Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SAPP, The Rebel Component Party...

I think I must have missed something somewhere.

I distinctly read (and fully understood) that no action was being taken against the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) for the "double-cross"ing offensive remarks its president Yong Teck Lee made about the PM and his leadership and against whom that motion of no-confidence would be tabled in the Dewan Rakyat.

PM (and Barisan Nasional chairman) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said it was because Yong was acting alone. His stand was not the party's stand. H E R E

But today, his deputy, Najib Razak, is singing a different tune.

He has called the SAPP a rebel component party against which the BN supreme council would be determining action.

Najib said this (H E R E) at the monthly BN management meeting which he chaired earlier today.

The SAPP was not invited to the meeting.

Wonder whether they (the BN) will stick to their guns.


Anis Ahmad Abdul Rahman said...


sorry to say but this another political drama that will go nowhere, just like anwar and his 30 MPs story, UMNO EGM, Raja Petra SD etc..at the end illek, hot hot chicken s**t..buang karan je...last last nothing..

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Anonymous said...

Like that la... one time is flip, another time is flop lor.... flip flop lor...

Aiyah... what is new?? By now, we should all be immune to such nonsense la...

Da Real Deal said...

no fuel hike then Wham!

no parliament dissolve then WHAM!

not getting married then WHAM!

my children do not get govt contracts the WHAM!!!!

What's new? Najib is turning out like his boss.

Pak Zawi said...

It has become the trade mark of this party that the left hand doesn't seem to know or bothered what the right hand is doing. They seem to have their own different agendas though they profess to have the same one for the public consumption.

Unknown said...

Hye aina,

What u said is true. Cant agree more. this is just another political dramas done to make chaos in the politic country. so politicians will have some work to do after a long time bored with the previous old days politic patterns and "sweet time" the BN's new leadership under AAB. By the way their actions only make us fed-up and totally ignore the political drama they are doing nowadays..I wonder when will politics in Malaysia be mature and interesting enough for the citizens to get in-touch with. Perhaps its impossible afterall..

Anonymous said...

kak aina, do you actually follow the news? as a former top political writer konon, you are not abreast with political development. yes, pak lah said bn will not take action on sapp as it had to decide whether it was yong's own decision to vote against pak lah's leadership. then the next day, sapp supreme council decided to support the no confident vote against the prime minister. then only bn disciplinary committee decided to take action against sapp.


newspaper reader,

er...mmmm..i thought i'd not want to respond to you. there have been a number of similar-sounding comments from the likes of you who start their comment with a hint of menyindir. haha...

but i'd hate to pass judgement on someone i don't know.

i won't reply to yr question on whether I keep abreast...blah blah...

now...if the BN had to wait for that (whether SAPP support Yong etc), then why meet to discuss the fate of SAPP/Yong in the first place before they (BN) could determine and decide that no action would be taken blah blah blah..

i mean Yong is SAPP president and although he never said he was NOT representing SAPP he never said it was all in his personal capacity.

i mean, obviously.....so my point... have a meeting to make a firm decision.
not have an emergency meeting..then come out with statement and then, you know....very wavering.

but..never mind.


newspaper reader,

er...i forgot to thank you for taking the trouble to read and comment.


Anonymous said...

dear kak nuraina,
thanks for commenting on my comment. point taken. on an insider note, the reason why pak lah was wavering was because he thought raymond tan, a sapp deputy president and a sabah deputy minister, would be able to make the sapp supreme council members waver in their decision whether to support yong in his no confidence vote. on a personal note, i'm a fan of your blog.