Saturday, September 22, 2007

Passing The Buck......

I don't know about you but I think trying to make a case against Nurin Jazlin's parents is really going too too too far. Taking this blame game, if ever there is one, way too far.
That's what the Inspector-General of Police is doing right now.
He said Nurin's parents can be charged for negligence under the Child Protection Act.
Yes.... I am very very sure that they very well can be.
Heck.... why don't we just stack the full force of the law against them. Let's punish Nurin's parents, why don't we, because they deserved to be punished!

That can be done.
But should it be?

Here's the mSTAR online story:

PUTRAJAYA: Baru beberapa jam selesai mengkebumikan jenazah anak mereka yang meninggal dunia akibat deraan seksual, Jazimin Abdul Jalil dan isterinya Norazian Bistaman kini menghadapi kemungkinan didakwa kerana cuai.

Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan berkata polis kini sedang menyiapkan laporan kes berkenaan dan jika mendapati terdapat elemen cuai sehingga menjurus kepada penculikan Nurin Jazlin, ibu bapa mangsa boleh diambil tindakan undang-undang bawah Akta Perlindungan Kanak-kanak.

“Jika ada kecuaian, kita akan cadangkan kepada Peguam Negara agar tindakan undang-undang diambil ke atas mereka,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri mesyuarat Suruhanjaya Polis yang dipengerusikan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri hari ini.

Musa berkata, peruntukan undang-undang terhadap ibu bapa yang cuai menjaga keselamatan anak mereka telah lama wujud, tetapi belum pernah dikuatkuasakan selama ini.

“Saya rasa sudah sampai masanya untuk kita kuatkuasakan peruntukan itu,” tambahnya.

Beliau juga berkata polis telah membatalkan rancangan mengadakan ujian DNA kali kedua setelah ibu bapa Nurin menerima keputusan ujian pertama semalam yang mengesahkan mayat di dalam beg sukan yang ditemui di Petaling Jaya pada Isnin lalu adalah anak mereka yang hilang selama sebulan.

Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistaman have suffered enough. And are coming to terms and dealing with the brutal murder of their eight year-old child.
They are grieving. Nurin is not coming back.
Yes, we all at some point after Nurin's disappearance must have wondered how and why she was allowed out on her own.
Perhaps a little angry with her parents.
But we stopped short of whacking them for being negligent because we know what they must be going through.

What is the point of taking court action against Jazimin and Norazian? To send a message to parents? To society?


Why don't we ask whether there was any effort at all by the police to investigate her disappearance?

Now, if you see any child walking to school unaccompanied, stop him/her and ask where his/her parents are, who they are and then we can take the child to the police station and lodge a report of negligence against his/her parents.
After all, that can be done.

I think the IGP has shown a total lack of compassion and decency. Just because you can throw the book on them does not mean you should.
I hope the Attorney-General will throw out the police recommendation to charge Nurin's parents in court for negligence.
It is an outrage.

What is wrong with us?

So, can we take action against anyone for being negligent in investigating Nurin's disappearance?

Meanwhile, can we go hunt for the killer(s)? Please?


WY said...

When i read news like that, my heart break, and my eyes tear up. Why is it that I am living in a country where its leaders are as dumb as asses, and yet they re there!?

Is there no more rational, compassionate, intelligent people out there anymore>

Thanks for highlighting this.

I think we can sue so many people for negligence too.

Anonymous said...

the police are almost always around at places like public parks especially at night..... but rarely do you see them doing rounds to prevent snatch thieves etc etc and more awful crimes like what happened to Nurin

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Salam Kak Aina,

In BolehLand, The passing of the buck will only stop when there is a scape goat.

Hope to meet you if Bro Rocky organize the All-Blogs Raya open house :)

Selamat menunaikan Ibadat Puasa Kak.


Berita dari gunung said...

Putting emotion aside, of course what IGP said was totally right. But the timing was bad. Poor judgment.

I hope none of us say similar comment after hugging a crying mother..

I hope hypermart will keep making announcement of lost child in their shopping complex before sending the kid to the nearest police station.

Rockybru said...

If the IGP is really compiling a report on the possibility of charging Nurin's parents for negligence, he is nuts and we are a society that is getting sicker by the day.

