Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where's The Music?

I stand to be accused of being so petty. No matter.
Last Sunday, I wrote about how our community aerobics class at the Taman Lembah Kiara in Taman Tun Dr Ismail had been without the accompaniment of music for three consecutive Sundays.

To me, it was a failure on the part of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) because the Sunday aerobics class is part of its activities and it had been made aware of the power supply problem at the park.

There was no excuse on the part of DBKL for this "hiccup".

Anyway, after my posting, I did get a response and was made to understand that by the next aerobics class -- which was today -- there would be power supply.

I was looking forward to having music to accompany our aerobics today.

At first, it looked promising. Our instructor and his two assistants were already at the court by 8am. Soon a truck drove into the park and two guys took out a metal box which I assumed to be the equipment to be connected to the power box by the court.

Fifteen minutes later, it was clear that there was nothing they could do.

Now here, we would like to thank Sandra, one of our regulars, who brought with here a mini comp so that our instructor could play his disc.

So, we did have music but no thanks to City Hall.

It seems, our instructor was told earlier in the week that the power points had been repaired. But when the two guys plugged in the wires and turned on the power, nothing happened.

The Tai Chee instructor who runs his class just before ours managed to use the power box because he had the key to it. But he could not lend our instructor the key because it was locked into the lock and he needed to bring it back with him. I believe, for it to be returned to City Hall.

The Tai Chee instructor must have obtained permission to have the key. And yes, we do understand why he could not leave the key with our instructor because he was responsible for it.

The power box was the only other option but our instructor was not given a key to it, nor was there anyone from DBKL to assist.

The point is, the power points were supposed to have been repaired. But, obviously, were not.

So, what happened?

Oh, well. There's so much we can bark about.

Until next Sunday then!


Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

I had first read your opening sentence as `I stand accused of being so pretty.' Oops... wasn't my glasses ;-)

Anyway, keep barking at DBKL. If it doesn't work, then you can tell them to forget about structure plans and whatnot if they cannot repair a simple power point.

bayi said...

Do you think DBKL will call in JKR to quote a million or two ringgit for "the extensive repairs that will be needed"?

1. It will show that the damage was serious and that's why there will be no music for the next three to four months.

2. Every party will be happy. DBKL, JKR and the contractors will be laughing all the way to the b***. The aerobics enthusiasts will think that DBKL has gone to great lengths to attend to their problem.

3. DBKL will come out stinkin...I mean, smelling like roses for their people-centric action.

warrior2 said...

The point is why did the tai chi instructor got the key and your instructor didnt? It could be that your group or instructor didnt do anything to get the key



here's the the thing.
there was really no need for the key to the power box because the external power points were supposed to have already been repaired -- an assurance given to our aerobics instructor. it turned out the external power points weren't working.

the tai chi instructor must have known about the non-functioning external power points. But at what point and when, I can only guess.

he did not say from whom he obtained the key...only that he insisted on returning the key.
our instructor did say that he could return the key to the person in charge, but the tai chi instructor insisted on having the key back. i'm not sure if he disclosed the identity of the person from whom he obtained the key.

however, the week before last, the tai chi instructor was heard complaining that the "security guard" wanted payment for access to the key. however, i cannot confirm this.

Anonymous said...

Fat hope ! who ask you to vote PR !?