Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Songkok, Please. We're DAP...

Oh please, you (Johor) DAP YBs (Yang Berkhidmat) of Bentayan, Mengkibol, Senai and Skudai - just wear the songkok.

If the Star report (h e r e) is true, then I'll have to ask the YBs -- what IS your problem? Or you just want a problem?

The songkok is part of the official dress code for the opening of the Johor state legislative assembly, for heaven's sake.

It won't make you Malay-lah. I promise.

So, will the DAP central executive committee please clear the confusion and make a FINAL stand!


Hussin said...

The DAP still has the Opposition mindset. Go get a life.. there are more important things to worry about. I heard some of them equate asking them to wear a songkok is like asking a Muslim to eat pork or a Hindu to eat beef. Such small minds.

Anonymous said...

since when did the songkok become "Malaysian headgear?" it is very sinister how the term "Malaysian" is being abused by certain quarters to impose their ethnic and cultural indentity and practices on to other races.

this is not what our fore-fathers practiced or stood for in the drafting out of the constitution. it is a threat against the spirit of mutual respect and protection of the respective non-Malay/non-muslim cultures and identities in Malaysia.

would it be respectful to expect Malays to wear the "potu" or hold jossticks to prove that they practise "muhibbah" and racial integration. as the saying goes, "do not do unto others, what you would not have wish to be done to you".

many non-Malays have been intimidated in this songkok wearing saga. it has been forced on to non-Malay atheletes, policemen and women and at various other so-called official functions.

no one can deny that the songkok is intrinsic to the Malay culture and community, and in this country the Malay race is intrinsically linked politically as well as religously to Islam.

because of such realities,it is totally inappropriate to insist that non-Malays be indentified with such a culture-sensitive icon of Malays or to mislead non-Malaysians in Malaysia or abroad to assume that all Malaysians are intrinsically Malays or ethnically Malays or muslims.

such misconceptions are already causing unecessary conflict and misunderstanding in the area of religous conversion and social relations. it would be grossly insensitive to impose such regulations on non-Malays.

in view of such subtle attempts of "cultural-revisionism" I would strongly urge all authorities concerned to put an end to such practices. it should cease immediately at all official and cultural levels.

if at all such cultural and religous senstive icon is to be "shared" among Malaysians, it should be practised collectively whereby each ethnic group participate in it by appropriating each others' cultural and religous icon at official functions.

this would mean that Malays should wear cultural-religous icons of non-malay- non-muslim races and vive-versa. the cultural-religous identity of each races should be give equal prominence at all so-called official functions.

the Dap is right in rejecting such cultural revisionist practices among us in the political arena. let us not be a nation that condones the hijacking of non-Malay cultures in the name of nationalism.

true nationalism is a reflection of freedom to practice one's culture and religon without any form of encroachment and displacement. let not the ugly head of racial or religous superiority be allowed to reign over a multi-cultural, multi-religous Malaysia.

mn said...

A.kum Kak Aina,

1. No Magnum...because we are PAS

2. Bebas suara...bebas pakai..because we are PKR

3. Bila bagi santan...nak pulut pulak

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

While the songkok won't make one a Malay, I distinctly remember growing up that the songkok is a Muslim headgear. Growing up and attending Kebangsaan schools for my education, my Malay friends told me the songkok is a Muslim headgear and that most of them would only wear the songkok when attending Muslim prayers at the school surau.

So, unless there is now some major historical and cultural revisionism underway and this revision seems to be a very recent thing, please respect the right of non-Muslims to not wear the religious attire from another religion, just as you would respect the right of Malaysian non-Muslims to freely practice their respective religions.

- Observer

Anonymous said...

This people are just dramaqueens. There's nothing much we can do since we elected them but it's rather unfortunate that this people are acting like their nemesis the UmNO goons. I guess that's what politics can do to one's behaviour or rather only idiots join politics.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Datuk Ali Hassan advised...“Assemblymen in Johor are different. They may not be able to enter the assembly without the songkok,”

I on the other hand think that the stuff in the head is important, rather than whats on it.

If the songkok enlarges the brain, I say to the DAP reps "Go for it!".

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Punjab state assembly requires its members to don the turban for similar occasion? The Rocketmen, or anyone else for that matter, shouldn't be compelled to wear what they deem inappropriate, provided they don't show up in levis and t-shirts! Is it too much to cut some slack for non-malays in this regard? You'd never, in any other event, see a non-malay wear a songkok. No disrespect intended for the attire though.

Anonymous said...

