too much 'control' by federal on these BN controlled states.

So, to me it's not about Perdana V6, it's bigger than that. Think about it.

Btw, the BN federal govt only started using Perdana V6 under 'pressured' when Kelantan under PAS used Perdana V6 the national car first as official cars. Before that the BN Federal Govt used Mercedes Benz and Volvos for official cars!


Anonymous said...

" yes, you are pm of malaysia, so what ! i am mb of trengganu & sultan is my immediate BOSS, if we dun use merc in the state kerajaan
where got face fot the sultan & the world still tinks we are the poorest in malaysia, mana boleh, berhina lah !!
So, this is it, cars, 14 of them sudah beli , only 3 million plus,
what the fxxxing fuss about !? ok. UNDERSTAND !! i belanjar teh tarik ."

MakLijah said...

Ok, maybe the Perdana guzzles a lot of gas. Maybe the gear box is problematic. This is fine.



It's kinder to the environment and saves a hell of a lot of fuel compared to the merc.

It's not why they don't want to use the national cars. (We can 1001 reaons for that).

But why a mercedes?
It's because a lot of Malaysians have this fixation on Mercs. If you drive a Merc, it sort of seems like you've finally 'made it'/ succeeded.

Just my 20 cents worth..

halimah said...

This is the kind of illogical logic that is being brandished around by nitwits in power.

These are the kind of people who will go on to argue that giving or accepting a bribe is OK because they are helping to facilitate the smoothrunning of a project!

Apa salahnya they will say!

I cannot understand the insensitivity of the Terengganu State Government to what is going on in the country in particular the fuel hike and the austerity drive.

The audacity of the EXCO in approving the purchase of the cars at this time is unbelievable! At a time when the PKR State Governments are using their old jalopies!

The high-handedness of the Menteri Besar in stubbornly arguing against the Proton is downright arrogant!

Whose saudara's workshop produced those exorbitant figures for repair and maintenance?

They must be made accountable!

Anonymous said...

why should it be a mercedes? why not a toyota/honda/hyundai?

a not-so-proud owner of a national make for 9 years and still paying for installment and repairs as well as depreciating value

Sam Tam said...

In all these hoo haa, it seems that most people has overlooked and forgotten that right after the elections and before the formation of the state government, the federal govt had threatened to open ACA investigations on this MB for corruption.

What happened after that??

Navi said...

Ha! WE make so much noise about the Trengganu MB and the purchase of M Benzs' for his troop.If we take away the cost of the Perdanas' from the 3.4 million, the excess would have been about 1.5 million. What's it compared to the millions spent by AAB and Idris Jusuh on the useless crystal mosque, the park and the monsoon cups. We didnt even whimper when AAB bought himself a 200 million jet. If we had made the same amount of noise then, this present situation wouldn't have risen.

Anonymous said...

Yes we have the 3 over million ringgits wastage and the civil socity groups are screaming at PR 300,000 spending.

Civil Society Groups At It Again

Anonymous said...

please STOP the fuss over the mercs
because pm has given the 'GREEN LIGHT' ! OK...@#$%^&*...!!

cheryna zamrinor said...

is it perfomance or style?
by the looks of it...i believe it's about style...
c'mon!!! dun lie...who wants to raise hand and say I DUN WANT A MERCEDES?:)

Anonymous said...

hi ! good morning, sweetie !

Anonymous said...

1) mercs issue is over now, aab says : go ahead lah, SUDAH beli what !
2) The repair bill is an ISSUE
now : since 2004, cost for reparing
16 NEW,NEW,NEW v6 = RM1,175,342.07!!
3) ex mb car TS12 in 2008 ALONE from jan,feb to 7thmac =2 bulan & 7 hari sahaja =rm27,923.41 !! ( can buy a NEW aeroback lah !!)
4) another TAG6996 = RM175,229.79
SINCE 2004 ...WOW...WOW...WOW..
and A NEW V6 = < rm100,000 taxfree!
5) ...ayoooyooo samy !!

Walinong Sari said...

Is Sarawak State Government no more in Malaysia ? This is because they do not follow the directive of using national car. No body say anything , Pm ? Walinong Sari

Anonymous said...

What is this national fuss about buying cars? Even the PM has to dish out a directive like a school headmaster. Please-lah for the nation's sake, leave the MB to make decisions Pak lah. You should be looking into far more important things like 7.7 % inflation.

And anyway, who does not know about the sagas involving our Made in Malaysia cars?

Srikanth Siva said...

yup, the use the national cars and then rob us blindly from behind.

bayi said...

I used to drive a Perdana and had gearbox problems. But the repair bills I see are far beyond what I spent to fix my Perdana.

Now I drive a Camry 2.0 and it's an excellent car. After 4.5 years the car is still running like new! And maintenance is more than reasonable.

rocky said...

our stupid 'DNA becomes old' PM is at it again.yeah he need to kow tow to all UMNO warlords due to Dec elections but he expects us to swallow his reasons like we were born yesterday. come on Mr.PM, we are not all bodoh and rice is not cheaper in Msia than Thailand tell yr HP6 minister.

yes the perdana is not the best car around but buying a Merc and not C200 but E200, is the wrong decision.Buy a Toyota or Honda la if Proton is not up to mark. and to keep the Merc for VVIP is another stupid and wrong decision. Guess no one told the PM there is such a thing called depreciation and Merc depreciate a lot. Is this leaving the car in a garaged for VVIP a smart thing. and please save us this we want to save tax payers money cos BN never has tried to save tax payers money and keeping the car just shows it.

The best solution and a lesson to others would be, sell the car at a loss since it will depreciate anyway.That is a firm and sound decision making by a PM. But we know this decision is more like people will forget about the car in 6months and then you guys can use it after that.But looks like someone can't wait to use them.

Pak Lah better step aside then be a sitting duck and think Msian are stupid PM!!! Let Najib or someone else step in.


Anonymous said...

" who bothers ! i am driving the NEW benz to JB lah ! so what !"

Anonymous said...

TAM28, you cukup cukup berani lah ada bola besi, aku tapik lu !!

Anonymous said...

aloo.. aku rasa korang ni buang masa je utk memberi hujahan2 berkenaan MB Trengganu beli MERC tu.. korang semua nampak mcm tak suka je.. tapi ape kan daya.. yg bangang pegi sokong, gi undi, pangkah BN tu apesal.? terima je laa habuan utk wakil rakyat korang.. korang dapat ape? BARANG NAIK yg korang dapat... bangang gile.. bile la korang nak sedar nih.. bodoh gile.