Haven't the parents been meted out the ultimate punishment for their so-called negligence? They lost their baby, Musa. Their girl did not JUST die, she died a horrible death. That is not good enough a punishment, eh? The government must charge the parents so that they can be thrown behind bars as they are going to be a danger to their two other kids.


I suggest the IGP go and do some serious soul-searching. Forget trying to suck up to politicians, forget trying to score points. Like http://mindacergas.wordpress said in his posting, the A-G should be suing the Prime Minister for negligence if we apply the IGP's simpleton logic.

Let Nurin's parents grief properly and let Malaysians mourn, Mr IGP.

If you feel guilty about not having done the minimum to find the girl and 16 others still missing, deal with it on your own or with your men. Set up 10 special tasks if you must, but go and do what you are paid to do. Find the beasts that killed Nurin.

Anonymous said...

Read Rocky Bru's ... the Women and Family Minister Sharihzat Jalil has vowed that this will never happened again.

Well, I am not sure what she means by "this". Is it that a crime like Nurin will never happened again or is it that her ministery will not be reluctant to act against parents?

Whatever, she is also like her IGP --- passing the buck.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo. Bodooooooooooh nyer.

Anonymous said...


Agree with you. Bloody insensitive of the IGP. And a real moron!

Shouldnt finding Nurin's murderer be his priority? Why is he looklng for a scapegoat?

Bodoh! Bodoh! Bodoh!

Bailey said...

this is cruel. period.

daripada IGP sibuk-sibuk nak charged Nurin's parents under children's protection act, he should focus more to hunt the culprit(s).

Anonymous said...

Uurgggggggggh! Am just bloody angry!

IBU said...


Isn't letting the kidnapper roaming free after series of similar horrifying tragedies a GROSS(ER) NEGLIGENCE on the part of those who is supposed to protect the public?

Anonymous said...

check this out ..

what the boy is doing with this gay guy??

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell!

Anybody knows how close their flat to that "pasar malam"?. Its like 5 if not 3 minutes away.

Right. Go build up your case for negligence.

Anonymous said...

Apa kata kita saman polis kerana gagal menjaga keselamatn nyawa dan harta rakyat negara ini ?? kerana itu merupakan salah satu tugas yang diamanahkan ke atas mereka !!!

Anonymous said...

Ibu said: Isn't letting the kidnapper roaming free after series of similar horrifying tragedies a GROSS(ER) NEGLIGENCE ...


Can the public put up a petition citing the police of GROSS Neligence?

Nurin was missing for almost amonth yet the police failed to find her!

The IGP is in DEFENSIVE MODE!! He is on a guilt trip.

Like bro Rocky said: "If you feel guilty about not having done the minimum to find the girl and 16 others still missing, deal with it on your own or with your men..."

Pi Bani said...

I agree there was negligence on the part of Nurin's parents, but with the brutal murder of their daughter, they have been more than punished la IGP oooii...

Akai ada ka?

wanshana said...

Just leave her parents and family alone. Just leave them alone to grieve. What more horrible punishment could there be for them than losing a child through such a gruesome death?

They have suffered enough, they have been punished way beyond any other punishments one could think of.

If the authorities are going ahead with pressing charges against her parents, all I can say is - they are heartless people who are no better than the heartless beast(s) who took Nurin's life...

Just get the killer(s). Don't bring him/her/them to trial as he would probably be deemed be mentally sick and not fit to stand trial anyway. Just feed him to the lions - or better still, give him to the public. We know what to do with him...

Anonymous said...

Mr IGP, your statement is sick, my heart is broken. Is that a proper way to prevent crime like this? Do you watch your children 24x7? I mean your children never left your sight for even a second? Would there be a chance your child is alone and there is a posibility some beast will do the same thing to your child? It could happen to anyone. Nurin was unlucky to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all. Please do not blame the parents! They are innocence as anyone of us. That act is stupid, we humans should have the brains to decide what's is sick and what's not sick to do.

Just out of my curiosity Mr IGP. If you were to plan out your workforce, one team to hunt down all negligence parents, another to hunt down the killers, how would you divide the work force? 50:50? 30:70?

Anonymous said...

