Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Congrats Dr Mahathir! And To You Too, Anwar!

Early this morning, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blog hit TWO MILLION.

Way to go, CheDet! Tahniah!

And yesterday, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim got the go-ahead from the Federal Court in Putra Jaya to challenge the constitutionality of his sacking from cabinet posts, almost 10 years ago, by Dr Mahathir (who was then the PM).

This means that...well...Malaysia is in for hell of a lot of drama and, excitement.

Can this get any more exciting?

Read the Bernama report H E R E.


Anonymous said...

drama? lets make more video clips out of it. or mini-series, maybe.

its gonna be fun to watch such sagas.

wonder if nst (no such thing), berita harian or TV3 will hi-lite it. and if they do, to what extent or in whose favor?

this is a year of surprises, sis. more to come, i suppose.


Anonymous said...

yup! we certainly are in for a whole lot of drama and excitement to come. although I can't help but wonder..in the midst of all of these..can we still find a place where the interests of the nation, and its ppl come first instead of all these grandiose?

Anonymous said...

taktaulah apa yg nak jadik...
moga semuanya dalam limpahan rahnatNya!!!

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina, it is congrats for just a short while to Tun M. Cos if Anwar chooses to go ahead with the appeal. Hah! Tun M might not sit so sedap on his chedet.com throne anymore. But knowing Tun M, he will somehow manage to squeeze himself out of the blame and issue. And knowing Anwar, he would do anything to prove a point. So it IS going to be dramatic AND interesting! ;D

Anonymous said...

Anwar will be paid 100 million for wrong dismissal since the case has became academic. Anyway, I guess your father was at Dr Syed Husin's Book launch officiated by Anwar, because I saw his name of Anwar's blog. I hope I was correct.

Imagine if the court orders the PM to reinstate Anwar since he was wrongly dismissed? Total chaos. But I think by then Anwar has taken over through UMNO's collapse which is imminent. Poetic justice or what. Let's see how the Heavens shape things as they unfold.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dato' Seri Anwar.

I hope you win in the case!

Bung Karno said...


The issue rests on the whether the Agong must be informed first before Tun M can dismiss DS Anwar.

Was it not that the Agong just say yes, unlike the Sultans in appointing state MB's and Excos?

Anonymous said...

I bet there are more serious issues for Tun M and Anwar than this lah. To chedet, blog hits are nothing if you still misrepresent truths here and there in your writings. And for Anwar, the past is the past, of course we know you want justice, but knowing Anwar larr... He will sure got some tricks up his sleeve...

Anonymous said...

Phew, how are we going to keep up? And it is not all quiet on the business blogs front too, leading up to Xmas. Unless there is a sharp turn of events ...


Itulah cerita orang Melayu......dulu,kini dan selamanya.Si Luncai terjun dengan labu2nya,biarkan,biarkan.

mCrossings said...

Its a tall order for anwar. TDM and Anwar was already going separate ways in managing the country. The latter with the IMF prescription. TDM can sack the appointed DPM (by him) on this term alone. but he did not.
Anwar was asked to resign. and he did not.

Anwar is not going to win the case, as this will open up the old case and other cases which the prosecutor decided not to proceed.

This is just another of anwar strategy to divert public attention through a lengthy trial.


he is confident that he'll be the PM very soon and will be able to influence the judiciary. and hence, win the case.

Not surprise if he has already succeeded influencing the judiciary with support from Pak Lah at this moment. There is a very stong suspicion that Pak Lah actually influenced the judiciary for Anwar's release. This is revealed by Ezam recently in his effort to release Anwar, through the influence of Khairy on Pak Lah.

Such irony when the the country's judiciary independence was hailed upon the release of Anwar. I thought so too at that moment, but the pieces are coming together now. Not surprise hearing how judges lobbied for promotion, which left them indebted to whomever advise on their appointment. So the reality is, the judges seem to have to face the PM on their matters.

Pak Lah is clearly not giving his post to Najib.
PRU 13 seems looming comes Sept 2008.

SPR already stated they are ready for another election.

Oil price:
Any idiot in Pak Lah unpopular shoes will certainly not make that RM0.78 decision. But he did. Simply to fuel public anger prior to PRU 13.

Anwar, on the other hand, wanted the PM post so bad, but does not seem to be making a lot of effort. Maybe behind closed doors.

Pak Lah seems to be doing all the donkey job for Anwar.

