Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Proposed Incentives In Face of Rising Prices

PUTRAJAYA, Wed.: The Cabinet committee on inflation, which met here yesterday, will propose to the Cabinet for consideration the following:

* Direct cash payment to motorcyclists and small-car owners when the price of petrol goes up. Money will be paid through postal orders.

* No increase for LPG cooking gas and NGV for taxis.

* Gas subsidy to power industrial sector to be gradually reduced.

* TNB to be allowed to increase rates, with the exception of Sabah and Sarawak, but electricity increase will not affect 60 per cent of households.
* Extra tax on IPP, palm oil millers.

The Cabinet will be making an announcement on these proposals this afternoon.

These proposals will see inflation go up by 1 per cent and reduce the Gross Domestic Product by 0.5 per cent.

(Source: NST Online)


crower said...

Curious to know the definition of "small cars"

Anonymous said...

what happen to our goverment? did they study our salary scales? even they rebate back to us is not even enough to cover the extra expenses that we will spend due to the petrol price increase whereby all the things will eventualy increase inline with the petrol increase. What do they do with the extra money that the goverment save? Buil more corridors that will not benefit the peoples but only themself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Ahmad Sharir said the price will be reflected by August.

Pak Lah announced today its an RM2.70 per liter.

PakLah is an ASS.

Anonymous said...

wah... increase inflation and decrease GDP...double jeopardy.

so u mean, with all these incentives, in the end it's still a LOSE - LOSE situation?

bodoh betollah pak lah ni..


Saya... said...

postal orders?? how if rich guy/gal beli kancil just to save on fuel for city drives ah?? bodoh tak depa nih...can't they have a better system?

I don't know how exactly the US registers people to get benefits, but I think sure definitely better than this...another disaster in the making...

Awang Maya said...

Note: The price goes up to RM2.70

My comment:

It is very easy to read. Pak Lah is aware that he is no longer needed by the people and now what he's thinking and doing is to get as much money as possible before he will be kicked off. He knows that there will be no place for KJ, Kamaluudin and his cronies while he is longer at the helm. After he have given peanut to certain group of people (Ceupacs,T.Salleh n Gang, Teachers), now this is a time for him to rob as much as he can.

Go head Pak Lah,keep on stealing the people money. we, Rakyat Marhain who are much affected will not REDHA and forgive for what U have done to us.

Go to hell Pak Lah n Cronies


Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina. I was informed about the shocking news on petrol prices few hours ago. Whoever gave that expert remark that inflation will go up by a mere 1% under the situation must be sleeping, no SNORING just like AAB! He's been snoring & sleep-walking for the past 4 years and I just hope that something drastic will happen to wake him up, so that he will not bring the whole house down with his "badaw-nomics"!

crower said...

From Utusan :-

"Kerajaan akan memperoleh penjimatan subsidi sebanyak RM13.7 bilion setahun yang akan digunakan untuk subsidi produk makanan rakyat negara ini."

Just remember the magic figure "RM13.7 BILLION" and let's see if this magical figure will have any impact on our lives.

Personally, I doubt it.

Rockybru said...

The government will save/earn RM13.7 billion from the increase in petrol/diesel prices.

The government has already decided on what to do with the money, and it won't be used to improve public transportation.

Public transportation has already been improved tremendously with the RM4 billion the government earned/saved from the last increase!

Thank you.

crower said...

Mr. Rocky,

You're right I guess.

That's why everytime I go back to Kuala Lumpur on a monthly basis I'll get cramped like a sardin in a can inside the LRT, get caught in massive traffic jams around Pudu and the rest of KL.

That's RM4 billion well spent.

Anonymous said...

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