Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sanusi Removed As IIUMPresident

We might as well call a spade a spade.

Tan Sri Sanusi Junid has been sacked as president of the Islamic International University (IIUM).

And I believe he knew it (his sacking) was coming.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan replaces him as the fifth IIUM president , effective June 2.

Sanusi. whose term of office ends in 2010, had been IIUM president since February 2000.

On June 5, the former Kedah Menteri Besar told a media conference that he would not step down as IIUM president, adding that he had no intention of using the position to for political gain.

He said this amid speculation on his position as IIUM president after he quit Umno (on May 19) together with former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

(Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin had remarked that Sanusi could remain until the end of his term provided he did not use his position for political gain.)

Sanusi, who has already received the letter sacking him (dated June 2), told the Star that under the university’s constitution, “the president could either resign from his office or be relieved of his position by the constitutional head on the advice of the host member”.

The Pahang Sultan is the constitutional head of the university and the host member was Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Sanusi reiterated that that he had a good relationship with the Sultan, so he thinks that the Sultan had not acted alone on his removal.

He, therefore, considers it an ‘honourable sacking.’

"As a result, I am not sad,” he remarked.

(Read Dr Mahathir's take on Sanusi's sacking H E R E.)

Well, they sure wasted little time in getting rid of him.

That's the way the cookie crumbles?


mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

Don wori 'benih dan resepi' beliau...saya ambil?

TPJ said...

When one is appointed, that means that he serves at the pleasure of the person appointing him. If one doesn't serve at the pleasure of the said appointer anymore, then one has to leave when asked. As easy as that. Just because he can serve for 10 years doesn't mean that they are bound by it. Tan Sri Sanusi took a confrontational stand, he should then expect his position to be scrutinized and reconsidered. They dare not touch Tun Dr Mahathir because of who is is and the pull that he has but Tan Sri Sanusi isn't much of a threat to the powers that be. Having said that, it is a loss for IIUM because Tan Sri is a well read genteleman and I doubt that the Chief Secretary to the Govt. being that will have the time to spare for the University as opposed to the former.

Anonymous said...

Kak Eja.

Sanusi deserved to be sack as IIIU President.Dia telah merosakkan IIIU sejak dia mengambil aleh jawatan tersebut.Sanusi menanggap ia saornag yang pandai,tapi ia nya tidak ada otak.Otak nya saperti otak udang.Bagaimana ia hendak mengtabir IIIU dengan baik.Ianya hanya berkelulusan MCE.

Kami,sabagai bekas penuntut IIIU berasa amat gembira kerana Sultan Pahang mengambil tindakan tersebut.

Kami amat sedeh Dr.Mahathir tidak tahu yang Sanusi sabenarnya agen perosak.Samasa ia dalam UMNO dan sewaktu ia menjadi Menteri,Menteri Besar dan Setiausaha Agong UMNO,tidak ada apa sumbangan yang ia berikan kechuali dengan idea idea nya yang gila saperti menyuroh orang Kedah menanam padi di atas bumbong.

Tun Mahathir memang mempunyai memori yang singkat.Sawaktu Sanusi menjadi President MAYC,ia membuat tudohan yang jahat kapada Mahathir yang mengatakan Mahathir memakan hasil pelachuran kerana kawan Mahathir waktu itu Tengku Abdullah mengunakan Wisma Belia sabagai tempat pelachor mencari makan.

Nasib kau Lah Mahathir.Allah itu maha Agong.Macam macam terjadi dan di tunjokkan oleh Allah di saat saat akhir hayat.Know who is your friend and who is your enemy.You are sacking your good friend and keep your enemy.Sekarang terima saja balanya.


Anonymous said...

Kak Aina,

I think Sultan Pahang is not a play around puppet, sure His Royal Higness can think for himself. Our Sultans now capable to think independently and need not be influenced to make decisions. Think in the lights of Sultan of Selangor, Perak, Perlis and of course Terengganu. Why Sanusi can suka hati make allegations like that, what a sore person.

crower said...

I like your end phrase : "that's the way the cookie crumbles". Automatically reminded me of Jim Carrey.

Anyway, the sacking of Sanusi has revealed that some people are "desparate" and has lost all senses of logical thinking.

If that's the case, why not terminate all government servants who supported Pakatan Rakyat ?

Anonymous said...

I think with this action, the current government is further alienating the educated, used to be 'middle-class' Malaysians. Majority are hoping that the current regime does not equate the appointment of a higher education institution presidency as UMNO's political appointment. Sadly, these groups are proven wrong. They are taking their votes somewhere else next time. How is Pak Lah going to punish these people, I wonder.

