Sunday, June 08, 2008

Steady, Dr M..

I can tell you one just can't leave Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad alone. You just can't ignore him. Not you, not me, not bloggers, and obviously, not the mainstream media.

I remember the time when there were clear instructions for the NST not to cover any of Dr M's events or statements. We were told to just "leave it to Bernama" and "see-lah if we can use it".

"He's no longer the PM anyway," a certain someone retorted.

And when Dr M made strong pronouncements on Israel, Zionism, western imperialism, et al, in his typical style, that certain someone snorted: "He should keep quiet.., he is not speaking for the government.."

I'm sure Dr M knew then that he was speaking on his own behalf. He never wavered in his conviction about certain issues.

You hate him or you love the man. But you cannot ignore him.

His blog is phenomenal.

I can imagine the everyday routine for editors and senior journalists -- going through his blog. And they just cannot ignore what he has to say.

Dr M 's blog is a good source of news. And for many, an education, in whatever form.

I've seen the newspapers publish Che Det's views..

Like this one today.


Anonymous said...

Just leave this moron alone, he had given Malaysian the darkest 22 years of history. The Melayu sold their heritage & cluture to the Arabs through his no action (Promotion) via TV1 and freely building of Surau. The Melayu will forever not able to build on their rich culture again. In his 22 years he did nothing to remove the tongkat, one each for the UMNO members and two each for the UMNO YBs.

Pak Zawi said...

Agree with you what Tun M says carry more weight than the Flip-flop PM much to his consternation sometimes.
Tun M's shadow looms over him all the time.

Anonymous said...

For sure, Che Det is for sure a very influential person indeed. That is why he should watch out what he says to ensure it is indeed beneficial to the Rakyat and not making situation worst than it already is. At least that's my opinion.

He wants to criticize about other people, he should watch his back too, because he himself has a lot of skeletons in HIS closet.

Ruis Jugah said...

Hi Nuraina, indeed Tun M is a very very steady fella. More than 1.4 million visits to his blog as of today, few blog received over 1000 comments - it's truly a phenomena! Ithink if we are to rank on Blog popularity, Che Det would win hand down.

The thing is almost everyone agreed with him, I doubt if he refuses to post anti comments as there are some but very few. There is one poster called "antimamak" who is always very critical of Tun but he had got a reasonable bashing at Che from some fellow bloggers themselves :)

Anonymous said...

His series of comments and
focus only on one man, Pak Lak! he don't care anymore what methods will be used as long as can
unseat Pak Lah as PM.

Satria Asia said...

Tun Dr Mahathir has given Malaysia 22 great years! The fastest years of development. He pulled us out of the 'dark ages' -- he took us to the water and forced us to drink it...he pulled us up by the collars and made us work.

Idiots and fools who've given not even 1% to the country dare call you names ... moron lah....gutter politician lah....all these people are nothing ... little have they contributed except their talk .. whats that param cumaraa what's his name? done to the country? Nothing accept talk like a freakin Englishman from Brixton or Bradford ...

We hail you Tun! But could you leave out the racist stuff please? This we no longer like.

Anonymous said...

There are always two sides to the coin... we've heard more than enough of salleh abas' side for the past upteen years (especially through his book, etc.); its refreshing to hear the other side now... now all of us are in better position to make our assessment and judgement. At least TDM is not selling malaysia inc. lock, stock & barrel to LKY like what flip-flop AAB, SIL & Co. are doing... still looking for AlGhazali & Al Shafie over the past four years... and found wang ehsan bertimbun2... pure hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

Kalau kita masih terperangkap dgn idea Mahahtir dan ingatan terpilihnya ,kita tak akan kemana.Tak cukup lagi ke 22 tahun Mahahtir menyumbang idea karutnya.

Anonymous said...

Considering Mr Mahathir's abysmal record misrule for 22 years, his credibility, his tknack for "fudging" (telling lies in public), repeating falsehoods and statistics, unscrupulous if not downright unconscionable "creation" of statistics, surreptitious subvertion of the country, trumped up charges, and shedding of "crocodile" tears, you expect me to believe that his blog has a million hits within a month?

Just like that? Without a vigorous AUDIT or VERIFICATION of the political spin statement? One must be mad if not incredibly gullible!

This man cannot be trusted. Nothing more need be said.

Anonymous said...

I respect Tun M now more than ever. He ruled with clear determination and concise vision. His reasonings in most of his actions are justifiable. He said he sleeps early and well at night. That's a sign of someone who has nothing to hide and his conscience is crystal clear.


Anonymous said...

dear may he live in peace,

are you talking about Saudara Anwar Ibrahim?

for as far as i and millions of malaysians are concerned, Maha-diaq has given us (malaysians, not just malays) reasons to be very proud to be Malaysians.

it is very likely that you, too, have benefited from the government's policies when the government was under Mahathir.

but you are a typical Malaysian. Tak kenang budi. It is not an exclusive Malay trait, y'know.

Rockybru said...

We know who that certain someone is, eh. And he thought he would be celebrating his Tan Sri-ship by this time! Hah.

Wait another year, man, or is it too late? Gotta migrate soon, right?

Btw, Ena, those fools in NST still led by the nose by Kali (and the ones who have left to follow Brenden to Fox or/and Malaysian Insider) would have learnt their lesson by now:

They should have left Dr M alone and let him retire in peace ...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Judge not (without all the full facts and figures) others so that you may not be judged yourself

Which is not quite the same as leaving all important matters unattended on the shelf

Since there will always be urgent national issues that we all need to speedily delve

Without any regret for making any errors of judgment in any hasty past exercises delved

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080608
Sun. 8th June 2008.

