Friday, July 11, 2008


There is nothing that can support the continued existence and use of the most draconian and dangerous piece of legislation -- the Internal Security Act.

This Act has, largely, been abused in the last few decades. It is obsolete and has no relevance (to our society/our country) whatsoever except to be abused by political leaders in power.

Not even the argument that the ISA is a necessary evil -- for the detention of criminals for which a trial is no guarantee that they be put behind bars -- can convince me that "we still need the ISA".

Bollocks, I say!

I read with sadness about the death of 17 year-old Aina Mardiah Shahrial, the eldest daughter of Shahrial Sirin, an ISA detainee.

She died on July 3. Shahrial was unable to see his dying daughter due to a lack of urgency on the part of people who could make it very possible for him to be with her.

It is a heart-wrenching story. Rocky's Bru has open letter for Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar HERE.

Also Tehsin's HERE.

Several bloggers are planning to set up a fund for families of ISA detainees.

I think it is a great idea!


Oleh admin Bebas Malaysia said...

Yeah.. Great idea too.. Mungkin ini salah cara kita membantu.. Amin..

Anonymous said...

Good on ya to concentrate on this more pressing issue.

I am fed up of DSAI accusations, tantrum and drama.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Nuraina

"Bollocks, I say!"

And Bollocks, I say too!!

I wept when I read that blurb about the ISA detaineed who could not see his daughter at her death-bed.

Thre is no excuse whatsoever in this day and age of fax, internet, email and handphones for not contacting the Minister quickly enough to make a decision on compassionate grounds. Both the Chief Warden & the Minister ought to be strung up by their Bollocks, if they have any!!

7 years in jail without a charge or being rought to trial? This is the norm and the Hindraf 5 have a long way to go.

And still Dr.M goes on about injustice to him done by the RCI when he is the one who set the trend with Ops Lallang when many (106 persons)including Kit Siang & Karpal were locked up for 1-2 years with no charge or trial, on 'mere suspicion of possibilities!'

Pl read my June 6th article on 'Who Guards The Guardians' at

Please let me know where to bank money in for donation.

Hi&Lo said...

Very, very sad that we had been sold on the necessary evil of ISA until it hits closer to home.

We must take the position that what affect another citizen can also happen to our dear ones one day. The only prevention is to make our voices heard that it's not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

what kind of idiot is this Hamid? No compassion? No feelings?

Anonymous said...

To all Pakatan Rakyat MPs .. I voted for you on 08 March 08. Abolishing the ISA was on your election manifesto. Please get cracking on this subject matter in Parliament, without any further dilly-dally, whatever it takes. You must be heard to be seen if you want my vote in the next general election. TQ ... Wali Kota.

Anonymous said...

The delay in getting the minister's signature is obscene indeed.

But acquiring four tonnes of ammonium nitrate stashed underground in Johor to be packed into a rental truck headed for a foreign embassy situated on a busy road in a neighbouring country is obscene too.

Today I share Mr. Sharial's anguish of not being able to see her daughter alive before it was too late. But I hope he understands that seven years ago he could have walked away from JI.

Ultimately that is what kept him from his daughter.

Nuraina, please find some Bali and Poso survivors and ask them about JI's compassion.

- Abang Maimon.

Anonymous said...

i read Harakah on daily basis and I read about the story a week ago. It's really sad to read the news but it was the pics that get me angry..

I don't think it's appropriate to put pics of someone that has died so i've sent a letter to Harakah editors as well as Husam Musa..but not sure about their feedback in my email...


abang maimon,

whatever his alleged criminal acts, sharial deserves a fair trial.

if it is or can be proven that he did all that he was accused of doing/committing, in a trial, then a suitable punishment awaits him.

but detention without trial? surely you cannot agree with that?

but, that's my opinion.

thank you abang maimon for visiting....

Anonymous said...

(stcin): thanks for making me WEEP !

ummu asiah said...


Yes..apa jua kesalahan seseorang tidak boleh ditahan tanpa bicara..especially undang-undang ISA ni memang sangat zalim..apa yang terjadi kepada keluarga Shahrial sudah cukup menbuktikannya..latest..ada tahanan yang sampai lumpuh..dan kini dihantar ke Hospital Tanjung Rambutan kerana dikatakan penyakitnya dikaitkan dgn depression yang sangat teruk...dan tahanan ini baru di awal 20an..baru sangat2 mendirikan rumahtangga..

Zalim bukan????

thanks for your support..


Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Nuraina

You hit the nail on the head!!

If they have such strong proof of terrorist acts and other issues afftecting national security, put the felon on trial.

The reality is that many are behind bars becoz they stood in opposition to the ruling party. Also, in the shadowy world of espionage and US security interests, it is not unknown to lock someone up based on mere suspicion and poor intelligence.

Many such cases have emerged out of Gitmo. Imagine, Mandela would still be in Robben Island were it not for universal pressure exerted on the Racist White S.African Govt.!!

The least they could do is allow long-serving prisoners to seek asylum abraod.

The Hindraf situation is a joke. I am still waiting for the IGP & AG to reveal (SSh, wach out) the links with Tiger Ber terrorists.

We live in hope.

Saya... said...

abang maimon,

don't believe everything that the foreign media pushes in our faces...they have their own agenda too and believe me, in order to make sure their own plans proceed as planned, the forces that lay blame on the NON-EXISTENT JI and Al-Qaeda will NOT hesitate to murder innocents in their quest...

Jorji said...

Kenapalah mereka tidak sensitif...takda anak kah mereka semua tu??

Saya tak sanggup baca atau tengok gambar..nanti dia mengganggu kepala otak ni berhari-hari.

Hapuskan ISA dan mereka-mereka yang menggunakannya.

Unknown said...


What a mindless person.... Someday, hopefully not in the near future he befall the smae fate.

Monster Mom said...

How do these people who claimed that they are always there for the people do this???

To mr albar - hope u sleep well at night...

Saya... said...

BTW..Abg Maimon..ever heard of false flag operations...911 and the resulting "islamic terrorist network" the biggest (if not one of the biggest) in false flag operations...but still not everyone is dumb enough to fall for it..thank God.

Anonymous said...

You think the botak got cared so many have '@#$%^&*' him ah !?
his mind, " go to hell lah, aku bother not !"

Anonymous said...

i want to donate to the ISA detainee fund. How to ? Where is the link? Paypal can use? Will the HINDRAF family also get the fund? Let me know. Email me the link for donation.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, yes lets do it.

Anonymous said...

ISA should stay..for those who are ungrateful the the country..if all malaysians are good..ISA would not be used or even remembered by anyone..what da ya think..Nik Zulkifli Kota Bharu

Anonymous said...

you have gone thru the years of humiliations under ISA. lets put this law into history book. and to those gurkhas safeguarding the Act, remember, when u turn 55 and retire. when the curse shall haunt u to your deathbed. One former minister is now suffering from this trauma...