Thursday, September 13, 2007

And Dr M's Walking About....

Oh...I love good news.
First I heard that Khairy and Nori are now proud parents.

At IJN, Bernama has an update on our former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is recovering from a second coronary bypass operation.

Here's the story:

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, recovering from a heart bypass operation, was Thursday (Sept 13) transferred to the Bunga Raya Ward from the Intensive Care Unit of the National Heart Institute (IJN).
The former prime minister is now able to walk unaided, is consuming normal diet and is doing more vigorous chest and mobility exercises, the IJN said in a statement.
It said Dr Mahathir was moved to the normal ward at 11am but visitation remains limited to only immediate family members.
The IJN noted that nine days into his post-bypass surgery, doctors were happy that the 81-year-old former prime minister had made good progress while in the ICU.
Dr Mahathir successfully underwent his second coronary bypass surgery on Sept 4. His first was on Jan 24, 1989 following a heart attack.


zaitgha said...


Who doesnt love good news, i do too...very happy to know that hes progressing really well...

how the first day of puasa?



Dr M is something else....

first day puasa was good. the weather was nice today... mendung sikit. cool..

what about you, zai?
masak apa?

Dancy said...

Assalammualaikum .

Great to hear the news that Dr M is up and about .......

Wishing you " Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan yang mulia...bulan yang penuh keberkatan "

My family's first Ramadhan up north ever since we shifted from Borneo Island .

Your previous blog had touched on raya cards ......can I send you one ?

Pak Zawi said...

Dr. Mahathir is an epitome of a healthy man who doesnt abuse his body by drinking or smoking which is something normally done by a man of his position. The generally healthy body helped him through with the many heart operations.
I wish for his immediate recovery.

The Pisces Man said...

Salam... Selamat berpuasa to you and your family...

Good that Dr M survived his second bypass..

Good that a baby Ramadhan was born yesterday..

But a bit sad that our fellow Muslims were tested with another strong earthquake...

The Pisces Man said...

Oh, yes I go by a different name nowaday and with a different blog name. Not to hide anything, just to give some fresh looks on things..

I used to visit your blog often, but it's been a while... Salam.



Dancy: Thank You. And hope you have a good stay up north.
Have a blessed Ramadhan!
And of course you can send me Hari raya card. Will be an E-card or a card-in-an-enveloped-and-posted-to-me?

Zawi: Insyallah....I am also hopeful for his speedy recovery.

Pisces Man: the earthquake in sumatera is sad news.
Hope it doesnt get any worse.
nice to see you visiting...
selamat berpuasa.

Rockybru said...

according to the IJN statement, visits have to be strictly controlled for fear of post-op infections.

i think the real reason is the doctors don't want certain people to be allowed to visit dr mahathir for fear of working up the former pm and affecting his progress.

the last time he was at the ijn, even kj tried to see him, did you all know?

and when johari baharom told the press that he had seen dr Mahathir's family, he wasn't lying .. he actually "saw" them from afar. the family ignored him!!


let's hope they keep some nasties away from Dr M.

They've treated him so badly...and they want to see him? what for?

the witch's broo said...

the BEST PM Malaysia ever had! So don't pretend he was not!

Anonymous said...

Nuraina: They've treated him so badly...and they want to see him? what for?

Photo Ops!

Tulah, harap2 para perawat DR M bukan saja tidak menggalakkan pelawat2 yg boleh membawa kuman, tetapi juga ahli2 UMNO yang tak boleh tidak mesti bawa KOMAN.

Anonymous said...

selamat menjalani ibadah puasa..


mekyam: hahaa... memang ramai yang bawa koman.

witch: hear hear.

yginsaf: terima kasih..kepada anda jua.