Friday, June 13, 2008

The Right And Best Time...

"The leadership change will definitely take place at the right time. " -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the right (and best) time for him to step down and for his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak to take over.

Abdullah said he and Najib had "reached an agreement on the right time for a leadership change".

He said this in Kota Baru today.

Obviously, the next question is -- when is the "right and best time"?

Sorry, folks. OF COURSE, our PM is not going to divulge when that is. It's between Najib and him.

It's for us to find out.

"Datuk Seri Najib and I have decided on the right time for me to hand over the premiership to him. We've no problems and we enjoy good working relations," the Prime Minister told senior government officials and community leaders at a luncheon in Kota Baru. He is in Kelantan for a one-day visit.

Abdullah had earlier chaired a two-hour Kelantan Umno meeting.

The Bernama report (in the Star) H E R E.

Hmm..I'm guessing it'll be after the Umno elections in December. Next year, naturally. No sooner, no later?

The month? Your guess is as good as mine.


Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna believe a liar? Once a liar always a liar!


Anonymous said...

When??? It's taking too long for the flip flop PM to resign

straycat's strut said...

Kak, the best time is like yesterday 5 years ago so that I dont end up having to pay RM2 ringgit for a plate of nasi kosong today!

But since we are already five years late and shooting a moron is still illegal under the law, please do it today so that we have some kind of future in tomorrow.

Tak kira lah future macam mana pun as long as there is one. Desperate dah...

Anonymous said...

I won't get my hopes too high. I bet he is just waiting to see what happens...when things is at its worst,that will be the time he'll pass the baton to Najib. Meanwhile..he will be siphoning as much wealth as possible from the country and will scoot when things are high and dry. Sorry..I don't have much respect for him..a person who didnt do his best to use whatever available resources he has at his disposable to help the people he is entrusted with. What I do know is that he will get his retribution from God for all the bad things he did for the country.

Anonymous said...

i know when!! he he he

Hi&Lo said...

This is blasphemy. Only God knows when is the right and best time for everything.

Anyway, the founder of Islam Hadhari may have different interpretation.

jenn v ariela said...

The right time is when he his money poket is kenyang.
The best time is when Malaysia has gone bankrupt..

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah's words really has no more credibility with the rakyat. Unless he tells us specifically when he is going to step down, people are not going to believe him. Better yet, step down now.

Kak Ena, if Malaysia uses US system in electing the PM, and if you and Pak Lah are on the ballots, you will win the prime-ministership.

-Wak Elias-

Donplaypuks® said...

The VSS and golden handshake details have not been ironed out.

The right time will be after the Altantuya trial verdict is out.

Which may well determine whether the RAHMAN prophecy will come to fruition or be consigned to the same dustbin as '1984'!!

Tok Kemuning said...

What else could we say as that is the best among all UMNO leaders that qualify and elected by the members.

He is hand picked by our Tun based on 22 years of governing the country. After Musa & Anuar.

He is also voted by almost half of the voters during the PRU12.

Najib has no complains about him to stay in power. At least in public.

Telling truth but the truth no more than the truth does not matter no more in UMNO. Almost all the UMNO leaders are too confortable to be bother about what going on with the Rakyat.

Taurus Sitara said...

Dear Nuraina,
PakLah just want UMNO members not to put up Tengku Razaleigh and TanSri Muhiyddin for President UMNO's post ok.He is bluffing everybody in UMNO.Smells like Khairy's tactics?Is there any voodoo sifu out there who can make PakLah to become zombie?Malay bomohs cannot coz PakLah said to be "kebal" ok.Please lah coz we all dah tak boleh tahan see his face on TV and speaking always like the "Foreign" primeMinister of Malaysia?How many times he went overseas before March 8?For meetings attended by junior ministers of other countries most of the times but the only clown to be as Senior head there was none other than PakLah!Heard he did 22 trips in one year?
Anyway PakLah flipflop will not stepdown until 2013 ok.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ana.

