Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another SD (This Time) From A PI....

.....that's another statutory declaration from private investigator Balasubramaniam Perumal (left), a former police officer who claimed to have been working for Abdul Razak Baginda during the time (Razak) he was threatened by Mongolian model Altantuya Sharibuu, her disappearance and murder.

Very lurid. Very serious. But this is still hearsay and not evidence.
Nevertheless, how will this impact on the on-going trial because Mr Bala has made some really serious and damning allegations?

Meanwhile, you can believe him. Or not.

Me? I don't believe in SDs.....

Anyone else has an SD to make?


I, Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal (NRIC NO: 600928-08-6235) a Malaysian Citizen of full age and residing at No. 32, Jalan Pelangi 1, Taman Pelangi, Rawang, Selangor do solemly and sincerely declare as follows :-

1. I have been a police officer with the Royal Malaysian Police Force having jointed as a constable in 1981 attached to the Police Field Force. I was then promoted to the rank of lance Corporal and finally resigned from the Police Force in 1998 when I was with the Special Branch.

2. I have been working as a free lance Private Investigator since I left the Police Force.

3. Sometime in June or July 2006, I was employed by Abdul Razak Baginda for a period of 10 days to look after him at his office at the Bangunan Getah Asli, Jalan Ampang between the hours of 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m each working day as apparently he was experiencing disturbances from a third party.

4. I resigned from this job after 2 ½ days as I was not receiving any proper instructions.

5. I was however re-employed by Abdul Razak Baginda on the 05-10-2006 as he had apparently received a harassing phone call from a Chinese man calling himself ASP Tan who had threatened him to pay his debts. I later found out this gentleman was in fact a private investigator called Ang who was employed by a Mongolian woman called Altantuya Shaaribuu.

6. Abdul Razak Baginda was concerned that a person by the name of Altantuya Shaaribuu, a Mongolian woman, was behind this threat and that she would be arriving in Malaysia very soon to try and contact him.

7. Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that he was concerned by this as he had been advised that Altantuya Shaaribuu had been given some powers by a Mongolian ‘bomoh’ and that he could never look her in the face because of this.

8. When I enquired as to who this Mongolian woman was, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that she was a friend of his who had been introduced to him by a VIP and who asked him to look after her financially.

9. I advised him to lodge a police report concerning the threatening phone call he had received from the Chinese man known as ASP Tan but he refused to do so as he informed me there were some high profile people involved.

10. Abdul Razak Baginda further told me that Altantuya Shaaribuu was a great liar and good in convincing people. She was supposed to have been very demanding financially and that he had even financed a property for her in Mongolia.

11. Abdul Razak Baginda then let me listen to some voice messages on his handphone asking him to pay what was due otherwise he would be harmed and his daughter harassed.

12. I was therefore supposed to protect his daughter Rowena as well.

13. On the 09.10.2006 I received a phone call from Abdul Razak Baginda at about 9.30 a.m. informing me that Altantuya was in his office and he wanted me there immediately. As I was in the midst of a surveillance, I sent my assistant Suras to Abdul Razak Baginda’s office and I followed a little later. Suras managed to control the situation and had persuaded Altantuya and her two friends to leave the premises. However Altantuya left a note written on some Hotel Malaya note paper, in English, asking Abdul Razak Baginda to call her on her handphone (number given) and wrote down her room number as well.

14. Altantuya had introduced herself to Suras as ‘Aminah’ and had informed Suras she was there to see her boyfriend Abdul Razak Baginda.

15. These 3 Mongolian girls however returned to Abdul Razak Baginda’s office at the Bangunan Getah Asli, Jalan Ampang again, the next day at about 12.00 noon. They did not enter the building but again informed Suras that they wanted to meet Aminah’s boyfriend, Abdul Razak Baginda.

16. On the 11.10.2006, Aminah returned to Abdul Razak Baginda’s office on her own and gave me a note to pass to him, which I did. Abdul Razak Baginda showed me the note which basically asked him to call her urgently.

