Saturday, September 29, 2007

Police Arrest Five People in Nurin Murder Probe


Police have arrested a fifth suspect, a 23 year-old woman believed to be a foreign national.

She was picked up at midnight (Friday, Sept 28) at a Ramadan Bazaar in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan where she worked as a sales assistant in clothes stall.

She is said to have been responsibble for feeding Nurin Jazlin during the period the child was held captive between the time she disappeared on Aug 20 near her home in Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur, and her body was found s
aID Director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee confirmed the arrest of the wtuffed in a gym/sports bag on Sept 17.

Read the Bernama story here.

My earlier posting:

With the good news, comes the bad.

According to Bernama, police have arreste
d five people, one of them a woman, in separate raids in Shah Alam Friday night to assist them in their probe into *Nurin Jazlin's murder.
Quoting Bukit Aman CID Director Christopher Wan Soo Kee, it said besides the arrests of the five, aged between 27 and 33 years, the police also seized two cars and five mobile phones.

This is good news because we are hopeful that these suspects could lead the police to the killer(s).

Now, the bad news.
It seems that Nurin's brutal murder could be linked to a child pornographic ring..
The NST has the story here.

Now that is so disturbing. I hope investigations prove this to be wrong and untrue.
This was Pasquale's fear. I hope his fear is baseless.

Whatever it is, let's hope the police get the real killer(s) real soon.

*In case you're been hibernating in a cave somewhere the past month or so, let me run this through: Eight year-old Nurin never returned home after she went to her neighbourhood pasar malam in Section 1, Wangsa Maju in Setapak on Aug 20.
On Sept 17, her body was found stuffed in a sports bag in Petaling Utama.


zaitgha said...


I hope the police will do a very thorough investigation....pray it wont be true but if it was, our worries for the children wont end...

may Allah bless us all...

Anonymous said...

It is clear the killers are sick paedophiles, from the reports on how the body was found.And child pornography too??...right at our doorsteps....
Ya Allah...apa nak jadi kaum kite ni..
Istighfar banyak2 la ye..


zai: Let's hope they do that....I hope Allah loves us all...

Wak Segen: Why did I think that the perpetrators were Malays After Nurin was found? I don't know. I thought it was a hunch but it must be a lot of stuff I have come across, in my life as a reporter, in the deep recesses of my mind.

Incest, rape, ....

Azian hasan said...

Kak Ena,
After reading the NSt report, now I panic.
Just came back from One Utama with Mior and the girls... its no fun at all as Mior and I was more busy holding the girls' hands (and irritate them no end) rather then shopping for Raya. Last2 balik jer without accomplish the mission. Now everybody in bad mood.



Oh, I know what you mean. We all get to be paranoid.
I as there at 1-Utama this afternoon. So many people -- parents with kids.
I can imagine their paranoia following Nurin's case.

How sad that we no longer trust our own environment.

I tink kids, like Nurin, from where she came from and grew up, learnt to become confident very fast because she had no choice.
That's why I get angry when people shift the blame, the focus and start criminalising parents becasue there are thousands of parents in the same situation as Jazimin and Norazian (Nurin's parents).

It is is for peoplewith privileged background to judge others.

what is immediate, because we know that there are many other kids like Nurin, is to offer guidelines to parents and children about safety outside the home.

and then devise a safety system to save abducted kids, because, Azian, Nurin's case is not the last.


sorry, ya. ada banyak typo errors in my earlier comment.

"i WAS there at 1 -Utama this afternoon..."

"I THINK kids like Nurin...."

"It is always EASY for people with privileged background..."

sorry, ya... dah ngantok.

Anonymous said...

Sorry lah - it has nothing to do with a privileged background. It has to do with common sense.

You let your kids go play at the neighbourhood playground is one thing. To let them go to a pasar malam? Where there are so many people milling around that you cannot even hold hands with your kids without some difficulty?

Please - stop blaming society, the police, the government, ... everyone but the parents - who let her go out alone - at night - to a place where all kinds of people are attracted.


anon#2:21: like i said it's easy for us - privileged or not - to d judge norazian for being so careless.

she was not careless.
as i have said, where nurin was raised, at 8 year-old, they are pretty much allowed to do many things, including going to the shops, and the familiar pasar malam.

the neighbourhood pasar malam is a pasar malam where the neighbourhood kids -- the older looking out for the younger ones visit and , yes, maybe hang out.
to you it maybe a dangerous place.. to them, because the pasar malam is there in their neighbourhood is just another place.
nurin's mother, was not careless. in retrospect, perhapss, we can all say she was.
i have seen kids roam around pasar malam because, i believe, they grew up in an environment where they become confident fast.

hey...please-lah.. i am sure the parents have taken the responsibility and the blame.
and please-lah, in such a case, everyone is to be blamed... society and yes, the police.

no one is blaming the government. but will the government stop conveniently blaming, nay, criminalising parents!

wanshana said...

Ayah and I had the same hunch about the perpetrators, too, K.Ena... Don't know why. I guess the same reason as yours.

It was bad enough to think that there was ONE sick psycho bastard responsible for Nurin's brutal murder, but FIVE?!!! (if those arrested REALLY were involved, that is).

And if they WERE responsible, and if it is true what they say about the paedophile ring, there surely will be more of them out there.

And if they WERE the responsible bastards, I pray to God that the police had followed ALL proper procedures in their investigations, and in apprehending and arresting them.

The last thing we want is for these animals to walk free due to some technical or procedural non-adherence or errors made by the police.



if these guys are the culprits/perpetrators and they get away because of some technical hitch, then i hope they will get away because justice will be served outside the court or jail.

then, i shall tell tham to pray hard for Allah's protection against those out to get their blood. so they'd better pray that there'd be no technical hitch becos they're safer in remand than outside.

and if they do go on trial, and found guilty but no execution, then, jail time will be a mighty fine time for them.....i hear even convicts don't like child murderers.

Rockybru said...

I too hope Pasquale was wrong with his theory of snuff movies. But it's something the cops can't overlook and it's something we all need to tell ourselves is possible. People do evil things for money. And then they do more evil things for power.

Despite the arrests (they got another one today -- the one who swallowed the Sim card), I am no longer that optimistic about the ability of the cops, though. First they took four days (after the missing person report was lodged by Nurin's parents) to start investigating. They wasted considerable time invesigating the parents and relatives of Nurin's, searching their homes for the girl! Then the series of statements by the IGP -- we are close to arresting the culprit and the intent to charge the parents for negligence. They our police force brought in the FBI (the first time ever that our cops had engaged the Americans to help with a case).

You know what I mean.