Friday, June 06, 2008

Let's Really Go On An Austerity Drive....

Remember the bullock-cart or kereta lembu? I remember these carts were still lumbering through Petaling Jaya. One driven by a Punjabi man and his young sons used to pass by our house. He sold fertiliser (cow dung) around PJ.

As you know, the bullock-cart is an efficient mode of travel. But you'd need to make one, and find yourself a couple of oxen.

Or, perhaps you'd prefer to get one of these. They're commonly used in Amsterdam. Almost everyone rides them. But, oh...I forgot...Amsterdam is low and flat and the weather is so damn cool. And the roads are cyclist-friendly.


Anonymous said...

U forgot to mention the weather here is not like Holland.

Anonymous said...

I spent a couple of months bicycle-commuting to work each day, from Kajang to Cheras. I didn't stop because it was difficult. I stopped because I realised riding a bicycle on Malaysian roads is INSANE.

Anonymous said...

Talking of cycling and Amsterdam bring back fond memories. Why, I even remembered seeing pictures of Queen Wilhelmina peddling around with her family all of them on bicycles. I don't remember noticing any secret service protectors around. Of course, in good old Malaysia, cycling to work or functions would be below the dignity of even the lowest of our functionaries. Why, nothing less than a chauffeur-driven limousine will do.

BaitiBadarudin said...

I'm game about cycling though I need to learn to cycle first and get one of those bicycles with balancers(?) - then ask MBPJ for a special lane for cyclists!

Anonymous said...

Sis Ena
The first thing that came to mind when kereta lembu is mentioned is of course Helen Vellu and her neck accessories. For young readers who are not yet around in the 1960s, I believe she is not related to the unpopular ex Minister. Who can forget the popular lyrics:

"Kereta lembu
rodanya dua
jalannya tak laju
satu jam sebatu"

Based on the catchy lyrics, it will take me more than one whole half day to reach office. Not a brilliant idea to change lifestyle, is it?

Old Fart said...

Hey, you think bullock carts cheap ah? You got to feed those darn bulls eh. And now thanks to DBKL if you are in KL and MPPJ in Pj, you got no more fields for them cows to graze. So you got to give them feedmeal. And you know what? Those too have become expensive.

So bicycle is it!!

kimster said...

I've decided to do the following:
(1) eat less
(2) go to work on alternate days so that I won't spend so much on fuel.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

There was a time when one cent was as big (in value) as a bullock cart wheel
Now there is no longer this kind of value or deal
Even ten bucks these days can't buy you a decent meal
We too, as victims of inflation, can understand just how you feel

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060608
Fri. 6th June 2008.

Anonymous said...

If only more thoughts and careful planning and calculations had been put into the designing of our LRT, it could have allowed avid cyclists to take their bikes into the LRT and go from place to place a lot easier - like the London Tube, for example (but only during certain hours). I think it's possible that some people wouldn't have minded cycling if KL and the overall city transportation system was designed to be more cyclist-friendly (or consumer friendly for that matter). Of course there's the question of sweating it out. I think our LRT is quite expensive imho... and for the price the commuters are paying for, it's just tidak berbaloi considering its capabilities and efficiency to serve the amount of people it should have is poor. It gets really hellish during rush hour... and take it from someone who has experienced the Moscow Metro, NY Subway and the London Tube during the rush hour - but at least the size and efficiency of the Tube and the Metro fits the X amount of people expected to ride them considerably compared to our LRT system. Even better, take a gander at the Singaporean MRT. I think the whole switching between the LRT lines and the monorail is incredibly messed up. And a lot of the LRT users should really learn some manners and be more courteous by offering their seats to the needy like the pregnant ladies or the invalids/handicapped.

I miss the old bas mini... you always get to go somewhere on the bas mini and there was always a bas mini.

Anonymous said...

Ermmmm... energy saving Malaysians.

Get Pak Lah to cycle at Petaling Street or Chow Kit only to find himself sodo*mised. He will then claim Malaysia is a safe haven.

Just couldnt believe there are actually Malaysians supportuing this haggard leader.