17. I suggested to Abdul Razak Baginda that perhaps it may be wise to arrange for Aminah to be arrested if she harassed him further, but he declined as he felt she would have to return to Mongolia as soon as her cash ran out.

18. In the meantime I had arranged for Suras to perform surveillance on Hotel Malaya to monitor the movements of these 3 Mongolian girls, but they recognized him. Apparently they become friends with Suras after that and he ended up spending a few nights in their hotel room.

19. When Abdul Razak Baginda discovered Suras was becoming close to Aminah he asked me to pull him out from Hotel Malaya.

20. On the 14.10.2006, Aminah turned up at Abdul Razak Baginda’s house in Damansara Heights when I was not there. Abdul Razak Baginda called me on my handphone to inform me of this so I rushed back to his house. As I arrived, I noticed Aminah outside the front gates shouting “Razak, bastard, come out from the house”. I tried to calm her down but couldn’t so I called the police who arrived in 2 patrol cars. I explained the situation to the police, who took her away to the Brickfields police station.

21. I followed the patrol cars to Brickfields police station in a taxi. I called Abdul Razak Baginda and his lawyer Dirren to lodge a police report but they refused.

22. When I was at the Brickfields police station, Aminah’s own Private Investigator, one Mr. Ang arrived and we had a discussion. I was told to deliver a demand to Abdul Razak Baginda for USD$500,000.00 and 3 tickets to Mongolia, apparently as commission owed to Aminah from a deal in Paris.

23. As Aminah had calmed down at this stage, a policewoman at the Brickfields police station advised me to leave and settle the matter amicably.

24. I duly informed Abdul Razak Baginda of the demands Aminah had made and told him I was disappointed that no one wanted to back me up in lodging a police report. We had a long discussion about the situation when I expressed a desire to pull out of this assignment.

25. During this discussion and in an attempt to persuade me to continue my employment with him, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that :-

25.1 He had been introduced to Aminah by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

25.2 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

25.3 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the Deputy Prime Minister.

25.4 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had all been together at a dinner in Paris.

25.5 Aminah wanted money from him as she felt she was entitled to a USD$500,000.00 commission on a submarine deal she assisted with in Paris.

26. On the 19.10.2006, I arrived at Abdul Razak Baginda’s house in Damansara Heights to begin my night duty. I had parked my car outside as usual. I saw a yellow proton perdana taxi pass by with 3 ladies inside, one of whom was Aminah. The taxi did a U-turn and stopped in front of the house where these ladies rolled down the window and wished me ‘Happy Deepavali’. The taxi then left.

27. About 20 minutes later the taxi returned with only Aminah in it. She got out of the taxi and walked towards me and started talking to me. I sent an SMS to Abdul Razak Baginda informing him “Aminah was here”. I received an SMS from Razak instructing me “To delay her until my man comes”.

28. Whist I was talking to Aminah, she informed me of the following :-

28.1 That she met Abdul Razak Baginda in Singapore with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

28.2 That she had also met Abdul Razak Baginda and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a dinner in Paris.

28.3 That she was promised a sum of USD$500,000.00 as commission for assisting in a Submarine deal in Paris.

28.4 That Abdul Razak Baginda had bought her a house in Mongolia but her brother had refinanced it and she needed money to redeem it.

28.5 That her mother was ill and she needed money to pay for her treatment.

28.6 That Abdul Razak Baginda had married her in Korea as her mother is Korean whilst her father was a Mongolian/Chinese mix.

28.7 That if I wouldn’t allow her to see Abdul Razak Baginda, would I be able to arrange for her to see Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

29. After talking to Aminah for about 15 minutes, a red proton aeroback arrived with a woman and two men. I now know the woman to be Lance Corporal Rohaniza and the men, Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azahar. They were all in plain clothes. Azilah walked towards me while the other two stayed in the car.