Missing and murdered kids are a blot on the nation’s conscience. Can’t blame Sharizat and Musa (soon the whole benighted Malaysian crop of politicians will be chiming in, mark my words) for wanting to come down hard on parents now. It’s a directive right from the top. Dollah has woken up and told them to get cracking. He has heard what has been happening to our kids. God knows he doesn’t want the same fate to befall his 10 kids from his Jamnapari goats.

Anonymous said...

To Shahrizat and the IGP,

What will happen to Nurin's sisters if her parents are jailed???

This is an average family. A taxi driver need to work to feed his children. Don't expect them to eye their kids 24 hours every day.

They are unlike those rich people who lives in a gated community with bodyguards guarding their kids everywhere they go.

What are the police for if not to protect the citizens.

To quote Nazri Aziz... "Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh, bodoh and bodoh."

Anonymous said...

Firstly, my utmost condolence to Nurin's parents. Indeed it is a tragedy. After reading almost all of the posts here, it seems that everyone disagrees with the comments made by the IGP. I however agrees with berita dari gunung...maybe the timing is not right. But then again when is the right timing to actually set an example to other parents in this situation? Everyone has its own responsibility in society. And so does Nurin's mother. As a parent, the time that she let her daughter go out at night w/o any adult supervision, in my view, is a blatant act of irresposibility. And the fact that this was not the first time that Nurin and her sibling were left out at night alone indicates to me that she failed as a responsible mother and failed herself in society. Thus, I can't blame IGP or Dato' Shahrizat's remark. If parents and society were to be more responsible, then, there would not be a rise in teenage delinquents let alone missing children.

Anonymous said...

let's hope the A-G has better sense. Personally I don't think the charge will stick.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I may not agree with parents who let their 8 or 10 or even 12 yr old to go out at night alone but i agree with some of the other commenter tht the timing is wrong.

Wht they(authority) shud do first is educate the parents/caretaker on wht-to-do when a child goes missing. They shud adopt the Amber Alert whc means tht a child is missing. And report has to be made immediately, not 2-3 days later. Not even 12hrs after they go missing. An its NOT ok to let ur kids go around even to the pasar malam down ur flat alone. Change this kinda attitude. There's pervert no matter where u live and thts a fact.

Other readers shud also kno tht here in the US, parents are looked at 1st when something happen to the kid/s. U leave ur kid in the car unsupervised, ul get sued for negligence even if ur not american and are here on vacation.

We all must do something to prevent such thing fr happening again.

Parents, stop this tak-apa thinking and inform the authority immediately.

Ppl who 'sees' the kidnapping, if u cant stop it, report to the authority immediately. Dont wait 2 weeks after it happens and than expect the police to catch the culprit, wake up! First 48hrs are crucial. After tht, expect dead bodies and thts a reality.

Police, adopt the Amber alert system and start working faster.

Anonymous said...

This is not passing the buck, this is being a collosal heartless jerk!

May he and those so quick to cast aspersion on Nurin's poor parents never have to go through the horror they suffered.

Unknown said...

Unless he knows something that we don't, the IGP was utterly stupid to make that statement.

Even if he wants to scream out a statement to parents, he should know better that it was not the right place or time unless of course he wanted to take the people off course and debate about this while distracting them from something else.

Anyway, if the parents are not directly involved in Nurin's death, don't you think they have paid a heavy enough penalty for their negligence? It's like being sentenced twice for one offence.

Stop talking nonsense and get cracking. We want the culprit/s apprehended both for the memory of Adik Nurin and for our children's own safety.

Muhammad Nizam Awang said...

Child Act 2001 has effective date in force since 2004. I need everyboy to consider this:

a) Why Nurin's case should be the landmark whilst missing children issues has been higlighted for so many times?

b) Of course there is a right to prosecute the parents @ guardian based on the black letter law, but I would propose the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to issue proper guidelines about child care. And does not stop there, the next question is the level of security in public. Has the police donea good monitoring? Would the parents be burden to 'tightly' hold their children's hands at any times? We got to sit and discuss about this. It is not just a matter of law.

c) This is not a matter of law enforcement, but to create awareness of law in the society. If we were really to enforce, I would propose government to spread the message through campaign. We can do so for enviromental pollution @ in commemorating national independence, why not the same things done here? Perhaps we could initiate something about missing children campaign.