Dont you think its a sickening nation?

CaptainCaveman said...

Yeah why not! To BN Ministers, leadership by example. So please show me the lembu way!

shahbandarmalakat said...

Assalamualaikum.kalau semua orang boleh terima balik ke zaman kereta lembu apa salahnya...kita rushing sini rushing sana...tapi end results sama juga...baik balik ke zaman itu, syarat semua orang setuju...

atau berbasikal...dulu pergi sekolah pun naik basikal sejauh 28 batu sehari...cuma pergi ke ofis..ofis kena sedia banyak bilik mandi...

artic turban said...

I have an uncle in his late 70's who used to cycle his bicycle all over, he used to come to our house in pj all the way from ampang dalam,a trip up to klang wouldn't be surprising, until 2004 when he was knocked down by a hit and run driver and he broke his hips and shoulders, his kids who are in the fifties told him that if he got another bicycle they will cut it up, well he got well and went and bought himself a bicycle, and his kids found out and came and cut it up now they have employed a driver to take him anwhere he wants to go. he complains that he has no more freedom, by the way he was an ex decorated officer with the police field guard, ex home guard, ex lorry driver and also happens to be the chairman of a transport company with close to 20 -25 trucks, I mean trailers. strange but true! when I ask him why do you cycle he says cycling keeps him feel young, he doesn't need to spend on fuel and he doesn't need to be stuck in traffic jams, another thing he said which I found quite profound he said he finds everyone is in a rush to get somewhere but in reality they are not getting anywhere, with the rush of material gain, they have forgotten to enjoy life at a slow pace, you see more when you are travelling at your own pace.

Anonymous said...

Why not bikes? People will drive 100m just to buy newspaper and go round and round to get parking space in-front of shops' entrance. Isn't that a waste of subsidies. The more unnecessary usage of cars equals to wastage of subsidies.

Anonymous said...

A bicycle is an alternative for cheap transportation but I don't think I have the energy to cycle 45km to and fro everyday.

If the government is serious about the welfare of the low income earners like me, I would like to suggest to the government to allow motorized bicycles on our road.

It will be very cheap as the engine capacity is only 30 c.c. and some are battery operated which is environment friendly.

Anonymous said...

The reason why bikes work in countries like the netherlands is because rules and enforcement go hand in hand and are about 80% followed.

There's rules for cyclists, there's rules for the auto driver - each must respect the space give to the other.

Accidents still do happen, only because the cyclist or driver was not paying attention.

So the idea of bikes and rules would not work in Msia because we just don't care. Oh and of course, our cops are not really the enforcement kind unless it's in a rally situation.

GobloKing said...

Please Aina! Don't suggest bullock carts! Some "bocor" MPs may take you seriously.

I would think we have enuf BS shoved down our throats right now, surely we needn't have the additional burden of shovelling it away too?

But seriously - for anyone looking for a fat kerbaus or 2 for yr kereta kerbau, I suggest..

You get yours from areas near Parliament, Putrajaya or any 5-star hotel.

And No need to stampede for your fat kerbau, people.

There are PLENTY to be found.

You do not even need to scratch yr head to name your kerbau.

They come pre-named although you may fnd many are called "grandpa"

For the chinese, no worries mate!

Some really fine fat kerbaus already have chinese names like "Silly Tan", "Tan Si-Lee"

If you hear someone shouting
"giddup Tok! Giddup Silly!" on the Federal Hiway...take cover. It's probably me & my 1 fat kerbaus!

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena.

Teringat Hallen Velu.Naik Kereta Lembu.

Anonymous said...

ride a bicycle in kuala lumpur? you will need to have balls bigger than those crazy people who drive 180kmph in the city. or you really have a death wish.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows who manufactures "Raleigh" bicycles in Malaysia now? May buy some of their shares as it could be the only company that can "buck the trend" (in share market terminology)!

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

[b]Manifesto Barisan Nasional Pasca Pilihanraya 2008 telah menggariskan tiga sebab utama mengapa rakyat mesti tumpaskan BN.