Just another typical act of them..... Well, such an opt wudnt come often rite? An attemt to make drama with sultan, surely will get a headline. Why wudnt give a try... some chinese will love it. aan

Anonymous said...

Sonkok is only for Malays and that is part of the culture for them. You can't bring culture into politics. So, non-malays dont' have to wear teh sonkok. You are saying, it won't make you Malay if you wear the sonkok, let me ask you this, how about everybody wera the chinese traditional dress? Ask the Malays, if there can wear the the chinese dress or the Indian dress.

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Please tell the DAP leaders to leave this country if they cannot accept songkok. For years Melayu has been following their tradition by giving angpow during raya. Does that make Melayu Chinese?

Wakil rakyat should discuss about rakyat problem not about songkok issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
My thoughts, exactly! Sometimes this attitude of the DAP reps makes me think twice about voting them into power - why are they so against everything Malay? As you said, wearing the songkok does not make them Malay! Sheesh, please be more broad-minded. If it's too much for them to wear the songkok, then just skip the State Assy meeting - a fine rep they'd be for those who voted them in!

Satria Asia said...

It will not make them Malay or Muslim, but DAP is a Chinese chauvinist party and anything that they perceive to be 'Malay' or 'Muslim' they reject -- regardless if it's national or not.

But can we do without the songkok? What's the big deal of having a head dress anyway -- I mean it's ... it's so tribal! Aren't we now modern and urbane? Only jungle or dessert dwellers wear head dress ... not modern, progressive us surely?!

Let us Malays and Indians be more like the Chinese -- dunk and dump all these costumes -- stick 'em where they belong -- in the museum.
I mean when was the last time you saw a Chinese wearing his/her traditional costume -- and I don't mean the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant?

I mean if a society with 5,000 years of history behind it can dunk their costume, surely we as Malays with very little (and even that borrowed from Hinduism and Islam) can easily do the same ... no?


Anonymous said...

I think this isn't a problem at all, since even the Selangor Speaker from DAP has worn it. However, we should not be too quick to hentam them. Unless it is required as official dress code, we should actually be proud to see the different kinds of beautiful ethnic clothings worn and represented during official functions. Also, we have to understand that despite 50 years of independence, the BN government has not helped much to eradicate communal misunderstanding among the races in this country. In fact, it has worsened. Thus, the current situation, although the GE12 does give us cause for optimism.

In any case, we have often seen many non-Malays (i.e. Chinese and Indians) wearing nice Malay-style clothings, like the beautiful baju kebayas, sarungs, etc. Even my wife has purposedly worn a Malay baju and showing off to the orang putihs proudly when we were overseas. How about Malays wearing Chinese styled-attire of the Chinese, Indians, or other races of this country? Frankly. I've not seen one. Hopefully, the day will come soon.

Laksarian said...

You believed in The Star's report?

Anonymous said...

"It won't make you Malay-lah. I promise."

With this assurance, all these Songkok-shy nitwits should no longer have a problem. No wait, there is still a problem, there is no Songkok big enough for their overblown heads.

Anonymous said...

Hussin is right - DAP still has an Opposition mindset. It's only a formal headgear for the opening session, for heavens sake. Looks like they would rather lose friendly Malay votes and the next election, these dummies.
40 years ago, as school cadet corps, we non-Malays happily wore our ceremonial Malay uniforms with songkoks and thought we all looked rather handsome. My parents were very proud of me. No political hogwash to worry us then!

crower said...

Ok then, why not we abolish ALL type of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan and make all schools Sekolah Kebangsaan as one of the means to achieve "Warga Malaysia".

Anonymous said...


There you go again, part of you still in mainland China.

We are not asking you to wear the songkok at home, idiot! We are telling you to wear it for an official ceremony, and to show respect for the Sultan.

Kat China korang tak ada raja atau Sultan dah, tapi kat sini Raja2 Melayu masih ada. Daulat Tuanku.

P/s Aku makan mi kat rumah pun pakai chopstick, tak ada jadi China macam kau. Molon!

Anonymous said...

SuaraMalaysia (with apologies to Kak Nuraina)!

And when (not if) the DAP's CEC says yes to the songkok for its Johor aduns, please lah don't say race or religious superiority.
It does no good to your self-esteem to be thinking that the Malays are out to assert and re-assert their "ketuanan".

Anonymous said...


Excellent idea!

But will the Chinese Malaysians agree?

Or, shall we SJK Melayu to rival the Chinese and Tamil SJK?