Now, if Anwar successfully become the PM, inviting his close friend, highly corrupted, scandalous, ex puppet president Estrada,


on his inauguration, there is a strong possibility that Anwar would put, not only TDM in jail, but also AAB by opening AAB skeleton closet, in order to shut him up about the pact, and claim the credit all to himself. Anwar will not say thank you to Pak Lah for paving the way. This will show his weaknesses in front of his supporters.

Now, If Pak Lah is going to jail, or not, KJ seems more likely. Anwar need to politically kill KJ, whom will be eyeing that malaysian youngest PM post.

Anwar would certainly want to keep his beloved post more that 22 years. (of dictatorship or puppet government?)

just my 2 sen

Like you said, dramas are about to unfold.

Time to refill my popcorn again

Anonymous said...


Wow! Anwar getting the green light to challenge his sacking! Definitely means more drama! And he says he wants to be awarded damages. I wonder how much that is going to be?


bondoun said...

Will this hearing rival O.J Simpson's trial? Wow! may be another TV mini series, eh? Well, who is going to be paying Anwar? Dr. Mahathir or us? It seems that we are the ones paying for any judgement since Dr. Mahathir was employed by us when this happened.

Do you think PM is behind this approval to destroy Dr. Mahathir?

Anonymous said...

Kak oh Kak

Ini berita gempak.

Wong Chun Wai reports in the headline for The Star:

"Sultan to PAS: Call off protest or I call off matches"


Bahawasanya Sultan Selangor bertitah akan panggilan Pemuda PAS untuk boikot piala bola sepak ini sebagai remeh-temeh ('trivial') dan hipokritikal.

Hidup Tuanku!

Jikalau bukan kerna peranan Sultan sebagai elemen pengimbang yang bijaksana dan adil, secara langsung PAS akan jadikan negara kita negara totalitarian yang tiada bedanya dari Arab Saudi.

Anonymous said...

2 million different people?
2 million but duplication?
2 million opinion?
2 million congratulations?
2 million thanks?
we need opinions and discussuons,
not just betul tun , thank you tun
pandai tun.we need debate.
not 2 million yes sir and feudal followers.

Ydiana said...

Ironically, for me, I salute these two dignitaries. One for his past contributions and current fights. Another is hope for the Nation.

Anonymous said...

I think bangsa kita ni terlalu manja dan hidup senang. So teringin sangat nak drama and kontroversi. Spice up life a little bit konon. We take our peace and stability for granted. Ingin sangat nak drama takut nanti menyesal belakang hari. Between (the two goons) Tun Mahathir and Anwar, you don't need other races to kill the Malays. The malays are very good at it themselves. Who cares what happens to future generations as long as you get your personal vendetta, right?

A lot of sayings come to mind. Marahkan nyamuk bakar kelambu, give a man enough rope and he will hang himself..

Anonymous said...

who?? anwar???? who is anwar??

Pak Zawi said...

First we need to clean up the Judiciary before any meaningful judgement is made. As it is the Judiciary is still tainted and no matter to whom the judgment goes to, people will still be in doubt as to the truth.

Anonymous said...

who?? mahathir?? who is mahathir????

Anonymous said...

Setuju dengan saudara Sajjad, 10:58 am.

Dr. Mahathir punya blog dapat 2 juta 'lawatan' (mungkin orang yang sama lawat beberapa puluh kali).

Tapi yang paling menakjubkan adalah komen-komen kebanyakan pengulas di situ semuanya macam ni:

1. "Ya Tun, Tun apa-apa Tun cakap mesti betul!"


2. "Ayahanda Tun, Tun bagaikan Tuhan bagi kami, zaman Tun, semuanya best, zaman sekarang, kenapa semua tak best?"


3. "Tunnnn!!! Saya sayyyyyyang Tun!"


4. "Assalamualaikum Tun yang disegani dihormati dikasihi disanjungi, bila Tun cerita jer pasal isu-isu politik ni, baru saya faham. Bestlah. Sebelum ni, saya tak faham apa apa pun pasai politik"

Ini dia 'template' atau corak asas sekurang-kurangnya 80% komen-komen atau ulasan-ulasan yang ditinggalkan di blog Dr. Mahathir.

apisfires said...

jika siar macam cite amerika latin tu...
apa nama....
kompom semua mata tertancap kat tv beb...
penuh dengan kejutan...
kompom 26 juta rating dia...
yela tengok badut2 ni....
tapi tun mahathir tetap idola aku...
zaman yang indah..

flyer168 said...

