Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Di Mana Kau, Balasubramaniam?

I tried hard not to think about him but I just can't. His face keeps popping up in my head.

Balasubramaniam S/O Perumal, where are you?

We know that you and your family are okay because your nephew R. Kumaresan said so -- that he spoke to you and your wife -- and we don't have any reason to not believe him.

But, really -- where have you gone to with your family?

Are you in someone's "protective custody"?

Are you still in the country? (The police said that you are still around here somewhere but, you know -- that's what the police said.)

Are you...afraid?

I don't want to give you any assurances because I'm in no position to do so. But you know what...Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Federal Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director Mohd Bakri Zinin have already given their word that you'd be safe, that you and your family be given protection.

How's that?


Conspiracy Theorist said...

salam Sis,

heheh..i gess he's undr police witness protection program?? heheh..wat can I say..(,")


"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim".
Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931);"The Crowd"

Anonymous said...

If a 'petty' criminal after commited a 'petty' crime and run away with his family to hide from the crime boss (the Sodomist), should we ask the police to waste time to find him ?
I talk like his life is not important. Or actually someone talk like other children life like 'nini' are not important.

Should the police spend time to find a opportunist liar who ready to lie for a dirty Sodomist for money and who suddenly got scared and run away from the Sodomist ?

Or should the police try to find the children that was innocent and was kidnaped by others sodomist ?

Always bear in mind, police personel are limited.


Some people will blame Najib but some will blame the Sodomist.

If you read the BALA first SD, it is another obvious lie. "Najib say to razak which tell Bala that this girl is anus susciptible ?" Is this possible ? What is the probability of this happening ? How about the possibility of the Sodomist pays BALA to make up the SD ? What is the probabilty of this now ?

So, basically Najib got nothing to hide because he never did say what bala say razak say najib say. So, why the heck Najib want to kidnaped Bala.

If Sodomist did pay Bala for the first SD, won't it explained why Bala need to hide from Sodomist at least until the Sodomist end up in jail ?

So, please stop asking "Di mana kau Bala ?" I thought you already fed up with this dirty political manipulation by the Sodomist & Co.

"Di mana kau, Nini ?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's visiting Jimmy Hoffa.

Anonymous said...

He has reasons to be afraid, really. Either that or this is just a show too. I'd rather this just be a show, cuz I really hope him and his family are ok. It's enough that we have drama, we dun need tragedy as well.

Anonymous said...

Fishy that he can go missing. FOr Such an important person to go missing , do you think the special branch is sleeping.? Or is there a special branch now?

Anonymous said...

In this Bala play, the part which Bala and family went missing was actually a part of the original script. The script was mainly written to frame Najib and perhaps make Anwar Ibrahim look stupid at the same time. ACcordi ng to the script:

Scene 1: Bala made the SD, mainly to implicate Najib or maybe to implicate Anwar as the person paying Bala to make the statement.

Scene2: Bala had to retract the part of the SD that implicates Najib. The idea was to slander Najib so that people would now accused Najib and his people of forcing Bala to retract the SD.

Scene3: Bala had family had to go missing.The idea was to make people believe that Bala and his family have now been kidnapped by Najib and his people, or maybe made some people suspect Anwar to be behind it.

I think Bala and Family is in real danger from the main author of the script.

Anonymous said...

Hm.. maybe need to launch 'Dimana Bala' same as 'Dimana Sharlinie' campaign

Anonymous said...

maybe he is with tom selleck doing a movie called 'Magnum P.I. - The Retirement Years'

Anonymous said...

Sis, why was he allowed to leave after making a false SD. Shud put him behind bars lah.

Apparently, he is holidaying at Mumbai, went there in a private jet!!

Note: the above satement is not written under duress.

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

No I'm not afraid...I'm still here !


malaysianlover said...

Leave him alone laa..
He's busy writing his THIRD SD...

mCrossings said...

Maybe he's in Turkish Embassy

WY said...

malaysians like to ask the obvious questions???

Saya... said...

Dia sudah telefon...semalam...dia tau ramai rindu kat dia...

Anis Ahmad Abdul Rahman said...

It seems that he is safe and sound now..according to MSM..

But i am still wondering why Raja Petra wanted to "celebrate" with Bala on the success of their SDs..something fishy there..

Please visit my blog at http://malaysiabebas.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

this is the epitome of barisan's criteria for members of parliment. these are the umno champions.
this is off your subject matter but still salient, here is bung the dung head with his unparlimentary gesture, lets demand for his suspension.
Watch this for evidence. Bung the Dung cannot escape now!

bung the dung must go.

pejuang anti-bung the dung.

crower said...