Pakailah songkok tu, DAP. Like Nuraina wrote, tak jadi Melayu pun!!

Da Real Deal said...


They will be dealt with severely if they appear before HRH the Sultan of Johor without the songkok. The People and State govt will come down hard on them if not the Sultan himself. If they want to make an issue out of this then let's get it on.

Personally, I don't think the DAP reps have the stomach to come without the songkok. The Central committee is just all mouth.


Don't keep on provoking racial sentiments. Trust me, when the bubble bursts, all your Chinese wealth ain't worth shit!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see DAP reps go to the Johor state assembly without the songkok. Then we all see what happend. I challenge you DAP! I challenge you!

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong, I think the problem is this...

Songkok is a very malay thing and by having the songkok be part of the official dress code, it is tantamount to forcing Malayness onto everyone irrespective whether you are a Malay or not.

To compound the problem, Malaysia is a secular state and being so, there should not be any religion or race influence in any official dress code or conduct. To have a specific religion/race influence in something like dress code is a direct conflict with our Constitution which specifically state that we are a Secular State.

Another thing that I notice is that perhaps these people who refuses to wear the songkok feels that if you give in to this once, it will snowball into something serious one day and by then, it will be too late to make any noise and enforce the fact that Malaysia is a Secular state. By then, the arguement would be why didnt you oppose such malay influence from the beginning?!

To begin with, I am in the opinion that all matters pertaining to official should not have any religion or race influence to apeace our multi-racial make up. Well, yes, respect works both ways. This way, no 1 race can feel superior to another by claiming that it is my race/religion that is recognised or enhanced.

I remember the police force fiasco some years back where even the non-malay policewomen were forced to wear tudung as it is part of the official dress code. Or some local universities that enforce certain dress code for all students and their convocation attire. When this happens, it is a violation of not just the fact that Malaysia is a Secular State but also, to individual human rights.

Think about it.. it is not a petty issue.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask Zainal A. Kasim is it by choice or by force that the malays gave out angpow during raya? Freedom of choice is the fundamental right of every human being. Mind you, every malaysian, regardless of race, has as much right to call this country home. Who are you to ask anybody to leave this country?

Anonymous said...

What the. I'm A Chinese and I'm proud to wear a full suit baju melayu and songkok for my malay friend's wedding. SO WHAT? So big deal meh? Will interfere my Buddhist faith meh? NO right....??

How to have unity when DAP has such mindset?

Anonymous said...

to suaramalaysia,

my wife sometimes pakai cheogsam when going to dinner, tak kisah pun... takde pun melayu lain yg bising bising! kecoh ah lu cina! bloody racist!


Anonymous said...

...and they are not welcome to be malay...

Anonymous said...

Forcing people to respect your race or culture is so retarded.

Anonymous said...


Even my foreign spouse have no issue about wearing the songkok and why sweat it?

Look...even the chinese girls are wearing baju kurong on fridays and i dont think that is being forced on them either especially around the urban areas. Does that make them malay?

Sheesh, this is malaysia just embrace it coz i have no qualms about wearing a punjabi suite or a a chinese cheongsam either...

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

Zainal Kassim,

I think you should go back from whichever country you come if you insist DAP Johor ADUN not wearing songkok or anyone not agreeing with cultural domination through symbols like the songkok leave the country. This is typical racist mindset of UMNO displayed by you. And DAP Aduns or any Malaysian born here irrespective of race can also tell people like you to leave his country ...if you insist on this kind of threat. This is the 21st century, the era of globalization, not the tempurung mindset you Zainal Kassim display, each time you feel people disagree with your cultural symbol.

Anonymous said...

Alahai... Someone had the guts to ask "Ask the Malays, if there can wear the the chinese dress or the Indian dress"???

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? I dont mind Cheongsam ke Punjabi suit ke, Sari ke, other country punya traditional costume ke, I'd wear it because it's cultural, pretty, nice. Race has nothing to do with it!

Ding dongs. Small thing like this also big issue. Get to work with the bigger issue lah.

Anonymous said...

Tell these DAP YB to get the hell out of this country and go stay somewhere else if wearing a songkok will make them a Malay or a Muslim.

Quite a number of malays too have migrated from Malaysia.Not all Malays love this country.Dont make this songkok issue a big fuss. Dont like, leave this country.

Anonymous said...

"We are not asking you to wear the songkok at home, idiot!" -- haha.. exactly.

DAP is championing their race too. You can't hide your true colors forever.

Unknown said...


If one day a male Sikh attends one of these ceremonies, is he obliged to wear a songkok over his obligatory turban? Have to admit it would look a little odd!