Greetings Nuraina,

Indeed, interesting times ahead for this great nation !

Just sit back, fasten your seatbelts tight & watch BN in self denial, self destruct mode unravel its domino tsunami towards its demise.

Let's hope a Phoenix could arise from the ashes of BN....

Anonymous said...

Actually Kak Nuraina

Anwar Ibrahim punya blog dah lama go past 1 million hits dah, tak heran pun...

Anonymous said...

What !!! soooooooooofffffffast 2mil.
It seems like as if alll the puteraas and puteerrriiiiiiiiiiiiis
have had a say in this.

Anonymous said...

The 'ignorant malays' have sold their innocent souls to a smart &
witty mamak for meagre benefits ! This mamak 's wife & children are having $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in the
isreali s'pore banks lah !!

Met a very nice malay acquaintant
who said " malays are simple ,peaceful & contented BUT
dun offend them on 3 things : religion, sultans & their WOMEN !"

Anonymous said...

Explosive. Finally, someone officially said it.


MIC deputy president G Palanivel today slammed former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for accusing the party's long term chief S Samy Vellu of being a racist and warned such statements could fan deeper racial sentiments.

In a statement released today, Palanivel also said that the former prime minister's comments on Hindraf were short in accuracy and insensitive to the sentiment of Indians in the country.

"It is sad to note that Mahathir is not aware of the fact that Hindraf is not only made of Tamil people but includes many non-Tamil and even non-Hindus.

"He (Mahathir) is wrong when he said Hindraf leaders only represent Tamil racists," said Palanivel in defence to Samy Vellu who has recently joined in the bandwagon in advocating for the release of five Hindraf leaders detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

G. Palanivel also said Mahathir should look into "his own roots" before manifesting such statements. Mahathir's forefathers are from South India.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..reading Chedet has been like a source of entertainment. the selective broadcasting!best example : his latest post dated June 19 on the RapidKL issue

Mahathir : "My son-in-law was not and has never been Chief Executive Officer of MTrans. He was working with the company" "If my son-in-law happened to be in this company and I did not penalise this company I am very sorry."

Yet : remember the hoo-hah that he created because Khairy was an employee of ECM Libra?

the joke. I sure hope my son won't grow up being able to sleep soundly at night for saying completely different things on different days and say them with equal heart-felt conviction.

Anonymous said...

It tickles me to death to read that CheDet's subsequent post, he ACTUALLY admitted that he granted monopoly to his OWN son-in-law pulak! Aiyoh.

Such double standards. He accuse Pak Lah, but Mahathir buat boleh pulak? If the shoe was on the other foot i.e. if it had been a relative of Pak Lah at that time and if it was Pak Lah who had awarded the monopoly, the accusations and allegations would be endless.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mahathir's credibility at stake here. Like one of the commentors said, no point having 2 million hits if you're actually feeding CR*P to your readers. And more and more flaws of "blogging ethics or rules" being broken in so may of Tun M's blog postings... I thought he is supposed to be credible!!

Wow, a head on between Mahathir and public about Rapid KL issue:


Anonymous said...

Masa zaman Tun semua bagus, bersih cekap amanah, sekarang semua haprak.
thank you tun
baik tun
bagus tun
ampu sana
ampu sini

bankitlah dah 50 tahun merdeka
50 tahun slogan
50 tahun cogankata
50 tahun retorik

Anonymous said...

let the WORMS s l o w l y ...slowly
crawl out ...hahaha ...mamak pulah

Anonymous said...

Just to say that I wish Tun all the best. He has done a lot for the people of this country. Even though I do not know him personally, I know that he loves the country very much and will do anything for the country.

Unlike Anwar who will do anything to become PM.
1) First he announced that he would not contest agains Tun Ghaffar Baba. Next thing he contested against Ghaffar Baba. After this he became the DPM. He was eyeing the PM seat at that time.

2) He said that he would not join Pas or DAP. Now he is in cahoots with them. If he has honour in him, after all he had said about Pas / DAP he should not join them.

3) Now he decides to destabilise the country by going all out to get BN Reps to join him. Man, he does not even respect the wishes of the Rakyat. And he has the cheek to say that BN does not respect the wishes of the Rakyat.