He's on holiday at Club Med.

Anonymous said...

i'm also bored already with this political drama by Anwar..please stop it Anwar..

Anonymous said...

Please stop speculating on my whereabouts la dey. Mau cari damai abadi pun tak bley ka

The Real Bala.

Anonymous said...

Bala is not gone missing. he must be asked to leave the country till further notice...... He will be back. I would rather say another C4 explosive orchestrate coming soon...... Get ready your popcorn !

Anonymous said...


My uncle called me at 11.30pm on Monday and told me that he was okay and passed the phone to my auntie who also said they were fine.

“But when I repeatedly asked them where they were, my uncle told me that they could not talk freely and ended the call,” he said.

Hemm..the last part seemed to be like a scene from movies. It is obvious that they are under captive and threathened. It seems to be the work of authorities.

According to police Bala may be in Asean country...My guess is Indonesia! Singapore(definitely no..no ..considering the rivalry between the government)..Thailand---20%, Phillipines ..out of consideration.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked Zoo Negara? Somewhere near the glassed section.

Da Real Deal said...

Why are we all hot and bothered about the whereabouts of this typical character?

Do you notice everytime there is chaos in Malaysia it's always the Indians who started it?

From a drunken teacher from English College, to a lawyer who brags over a glass of port, to a bunch of useless pricks begging for mercy from the Queen of England and blaming Britain for providing them with a better life here than in Tamil Nadu, to this third rate private investigator ( a disgrace to the special branch )

Heck even when Malacca was raided according to history it was an Indian that opened the gates.

It is true I guess of the old saying " when you see and Indian and a snake, deal with the Indian first. "

Zainal A. Kasim said...


Better think and pray about the little girl that went missing without a trace than this PI.


Rockybru said...


The police should have offered Bala protection when he purportedly said (in his second SD) that he had made the first SD under duress.

Earlier, PKR should have made sure that its lawyers accompany Bala to the police station after the first SD was out.

Both sides screwed up big time, as I see it.

Unless Bala is playing both sides.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Apa sebenarnya dari segi kepentingan Bala untuk membuat SD? Apa sebabnya, apa relevannya, apa untung untuk dirinya ?

Dia buat atas permintaan siapa, rayuan siapa, arahan siapa ?

Kemudian SD kedua ...saolan yang sama masih bermain di kepala.

Logiknya, beliau telah diminta oleh 'seseorang' (lebih dari seorang atau lebih dari satu pihak) untuk membuat SD 1 dan SD 2 dan ada dkemungkin SD 1 dan 2 memang sudah dirancang oleh Bala atas arahan dari pihak yang sama.

Game apa yang sedang berlaku ?

Anonymous said...

dear, Da Real Deal
the one who slept with mongolian lady is a malay.who cheat his wife having affair with chinese lady who eat pork.in ur words haram rite.sleep with them tak haramlah.cakap banyak.the who kill her muslim oso.what hapen to ur moral values?now pointing an indian???shame of you!no wonder the contry still have stupid leaders.jadi menteri sebsb kuota sistem.they cant even speak proper english.only can talk in malaysia.baliklah dekat singapura small country oso scared.cos their education system n smartness.not like in malaysia all quota system.later this people become leaders....who is doing the corruption?ask urself

Anonymous said...

Aku setuju dengan kluangman..Apa kepentingan Bala dengan 'seseorang' tu? Apa untungnya dia buat SD1 & SD2? Mengapa dia sesuka hati tarik balik SD1 dan buat SD2? Atas arahan siapa agaknya? Aku rasa Anwar adalah master planner untuk kes ini..Begitu juga dengan kes SD RPK...

azy said...

Statement by Da Real Deal is a racist statement, just ignore him.

It is important that Bala and family is safe and sound somewhere in the desert.

Its sure a very important clue to the whole senario as to why he retracted the SD and then gone missing on purpose. His neighbor said he left in the morning in such a hurry.

He definitely go hiding.

I am sure Bala will come back and testify. But he were to find dead, then the another conspiracy will crop up.

Dont worry, an ex-cop knows where to hide in this kind of situation. He get use to it.

Anonymous said...

Hello aina,

I guess the authorities already locate his whereabout. Its just that they could not reveal it in the media press as they are concern about the risk safety of his family.