BaganSPU said...


TDM berkata:"Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi". Kini pagar nak makan luar dari pagaran.

Mutation telah menjadi.

Alliedmartster said...

such is the response one would expect from those in power today.
the IGP would rather eecommend the investigation of negligence by the poor parents rather than act on police reports of the port klang fiasco!
Better to go after easier targets than the puppet masters!
malaysia boleh! iGP lagi boleh!

Anonymous said...

I agree, parent cuai, leave anak jalan kaki for 1/2km alone to pasar malam? will u do that? The parent should be charged & be example to other.
Peruntukan undang2 mmg dah ada, it a matter of enforcement, that why in Mal's, many parents take this thing for granted. But I would also recommend education to parent esp. parent to be like giving proper info that they can be charged if eg. like the case of 2 children burned when the mother left her 4yrs old son taking care of her baby etc.

11:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Point the blame to someone else??!!! TaiChi habits..!!! Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

I hope that before nurin’s parents being charge for negligence, they will first charge the police for negligence; failing to keep the street safe, failing to act promptly to find Nurin, failing to keep the girl alive, failing to catch the crimimals that have been terrorizing the rakyat; failing to end their friendship with the lords of the underworld

Anonymous said...

If only the same tragedy befalls the IGP's family. I don't even like his face. Now he is exactly like the beast who did it Nurin.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri IGP berdosa besar hari ini. Ramai orang batal puasa agaknya sebab terlalu amat marah dengan cadangan Tan Sri.
Ramai yang maki-hamun, caci-cerca Tan Sri sebab keanguhan Tan Sri sendiri.
Tok sah lah sial sangat, IGP. Pergi cari binatang yang kerjakan Nurin sampai begitu.
Kalau tak boleh buat kerja dengan baik, jangan berbohong dan jangan cuba lagak macam awak tu ahli politik atau seorang Menteri.

Bagai Kata Tak Nak, kalau ibubapa Nurin tak terlibat secara langsung, biarlah mereka berenang airmata mencari tepian. Kalau boleh, kita bantu dengan kaunseling, kurangkan beban emosi mereka.

Jangan buat kerja tak elok ni IGP. Saya doakan Allah buka mata dan hati Tan Sri.

Anonymous said...

We really do have to hand it to them when it comes to passing the buck, diverting public scrutiny and outcry away from themselves, or getting their priorities all screwed up. The follies of the poli- (ce, ticians) never fail to amaze and amuse me.

As you rightly put it:
"Meanwhile, can we go hunt for the killer(s)? Please?".
This is also a timely reminder to those in uniform or in power that this/these demented killer(s) is/are still on the loose and on the prowl.

For Heaven’s Sake, go find the killer(s) and leave the parents alone to mourn the tragic loss of their little girl. They have been punished enough!

Iron Butterfly said...

If he thinks it is to set an example to other parents, the death of the poor little girl is more than an example.

Parents everywhere are now paranoid, after this case they all are being more careful from now on. They(Jazimin and wife) have paid far beyond a thinkable punishment having had their daughter die this way.

I'm sure IF the POLICE had WORK HARD ENOUGH and actually manage to find her, her parents will accept doing some jail time for negligence as long as they have their daughter back.

Mr IGP, the girl was alive merely 6-8 hours before her body was found. WHERE WERE YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE? She was alive for almost ONE BLOODY MONTH when she was lost and YOU & YOUR PEOPLE are the ones who are actually NEGLIGENT in doing YOUR JOB to pull all the resources to look for her.

You must have adopted the sikap "oh another kid missing, now there's 16 of them.." then tak berusaha keras pon to cari them kan?

If they sue the parents, I'm sure many lawyers will offer to help them counter-sue the police for NOT DOING ENOUGH EFFORT to find her. You got almost a month before she died Sir. Too busy policing the blogs and net, hey?

Anonymous said...

Gila .... mereka sudah kehilanag anak ... hendak didakwa. mana ibu-bapa yang mahu ini berlaku dengan sengaja kecuali ibu-bapa yang juga gila. Fokus untuk mencari yang membunuh bukan menganiaya mereka yang telah jadi magsa.