I'm Pakistani with Tajik heritage, and I sure would love to wear my own headgear which is very artistic and rich in culture. What would I be wearing when attending such functions?

I think we should be mature enough as a nation to appreciate various types of headgear to reflect our own heritage, including indigenous 'asli' heritage.

Songkok and all forms of headgear should be optional. I believe the Royalty should be allowed to be more open to plurality and diversity. Doesn't make us any less Malaysians.

By the way, what about females from different 'bangsas'?

Anonymous said...

perkauman kuat geng2 DAP ni. tu sampai isu kecil macam ni pun nak cakap. bengap sangat, bukan kalau pakai songkok nama pun bertukar. kau masih cina, xde effectnya!!

Anonymous said...

I think most of u here are making comments on this issue without reading (with a discerning eye) the news item churned out by a STAR reporter in JB, The issue has apparently been spinned so masterly to make all of u here seemed like a joke. First, it quoted the DAP Johore Vice-chairman as saying SOME DAP CEC members as against its four Johore SA's wearing the songkok for the coming Assembly meeting. But it didn't mention who these CEC members are. Are these so-called CEC Members speaking for the CEC or are they inidivuals speaking for themselves ? Is not wearing the songkok the DAP's official position ? (These all were not clarified). Then it attempted to seek the opinion of those SA's and reported as if they were not happy with the party's CEC directive ? Was there a directive in the first place ? This was also not clarified.

So even before these positions are clarified, u people are already condemning the party and its leaders by spewing out comments tinted with racial connotations and un-Malaysian sentiments. This does not reflect kindly on your intelligience .That's why I call u people jokers.

Whether the DAP people wants to wear a songkok or not should not be a big issue. To me a songkok, a cowboy hate, a kungfu cap or a kopiah is just a headgear. Waerin it or not should not be interpreted as something as serious as loyalty to a country or being against another race or culture.

Of course, if the songkok is part of the official attire, then it may be a breach of official protocol if they don't wear it and as a consequence may be barred from attending the Assembly, just like if u don't wear the proper schoool uniform, u may be barred from attending school. Well let's wait and see whether they do that before we condemn them.

Meanwhile, why are u people reacting so hysterically to something that's not even worth being termed an issue. No wonder the reputation of some bloggers are being questioned !

Hi&Lo said...

IF the report is true...

I will comment once DAP clarifies on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Sikit sikit sudah marah, get the hell out of this country, dll. Hello kawan, "please grow up sikit".

Anonymous said...

Alamak, ini pun boleh gaduh ke? I wore potu and saree when I performed the Indian dance with my friends, no hal pun. I wore cheongsam to celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends, no hal pun. My friends and I often exchange our ethnic costumes with each other because it's lovely to try them on for functions. If we can do it, what's DAP's deal with the songkok? It's just a matter of decorum, formality and protocol.

Come on, you politicians... just for once show us a good example for us to follow and behave like nice children!

Anonymous said...

Why making this a racial issue. For those who said that this is the act of forcing the people to wear songkok (irregardless the race), hello it's only during the opening la. Not during the who session.

The whole session, you only need to wear something that is decent and smart suit.

Plus, during the opening, the Sultan would be present. It's to show hormat to the Sultan la. what's wrong with that. Or you think you should not show respect to the tuan rumah anymore la.

But I think I agree with some of you. I don't think even the DAP rep would be so berani to show up during the opening bare head like that, especially the king of the crown is Sultan Iskandar. Not even the Malay rep, I can assure you.

Old Fart said...

The songkok as I know it and remember of it is part of a Malay Gentleman's outfit. I still remember this neighbour of mine on his bicycle and his songkok. Looked really good. His son who is of my age, when I last met him, continues that tradition. And I thought he looked elegant.

I guess the question for the DAP guys is, what tradition is it thta they follow that requires them to wear their neckties?

Of course I too would be pissed off and would refuse to use it if those imposing this rule have sinister intentions in mind. But then this being something that cannot be proven I would then take an indifferent attitude and not give it significance as these DAP idiots are now doing. Giving it significance!!

Anonymous said...

"Sonkok is only for Malays and that is part of the culture for them. You can't bring culture into politics. So, non-malays dont' have to wear teh sonkok. You are saying, it won't make you Malay if you wear the sonkok, let me ask you this, how about everybody wera the chinese traditional dress? Ask the Malays, if there can wear the the chinese dress or the Indian dress."

I do not see the problem la bodoh....