However, lets hope that he and his family is in good condition.

Da Real Deal said...

Dear anonymous 1:56

The Indians I spoke of have been proven to be the causes of those events.

Your accusation as regards to the Mongolian deal is unproven and at best is just hearsay.

Stupid leaders include the one who failed to lift the status of his people but was successful in lifting his own. He even wears a different tupee everyday at your expense.

The ministers don't need to speak proper English to rule in MALAYsia.

Melayu is spoken in Parliament and it is the official language spoken in this country. If they have a problem finding their way to Knightsbridge from Bayswater, that's their bloody problem. But then again, they can always pay servants like you to translate for them.

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina:

I think you got the key to the answer lah.

Kalau Bala bebas dan dapat bersuara tanpa takut bimbang pasal diri dia dan keluarga dia, then answer will come out.

SD kedua tu macam tak betul lah Kak.

Da Real Deal said...

Dear Azy and the rest.

The only racist statement I made perhaps was the the one about the snake and the Indian. For that I apologize.

The rest are all stated facts. If defending proven facts like telling it like it is means I'm a racist then I think the problem lies on you lot.

Why in the name of tapai moonshine did this Bala have to appear anyway? Doesn't it even bother you that he is probably paid to throw us off from the real issue at hand which is the rising costs making us, the everyman, poorer when all this time the govt has been bragging about a flourishing economy with probably fake statitics?

Anonymous said...

Da real real statement is racist.

But Bala is still a opportunist liar not because he is an Indian.

The 3 guys who got involved in mogolion case also not because they are Malays.

If Da real real cannot differentiate this ... then please get LOST.

So, Da real real, hopefully one day your son got involve in an accident,... will you let other race save him ... or will you rather let him die because of your great principal ?

I know you will going to answer to let your son die. But I am sorry to say, Da real real ... I still have to save your son ... whatever your pricipal are.


Anonymous said...

Da Real Deal:

You said: "It is true I guess of the old saying " when you see and Indian and a snake, deal with the Indian first."

You just affirmed your firm belief in this statement, which is discriminatory towards a certain race of people.

How can you explain that?

It is coincidental that some of the people involved in recent political scandals happen to be Indians (PI Bala, and much earlier, VK Lingam + Mahathir).

Do you really believe that all Indians are dangerous, and that Malays or Chinese any less dangerous compared to Indians? How do you measure that? Do you have Indian friends? Do you watch your back all the time when you are with them in case they stab you, or if you go to a shop that sells roti canai/ais batu campur, do you fear the roti canai/ABC seller will put poison in your roti canai?

Are you saying there are no cheats, rapists, swindlers, murderers and sodomisers amongst other races?

Come on. Grow up.

It is people like you who are dividing the country up.

When you talk like this, other races become defensive. When others become defensive, the Malays become defensive in return. Masing-masing saling syak-mensyaki tanpa sebab.

And who capitalises on this? That's right -- the sleazy corrupted politicans.

Cukuplah. We have to end this discrimination cycle somewhere so Malays, Chinese and Indians can sit down again and have tea together like good buddies... like back in the old days when we all had a common enemy -- the British. How come we didn't kill each other then?

Da Real Deal said...

Dear Leno,

My son's destiny is God's hands, not yours.

By saying " hopefully one day your son got involve in an accident"....then to end by saying "But I am sorry to say, Da real real ... I still have to save your son" proves that you are of Indian decent. No Chinese or Malay will pray for an accident to happen then work hard to save the victim to show the world that he/she is compassionate. Stop with the OUTA da dey....go and have your fix of toddy and believe it's brandy thinking you're a western samaritan. You can't fool me with your twisted tongue.

Dear Pemikir Rasional.

If you are really what your nick suggests than you will realise that I merely stated the facts that is too much to be coincidental.

They were facts. Fiction would have been if the May 13th riot was due to instigation by Indians on both the Malays and the Chinese putting them at loggerheads, which they are good at....but that would have been a lie (although I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't).

I already apologized for the snake and the Indian thing.

I have Indian friends. I trust an Indian barber enough to let him shave my neck with a blade.

So stick to the points I was making. Dismiss me if what I said was a lie about Malacca, the drunken teacher from English College, Lingam, Hindraf and now Bala.

If you're not pissed off because this man wasted our time and attention by twisting his tongue like Leno all within 24 hours (Leno did it in on sentence), then you're not normal.

