Thursday, July 03, 2008

Najib Says Saiful Complained To Him That He Had Been Sodomised...

And he (Saiful Bukhari Azlan) appeared "highly traumatised", said Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Why this bit of information is being disclosed only now remains unexplained and is something only Najib can answer.

Read the Bernama report below:

Najib admitted today (July 3) having met Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan before because he (Saiful) wanted to reveal that he had been sodomised by Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib said that their meeting was the first between them and it took place at his (Najib's) residence several days before Saiful, who appeared to be highly traumatised, had made a police report on the sodomy allegation on Anwar.

"I received his (Saiful's) visit in my capacity as a leader and he as an ordinary citizen who wanted to tell me something... I don't know him before this," Najib told a press conference at his Parliament office in Kuala Lumpur.

Saiful, 23, made a police report at the police beat base at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital on June 28 that he had been allegedly sodomised by Anwar at a condominium in Damansara on June 26.

When asked why the former aide to Anwar had come to him on the matter, Najib said that he did not know but assumed that the youth needed his help after Saiful said that he knew one of his (Najib's) officers.

Najib said Saiful had also come to his office to meet one of his officers to regarding a scholarship application but he (Najib) did not meet Saiful then.

The deputy prime minister also denied allegations that he had conspired against Anwar.

Asked whether he (Najib) believed that what was said by Saiful had basis or otherwise, Najib said initially he was also unsure that what had been said by Saiful was true or false.

"I wouldn't dare say... I thought he (Saiful) looked genuine because he was afraid. His hands were cold. But I am not brave enough to make a conclusion. I told him to make his own decision," he said.

Najib also denied that that he had advised Saiful to make a police report.

He said that during their meeting, Saiful had told everything that had happened to him.

When asked on what was told by Saiful, Najib smiled and said, "Oh, there were many stories, I might tell one day but after the court case."

Najib also said he was ready to give evidence if needed following his expose.

"Yes, I am ready. But what is there to ask? I merely heard his story. What is more important is the explanation from him, not from me," he said.


Anonymous said...

another chapter unfolds..this could also mean that the sodomy did happen? then the fella is smart to seek protection from #1 enemy of Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Did najib suppress info the first time he commented bout saiful? I thought he said he never met saiful before, that only his special officer met him at his office...?

Anonymous said...

didn't know our dpm is so accommodating. willing to invite total strangers to his residence to listen as a capacity of a leader.

why don't we all go see him at his residence. i'm sure we all have burdens we want to share with a leader who is oh-so-willing to listen to strangers.

saiful, "highly traumatised" has the senses to go see the dpm but waited "a few days" before lodging a police report. where's the logic?


Anonymous said...

Constipation, go to KL hospital.
Problem with Anwar, go to Najib.

This fler has some high opinion of his problems, ha?

Donplaypuks® said...

d plot thickens.

1. selective memory? a common disease of late.

2. Conspiracy to smear dsai? is saifool a special spy to entrap dsai? 1 (highly) possible scenario.

3. Saifool agreed to be (expunged) for money to entrap dsai as part of conspiracy? seems only a low iq unprincipled quasimodo would agree to it! makes no sense.

4. if you were in trouble and related to pm, would you run to dpm for advice? 1/1,000,000 probability. remember, ummi and azizan ran to the pm.

6. dpm claims dsai out to get him. but he has been under attack for 1 year from rpk and s.loone. so, it can't be 1 dsai-led conspiracy.

7. dsai has filed for defamation against saifool. so, he's prepared to go to court. a guilty man would (normally) avoid making sd, police report or file for court case.

so, whichever way you look at it, it looks (to me) like dsai is not worried about saifool ot dpm. looks like dpm is on the back-foot.

whichever way you look at it, its not good for the nation!

Anonymous said...

Funny !? police report on 28th & sodomy took place on 26th But najib
said " Few ( 4,5,or 6 ) days before = 23rd, 24th or 25th , I spoke with him and his hand were cold...!"
That means najib spoke to him
BEFORE ( i repeat )..before...the
sodomy took place !?
So , they PLANNED ( i repeat )...
planned for the sodomy to happen !?

Anonymous said...

Looks very gooSd. o from now onward we don't only to for sscholahips to DPM's office but only if one is sexually abused!!!
Whats is the DPM's job ????

tzarina said...


It does not mean the "sodomy" happened just coz Najib had suddenly admitted that this feller Saiful went to see him.

The real questions here are:

1. Why did Najib said he does not know Saiful earlier, when asked how did Saiful happen to take a picture with his aid in his office?

2. How is it that Saiful who is clearly a useless student in Uniten can come to the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER'S office for SCHOLARSHIP? Even students with 15A1s are not able to do so!