Hi&Lo said...

Don't blame the parents. Things happened. Where's the police humanity?

Polis, don't waste any more time. Go get the real killer(s).

Polis supposed to protect the weak. If crimes happened and victims are at fault, then what for we need the police force.

Mat Salo said...

Yes I agree, Kak Ena. Instead of concentrating on the parents, better to put the effort on looking for that "beast".

Her parents had earlier “identified” the body in the bag as not their beloved Nurin, their missing daughter.

But the DNA results had said otherwise.

This echoed the same reactions of a victim's father in Kg. Kerinchi had made, whose daughter was the victim of a violent rape and strangulation a few months ago; the body found in a cheap rumah tumpangan somewhere in KL. The arwah, a Kolej Islam student near Gombak apparently had met a stanger at a pasar malam (!), and was never seen alive since.

Her father upon being asked to identify her at the mortuary, also denied that it was his daughter. It was only after DNA testing that he felt “forced” to accept that the naked and battered creature was indeed his daughter.

This is the real tragedy, the horror, Kak Ena. When the rational mind refuses to accept the truth…

This makes me sadder still. If you believe in soul, can you imagine what Nurin’s "soul" felt like when her father denied that it was her in that morgue? Sometimes better to believe that her blessed soul had already gone on to Heaven and not suffer further indignities….

As a parent, I feel sorry for parents who lost children in a violent way. Let’s pray for God’s protection that our own families will be spared such tragedy…

Anonymous said...

The IGP is suffering from "Foot in Mouth" disease rampant among our public figures when a tragedy hits us. Who made those in high positions holier than thou? We are all humans. Whatever the lapse in judgment of Nurin's parents, this could have happened to anybody's child. While we watch Nurin's burial, our tears flow just as fast as those of her heartbroken parents. Tuan IGP, spare a thought for this taxi driver struggling to support his family. How much more blows can the man take before he breaksdown completely? Maybe if your family live in a cramped flat in Wangsa Maju you might not be so quick to put your foot in your mouth.

travicjams said...

It must be (at least) nice for the police to be SEEN to be doing something! If they can't get the victimiser/s, victimise the victims instead! Bravo TS IGP!! For peace sake, GET REAL! Go for the REAL CRIMINALS PPLLEEAASSEE!!!

Berita dari gunung said...

Selepas mengikuti beberapa peristiwa terlepas cakap atau tersilap sedut cakap atau tersilap soal dan jawab, saya mengakui bahawa orang yang paling beruntung dalam media utama tidak lain dan tidak bukan dari KS Walia.

Walia boleh kata apa saja, sedut peribahasa mana pun, boleh selongkar kain siapa pun dan kita masih bersabar menunggu esuk hari untuk mengetahui siapa empunya kain yang diselak dan jawapannya.

Walia adalah lebah dengan sengat berbisa dan kita masih mampu ketawa dan terhibur. Cuma dicelah-celah drama dan peribahasa itu, ada yang tersengat. Seperti biasa, TIME WILL HEAL.

Nuraina, bukan untuk mengalih isu tapi sekadar mengubah persepsi.

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Ena,
I was very disturbed (and mad as hell) when I saw the IGP (dgn muka baguih dia) during that press conference on TV3 yesterday. Watching the funeral last night moved both Yan and I to tears and our heart simply went out to the parents (we parents should know kan).
Malaysia oh Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the statement coming out from a man who is suppose to have a good moral standing, a son of Tok Guru Al-Qur'an ........

Anonymous said...

Contoh kebodohan yang tak terhingga...aihhh...

Anonymous said...

Nurin, yes but aren't we falling for the official spinning of the nation from the real issues. Aren't the Mongolian's life not worth any mention by YAB ...

Negligence, because PDRM looks the worst in this whole affair!

Anonymous said...

NEGLIGENCE, lickin' their wound ..

Anonymous said...

I think if they want to go after negligent parent, why keep quiet on the Senior Minister's son who created a ruckus and also involving murder in Klang Valley some year back?

Cakap tak serupa bikin....

Anonymous said...

is this IGP's real name is really Musa, not Ramses?

delara said...