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

very controversial issue

It would be a good gesture for them to wear songkok, to show that DAP is not a race-based party

Zainal A. Kasim et al, it is very childish of you guys to tell those guys to leave the country for not wearing songkok.

We must understand non Muslims's reservation about doing something deemed 'Islamic'. As such most non-muslims believe Songkok = Muslim. There should be proper education on malaysian/asian ethics, but the racist behaviour of our leaders does not make it easier.

We malaysians should be tought deeply on subject of courtesy, respect and humility. A non muslim wearing a songkok equates to a non muslim knowing he/she shouldn't wear sexy clothes in a muslim wedding.

but please, don't tell others to leave the country.

1) those DAP guys should be reprimanded
2) malaysians should be thought on cultural diversity and asian-malaysian ethics

Anonymous said...

DAP should not be in Pakatan Rakyat. They do not demonstrate "Harapan Baru Malaysia". Fighting over issues like this. I dont want to use the word "kiasu" here, but what exactly do they have against Malays or something?

Anwar, you better reallign DAP's ways if Pakatan really wants to be a "united multiracial party"

Anonymous said...

to those who mumbling that they never see Malay wear chinese attire. yeah.....i will wear one on their funeral, can or not? black and white rite? shud i wear the headgear? brown and kinda bunny shape rite? love to wear it..

This is Malayland, Malay federation in which Sultan symbolise Malay Custom and Heritage. respect la!! dah la dress code pun dah pakai coat, nak tambah songkok pun payah ka?

This is one of the reason why Malaysia will stay as Malayland , sorry la kalau aku nak compromy pasal 'Ketuanan Melayu'. Tak boleh percaya aku kat bangsa hangpa ni. Blood sucker. Takda kuasa hangpa berlagak baik la, bila dah bagi kuasa aku dapat agak macam mana akan berlaku.

well singapore tu pun having the same blood type with yours.. and see what happen when they are in power. Ni semua jadi pasal Pak Lah dunggu tu la. Masa mahathir, mampuih hangpa kalau berani angkat muka.

Nuraina, sorry for overeacting..aan

Anonymous said...

Loyalty hs nothing to do with what is worn on the head but what is in the head. Mahathir likes to wear a cowboy head in his days as a PM, YB Hj Awang Hadi and Nik Aziz always wear a serban and some PAS MP's wear kopiah. Are they in any way disloyal to Malaysia ? Are they even less Melayu ? Come on, don't make this into a racial issue.

Anonymous said...

I think it basically boils down to the Islamic mindset. Everything is forced down your throat. If you don't do it, potong kepala, potong tangan, potong kote. Everything simply boils down to potong dan potong.

There is no space for creativity, innovation, individual taste, artistic freedom etc. etc.

From the comments here, its clear that a simple question of headgear is taken as an affront to their mindset.


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

kepada saudari Nuraina,
saya anak malaysia berbangsa cina akan mengulas mengenai isu songkok
dalam bahasa melayu yang sempurna, ingin saya menyatakan tindakan dun DAP enggan memakai songkok tidak disokong oleh majoriti orang cina di negara ini.pemikiran orang yang sempit tidak seharus bertapak disini. jika tak silap salah seorang daripada mereka adalah seorang doktor yang berpendidikan.
pelik bagaimana dia dapat menjadi seorang doktor. ingin saya menanyakan kenapa dia berasa selesa
bila memakai tie dan kot .kenapa tidak merajuk akan menjadi orang putih / mat salleh. kenapa tidak memakai pakaian tradisi orang cina pula. adakah kerana kentut orang putih lebih wangi ?
songkok hanya merupakan sebahagian daripada pakaian seragam orang melayu. orang melayu memakai pakaian cheongsam dengan selesa.doktor ini memang pelik orangnya.
saya mengulangi orang cina tak akan menyokong orang yang berfikiran sempit.
YB karpal singh kalau berani syorkan tindakan menghalau mereka
keluar daripada parti.(lebih baik gantungkan mereka di luar bangunan KOMTAR Penang )
ahli ini bercanggah dengan prinsip
DAP bangsa malaysia (malaysian malaysia) merosakkan nama baik parti dan negara dan juga perhubungan baik orang cina melayu india.