-Wak Segan-
Ex-Ahli UMNO Batu Pahat Johor

Anonymous said...

Sanusi should not be so shocked about being sacked form his post as he is a very experienced politician whose appointment to the post is because his political's affiliation and nothing else and now that his is sacked should not try to claim the reasons for his sacking is political in nature for it is political and everybody knows it and he too must have known it when he first made the announcement to quit UMNO for he can't have the cake and eat it as well!



Puas hati Pak Lah .Bila pula Mokhzani M ? dan bila pula penasihat petronas ? Bila pula Mukhriz?

Sampai bila kita nak tunggu kemelut ini ?

Pi mai,pi mai melayu dok tang tu juga.

warrior2 said...

Sanusi just need to go away and dissapear. He was appointed to the post and now that he had lost it, just go away and do not make any noise.

He should be grateful that he was made the president for the last 10 years.

Donplaypuks® said...

He knew how the game is played. You do not bite the hand that feeds you. Not if you were appointed to a gaji buta post becoz of cronyism and not meritocracy.

In the first place, what academic qualifications did he have to be appointed President of IIUM.

Anonymous said...

Next time please appoint capable Scholar-Administrator as President of UIA or for that matter any of the Vice Chancellors of Public Universities.

Avoid appointing Civil Servants or just retired Civil Servants, they will behave as if they have to please the Government.

If Malaysia wants put her Public Universities in the Top 200 ranking STOP playing politics and the game of Patronage in the appointment of VCs and Presidents.

The King of Saudia appointed an eminent Chinese Academic to the post of President-designate of KAUST .... I think he is a Singaporean and a world renowned scientist.

LSE use to appoint foreigners, Nottingham appointed a Chinese scientist from China, some top British Universities appointed US educated/Tenured British.

Anonymous said...

While I agreed with some comments that Sanusi ought to be sacked for his "non-contribution", the manner and timing he was sacked was obviously political. Can't he be sack for professional reasons rather than political reasons? What if Sanusi is a brilliant man and contributed greatly to the country (can't think of any,really) and IIUM? Then sacking him is a great loss to the nation. This sacking shows how UMNO thinks one need to bean UMNO memberto hold certain post. Sigh.

AnakMelaka said...

well said Joey2008 :-)

to Ketuanan Rakyat!

Anonymous said...


Saya amat terharu apabila membaca tulisan Tan Sri di dalam blognya terutama sekali para 11 dan 12.

Amat tepat! Tetapi ramai Melayu yang buta akan kesannya.


Anonymous said...

Well, if it is a political appointment then it follows that he should expect the sack. I do not believe that he was appointed because of his academic background...
Frankly, I believe that we should appoint professionals to these posts not because they are cronies or ex-politicians....

Anonymous said...

Sanusi is a bloody idiot!

Before him IIUM was an excellent Uni under previous presidents.

He came in and starts his UMNO politicking. The worst dat he did was to affect ISTAC's standing.

Hopefully, with his removal, IIUM and ISTAC can rise up again, insyAllah! :D

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah should appoint him to look into how we can increase the rice production, the price for rice is increasing and soon we will have lots of problem if Malaysian are hungry. This guy Sanusi got some experince of planting rice on roof top, so we must make use of such special talent that make us Melayu feel proud.

Tok Kemuning said...

If the higher power in the country does not respect human right who else would do to lead.

It look like we are 20 years behind in human rights. Whether we able to do it or otherwise due to human rights consideration we could not layoff anyone because of age, ideology, race or gender. Bapak Sanusi is also with no exception.

The altitude of Malay is vanishing the Malay is a long and on going prosecution by our Malay politician. This kind of behaviour by our leader is not beneficial to the Malay and country at all.

It is about time for our leader to be a protector of human rights regardless of age, gender, ideology or race.

Old Fart said...

So, how low can they go? Good for UMNO to continue shooting themselves in the foot. The country can sigh a sigh of relief once UMNO is completely gone.

Rockybru said...

The new IIU President will find Sanusi's shoes a couple of sizes too large. But it's not Sidek's fault. Politics is like that. In the end, too, you have to be a little more cautious of your confidence in the Royalty. My wish is some journalists would ask the Sultan of Pahang about the sacking.

I asked Sanusi how much the position pays. RM5k. Sanusi does not need the money. Nor the disrespect.
It's IIU's loss.

A.John said...