I'm not discriminating. I speak of the Malays just the same when it is warranted. Since when is it wrong for Malays to speak out while others speak against it many times? Have you noticed how the blacks can call a caucasion white boy in every film while it is taboo for a white to call a negro black boy? Well that senario won't be seen in this country my friend.

If others can speak freely, than be ready to be spoken back at.

Stick to the points leave emotions out of it.

Yes we had a common enemy then Pemikir. What say you now when Hindraf declares all Malays are their enemy?

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Cobramaniam is now with
Datuk Seri Semi Value. Semi Value
is actually behind all this SD
after the thrashing by the rakyat
due to the arrogance of UMNO.
think hard.

azy said...

C'mon man dont talk about Hindraf. Their mentor, Anwar is a Malay.

Now Bala has been found somewhere not in Malaysia and I think he got a police word for protection since he was still there after giving testimony.

Everything was well recorded and I think in a few days we might hear something from authority.

Anonymous said...

Some of Hindraf demand is totally absurd - unless any Hindraf member can show me their logic. It is also being manipulated by some opportunitic political paarty, obviously by DAP and Adil.

No doubt there are others who are as racist as 'da real real', but that does not make it is okay.

He say malay are lazy, so you can say Indian are stupid." Sounds fair what ? To whom ? To Racist Society of course.

The keyword is not the type of race, but the "he" and "you".

If "he" says Malays are lazy, you say "he" got tahi lembu as a brain.
If "you' say Indian are stupid, then he say "you" got tahi babi as a brain.

Because 'he' and 'you' just representing himself and yourself. We have the choice to break the cycle.

'He' does not represent the whole Indian and 'you' does not represent the whole of Malay.

For example presuming I am an Indian because I am good in twisting my tongue, shows how stupid presumption you just had made.

So, Da Real Real ... you does have 'tahi keldai' as a brain.


Bung Karno said...

Decision time :

They have found Bala. SD 3 coming.

Anonymous said...

To Da Real Deal:

It is wrong to generalise that Indians are the cause for all the troubles in our country, including Mei 13, 1969. Where is the evidence for your dramatic claim that the Indians schemed the events by pitting the Malays and the Chinese against each other? Don't insult the intelligence of the Malays and Chinese by imputing that they were controlled and masterminded by a minority third-party.

That the recent political scandals involved an Indian does not mean that Indians are perennial trouble-causers in everything. That is unfair and unjust to a vast majority of Indians. Also remember that it takes two hands to clap: in each of those scandals that you mentioned, also involved was a Malay person. But I will never claim or believe that Malays are evil people. In every type of human being, whether Malays, Chinese, Indian, Caucasian or African we have the good, and we unfortunately have the bad.

Responsible, well-meaning, well-thinking, intelligent and good-hearted people won't attack any one race or blame anyone race for the actions of a small number of people. If a person from X race say that people of Y race are dumb, bad or good-for-nothing, that is an irresponsible, unthinking person who should be ignored. But when a person from Y race retaliates, by saying for example:"this X race person called my race hopeless, so I have the right to say X race comprises a bunch of criminals, are evil, and stupid and look for an example to justify it", then this person from Y race is also a foolish, unwise, irresponsible and unthinking person who should be ignored. Both these people do not reflect the wisdom and compassion and clear-thinking of the overwhelming majority of their races.

So why do you want to jump in and be amongst the irresponsible and stupid people? Why do you wanna nitpick about who calls who "black boy" and "white boy". Don't you see that that is so silly and senseless? Wiser people who have compassion and true understanding don't waste time nitpicking about things like "if they can call me nigga, then I have the right to call them something back and I'm going to do that". Please lah.

You sound like an intelligent person from how you write, and I think that there is greater wisdom in you and what you say and how you regard people and the situation. Perhaps you were moved by irrational anger or great exasperation when you said those words and that you didn't mean it.

To Leno:

It is very very bad of you to wish for someone else's harm, more so a poor innocent child. If someone wishes that your child is harmed or suffers, won't you feel immense pain in your heart? What did the innocent child do to you? You should apologise to Da Real Deal for that statement. If he is a father can you imagine how hurt me must have felt? You could have chosen a different example. Don't involve someone's children in things like this. We can discuss issues in a calm and collected way. Let's not stoop low.

