Friday, June 06, 2008

Will They Really Get Dr M To Quit Petronas?

"They" here refers to some Umno members who Umno veteran Sanusi Junid believe want Dr Mahathir Mohamad out as Petronas adviser now that he is no longer an Umno member.

Sanusi said this at a media conference he called in Bangsar (Kuala Lumpur) yesterday to say that he was not resigning as International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) president.

He said his appointment, made by the then PM, Dr Mahathir in 2000, expires in 2010.

Sanusi made the announcement in the wake of a statement by Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin that he could remain in his position until his term expires "provided he did not use the position for political gain".

Oh, why the need to state the obvious, Khaled? And why the need for that proviso, man?
Obviously, some people must have made some noise about Dr Mahathir and Sanusi still holding posts meant exclusively for Umno members.

Sanusi said his name was proposed to the IIUM constitutional head, the Sultan of Pahang.

"I believe the Sultan will not sack me from the post."

Sanusi quit Umno the same day as Dr Mahathir on May 19.

You have to be an Umno member to be Petronas adviser? To be IIUM president?

The simple truth -- Dr M is a pain in some people's butt. So are his loyalists. Dr M and his ilk will have to go.

This is the work of self-serving, ungrateful, sychophantic and greedy Umno members.

For a more interesting report on Sanusi, read H E R E.


Donplaypuks® said...

As we have noticed, especially as of yesterday when Dr M was clueless as to the impending petrol hike, neither Petronas nor Proton, seem to consult him on anything relevant.

In fact Dr.M did not even seem to know about the AP misallocation which was acted out during his 23-year Premiership.

Since Dr M claims he doesn't need the money anyway, why does he not quit? That would be infinitely better than him being accused of Gaji Buta & eventually being shown the door, would it not?

malayamuda said...

My prayers have been answered

Dr Mahathir has regained his memory - as espoused in his latest blog

Now we can take him to court

eddy said...

Kak, Tun Mahathir threw a big bait to Abdullah, however, I do not think that Abdullah will take the bait this time. Abdullah would probably love to Kick out Tun Mahathir out of Petronas though, but I do not think he has the balls to do so, Tun may have his detractors but he does enjoy a lot of solid support, just look at his blog.

He has afterall been our PM for 22 years, for better or worse I have enjoyed the certainty of those so called "repressive/dictatorial" rule, under Abdullah "openness" its all slogan and flip flopping decisions all detrimental to the well being of the nation.

Anonymous said...

" SACK me lah if you DARE !!"