Dear nuraina,

There's a lot of anger, frustration and sadness going around with regards to what happened to Nurin. Everybody has their own opinion on her parents, the society, IGP and Shahrizat...some are logical, practical, some are insane and some are totally useless. But my humble opinion is this, there is not one victim here...

I had a personal experience with being "abducted"...well...almost. I was maybe 4 or 5 years of age (I could remember the incident vaguely) and my brother was only about 2 or 3 years younger. We were playing with our tricycle in the corridors of our one bedroom flat, one of the infamous block apartments used to be called Pekeliling Flats near the Jalan Pahang roundabout. I guess my mother was in our house busy with her daily chores and left us on our own. Probably to her, it was just like any other days in her life at that time, let the children out to play while she continued her work, and looked on the children from time to time. Heck, all the mothers from the area did the same things day in day out...and we were in flats rented out to the police force, so I suppose my mother felt we were quite safe and this was in the early 70s, as long as we didn't venture downstairs etc. which we were always warned not to religiously...

Anyway, after a while my brother came home...ALONE tugging the mother asked him, "mana akak?" (where's your (big)sister?) He said, "akak hilang..." (she's not here)well...what do you expect, he was 2, he had very limited mother was immediately alarmed, i've been known to be extra friendly even with strangers...she ran out, trying to see if I was somewhere in the flat, she couldn't see me at the stairwells...she then went to a neigbour's corner apartment and looked down (we were on the 8th floor) and then she saw me... with a woman...she ran all the way down (I couldn't imagine what my mother felt at that time...) and managed to catch the woman and me in a nick of time!!!

She asked the woman, what was she trying to do with me...the woman told her, she wanted to have a baby sister to play with since she didn't have any...she'd returned me later. My mother scolded her and took me away, she knew it's all BS...i had some jewelleries on me, not much...a thin necklace, bracelet...(that is one culture I like the malays to do without, decking little girls in jewelleries, because I believe most perpetrators are opportunists...), she must had eyed them...imagine what would have happen to me, if the woman had gotten away with it...

But that incident never deterred my mother from ever asking me, or my brothers to go the shops or markets alone...I used to wait for our regular grocery shop to open at 7 am to buy stuff for breakfast! Of course I was a little older (yeah...6) and maybe a little wiser...I walked to school alone which was a quarter of mile away, through stretches of abandoned goverment quarters, tunnels... for 2 years (my mother showed me the way once or twice)until my brother was old enough to join me...of course there were other kids doing the same thing...

The things are, what could she do...or any parents in her position do. We were from low income families. We lived in a small one bedroom apartment. Have you tried staying in the same room with boisterous kids for more than 1 hour!!! Yeah, you go crazy man... Maybe somebody would point out, she could wait out with then, who would cook for us, wash our clothes (a household with 2 adults and 2 small kids, that's a lot of wash!!!...we didn't have automatic washer then), clean the house...was she such a bad parent? Can you imagine if she was punished for negligence, sent to jail for example...what would happpened to us kids???

So yeah I agree whole heartedly with a blogger, talk is cheap...but human life is precious, humanity is the end, all of us are victims at some points...instead of pointing finger, why don't we start with you know where your children are at all time? For those of us without children have you offered to look after the children of your siblings when they don't have help? Have you offered to send a neighbour's children to school when you see they have to take the public transport? If you answered yes, yes, yes...good for have made that small the rest of us, it's never too late...

Anonymous said...

dearest nuraina,

write a letter to shahrizat and propose the amber alert system to her. once you've posted the letter or handed it over to her personally (since she must know you and you must know her personally), publish the letter here.

we need to give her the benefit of the doubt. with the letter detailing what the amber alert system is, shahrizat would at least be a little wiser. although i doubt it, i still hope she has some fire left to see that this is the way to go - and take steps to adopt it so that we malaysians -- and her ministery, particularly, - will be more prepared for the next eventuality.

and when you meet her, could you please tell her to issue a correction to the NST on her "it will never happen again" vow. i have re-read the story and found no quotations to support the headlines used by the nst on its front page.

and give her one TIGHT SLAP on behalf of nurin's parents, please.

thank you, dearest nuraina.