Easy come, easy go, ya! anyway as Sanusi says it was a " respectful" sacking, so I guess we should not get worked up over it!

Anonymous said...

"Kisah Sanusi Junid pulak-Malaysiakini"

Sanusi Junid pulak KISAH lelucon Melayu, Mat Jenin cukup sinonim dengan bekas Menteri Besar (MB) Kedah, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid. Tapi, bila dia sudah dilantik menjadi Presiden Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM),mungkin orang ramai tidak lagi mahu mengaitkan kisah Mat Jenin dengan Sanusi.

Apa yang menarik, Sanusi ini dikenali sebagai 'ulat buku'. Di rumahnya, dia ada banyak buku. Seperti biasa, bila kita nampak di rumah seseorang yang kita kunjungi, atau tersiar berita dalam surat khabar, kita terus beranggapan bahawa yang empunya buku itu, juga punya banyak ilmu. Tidak begitu sebenarnya. Banyak buku bukan bermakna banyak ilmu. Silap besar kalau kita tengok orang yang pegang buku, kita anggap dia kaki membaca.

Ada orang yang mengenali Sanusi memberitahu, Sanusi banyak membaca buku mengenai peperangan. Jadi, tidak hairanlah kalau dikatakan dia banyak strategi perang, yang dipetiknya dari buku-buku perang yang dibacanya itu tetapi dia tidak ada buku perdamaian. Penulis-penulis buku perang yang dibaca oleh Sanusi itu, bukan penulis yang pernah pergi perang.

Kalau penulis itu pergi perang, mungkin dia (penulis itu) sudah mati dalam peperangan. Kalau sudah mati dalam peperangan, mana mungkin dia menulis buku? Maka, para penulis ini menulis hasil penglihatannya sahaja. Samalah dengan Sanusi, dia melihat dan dia buat tafsiran. Dia merasakan dia lebih hebat dari orang lain, sebab itulah, kita boleh melihat siapa yang berkawan dengan Sanusi sekarang?

Dia dilantik menjadi Presiden UIAM sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu. Mungkin era Tun Dr. Mahathir dan tentunya dia ada tugas di UIAM untuk membersihkan 'sejarah Anwar Ibrahim' di situ. Tugasnya mungkin sudah selesai sekarang dan apabila tugasnya sudah selesai, eloklah jika dia diberhentikan kerana dia pun tahu, bukan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Seri Mohamad Khaled Nordin yang berkuasa memberhentikannya.

Jauh sekali Perdana Menteri. Maka, untuk memberitahu semua orang, Sanusi yang sudah lama tidak mendapat liputan media, buat satu persidangan akhbar memberitahu dia tidak akan melepaskan jawatan Presiden UIAM kerana kontraknya masih ada dua tahun lagi. Tujuan persidangan akhbar itu tidak lain, tidak bukan untuk 'memberitahu semua orang bahawa yang berkuasa adalah Baginda Sultan Pahang selaku Ketua Perlembagaan UIAM. Bila dia menerima surat dari Baginda Sultan, dia buat siding akhbar lagi. Nak muncul sekali lagi dia media massa, memberitahu PM yang desak dia dipecat.

Dari segi semangatnya, kalau sudah tidak sehaluan (dah isytihar keluar dari Umno) dengan pemerintah, buat apa bekerja dengan pemerintah lagi. Bukankah Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ini Presiden Umno. Kenapa tidak mahu faham semangat itu. Kalau Sanusi rasa dia masih berkaliber, berdasarkan pengalamannya itu, mohonlah bekerja dengan mana-mana kerajaan negeri yang bukan dari Barisan Nasional (BN) mungkin ada jawatan baik buat Sanusi.

Mahu menarik simpati? Mana mungkin Sanusi ada orang yang mahu simpati dengannya. Ketika dia berkuasa, ketika menjadi Menteri Pembangunan Negara dan Luar Bandar, kemudiannya Menteri Pertanian dan Menteri Besar Kedah, Sanusi adalah jenis pemimpin sombong dan ego. Suka menghina orang lain dan suka bercakap sindir menyindir. Selagi mantan Menteri yang berbulu kening tebal ini tidak menukar sikap dan sifatnya, dia tidak akan dapat simpati dari sesiapa. Betul, dengan sikapnya yang ego dan sombong, dia akan berkata dia tidak memerlukan simpati sesiapa tetapi Sanusi ini akan terus 'berperang' dengan sesiapa sahaja kerana dia sering mendakwa dia adalah berketurunan Acheh yang sentiasa hidup dalam suasana 'berperang'.