Mengapa Mesti Tumpaskan BN?
3 Sebab Utama[/b]

[b]1. Sistem perkongsian kuasa yang terbukti[/b]
Semua rakyat biasa tidak berhak bersuara tapi kepentingan pemimpin BN dan kroni sentiasa menjadi matlamat utama.

BN berkongsi kuasa ke arah menjahanamkan negara. BN, terutamanya UMNO telah dengan jayanya terbukti berkongsi kuasa dikalangan pimpinannya untuk meneruskan segala aktiviti rasuah, salahguna kuasa, menipu rakyat, merompak wang dan harta rakyat, menjual kepentingan MELAYU dan TANAH MELAYU kepada bangsa dan negara asing.

[b]2. Kerajaan yang berkesan[/b]
Kecelakaan dan kesialan yang dilakukan selama lebih 50 tahun.
Kemerdekaan tercemar sebagai bukti kebahlolan dan kehaprakkan kerajaan pimpinan BN.

[b]3. Berani, berwawasan[/b]
Setelah memimpin negara melalui pelbagai cabaran dan rintangan, BN memahami bahawa mereka perlu sentiasa mengamalkan rasuah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa.


toyolbuster said...

Thats a brilliant idea. Can someone organise a convoy of bullock-carts and bicycles to tour around KLCC on a Friday afternoon. This is better than a full scale demo.

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

Alamak saya tertinggal la this topic? !

1. U nak naik kereta lembu...lembu orang curi?

2. U nak naik basikal...basikal orang curi.

3. U nak jalan seorang...dengan u u orang curi.

J.T. said...

With the rising prices of petrol, someday we may have to consider alternative modes of transportation. Only thing is, fellas working in KL and living an hour away, may have to start very, very early in the morning. :)


Hi friends,

thank you for posting your comments. I'm glad you all have a great sense of humour, as I do.

Under the circumstances, I think we need to just chill out and try to be happy. I know I know, it aint easy.

I was and still am so not happy with the rising prices of goods and the fact that there's nothing we can do about it except to make adjustments to our life and lifestyle.

Oh by the way, to ANON@5:51PM (the first commentor) -- i didn't say that the weather here is not like Holland but I did say that the weather in Hollland is so damn cool.

So...thank you, folks for your time!

Rockybru said...


It is a miracle that you live to leave the comment in Nuraina's blog ...

cy97 said...

Petrol price increase by 41% effective from 5th June 2008 in Malaysia. Well i believe the first reaction that most of the citizens had are anger and worry. We are angry because we have to pay more for our expenses and we are worry of not able to cope with it. It is only natural that we start putting the blame on the current government.
However if you ask any economists in the world, they will tell you that taking away the subsidies is the RIGHT thing to do. Abdullah had said the petrol price increase reflect the dilemma of Malaysian economy. Dr. Mahathir talked about our past purchasing power. The reality is we have been living in a somehow protected and virtual world by ourselves. Once the protected umbrella is taken away especially at this critical time, we felt helpless and don’t know to response. I still remember during 1997, an Indian engineer came here and work told me. In India, there are a lot of people who doesn’t not have skill will not get to work but in Malaysia, you can easily get a work. This more or less reflect our protected economy and it actually while retaining our purchasing power in the past but have actually without knowing making the GDP gap between our country and other opened economy wider.
Now, is the time we must face the reality. We have to think again, are we having a too happy go lucky lives ? Are we ready to face the competitive world outside? What is our value? Oil price increase may not be a bad thing after all. It could be a real wake up call for all of us in Malaysia. Think about it…
Thinking about it, i am not so mad at En. Sharil anymore.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Can't resist having the last word(s):
first, used to 'stan' kereta lembu as a kid in kampung melayu kaki bukit, singapura 14
second, totally agree that "everyone is in a rush to get somewhere but in reality they are not getting anywhere"
third, seriously thinking of getting an e-bike
steady la, beb!

Anonymous said...

wow ! what a beautiful drawing ! aina i hope you drew it all by yourself, bless you !