Anonymous said...

wah, only the nst carried dr m whacking salleh abas. what about malaysiakini or malaysia insider or the star? langsung tak acknowledge dr m hentaming salleh abas. star i can understand but m'kini & m'sia insider double standard. if people whack dr m, report berbuih! fair is fair lah. This is first time dr m come out with detail reasons why salleh abas kena buang padang. And for what salleh abas got sacked? because of some construction noise near his house! Hahahaha....oooii, kalau nak komplen pun, do it to the contractor lah, use your baryua or assistant le! not the agong. itu kerja bodoh. for being so petty, salleh got the boot. tak baloi lah tulis surat to agong. what you think agong tu macam malay mail hotline, ke?

Old Fart said...

Quite damning his last post. One thing we never knew until a few weeks ago when Raja Petra first posted it. That letter to the Agong complaining about the noise from work in his house. Hey that is personal stuff la. You just walk over to your neighbour and do the neighbourly thing. Not write in some silly official capacity and certainly you don't send copies to all your neighbours.

And then to admit diminishing mental capacity to operate!!! Oh boy, he certainly opened himself up down there.

Maybe Zaid Ibrahim has not necessarily done Tun Salleh Abas any favours here.

Indeed I think Tun Salleh Abas owes us all an explanation. Somehow, I don't think there is going to be any Bar Council response to this new information.

CaptainCaveman said...

This Grand Old Saga is a legend in his own right.

I never love nor hate him despite I don't agreed with most his policies when he was the PM and what he is saying and preaching now.

Ya I just can't ignored him!

Anonymous said...

It's not what man say about him that really matters, BUT what his Maker has to say to him in the end. Why be praised by humans, but end up in hell's pit.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir will create history by being a hero to zero.He uses his energy to build something and he is trying hard to destroy now.
if he is interested with the country's operation,he should put himself in position to comment by ...maybe give himself a position in the government.He can always be a senior minister and if he were to speak,at least the people will listen.He chooses Abdullah thinking that he can make him a puppet but it was a mistake.It regrettable that Mahathir as a statesman would do anything just to ensured that he can have a PM,under his control.
Now,Mahathir's effort in building Malaysia will just be another yesterday's story.History will soon remind the people of how he build and destroy.
If i were Mahathir,i would choose to retire sincerely and bring myself closer to god.Mahathir should know that he has been a hero and will always be if he doesnt do what he does now.
But to me he always a hero....who sadly been a zero.

Anonymous said...

Ms Aina,

I believe Dr M has come to the stage in his life when he bothers less with what people say of him. He just want to rectify a mistake he made by picking the wrong person as his successor. The chosen fellow made no effort to even acknowledge the fact that he's the PM because Dr M chose him. Heck! It could have been Najib!

Nasib baik juga itu lama punya menteri penerangan sudah kena tendang! Dulu dia kasi tau sama newspapers jangan pakei articles taken from blogs! Nasib baik ini Shabery Cheek ada akal. Dia sudah acknowledge bloggers. Itu lama punya menteri was living in the dark ageslah!

Bukan semua orang suka sama Dr M. Bukan semua orang setuju dengan dia. Dia sendiripun tau ini hal. Banyak kali juga saya tarok sama dia, tapi dia cool. Itu 'someone' you refer to memang tak boleh tengok Dr M - seldom kita jumpa mamak tak suka mamak!


warrior2 said...

TM will be recognised for his many contribution AND he will also be admonished for all the wrong things he did and is doing now.

Many only saw what positive things he did or didnt do but chose not to take into account the bad things he did.

Its like you and your exbf or exgf or exwife or exhusband. Some are gila talak so much so they dont and cant see that thier ex are just stinking bad!
Thats the problem with many of us.

Anonymous said...

His wife & children must be complaining, " because of him NOW people talk about our $$$$$$$$ in s'pore banks !! fedup lah !"

Anonymous said...

Why the fuss? Why can't all of us be a fair judge? Nobody's perfect, neither is TDM. Before we start condemning him, we should ask ourselves these questions :
1) Had TDM, ever, during his tenancy, neglected our economy? Keeping the wealth only to himself?
2) He's our hero, he saved us during the most critical time and made the most critical decision and yet the best world has ever seen. Is it fair for us to condemn him for what he did (or his mistakes) which only affect (adversely) some parties and NOT the whole Malaysian at large?
3) If we ever to weight TDM's good deeds vs the bad ones, which do you think would prevail?
4) Did TDM ever, raise the fuel price and kept the inflation rate uncontrolled in which the immediate effect is on the people/rakyat?
5) Was he ever being cruel to the people/rakyat, gave stupid decisions that affects the country's economy in a bad way, or keep all the wealth to himself thus failed to develop the country and made it known to the outside world?


Anonymous said...

To proclaim Dr. Mahathir's blog is phenomenal purely on the number of hits and comments it receives is a little puerile.

I think we should also assess it on its content, and the thoughtful comments left in response to the content.

The vast majority of the comments left in Dr. Mahathir's blogs are of the sychophantic type, and the blindly-agreeing type.

This cannot be denied, but it is understandable given the image that Dr. Mahathir cultivated for himself, and for the very apparent unpopularity of the current administration which make the disenchanted seek solace and comfort from someone else, even though he may be the person who has left things the way it is now.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, TDM should jes keep his mouth shut.At least to me and many others yg sama waktu dengannya feel that he had done more DAMAGE than good to our beloved country.The flip flop PM is only continuing TDM legacy when he should reformed and make the government more responsible to the rakyat and the country.But he totally FAILED to do that.To Anonymous who cant find a good reason to hate TDM, I sincerely believe, u r jes like the flipflop PM,whos been sleeping all these while. PERIOD........