Friday, July 04, 2008

High Court Decision Today On Rafidah's Election Case.


The Ipoh High Court has rejected two petitions to annul the election results for the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary and Kubu Gajah state seats, both of which were won by Barisan Nasional candidates in the March general election.

The Kuala Kangsar seat was won by Wanita Umno chiefi Rafidah Aziz and the Kubu Gajah seat byRaja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar.

Justice Datuk Zakaria Sam rejected the Kuala Kangsar petition without costs and the Kubu Gajah petition with costs.

Zakaria, in his judgment, said Rafidah had signed the original nomination form while the other two nomination papers which were not signed were copies and it was sufficient to prove that she really intended to contest for the seat.

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My original posting:

The Ipoh High Court decides today whether to hear an election petition challenging the results of the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary constituency in which Wanita Umno chief Rafidah Aziz won.

The petition seeks to declare the results null and void.

Rafidah won the seat by a majority of 1,458 votes, defeating Perak Pas deputy commissioner Dr Khairuddin Abd Malik.

Businessman Ahmad Jamaluddin Abd Majid has named Rafidah as the first respondent in the petition after she failed to sign two of three sets of her nomination papers in the March 8 general election.

Returning officer Mohd Ghazali Jalal and the Election Commission have been named as the second and third respondents in the petition by businessman Ahmad Jamaluddin Abd Majid. Rafidah beat Perak PAS deputy commissioner Dr Khairuddin Abd Malik in the elections.

Election judge Zakaria Sam, who is also presiding over a separate election petition, will similarly decide today whether or not to hear an election petition seeking to declare the results of the Kubu Gajah state seat null and void.

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halimah said...

AIYYO-YO-YO-YO BALA! What is happening?

Anonymous said...

she WON !!

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina,

Bernama has got shitty reporters down in Ipoh for such a slack court reporting.
TV3 I assume picked up from them in reporting the original/copies reasoning. The reasoning was stupid ad I remember thinking outloud what a stupid judge we have, which I have since regreted.
There is no such thing as original, copies/dupliate in Star's report on the same on Saturday.