Antara Pak Lah dan Najib,kedua2nya tidak percaya sama sendiri.Waktu Pak Lah menjadi Perdana Menteri ia tak mahu melantek Najib menjadi timbalannya sebabnya ia lah kerana wasiat Endon.

Pak Lah mengunakan Najib untok terus menjadi Perdana Menteri.Jikalau Pak Lah hendak menyerahkan jawatan PM kapada Najib salepas Decembar,kenana melaksanakan reform yang di umomkan.Bukan kah satengah reform ini tidak di sukai oleh Najib.

Sawaktu Ezam mengumumkan memasoki UMNO,ia ada membuat kenyataan bahawa Pak Lah akan menjadi PM sahingga tahun2013,untok melihat reform yang di laksanakan itu berjaya.Ia akan menyerahkan UMNO kapada Najib dalam keadaan UMNO kukoh.

Kapada ahli UMNO,kesimpulannya Pak Lah tak akan berhenti salepas Dec ini.Kalau hendak Pak Lah berhenti mari lah kita sama sama mencalunkan Najib sabagai President UMNO.Jika Pak Lah gagal mendapat 30% pencalunan,ia tak akan dapat mempertahankan jawatannya.


Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

As what I've commented on Rocky, why does AAB think that the right to handover the post is his? Shouldn't it be the right of UMNO members to decide on who their next president should be?

To all the UMNO members out there, please choose your next president wisely. Tak kisah la.... Ku Li ke, Muhyiddin ke... asal jgn pilih suaminya Kak Ros tu...

Anonymous said...

Leadership succession is a pervasive event and demands nothing less than a full and unambiguous disclosure. Otherwise Malaysians who are getting more cynical with each passing day are left wondering : "Is this another impression management, or acah je, if you like?"

Anonymous said...

I really hope the king comes out soon & makes a clear stand against UMNO & also one of lack in confidence, dissapointment in the way they have run the country & all the crimes & corruption of their time in power.

We must make them pay to have any real precedents in this country.

In China, they shoot corrupt officials that have been proven guilty!

A really long jail term would be better for the UMNO thieves!

The whole world is looking at laughing us. The situation is critical! PR you don’t want to take over a Malaysia that has been sucked dry, especially at the last minute. Do it now, the nations resources & reserves are being drained dry!

selampit said...

Hope for the best, fear for the worst. Personally I dont't think Pak Lah will give way to Najib that easily. I believe that Pak Lah will try his best to buy more time to remain in power for personal reasons. However current circumstances demand that Pak Lah hits the road or one can expect the premature demise of UMNO/BN. It will soon come to this, either UMNO oust Pak Lah, or Pak Lah ousts UMNO out of the equation.

Unknown said...

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jojo51 said...

If Pak Lah is sincere he would have stated the date rather than being evasive. Announcing that Najib will succeed him is indeed a bad joke. Everybody knows this is already an open secret. What the rakyat want's to know is when and not who is going to take over from him.

Journalists knows better. When there is no deadline then there is no urgency. Pak Lah can dilly dally on the excuse that the time is not yet right. Meanwhile the country's economy suffers.

How long more are we going to suffer before the clueless Pak Lah relinquishes his presidency (and premiership).

Anonymous said...

Pn ,

Yesterday I read already "capai persetujuan " Today I read " No date been set yet "

What a jerk ... the real flip flop


P.S there is an interesting article on Laser Mouth Leave Minister Speechless in the Star online today...all i have to say is
What An Axx the minister he is ....totally tak layak la all minister now a days ... (idiot moron)

Anonymous said...

"We enjoy good working relations" ...Can they please for once realise that this is NOT about them.

Its about poor leadership ruining a country. Please muhasabah yourselves and be unselfish. Conduct the AGM now (you should be confident of grassroots support right?)and let the ruling party elect a leader that can command respect and take decisive (and intelligent) action!

Please lah!

Anonymous said...

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come to ipoh lah : 80 sen only .

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