30. Azilah asked me whether the woman was Aminah and I said ‘Yes’. He then walked off and made a few calls on his handphone. After 10 minutes another vehicle, a blue proton saga, driven by a Malay man, passed by slowly. The drivers window had been wound down and the driver was looking at us.

31. Azilah then informed me they would be taking Aminah away. I informed Aminah they were arresting her. The other two persons then got out of the red proton and exchanged seats so that Lance Corporal Rohaniza and Aminah were in the back while the two men were in the front. They drove off and that is the last I ever saw of Aminah.

32. Abdul Razak Baginda was not at home when all this occurred.

33. After the 19.10.2006, I continued to work for Abdul Razak Baginda at his house in Damansara Heights from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. the next morning, as he had been receiving threatening text messages from a woman called ‘Amy’ who was apparently ‘Aminah’s’ cousin in Mongolia.

34. On the night of the 20.10.2006, both of Aminah’s girl friends turned up at Abdul Razak Baginda’s house enquiring where Aminah was. I informed them she had been arrested the night before.

35. A couple of nights later, these two Mongolian girls, Mr. Ang and another Mongolian girl called ‘Amy’ turned up at Abdul Razak Baginda’s house looking for Aminah as they appeared to be convinced she was being held in the house.

36. A commotion began so I called the police who arrived shortly thereafter in a patrol car. Another patrol car arrived a short while later in which was the investigating officer from the Dang Wangi Police Station who was in charge of the missing persons report lodged by one of the Mongolians girls, I believe was Amy.

37. I called Abdul Razak Baginda who was at home to inform him of the events taking place at his front gate. He then called DSP Musa Safri and called me back informing me that Musa Safri would be calling handphone and I was to pass the phone to the Inspector from Dang Wangi Police Station.

38. I then received a call on my handphone from Musa Safri and duly handed the phone to the Dang Wangi Inspector. The conversation lasted 3 – 4 minutes after which he told the girls to disperse and to go to see him the next day.

39. On or about the 24.10.2006, Abdul Razak Baginda instructed me to accompany him to the Brickfields police station as he had been advised to lodge a police report about the harassment he was receiving from these Mongolian girls.

40. Before this, Amy had sent me an SMS informing me she was going to Thailand to lodge a report with the Mongolian consulate there regarding Aminah’s disappearance. Apparently she had sent the same SMS to Abdul Razak Baginda. This is why he told me he had been advised to lodge a police report.

41. Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that DPS Musa Safri had introduced him to one DSP Idris, the head of the Criminal division, Brickfields police station, and that Idris had referred him to ASP Tonny.

42. When Abdul Razak Baginda had lodged his police report at Brickfields police station, in front of ASP Tonny, he was asked to make a statement but he refused as he said he was leaving for overseas. He did however promise to prepare a statement and hand ASP Tonny a thumb drive. I know that this was not done as ASP Tonny told me.

43. However ASP Tonny asked me the next day to provide my statement instead and so I did.

44. I stopped working for Abdul Razak Baginda on the 26.10.2006 as this was the day he left for Hong Kong on his own.

45. In mid November 2006, I received a phone call from ASP Tonny from the IPK Jalan Hang Tuah asking me to see him regarding Aminah’s case. When I arrived there I was immediately arrested under S.506 of the Penal Code for Criminal intimidation.

46. I was then placed in the lock up and remanded for 5 days. On the third day I was released on police bail.

47. At the end of November 2006, the D9 department of the IPK sent a detective to my house to escort me to the IPK Jalan Hang Tuah. When I arrived, I was told I was being arrested under S.302 of the Penal Code for murder. I was put in the lock up and remanded for 7 days.

48. I was transported to Bukit Aman where I was interrogated and questioned about an SMS I had received from Abdul Razak Baginda on the 19.10.2006 which read “delay her until my man arrives”. They had apparently retrieved this message from Abdul Razak Baginda’s handphone.

