Monday, July 14, 2008

Did They Set Up Road Blocks In Search Of Nini?

I kept thinking today after passing through a couple of road blocks (including one yesterday), whether a similar action was taken in police efforts to search for Sharlinie through January this year.
(see the box on the left).

I don't remember any report of road blocks being mounted in the search for Nini.

Maybe there were in areas surrounding the location she was last seen. Just that I was never (made) aware of them. Or, if none was ever set up, the police had a reason for that.

Nini....we never stop thinking of you.....


Donplaypuks® said...

No, there was no roddblock then becoz there was no % in it, as there was in the Immigration Dept.

If DSAI and PKR form the next Govt, then many like I Raja Polis and his colleagues & others like Ganesh Patel & shysters in the Palace of Golden Hores-Racing Syndicate will have to apply for their UB40 Form. So, the % here is very high.

What a pathetic state of affairs when an innocent child's life is traded for percentages!!

My heart bleeds.

Unknown said...

I could agree more with donplaypuks. The police don't care about us "little" people cos we can't fill their pockets!

Unknown said...

The present Prime Minister is worst than nerd; well his roadblocks really scare public off to work. Myself going into KL only in the afternoon.

Hell, where did he get his brain from?

Anonymous said...

Just think of the petrol and time wasted. Also, what about scaring away the tourists and investors.

The road blocks made the people even angrier.

Saya... said...

or Nurin...they never charged the jerks for the autopsy pics..because she is no VIP to be protected...

alvin lee said...

actually i just don't understand why all these road blocks. Either BN is now in the state of fear or they are just trying to create an artifical climate of fear.

This no confidence motion, even if the Speaker allows it (which i don't think so. He has million of reasons for rejecting it)there is just no way the motion can be passed because BN still holds the majority in Parliament.

Why are our BN government so scared about something which is not going to happen? They are behaving like children.

Anonymous said...

of course there was no road blocks in search of nini... Who is nini compared to Pak Lah???

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have already written her off. It's just another business transaction where money makes Bolehland go round.
If Nini was the daughter of someone "important", then that's a different story-lah

crower said...

1. Maybe there was no roadblocks set up (i also couldn't remember) but I do remember that there was a massive door to door search conducted (although I personally felt it was a futile effort. If I was the kidnapper, I wouldn't have lingered around PJ any longer than I should).

2. The roadblocks setup today does have it purpose though. We have enough clowns from the BN and the Opposition to disrupt daily proceedings, we surely do not need extras from the outside.

3. A motion has been made, let it be dealt with by the Parliament according to its well established ways.

Anonymous said...

Will a government which is clearly aginst the peoples' well being and which creates all sorts of difficulty to innocent citizens last much longer?

Did those idiots hear the cries of my children during our over an hour journey to their school this morning?


Anonymous said...

yes NO road block during nini and no house to house search! i dont see any of our uniform man come knocking my door! Insecure govt is a BADDDD govt afrain of its own shadow....ptui!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it is good for the civil servants, more coffee breaks...I am late because of roadblocks!
Honesty, hardwork and rakyat foot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is not a question of whether he has one. It is a question of WHERE it - his brain, I mean - is located. He he he!.

Me thinks he has beeen literally sitting on it for far too long.

Anonymous said...

It is already bad enough the price of fuel has gone up and he as in PM expect the public to burn more fuel due to police road block just because he is afraid of his own shadow?

This is the kind of crap that we have to live up to because we as in Malaysians allow it to happen.

Keturunan Jebat

GobloKing said...

Little sister
there u hv the priority right..manhunt for murderers or witchhunt for citizens with suspect loyalties?

But I still don't get it.

HOW do the mata2 know who to stop?

Do supporters of Pakatan look different from UMNO ones?

What clues give pakatan supporters away?
Kancils vs dark tinted BMWs?
Pasar malam baju vs Boss shirts?
Made in china glasses vs Gucci shades?
Or just the plain old V sign vs flipthebird?

I am not often in the country but hv yet to hear that opposition bear arms when they go to ceramahs or demonstrations..wat? the plastic bottle of air? tongkat?umbrella? handbags?

Akan datang:
our beloved PM will be sure to announce that commerce was disrupted causing biz to lose billions due to the actions police must take to prevent disruptive protests

Man! Are we fked or ARE WE fked?

Anonymous said...

aina, not for nini BUT bala lah !!

Anonymous said...

You're giving him too much credit to begin with..

At least a nerd would have used his brain, but the current PM?

Wait for the good-news this friday lah..more mind-boggling stuff coming.

Saudagar Mimpi said...

The authorities get efficient all for the wrong reason. Damn.

Anonymous said...

to the msian police, Nini is not as important as having a no-confidence on the PM passed for debate.

kinda pretty screwed living here eh

Nostradamus said...

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Anonymous said...

Well Nuraina, the whereabout Nini is not as important to the lawmakers as the safety of the nation. The paranoid pm and team are so insecured about their future as Malaysian Government. So they decide to create dramas like the past few days and today that will give the impression that Malaysia will go to the terrorists to the world and keep out investors.

And they are telling Democracy is alive in Malaysia.

tarings said...