3. How is it that Saiful is so buddy-buddy with Najib that he can come to Najib's own house to make complaints about his alleged sexual abuse? Najib said that he was sympathizing with Saiful because he is "Malaysian". Does that mean every sexual abuse victim in Malaysia should now come to Najib's home?

And of course, the final most important question is it that people so CLOSE to AND who WORK for Najib are getting charged with murder of Altantuya, yet Najib has no knowledge AT ALL about this? Does that mean our Deputy Prime Minister's office is running in auto-pilot, from his PA to his bodyguards? In which case, what the HELL does he REALLY know?

artic turban said...

najib has been coservative with the truth hasn't he, now ask yourself this simple question, when the allegations first came out the anwar had been accused by his aide of sodomy, people, in your heart of hearts, who came to mind? who do you think came to my mind, none other than mr not so bright light najib, even after his denials that he did not know the saiful character and this was before photographs appeared, najib, so by this same deduction the way the altantuya case has been handeled from the start 2 years ago and the way the ag made an announcement that nobody else was involved in this case, gave rise to doubts, it goes to show the character of the main players, nowhere in the world have I heard before evidence is presented in the court, has a prosecuting attorney made such a statement, it is totaly un heard of, that had already presented a scenario of doubt and the questionmark of is there a cover-up and of whom. in your heart of hearts ask yourself this, if there is smoke, than there is a fire sowhere. sowhat say you folks.

Anonymous said...

hei najib lu ingat oang bodo ka serupa u punya member bodowi.

tos tart with you said the sodomy victim saiful came to you for loan purposes and now you are telling the media he came to you to complaint... alamak ni cakap putar belit la, not only you guys have ruined malaysia but day by day you idiots are getting into us by hiking prces here and there.. if you cant manafe the country then get lost

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a miserable dog, I can sniff the flawed info. I trust you and many others clear thinking Malaysians can too.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.20 am,

Your timing analysis is worth to think about.

The only day possible for Saiful to see Najib was on the 27th night. What time was his police report on the 28th?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather place my concentration on Altantuya, C4 and 2 Statutory Declarations... more serious !

Anonymous said...


Wah, so everyone who got "anal" problem can easily meet the DPM and tell him the problem... Since when the DPM is so friendly and warm hearted that the "rakyat" can just walk-in to his official resident and convey their problem??

Anonymous said...

Wah...didnt know that it is that easy to have a meeting with the DPM and at his residence lagi. Dato' Seri, can I come and see you at your residence?

Anwar will not be so stupid to do such a thing when he is gearing to move into Putrajaya.

Why do we have this sort of people governing our government? Malaysia Govt is the laughing stock in the international arena.

Anonymous said...

this link is a timely reminder for all the actors in the Anwar saga: beaing in mind that the Malay all claim to be Muslims:

Jasmani, Singapura

mad said...

hahaha so funny. useless nobody like shyfool can go to najib's house to make complain of anal abuse. the world is laughing silly...

Anonymous said...

I don't get this: Somebody sodomizes you and instead of running to the police (or a doctor) you take a trip to the DPM's house! What? Why?
What did Saiful want Najib to do? Comfort him? Apply balm to his backside to soothe him? To tell him what to do?
Isn't it obvious? Lodge a reportlah!
But Najib's answer is just as astounding. He tells us that he advised Saiful, "It's up to you."
A crime appears to have been committed and Najib says it's ok, no problem.
Has this become a habit? ;)

Nordin said...

When Saiful claimed to have a problem with Anwar, Najib easily and readily offer his help.

But when his right hand man Razak Baginda having problems with Altantuya, not a single word being mentioned that Razak had seek Najib help.

Its really mind boggling!

Anonymous said...

Its not surprising laa if he go look for Najib. As they are enemy (anwar n najib).

Anonymous said...

tak sabar nak dengar DNA result. Hope mahkamah can prove who is sodomise

-crash- said...

this is gettig really funny and interesting. he got to stop making thing obvious. we like to have some mysteries and solve it. you are making it easy. boring!

Anonymous said...

... and Najib said he was - 'sceptical' - if DPM himself expressed doubts over Saifool's story about his enemy numero uno, how you expect the rest of us to believe lah!

Anonymous said...

flex dear, on 28th, dpm said " beberapa hari yang lalu = several
days ago = at least 3,4 ,5 days ago" = cant be semalam (yesterday) the 27th = therefore must be 25th,24th or 23rd = before 26th ,the sodomy !! wow..saiful knew he would be 'raped ' on the 26th so he went to consult dpm with 'cold hands' & so PLANNED to let it happen ( jika ada )on the 26th lah !