49. They then proceeded to record my statement from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. everyday for 7 consecutive days. I told them all I knew including everything Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had told me about their relationships with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak but when I came to sign my statement, these details had been left out.

50. I have given evidence in the trial of Azilah, Sirul and Abdul Razak Baginda at the Shah Alam High Court. The prosecutor did not ask me any questions in respect of Aminah’s relationship with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or of the phone call I received from DSP Musa Safri, whom I believe was the ADC for Datuk Seri Najib Razak and/or his wife.

51. On the day Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested, I was with him at his lawyers office at 6.30 a.m. Abdul Razak Baginda informed us that he had sent Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak an SMS the evening before as he refused to believe he was to be arrested, but had not received a response.

52. Shortly thereafter, at about 7.30 a.m., Abdul Razak Baginda received an SMS from Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and showed, this message to both myself and his lawyer. This message read as follows :- “ I am seeing IGP at 11.00 a.m. today …… matter will be solved … be cool”.

53. I have been made to understand that Abdul Razak Baginda was arrested the same morning at his office in the Bangunan Getah Asli, Jalan Ampang.

54. The purpose of this Statutory declaration is to :-

54.1 State my disappointment at the standard of investigations conducted by the authorities into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

54.2 Bring to the notice of the relevant authorities the strong possibility that there are individuals other than the 3 accused who must have played a role in the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

54.3 Persuade the relevant authorities to reopen their investigations into this case immediately so that any fresh evidence may be presented to the Court prior to submissions at the end of the prosecutions case.

54.4 Emphasize the fact that having been a member of the Royal Malaysian Police Force for 17 years I am absolutely certain no police officer would shoot someone in the head and blow up their body without receiving specific instructions from their superiors first.

54.5. Express my concern that should the defence not be called in the said murder trial, the accused, Azilah and Sirul will not have to swear on oath and testify as to the instructions they received and from whom they were given.

55. And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

SUBCRIBED and solemnly )

declared by the abovenamed )

Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal ]

this day of 2008 )

Before me,

Commissioner for Oath
Kuala Lumpur

Please read Rocky's Bru. HERE.


Anonymous said...

Our Sodomist getting desperate ... really really desperate.

Which donkeyhead will fall for this ?

Maybe his wife and daughters.
But not me.

Trying to distract us from his sodomy/rape case ?
Sorry ... please try again.

~ the apolitical malaysian ~

Anonymous said...


In declaring that you do not believe in Statutory Declarations (SD) you dismiss the possibility of it being true.

I would advocate a better position: to not accept what an SD states holus-bolus, but at the same time being prudent enough to give it the benefit of the doubt in case it does indeed contain truths.

twocents said...

His foreign sponsors are getting VERY impatient for him to deliver...

Anonymous said...

My SD is that Angelina Jolie kissed me?


razak shafee,

you know what? you are right and I agree with you.

i failed to explain myself.. but you'd notice the dot-dot-dot after I wrote that "i don't believe in SDs...." that means there would have been something more that i wanted to say but stopped myself.

i didn't want to get caught in a diatribe, a debate, and all that.

Anyhow,you are right. thank you. because that would have been what i meant (to say but didn't).

after the SD made in Anwar's sodomy case (1998/99), i think i stopped believing in anything said or any info in anything that smacked of a politically-driven scandal.

if there is an SD on Anwar tomorrow, i will not believe it.

on Bala's SD, so yes...i will take your advice. I will not swallow it hook, line and sinker...i will give it the benefit of the doubt until it is proven to be true. Or otherwise.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

SD is inconvenient truth from friends in high places, no?


Anonymous said...

This SD nampak sangat macam hasil tulisan Sodomist terkenal.

I dont believe it at all!


A.John said...