And to everyone:

I was lucky to have grown up in a multiracial neighbourhood. We had Indians, Chinese and Malays living in the same 'taman'. I say lucky because I have seen how all of us got along so well. The Malay family would have the Indian family's kid come over and spend time and eat there, and the Malay kids would go to the Chinese or Indian family's place to play and eat there. No problem. No "alamak, they are going to serve me pork", or No "alamak, they are going to serve me beef" nonsense. I also didn't see the Indian family scheming to pull off a mini-Mei 13 between the Chinese and Malay families.

I think we need to set aside bigoted and despicable prejudices and look at each other as human beings, which is what we all are in the end. We are not the attributes that we chose to colour each other with (e.g., Indian = snake, Malay = monkey, Chinese = rat). These that arose in the past from not knowing each other well enough in the past, and the authorities/the-powers-that-be quitely encouraging this. Time to rise up beyond the muck.

A small story: I had the benefit of living with a group of children from South Africa who were on a visit for a soccer tournament. They consisted of the White South Afrikaners and the Black South Africans. I thought they would be divided -- each group sticking to themselves. How surprised I was when I saw both mingling with each other with no division, like brothers, and talking and laughing together. I was really amazed... this, of a people who have been divided for so long and so sharply by apartheid and great mutual distrust. In no more than a generation, the South Africans have eliminated all inter-racial barriers and are very berpadu

So why can't we?

Thank you for listening.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, Da Real Deal:

Since when did HINDRAF declare that Malays are the enemy?

Can you also provide evidence for this?

The HINDRAF rally was to highlight the plight of the extremely poor segment of Indians to the government.

Since when they and other Indians who supported the above cause declared war on Malays?

Please don't try to make up stories. Read the facts from different sources. Don't just read Utusan Malaysia or Chedet.com.

Anonymous said...

I think, we have to do like what we have done for searching Adik Sharlinie... Buat poster dan tampal satu Malaysia... Hahaha...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

da real deal,

no doubt you've apologised but you shouldnt be saying it in the first place. that proves you are indeed a racist bigot.

Anonymous said...

@da real deal

wei , youre a copywriter / creative director ka? lawyer? damn good write up lah. serious.

Anonymous said...

LATEST: Bala located and caught on camera in Mongalia town performing some sin cleansing session!

Goto: www.mongolia-today.net

And he has admitted that it was Najib, IGP and AG who forced him to make the 2nd SD! He said now that his family are under protection from the Mongolian soldiers he will not be afraid but will speak the truth on the whole issue!

BREAKING NEWS this is! And he said there're gonna be more evidence to prove Najib's involvement! This includes some VIPs who were at the Diamond Exhibition in Singapore who will come forward to be witnesses that Ms A. was really introduced by Najib to Razak!

And they have also got hold of Singapore's immigration record at that said time of the Diamond Exhibition!

Holy cow!

All for real!

And.. and.. and.. and i really have got nothing to talk about anymore. I.. i.. am.. tired...

Da Real Deal said...

Pemikir Rasional,

The declaration about Malays being their enemy was on youtube.

When you said "Don't insult the intelligence of the Malays and Chinese by imputing that they were controlled and masterminded by a minority third-party." Did you not think that you might have hurt the feelings of the Indians for implying that they have not the intelligence to influence the Chinese and Malays? Tsk tsk....

Just playing with you sunshine.

I stick to fact not fiction. Read again what I wrote about the May
13th being attributed to the Indians? Did I really say that? Your English seems perfect but I think you misread what I wrote.


What the hell are you saying? Get a hold on yourself man.....after reading your crap, you've almost got me wanting to have a shot of the toddy! Your posting amplifies my point that you are a tongue twisting head shaker. Did you run out of money and have samsu instead today?

Anonymous said...

David copperfield, WHERE R U !?
please give back our bala, tq !

Anonymous said...

aiyah, '...he should have this..
..should have that ..!'
jean..jean..bilakah dinner? ....

Anonymous said...

Bala : " helo, everyone, thanks for your concern ... i m ok lah ...
enjoying my 'kepala ikan' di. eh..
...eh...@#$%^&*.. dun know lah..so dark here !!"

Anonymous said...

" helo..helo, thanks you all for your concerns, i m fine...having
'kepala ikan' now...where..where ?
not sure lah..very dark here !"

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina, I'm wondering why you have not removed the offensive comments esp from the person who calls him/herself 'Da Real Deal'? Yours is a good and reputable blog, widely read and highly recommended by leading bloggers and sites. Every one has their own opinion and, sometimes biased or racist sentiments, but to put them up where all and sundry can read is bad and can cause so much anger. Please Nuraina, remove these offensive bigotted comments. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.