Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where is Nurin?

Nurin Jazlin, eight, went missing on Aug 20 after going to her neighbourhood pasar malam.
My heart goes out to her parents, Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistaman who are praying that their child is still alive.
I pray that she is alive and safe.
We all have children, nephews, nieces or/and younger siblings.
We know the pain Jazimin and Norazian are going through.

Her uncle, Jasni AJ, has set up a blog, nurinjazlin.blogspot.com which he says is "dedicated to our continuing search for Nurin Jazlin".
"It is hoped that by having this blog, it could reach out to a wider audience and hopefully someone would be able to let us know the whereabouts of the missing girl."

Let's do all we can to help find Nurin.......


Rockybru said...

I can't imagine how remuk the parents' hearts are right now. Their baby has been missing for nearly a month! And the horrific news about the discovery of a 9-yr old's body in a bag yesterday. What's going on? What's happening?

I take my kids out almost every day, sometimes to the shopping mall, other times to the play ground. Once in a while, it's the pool or the cafe. These are safe places and yet I feel they are not safe enough for the kids. Call me paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Everything else I leave to the Almighty.

Anonymous said...


I pray that this sweet little girl will be found soon...that some kind soul is taking care of her.

My heart goes to the parents. Can just imagine the agony they're going through.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Ku, please keep her safe. Amin.

Kak Teh said...

ena, my heart goes out to the parents. Dari jauh, kami turut berdoa untuk keselamatan Nurin dan agar Nurin dihantar kembali kepada ibu bapanya dalam keadaan selamat. Her poster will permanently feature in my blog until she is found. Insyaallah.

Anonymous said...

As a parent I feel the pain the parents are going thru right now. I for one honestly don't know how I will handle if this was to happen to me.
But it also makes me wonder why was this little girl allowed to go pasar malam on her own? Where were the parents? I ask my self over and over again these questions? Why ? Why? I can't understand how can a 8 year old girl go out at night/evening on her own!
I have a neighbour who allows her young daughter to wonder on her own and the Mum said to me that God will look after her daughter and I should also trust in GOD and also let my child have the freedom of playing in the park on her own. My reply was if there is danger around why should I invite it? A child is gift from GOD and my job is to ensure what has been entrusted upon me is looked after with great care and love. Since then neigbour doesn't talk to me anymore:(
We are responsible for the young ones no matter what the excuses are.


Anonymous said...

We cannot blame the distraught parents at this point. There are children snatched from underneath their parents noses when they looked away for only a minute at malls, etc. I hate to say this but all the perpetrators are men. So to each and every mother out there - for god's sake, bring up your sons to be good, caring and kind men!!! Don't bring more monsters into this world!!

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please return Nurin Jazrin to her parents safely and speedily. Amin, Amin.

Sedey lah Kak Ena benda2 macam nih...very emotinally restraining...

Shanghai Fish said...

Crimes againgst children has come to a horrific and frightening everyday occurance in this country, after reading about that little angel in the sports bag my dear !!
Everyday you read about bodies found in drains,in burnt-out cars in some remote estate !And this is not the Malaysia I know or grew up in !!!!What are the authorities doing about it ??And I'm tired of hearing the same bullshit excuse they give and always end up saying"this is an isolated case..blah,blah,blah..."!
This is crap my dear !Can we change the government and demand our safety and that of our kids and neighbourhood ???
Sheeesh....shame on this authorities ! I'm very up-set after reading about that angel in a sports bag !

Anonymous said...

Dear Ena and fellow visitors,

I get the impression that so many kids are lost and/or are abducted and victimized in Malaysia recently. What is happening to our country?

I add my prayers to little Nurin's safe return.

This firms my resolve even more not to procreate. Something like this just tears at your guts. Can't imagine the anguish of the parents.

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to imagine what Nurin's parents must be going through right now. I pray for the safe return of little Nurin to her parents.