Saturday, September 08, 2007

Multi-faith Doa Selamat for Dr M

Multi-faith prayers will be held for Dr Mahathir Mohamad from 7pm tomorrow (Sunday Sept 9) at Bloghouse 66 Lorong Setiabistari 2, Bukit Damansara.
Marina Mahathir is organising the event so that non-Muslims can hold prayers for her father who is recuperating from a second coronary bypass operation.

Last evening, Dr Mahathir's family held a reading of the Yassin, a doa selamat and solat hajat the Federal Territory Mosque at Jalan Duta.
Marina felt that as non-Muslim well-wishers were not able to join in last evening's prayers at the mosque, a multi-faith session would allow them to hold their prayers.
According to Marina, so far, Archbishop Murphy Packiam representing the Christian community and His Holiness Swami Samyam Ananda representing the Hindu community have confirmed they will recite their respective prayers.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf will lead Maghrib prayers at 7.15pm.
At 7.30pm, representatives of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Baha'i faiths will begin taking turns to lead their prayers.
Dinner will be served at 8.15pm.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

This truly is a heart-warming gesture. I am sure there are many non-Muslim well-wishers who would like the opportunity to hold prayers for Dr M, and I am glad the Bloghouse, the symbol of racial unity (in my opinion), has been chosen as the venue for this Multi-Faith Prayer Service. Although I can't be there to say my Christian prayer for Dr M, my thoughts will be with you all.


Dearest Sesat,

it is really great, i know.

thank you...

J.T. said...

Now, that's a great and heart-warming gesture. Truly muhibbah. The Malaysia I remember that includes all races and religions. I may not be there but Dr M is in my thoughts and prayers.

Blabarella said...

That's very commendable. Malaysians should come together like this, it's wonderful.