YB lim kit siang YB Lim guan eng
kenapa tidak memberi ulasan. jangan menganggap perkara sebegini sebagai tidak penting.
saya menunggu ulasan kamu dengan penuh kesabaran.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

saya anak cina menunggu ulasan YB lim kit siang . YB lim guan Eng , YB tony pua , YB karpal singh,
YB loke siew fook. YB jeff ooi
dalam bahasa melayu. alamat menyurat elektronik saya adalah

Anonymous said...

o-bummer... yes you are correct. it is part of the "ketuanan" racist mentality and aparthied-driven superiority of some so-called "bumiputera Melayus" to superimpose their racial chauvinism on to others.

if it was not so, non-chauvinistic Malays will stand up against such racial and cultural posturings.

imagine the hullabullo and outcry from the umno youth jihadists and their sympathesizers if the Chinese or Malays were to state that all official functions should represent the equal depiction of authentic cultural and ethnic attire of Malaysians.

would parliment tolerate the kadazan headgear, the chinese cheongsam or the Indian cultural attire for so-called official functions? why was there such an outcry over a Kadazan headgear and the accusation that it looked like a cross? where we all the so-called malay harmony and nationalism proponents then.

were their mouths sealed with sticky ketupat or was it simply a cases of my Melayu songkok is more superior than any of you "second-class" non-Melayu kafirs?

it is no secret that non-Malays have been at the receiving end of some of the most dastardly comments against their cultural practices and costumes and to their religious faiths.

if the magnititude of these vicious malice-driven verbal assaults were made against the Malays or muslims with equally venom i can gurantee that the jihad boys of umno would have executed them. and so we witness this sandiwara of so-called cultural revisionism and hegemony.

the issue is about respect. if Malays respect the cultural identity of other races in this country, they would not make such racist demands. it is a blatant act of ethnic superiority and such attacks has been condoned in the name of harmony and nationalism.

those who insist that songkok wearing has nothing to do with Malay culture or islam is both intellectually and morally dishonest. i suggest a quick education on why Malays adopted the songkok as part of their attire in the first place.

it is convenient to fool some of the people some of the time, but it takes a habitual liar to propagate deceit and cultural revisionism on a national scale.

as i have stated before, it is a blatant attack on the soverignity of one's race, culture and religous beliefs to insist that they wear attire that is intriscally part of another culture, ethnicity and religion.

after fifty years of independence, it is time to speak the truth without manufacturing convenient "taquiah".

Anonymous said...

This land belongs to the orang-orang asli, so no one can tell others to get out but only the orang-orang asli. Still complain so much? all should dress like orang asli then.

Anonymous said...


Kenapa kau tak persoalkan terus kenapa Sultan mesti dari orang Melayu, bukan Iban, bukan Kadazan, bukan Kelabit dan bukan Orang Asli negrito. Ternyata kalau dibaca dari kaca mata kau pasti akan kata tak adil kan.

Ini lah akibatnya kalau kau keep looking at the issue through a microscope, Cuba kau try guna telescope pula.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaaaaa... dont be so angry! You see, when those "goons" first chose the "fashion" to wear for parliament, they only EXPECTED the malays to be elected and to be represented, So the songkok got included in the fashion. Short sightedness. Later on, other races were elected. People start to "menghasut" here and there, we get this noise today. Dont know why the fuss, really. But if wearing songkok means showing loyalty, its a tad too much. Its not the hat.... its the heart.

Anonymous said...

To all those who enjoy spewing racist remarks over small matters, like a simple headgear called the songkok, can u pls apologise now that the DAP CEC has already clarified matters.It was reported in the STAR today that they had already decided since April 13 that they don't have problem with their SA's wearing songkok for official functions.

So apparently u racist people have been victims of the masterly spin by BN MSM to the extent that u showed yr basal racist instincts. Malaysia Baru mana ada future jika fikiran kita masih tak suci. Kalaupun orang DAP tidak mahu pakai songkok, ada banyak salahkah ? Apa kata jika mereka suka pakai serban satu hari macam Nik Aziz atau Hadi Awang ? Akankah kau bising dan minta mereka balik (ke mana kali ini - Arab Saudi ? Kuwait atau Afghanistan ?

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!!
Jika DAP rasa memakai songkok sekejap rasa tak selesa sebab rasa macam jadi Melayu, saya pula tak suka babi atau ladang babi di Malaysia kerana ia menjadikan saya Cina!!

Anonymous said...

aiyah, wearing a songkok wont make you KOKSONG lah !! dun eat satay & laksa lah , what a fuss ! @#$%^&*
( i am a chinese, so what !)
aina, BLESS u & family !

Anonymous said...

Everbody is wrong. DAP reject wearing songkok just because their conterpart PAS do not wear songkok. So they follow PAS way. PAS rules.