Despite the fact it makes an interesting read;it somehow sounds hollow! Looks like a laboriously written script with all the i's dotted and t's marked. To observe DPM's remark saying " she was susceptible to anal intercourse "; seems to show someone is desperate;in fact so desperate that he just can't leave anus out of the picture! Anwar should just establish his alibi and let the rest ascertain who buggered whom!

TPJ said...

"Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse."

Was it Najib who said this about the anal sex to Razak Baginda or could it have been Suras' discovery after spending a few nights with her in the hotel room?

Anonymous said...

Gua caya sama lu. You don't believe in SD..but you print it out in full.

Now what?. Razak will do like Rosmah. He will not sue?

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Looks like another SD has came out after the RPK's SD. Both of the SD is very smilar and in a sense of way they are connected together. Its very confusing to believe in this sudden SD revealed out because its like going to cover up and divert the people's attention from Anwar's sodomy case back to Altantuya's case which accused Najib. They are also rumors said that Najib is so desperate that he will have to use force to make AAB step down. Personally I think that these political scenes is too much as the public too accept. Anwar is indeed very well for playing his best cards with these two SD revealed out. I am very sad and regret with these irresponsible actions done by both of these politicians which only cause chaos in the country.

Anonymous said...

bala's testimony was different during the trial. shouldn't such explosive details been made known to the defence lawyers?

oh...i don't know.

all this points to Anwar i.e PKR...trying to really nail Najib.

Cut my finger -- Balasubramaniam was paid for this.




whoops...don't mind me-lah. It (the SD)is so public and just becos I may not believe in all that Bala claimed, I don't think I should deny others from making their own assessment.

You mean I shouldn't publish it?

No fair like that.

Anonymous said...

it's all that's up their sleeves, SDs, SDs..

Anonymous said...

The whole things is so obvious .. of course not to all.

Nothing wrong in publishing it .. but you must be willing to accept one day others blogger will publish a SD saying you loves anal intercourse with our Bala. how do you like that.

Possibility and probability is a two different variables. Anything is a possibility.

It is possible that Abdullah also having a sexual intercourse with anwar. Why not ? Anwar was cleared of sodomy charge during Abdullah term. But what is the probability of it ?

Possibility does not have merit at all. It is the probability.

Based your thinking and action on high probability events. Even if you got the wrong result at the end , you still make the right decision.

~the apolitical malaysian~

Anonymous said...



1. Someone highly respected among villagers, claimed to know the marriage of one named BRITNEY SPEARS @ OOPPS I DID IT AGAIN to one respected members of our Parliament.

2. Heard a newspaper vendor spoken of BILL GATES owe him RM2.50.

3. A reliable statesman from Australia having heard about the secretly transfers of Queensland District of Australia to become part of Malaysia.


Commissioner of Oath, Kg Baru.


That's what and how cheaply a SD is worth in M'sia nowadays...b'cos of some cheap political games by our crooked politicians. my case...

Anonymous said...

The way I look at it, Angwar is desperate.

I surely dont want this kind of character to be the PM of a country. Imagine a PM-in-waiting is can make this kind of SD, what else can be expect if he be our PM one day.

First RPK, then this Bala. Not credible lah. Get Lim Kit Siang or Husam make lah SD.

Anonymous said...

I think what the people want to see is solid evidents, not another crap.But it did some damage to Alyantuya image, Poor girl. Those people does not have moral anymore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ana,

You miss the point.The SD by Bala was intended to show that the police are not bias and cannot be trusted.

Najib link to Mongolian girl was first surface when Razak wife said Razak has no ambition to be the PM.Everybody was suprise with his comment

Anonymous said...

If we connect this SD to the events that happened during the trials of ARB, it does make sense.

Or could it be scripted to match those events?

But testimonials made by Amy, a foreign guest in our country. What does she know about all our twist and turns of our domestic dirty politics.Her testimony on seeing the picture.

