Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's Walk the Talk

Join lawyers in their peace march on Wednesday, Sept 26, at 11am in Putrajaya.
The Bar Council-sponsored march will begin at the Palace of Justice and end at the Prime Minister's Department where a memorandum will be submitted to the Cabinet calling for the setting up of a Royal Commission "to investigate the rot that has set into the judiciary since 1988".

Buses have been chartered and will leave the Bar Council's secretariat at 9 am to Putrajaya.

If you (non-lawyers) can, wear black and white, preferably with a jacket.

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Blabarella said...

March, march, march!! If I was there I'd definitely attend this, perut buyung notwithstanding! Enough erosion to the credibility of the judiciary. This apex institution needs to have its honour restored, to pre-1988 days!

Berita dari gunung said...

I will definitely be there with a bomber jacket. Good Luck to all. Permit nuraina?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Its Wednesday the 26th....not 29th.

Best wishes.


mr bojangles: thanks, i have made the correction.

Rockybru said...

black and white, my favourite colours. but i don't have a lawyer's jacket. and am wondering what a "bomber" jacket is.

but i'll see be there, or help me God.

we are talking about the judiciary mates. i won't wish for the pre-1988 days cos I am sure those weren't innocent days either.

we should set a new benchmark. i am not marching for yesteryears. i am marching with the lawyers to help define new parameters for tomorrow.

berita dari gunung, permit cetak majalah boleh pakai ke?

Rockybru said...

by the way, mr bojangles can't make it, ena. he's 13 time zones away! (and he corrected us on our dates!).

Knights Templar said...

Bro rocky ,, it was what MAVERICK used in TOP GUN.. Prior to the invention of jet aircraft, fleece-lined leather jackets were issued to flight personnel. However, the new jets could fly at much higher altitudes and in much colder temperatures than propeller aircraft. If the heavy, bulky leather jackets became wet from rain (when the pilot walked to his aircraft) or from perspiration, the water would freeze at high altitudes, making the jackets cold and uncomfortable.

Also, the new jets were more streamlined in design. Cockpits were cramped and filled with new equipment. Speedy, unimpeded access to and exit from cockpits became even more critical for safety. Rather than bulky leather, a sleek, lightweight yet warm jacket was needed for the new jet technology.
donno how it would be usefull in Putrajaya