Tidak hairanlah kalau dia 'berperang' dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Ketika Anwar mahu bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden Umno, Sanusi bertindak menyokong Tun Ghafar Baba. Jauh juga perjalanannya pergi berkempen mempertahankan Ghafar dan membelasah Anwar. Namun, seperti yang kita semua ketahui, siapa yang hendak mendengar cakap Sanusi. Akhirnya tewaslah Ghafar dan tewaslah juga Sanusi serta Pak Lah.

Satu catatan sejarah Sanusi yang boleh dikatakan sejarah hitam ialah, ketika dia menjadi Setiausaha Agung Umno, parti itu diharamkan. Kenapa diharamkan, Sanusi tentunya menyediakan jawapan yang 'mampu membersihkan dirinya' tetapi semua orang tahu kerana Sanusi mempunyai sikap yang sombong dan angkuh.

Bukan mudah berbincang dengan Sanusi. Kalau kita bertanya dengan bekas Setiausaha Parlimen Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, Datuk Paduka Abdul Rahman Ibrahim tentunya ada cerita menarik yang boleh kita dengar mengenai Sanusi Junid apabila dia menjadi MB Kedah. Tidak hairanlah, kalau BN kalah teruk di Kedah ketika dia mengetuai jentera Pilihan Raya Umum ketika itu.

Baguslah dia berhenti sebagai MB kerana jika tidak, mungkin Kedah sudah lama diperintah PAS kerana rakyat Kedah meluat sangat dengan cara Sanusi. Ingat cerita cabut uban, tanam padi atas bumbung, hadiah bunga kepada isteri dan perlawanan bolasepak antara masjid-masjid? Apa sudah jadi dengan akhbar Koreksi yang pernah diterbitkannya dulu? Sanusi ini jenis mengarut.

Dia buat kelainan hanya kerana ingin menunjukkan dia lebih pandai dari orang lain. Dia buat kelainan kerana merasakan hanya dia yang terbaik dari kalangan pemimpin lain. Sama ada dia dipecat dari jawatannya di UIAM atau dia dipendekkan tempoh perkhidmatannya, Sanusi mempunyai satu kesilapan iaitu tidak mahu berundur dengan cara terhormat. Kononnya bila dipecat, dia hero! Ini bukan zaman peperangan.

Ini zaman aman dan damai. Jawatannya itu bukan jawatan Angkatan Bersenjata. Itu hanya jawatan untuk bagi gaji dan elaun sahaja. Ramai anak-anak buahnya dapat 'habuan' ketika Sanusi menjadi Presiden UIAM. Jangan cuba nafikan. Tanya Aziz Desa, betul atau tidak? Apa kelulusan Aziz Desa yang sentiasa dapat jadi orang penting di samping Sanusi? Begitu juga di Kedah, bukan sedikit wang kerajaan negeri habis.

Tanya kepada Sanusi, berapa dia buang duit buat Kampung Buku di Lubuk Sembilang, Langkawi? Bila orang samakan dia dengan Mat Jenin dia marah tetapi inilah 'cita-cita yang menyebabkan Mat Jenin' jatuh dari pokok kelapa! Tanpa jawatan di UIAM, Sanusi mempunyai banyak masa untuk turun berkempen membelasah PM. Wawancaranya dalam sudah dimulakan untuk memperendah-rendahkan kradibiliti Perdana Menteri.

Dia sudah mulakan langkah untuk menunjukkan dialah yang paling bersih, paling pandai dan paling baik sedangkan orang lain semuanya paling kotor, paling bodoh dan paling jahat. Masyarakat sebenarnya tahu siapa yang baik dan siapa yang jahat! Kisah Sanusi ini akan disambung, jika Sanusi juga menyambung serangannya terhadap kepimpinan hari ini. Selamat berjuang.

Alhaj said...


Saya difahamkan bahawa Chancellor Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel)adalah Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor, isteri kepada Tmbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. Unisel pula adalah milik penuh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor di bawah pentabiran kerajaan pembangkang, iaitu Pakatan Rakyat.

jojo51 said...

Sanusi Junid is not important to Pak Lah. What's more important is to spite Tun Mahathir. If sacking Sanuis meets his sadistic needs then Sanusi merely becomes his tools.

Saying sorry and paying ex-gratia payment to Tun Salleh Abbas and his stooges also serves the same purpose. Canceling Tun Mahathir "crooked bridge" and the double rail track projects are just for additional thrill.

Pak Lah must be having recuriing nightrmares that anything associated wiith Tun Mahathir has to be terminated.