To refresh,I found this in Malaysiakini site:
"Burmaa Oyunchimeg (left), also known as Amy, told the Shah Alam High Court that Altantuya had shown her the photo in Hong Kong when she returned from a trip to France.

It is believed that the government official in the photograph is Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who has close ties with political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

The latter has been charged with abetting the murder of Altantuya, 28.

Najib has previously denied that he had personally met the murdered woman and that he heard of her only from newspaper reports after Altantuya was murdered.

This morning, Burmaa, 26, mentioned the photograph when re-examined by DPP Manoj Kurup.

Manoj was asking whether she had personal knowledge of Altantuya’s disappearance.

Burmaa began her answer conveyed by her translator Enkhjargal Tsetsgee that she knew Altantuya had come to see Razak who happens to be the only person she knows in Malaysia.

“I know why she wanted to see Razak Baginda - I have seen pictures of Altantuya with Razak and a government official,” she said.

After Burmaa said that, prosecutor Manoj abruptly cut her off.

But 20 minutes later, lawyer Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for the deceased’s family, sought permission from the court to pose a question on the photograph.

This drew protests from the prosecution and a verbal exchange ensued on the relevance of the question.

"I have no record of this," judge Mohammed Zaki Mohammed Yasin said, referring to Burmaa's comment about the picture.

The prosecution also said they had no record, prompting Karpal to fire back: "Don't hide things in this court!"

"I am not hiding things. Shut up for the moment," replied lead prosecutor Tun Majid Tun Hamzah.

Karpal turned to the judge and said, "He is out here to conceal this."

Judge Zaki then allowed Karpal to question the witness about the picture. The veteran lawyer proceeded to ask Burmaa what was depicted in the photograph.

“She (Altantuya) was having a meal at a round table with Razak (Baginda), a Malaysian government official and other people,” she replied.

Karpal then asked her on the identity of the government official, and she replied: “I remember the name Najib Razak, they had the same name, ‘Razak’. I thought they were brothers. I asked her (Altantuya) if they were brothers.”

This sparked off another exchange as the prosecutor raised new objections to Karpal's questioning.

The judge then asked Karpal to explain its relevance.

"The relevancy is this. We must not hide anything. It was the ADC (aide-de-camp) officer of the deputy prime minister who had directed his personnel to go in front of Razak's house to take the deceased away. That is the purpose."

Tun Majid accused Karpal of turning the proceedings into a "political forum". He said the attorney-general had promised that everything would be presented at the trial.

"Why can't you just have faith in the system?" Tun Majid asked.

A lawyer for one of the accused policemen accused Karpal of "coaching" the witness Burmaa."

I have been sitting on the fence for so long, but this latest SD, hmmm.............

Anonymous said...

Best business ever: Making SD. Cost you RM5.00 and might sells RM100,000?

Hurry! hammer the iron when its still HOT!

Anonymous said...

SDs believable or not...? One thing remains, a young woman was C4'ed - who ordered it? Only 3 persons know the truth, all in the lock-up. Can we give them a lie detector tests?

Anonymous said... prob

have a nice day..but I wonder what is happening now in pink lips punya rumah.

Rosemary must be pissed.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how all of you "journalists" consider this hearsay. Where is the hearsay? Please share. Maybe in Malaysia the definition of hearsay is different?

Anyway, it seems quite simple to disprove the sms that was sent and the fact that Najib confided in Razak Baginda doesn't it? Will they do it? These are the answers that should be asked. If they don't then it's proof that the system in this country is cracked.

Anonymous said...

A political battle is looming. If this SD were not true, najib must surely save his reputation since the rakyat tend to suspect that he's connected to the mongolian lady.... instead of merely denying it. The same goes for Rosmah vs RPK's SD. Slanderous? Then she should sue, since public opinion is heavily against her. Dare she?


I am not paid .Beleive in me.

One is accused for sodomy.Second one is SDed had an affair with a Mongolian.Third one is always sleeping....the trio is not fit to be our PM.

