Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Najib Says It's All Lies.....

So, everyone has been talking about Raja Petra Kamaruddin's statutory declaration in which he named the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister as one of the three people present at the scene where Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaaribu, was murdered in 2006.

Today, DPM Najib Abdul Razak responded to the claims in the SD.
He dismissed the contents in the SD as “lies” and welcomed police investigations into the allegation.

Najib said RPK's claim was a “fabrication and total garbage’.

He believed Raja Petra’s allegation was a “desperate and pathetic attempt to discredit and taint my political image”.

“I can’t see any other reasons,” he told reporters after chairing the special cabinet committee meeting on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Najib said the police would record statements from those concerned including Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said Rosmah has already given her statement.

Abdullah said he did not receive any report of the murder from the military intelligence as claimed by Raja Petra in the SD. H E R E.

(source: NST online)


Old Fart said...

Oh, and yes, Rja Petra has also gone balistically insane.

Hey, we all know of Nero the mad emperor and of course Hitler. We know that we don't necessarily understand their motivation fully. But then they are long dead and gone and we can describe them any which way we want. No harm.

But Raja Petra is right here with us.

My only concern for Raja is that his space will get muffled and he will not be able to ventilate all that he knows to the world.

But then again he could have all that he has passed on to the Mongolians. I am sure there is still a little Gengis Khan spirit left in them to mount a destruction of this wall of contempt that the Malaysian powers that be can mount against all anyone threatening thier existence. The Chinese Wall might have been easy enough to break through. I wonder if the Malaysian UMNO Wall is that easily penetrable. And mind you, in this effort the Mongolicans can even count a lot of Malaysians as friends in what they need to do. And yet!!

krishna said...

There will be no smoke without fire. This is a serious matter of public concern for long and a fair investigation should be held and those responsible should be rightfully punished according to our Malaysian Law.


Bung Karno said...


Tak yahu mana satu yang nak dipercaya.

Tapi saya musykil - Rosmah yang suka berdandan dan melawa tu sanggup terkedek-kedek masuk hutan tengah malam buta cuma nak megesahkan mayat orang dan nak saksi tulang berkecai ?

Biar betul Rosmah ni.

Orang dah mati pun dia jeles gak,
nak tengok sape lebih make-up ?

Cuba jawab....

Anonymous said...

And what is the point of this observation that you quoted from NST. Nothing! You made no opinionated observation, Nuraina. You have made no conclusion nor have you criticised the police because as always when it comes to VIPs, the police and the ACA always conclude that "there's no case to answer."


azy said...

It will be very spectacular if Petra can prove it.

Bloggers should have a degree of responsibility and accountability.



and unfortunately, you have made an opiniated statement about me.

Anonymous said...

Wait for the next missile from PKP!
He's dropped 2 bombs already
1) The article that sent him to jail
2) Now the SD
just wait for #3.

Anonymous said...


Utusan today wrote that Majlis Peguam planning to convene 'Ketuanan Melayu debate' on this Saturday.
This is scary, and i find non bumi today is getting 'tak sedar diri'.
Pak lah pak lah...
please think something about it. we hv to stop it.

me said...

Mungkin ada kebenaran apa yang RPK katakan..
X kan dia berani bersumpah kalau dia x yakin siapakan dalangnya.
Manusia akan melakukan apa saja kalau terpaksa. Biasalah..kes high profile di Malaysia nie kalau diikut mmg sampai jemu nak mendengarnya. Malah x akan pernah habis dibicarakan. Contoh kes Noritta . Sampai kesudah ,tidak tahu siapa pembunuh sebenar . So , siapakan yang bersalah ? Silap2 org yang menuduh pulak disalahkan...Malaysia...mmg semua boleh....

Anonymous said...

Lists of RPK credible revelations:
a) PakLah will marry Jeanne months before the rumors started.
b) Tun Salleh's letter to Agong complaining about the renovation works - the rest is history.
c) PDRM links to Chinese triad.
d) Why 500 and 1000 ringgit notes was banned.
e) and many more...

I'm putting my money on RPK.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder where thw C4 come from.

Drop from the sky???

And suddenly somebody with no training to use C4 can attach the C4 to the victim? What a genius???

Old Fart said...

Wow. Its taken Najib, what, 6 days to decide that what Raja Petra said are lies?

Now, if someone told me that I killed someone, it would take me a nano second to know that that was a lie and maybe it takes a second for the mouth to scream out "lie"!

It took Badawi 5 days or so to reject Raja Petra's allegation too. And Khairy had to wait to make his statement to Police before he responds.

Now, I don't know about you lot. But I reckon it is human to respond almost instantly when accusations of this kind is made against you. It is not necessary to go back, contemplate, refer to diaries, police, lawyers, etc, to come back with a response.

And these are supposed to be out leaders!! God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Are they going to call RPK for questioning or not? Today is already Thursday. It has been a week! What take them so long? I am beginning to think that they are afraid to even call him for questioning. But why??? What is there to be afraid of. Cepatle PDRM. RPK is waiting. The whole world is waiting. Tunggu apa lagi.


Anonymous said...

I am inviting all of you to Padang mahsyar to listen to god's verdict.
this one sure correct.
no need to repeat correct, correct,correct.
betul tak kai aina?

Anonymous said...

Read in between the line .. Abdullah cleared Najib which is not his business. Know why ? Cos Najib have repeatedly confirmed that he is not challenging Abdullah for UMNO's presidency this December. As you and me have anticipated the answer (at least for the time being) shall be "We found no evidence or truth .." Just wait after the next general election when Pakatan Rakyat is the govermnment of the day, and the skeleton shall come out of the cupboard. Mark my word ... Wali Kota

malaysianlover said...

Has Najib or Pak Lah ever lied to us...??


i meant..opinionated.

Anonymous said...

WHo lies?

Anonymous said...

How come they have not called RPK for questioning?

Ozz said...

i sense someone's nose is getting longer. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

emmer said...

Siapa siapa pun boleh buat SD kalau duit yg masuk poket tebal & tak abis makan 7 keturunan. Bg siasat dulu la, nak terus caya SD RPK pun tak logik. Takkan lah dah penat penat upah org pegi bunuh org, org yg bg upah nak dtg, tak logik tol...... sounds bodo

Anonymous said...

" what for sue him ! he has no money one & moneywise we have banyak already ! right now i have many things to do for the country, for the people ! so dun waste my time on that idiot !!

TQ, mrs. DPM !