Now you know whom the morons in blue are really protecting. The public is but a source of additional 'duit kopi'. Those idiots in Gemas had just proven all our accusations and perceptions.

To make matters worse, all government departments are using the same script.

Anonymous said...

Rule by law.
hadari rules.
jusst like George W Bush searching for WMD and found Saddam instead.

Anonymous said...

why the government so scared of

Anonymous said...

All this roadblock thing is in response to OPPOSITION plan to create chaos.

You are willing to believe the blatant LIE of Rosmah being to crime scene, you are definitely have to believe that the opposition party is behind this chaotic plan.

Becareful opposition party, you are playing with fire. People life seem not important compare to your selfish surge for more power for politics gains and corruption. You purposely waste police power to block road instead of fighting crimes.

I will hold Azizah and Lim Kit Siang heads for any crimes that happen during this road block.
As I will hold Pak Lah head for failing to improve Malaysian economic life.

Shame on the Selfish Politician.
Shame on people who let themself to be manipulated by the selfish politician.
Shame on Bloggers who fails to enlightened their readers and keep on harping on RPK cheap irresponsible publicity.


Anonymous said...

actually they are looking for bala lah !!

Anonymous said...

the police is not for the is for politicians only

Anonymous said...

Timely reminder Nuraina.

Priorities are all wrong for these folks.If only they did the same thing when our children went missing, then i'm sure many of us would not even complain abt being stuck.

I don't have the slightest faith in the police anymore. Not when they can kill people with impunity. Not when some have the audacity to lodge a report for not getting his share of bribes.

Not when IGPs can beat suspects. I've come to the state that when I see a cop, I wanna just mow him down in my car.

I have to constantly remind myself that my hatred shud be taken out on all cops, most of whom are just doing their duty...but its hard.

The cops r of course the stooges of those authority.

Crime prevention? ah...secondary...

Nini, Nurin and the other innocent kiddos? They are not pak Lah's kids, they are not najib's or Musa Hassan's why shud they bother?

This is the NIMBY syndrome.

ketam said...

yes there do have road blocks.. and no they havent found NINI.. im also sad bcoz i also in the team searching for her.. :(

Unknown said...

You are so right!!!!. What is happening to this country. Is Dsai a murderer, a kidnapper ? Looks like these heinious crimes are ok to do. No massive road blocks, .....nothing.Children got kidnappened , molested .... thats ok.I recalled that when the Bersih Demo caused massive traffic jams , the police and governmemt said these people are irresponsible. Now they closed the road that's ok.

Just Dsai opening is mouth only, the government is so concerned and afraid.

What is wrong????

Edyes said...

Kak Ain,

ulasan edyesdotcom mengenai debat malam tadi.

Anwar Buat Shabery Terkebil

Monster Mom said...

This is so true Puan!

My kids still remember Nini and from time to time will ask me if Nini is found.

I don't think those people will even remember her name...

Who? When? ZZzzzzz...

pua kang kang said...

Police at their Best Ever. First they (Police) wanted DSAI to come to the Brickfields police station on 14.7.08 and after that they took court injuction to prevent DSAI from being within 5km radius of The Parliment building. Guess what? Balai Polis Brickfield is well within the distance and how could DSAI present himself there. Now they are saying that DSAI ignored their request and goona take further serious action. So you see the defination for stupidity.

Pak Zawi said...

Every body else doesn't count, only his political survival counts. The police will do anything to help him achieve that. Arresting political opponents is important too. For that stick to procedures to the letter even when the person to be arrested is unarmed, since he is much more dangerous than the most hardened criminal.

Anonymous said...

long forgetton. causing inconvenience to the public is justified. read the SUN and you just want to puke.

Bob K said...

Sobering thoughts. :(

Unknown said...

To The police and the leaders, who is Nini?

Is she the daughter of top BN leader?
Is she a nation asset
Is a profitable living thing to them?

Sorry she is only a marhaen lah.

Dont bring any benefit and profit to them.

So who care.


Hayden Ahmad said...

I still cry when thinking about Nurin Jazlin and her tragic fate. There's a blatant disregard for the search of Nini. The people in power have their priorities screwed up. I recall a scene from the Matthew MacConaughey movie, A Time To Kill. It's the scene where MacConaughey's lawyer character
pleads to the all white jury. After facing a bigotry stumbling block, Matthew pleads for the jury's humanity in his closing submission: I just want to tell Pak Lah, Najib, Syed Hamid & IGP and gang to imagine that Nini was YOUR daughter. Get your f*#cking priorities straight, Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

we do live in a very strange time here. Having road block without good valid reason...should have utilise those policemen for other purposes...sigh

Anonymous said...

Good question, everytime I see a roadblock, I think of those poor missing children too.

See how our govt sent ridiculous number of commandos to arrest Anwar. For what? Supposedly gay sex. They should have sent out hundreds of commandos, on the same principle, to look for these kidnapped children!!

But principles they have not, nor conscience, nor sense of justice, nor priority for the poeple, nor morality, not even common sense!

Anonymous said...

if this thought makes you annoyed, then you should read i'm really fear for the safety of our children..