People with problems are not fit to be leaders. We want clean choice.

I doubt wether you all agree with my choice:

PM....TG Nik Aziz
TPM...Mahyuddin Yassin


Anonymous said...

but really, so it's a SD..but it's all hearsay, and if it's's inadmissible as evidence. so what's the point of all these?

Anonymous said...

I personally believe in the chronology of events and the credibility of the FACTS in Bala's Statutory Declaration. The game is almost over for you Najib ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

The state has no place in anyone's bedroom.
Who cares if Anwar likes his bread buttered both ways.
The issue here is if he is fit to lead.
Charge him with rape, if it was not consensual.
Otherwise use this opportunity to get rid of an archaic law that is broken every night in Malaysia by thousands of Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

To me Najib link to Altantuya is history already and no more a hidden secret, so what so explosive about the SD as reported in Malaysikini??? without any solid evidence is yet another disappointment, Najib will obviously denial, so what?

But damage was done to two persons, the private investigator himself about his professionalism and Altantuya which suggest that she can sleep with anybody and susceptible to anal intercourse.

What a heartless selfish animal to complicate her further just for their personal gain knowing very well she can't be here to defend herself. I hope those selfish animal can sleep very well.

No wonder they are having nightmares that people are trying to assassinate them, too many sins already.

Anonymous said...

Only (i repeat !) prince
YM NAZRIN is worthy to be a PM !


Anonymous said...

Do you think Bala wld dare falsify an SD on this matter!? To implicate an DPM!!!

We're not talking small time drama here; these guys kill and blow people up! Immigration records can vanish, not only from KLIA but also from Beijing airport!! They can make you disappear from the face of the earth.

Some idiot suggested PKR paid Bala... as if PKR had that kind of money. Najib, on the other hand... More than a billion ringgit commission can get you much more than a lot of C4!!

Anonymous said...

Just bring Altantuya back to life ... using a Mongolian Medium (I statutory declare that 'some reliable sources' tells me this can be done) and ask her !!! God rests her soul once this is done.

Anonymous said...

Nak cerita banyak2 pun tak guna. Semua ni mainan Anwar je. Nak divert sikit cerita. SD tu tak boleh pakai pun, setakat hearsay je. Asal dulu tak bawak keluar cerita ni? Kenapa baru sekarang nak cakap? Eh tapi bila cakap macam tu, banyak laa nanti alasan yang dibagi kan? Ni mamat ni barua jugak ni.

A Voice said...

4/7 PI P. Balasubramaniam retracted that DPM introduced Razak Baginda to Altantuya Shaaribuu and that DPM had sexual realationship with her/STAR SMS Alert 11:09:35

So where will Anwar spin this new info from now?

Police harassment? AG harassment?

I bet a couple of million he will accuse the change of SD to Najib!!!! :) hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe there are still some msians out there who believes whatever our govt "leaders" want them to believe. I'm shocked to know that these ppl have no logical sense of thinking and still support the so-called msian "leaders". Come on la, use your heads and THINK!! If they can say NO ONE is above the law, then why not the govt "leaders" be investigated & treated just like how anwar was being treated?? How fair is that?? And you ppl still not notice?? How SHALLOW your thinking can be! Oh God. What is becoming of our msians?? Bad education system I say. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,

We can pretty much sum up the situation in the country thus:

Malaysia appears quite unprepared to meet the economic crisis that all countries in the world are about to face.

We have three sad choices of those who would lead us safely through it:

- One who'd sleepwalk his way through it,

- Another who'd blast his way through it,

- And a third who'd sod his way through anything.

The list truly gives new meaning to being SPOILT FOR CHOICE!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!Bollywood show lah !
(1) 1st SD made on 3/7;
(2) 2nd SD on 4/7 ;
(3) 3rd SD .....?
(4) 4th SD on ....!
(5) 5th SD on ....!?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Bollywood style ! ( @#$%^&*) !!