Wakmasnoor said...

This is not just well within his (Sanusi) expectation, but too did ours. We already saw it coming.

Put it in any way we wish to, the name of the game is POLITIC. Its politically motivated with Tun Mahathir as the definite reason for his sacking.

Sanusi will churns this issue to propagate backing not just to his definition of this so-called unjustly sacking, but too in correcting his still President of UMNO, Tun Mahathir. The sacking works both ways, but the tree can only fruits once. Its either a politically Sanusi back again into the current political scene or its a whole a new world and dimension spelling dead-end for dearest Sanusi as not many around still have the believe of his credibility and relevancy in fulfilling the already crowded Malaysian political games.

Whatever it is, the sacking may be something not of a positive to put in a resume, but the plus factor now is very much belongs to Sanusi.

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina, on another note, to furthur delve into the character of Tan Sri Sanusi. Here are some points to ponder.

Tan Sri was actually also involved in the sacking without reason of founder u pemecatan tanpa sebab keatas pengasas dan bekas pengarah Prof. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas (ISTAC) in 2002. I bet only Tan Sri knows pretty wel about this issue.

And now he wants to blame another person for doing what he did unto another person before.

Karma. It hurts.

Anonymous said...

Ini berita lama, tapi saya dapat tahu Tan Sri pernah didakwa kerana memukul seorang pekerja MAS dalam tahun 2000. Tetapi beliau berdolak-dalik dan tidak menghadiri mahkamah, katanya kerana tidak sihat. Akhirnya beliau didenda RM1000 kerana hal itu. Ada orang boleh sahkan hal ini?

Kalau macam tu Tan Sri tak lah sebaik yang disangka sangat. Pernah pukul orang, tapi menjadi Presien UIA.

Anonymous said...

don't blame others. Sultan can decide this by himself, it's not like he will only do things when being asked. he has his own judgement

Anonymous said...

I would like to say a few things about the Rocky's Bru's comment about Sanusi Junid's sacking.

First, it is not about how much the position pays in money terms. We should understand that the glory that people seek is not always related to just material or monetary possession alone. People also gain a lot from position; from being able to proudly say they are a president of this or that distinguished institution. It is also a type of 'positional good': being a president of an Islamic university makes one look good or prestigious, and hope that other people will look upon you as a 'learned man', an 'Islamic man/scholar', and that they will believe that you are righteous, exemplary, and so on. That is why it is not uncommon for politicians to hold on to some distinguished position, not for the money (I'm sure Sanusi has accumulated enough as a politician), but for pride and positioni, and sometimes to leave behind a rosy picture of their past 'legacy' (i.e., to give the impression that they had in the past done a good job and now have retired with a respectable honorary position).

Secondly, Rocky's Bru makes a premature proclamation that the new president of IIU, En. Sidek, will find that Sanusi Junid's shoes will be too big to fill. Based on what evidence does he claim this? By claiming this, he risks inflating the extent of Sanusi Junid's contribution and unfairly underestimating the incoming president's capability even before he has the chance of proving himself. It is immature to be too presumptuous too soon, and it may be best to reserve one's judgement about whether a person can truly fill a predecessor's 'large' shoes or not till much later. Whether he does or not is a different question, of course.

Thirdly, Rocky's Bru regards Sanusi Junid's departure as IIU's loss. That is perhaps fine and valid. But let us not wring our hands in helpless despair as if there are no other capable souls in Malaysia to replace!

With kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Sanusi is obviously Tun M's close and loyal friend (aka supporter). So as for him to go out of UMNO was an obvious sign of this. And now he is opening up speculations about his "sacking" like a sore person. Why lah?

And quoting from his blog that I visited him saying this:

"Saya tidak percaya Duli Yang Maha Mulia Ketua Perlembagaan (UIAM) akan memecat saya kecuali dengan nasihat `Host Member' iaitu Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi kepada UIAM"

...which is utterly pathetic. Has he no confidence that Perak Sultan able to judge for himself? Sore loser. sore loser. sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Sanusi Junid ni pun sama la... masa dia orang besar UMNO you ingat dia tu bersih sangat ka?

Fikir-fikirkan lah rakyat Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

mahathir/king sack salleh abbas = political
Mahathir sack anwar = political
Pak Lah/sultan sack sanusi = political

Korang semua sama saje lah! Thats why i dont support politicians. you all have ur own interest, agenda, greed. Its never bout the people.

Politicians just spoils evrything dont they. FAM run by politicians/royalties too, look what happened? For heavens sake let an academician run a university.