Monday, September 24, 2007

No Charges Against Nurin's Parents?

That's what I've understood from a statement today by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Although he was not specific, I have taken it to mean that no charges will be made against Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistaman for alleged negligence resulting in the brutal murder of their eight year-old daughter, Nurin Jazlin.

Comforting. If that's what he meant. Read the Bernama story here.

Here's part of what he also said:
"Negligence generally is a serious issue as we want parents to be responsible for their children. For as long as they are under-age, they are under the responsibility of their parents, so it's most important that parents ensure they are constantly under supervision so that nothing untoward happens that can lead to injury and so on."

I agree with the PM's (and the Umno supreme council's) view that Rukun Tetangga watch in neighbourhoods be intensified.
But, er.... is this not an old, very old suggestion by oh-so many quarters? Still, I'm pleased it was mentioned.

But, he remarked that "RT patrols alone would not be sufficient without the cooperation of everyone, especially the parents themselves in looking after the safety of their children."

And here's the message to us all:
Everyone must carry out their own responsibility instead of merely depending on the police in order to eliminate this threat."

Sigh, sigh, sigh. I agree but somehow I detect a tone suggesting that we have not been responsible enough and have been depending too much on the police. That's why we cannot eliminate "this threat".

On another note, I would like to thank my friends in Bernama for this brave news report - "Many Disagree With The Proposal to Charge Parents of Missing Children".
Clearly, the editors there are as taken aback by Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's wish to go after parents of missing children, starting with Nurin's parents.
Those interviewed by Bernama wanted Shahrizat to define the meaning of "negligence" to avoid parents being victimised.
The Minister's proposal will have negative effects on society, they said.
I so agree.

New clues.
Meanwhile, Selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar says DNA tests on hair strands found on Nurin's body will be known this week. The findings will give police new clues, he said. Read the Bernama report here.
I hope it doesn't turn out to be another false hope. Last Thursday, the IGP said the cops were closing in on the killer and would make an arrest soon.


david santos said...

Great posting, NURAINA A SAMAD!
Thanks and have a good day

Anonymous said...

Great wayang, more like!

PM must haul up the 3 stooges - Shahrizat, Musa Hassan and Nazri Aziz - and asked why they caused anguish.

Were they - including the PM - testing the waters?

If they were, may they rot.

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,
If that's what Pak Lah meant, that there will be no charges against Nurin's parents, I thank God for a return of common sense.

Can we now focus on getting the beast who did what he did to Nurin, pls?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the 'good' cop bad cop hypothesis of yours that has come to pass?

Soon a hundred flowers will bloom in the pages of the mainstream media extolling the Hadhariness of the man. But non castigating the slickers who wanted their pound of Nurins parents flesh. I imagine being paragons of virtue themselves and as concerned custodians of the citizens' well being,they were just interested in upholding the law.

Najah said...

Alhamdulillah... and I hope that the cops can now focus on nabbing the killer, before he strikes again.


ahirudin (rocky):

Mr bojangles is right, rocky. You did say that after all the pronouncements by Musa, Shahrizat and Nazri to punish Nurin's parents (bad cop) that would have surely cause a negative build-up, Pak Lah will emerge from it all, to say, no no, we shall not do all that (good cop. smelling of roses..
Aaah... you expected the bad cop good cop performance.
you read them well. it's now quite laughable.. after so long feeling so horrid over Nurin's abduction and brutal/senseless murder, I can now laugh, not over the tragedy....but the travesty, courtesy of know who...

i suppose they can fool some people some of the time but not everyone all the time.

so mr bojangles -- you caught that as well, huh?

Anonymous said...

Sdr Nuraina,

Jazimin dan Nurazian sudah pun dijatuhi hukuman yang setimpal dengan kelalaian mereka iaitu kehilangan dan kematian kejam Nurin.

Jadi mengapa Shahrizat, Musa, dan Nazri perlu menyimbah cuka ke atas luka yang dialami Jazimin dan Nurazian?

Mengapa Shahrizat, Musa dan Nazri perlu merabakkan lagi hati Jazimin dan Nurazian yang sudah koyak?

Mengapa Shahrizat tidak saja mengarah Musa supaya segera menangkap si durjana dan Musa pula segera mengerah anggotanya menjalankan tugas sehingga berjaya?

Mengapa Nazri tidak saja menutup mulut celuparnya dan Abdullah, tolonglah perbaiki segala kelemahan sebelum lebih banyak rakyatmu yang baru ingin mengecapi hidup di dunia ini menjadi mangsa.

Apakah negara ini sudah tidak selamat lagi untuk dihuni? Atau pembesar-pembesar kita semakin ghairah mengejar keselesaan diri sehingga terlupa melaksanakan amanah yang diberi?

Malaysiaku oh tanah airku!

Pak Zawi said...

Rocky was right afterall on his theory of good cop and bad cop. It was spot on.
RT? We guard the neighbourhood while the cops sleeps. Should there be RT again, the police must participate as well. From my earlier experience, they didnt. We dont mind contributing, yes contributing to the safety of our neighbourhood but not doing someone else job so that they themselves can sleep well.

Anonymous said...

I agree Nuraina! Why wasn't something as conceptually sound as the Rukun Tetangga scheme never developed into a more effective neighbourhood watch that has the potential of really uniting residents in the common quest for security and safety!

It's not too late to inject more funds and resources and personnel and authority into the scheme so that it can complement/augment the half-baked patrolling that the police do - not that they are to be blamed for their lack of resources and personnel!

The Rukun Tetangga properly revived and injected with serious Government support can help to prevent some of the horrendous crimes that are fast taking root in our society.

Knights Templar said...

SYABAS PAK LAH ! kami rakyat Malaysia di bawah pucok pimpinan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional puji dengan kebijaksanaan yang telah di displaykan .

ps: is this what you guys were afraid of or expecting ?

Anonymous said...

the culprit(s) must be laughing his sick head off looking at how tangled up the country and it's policy makers are over what he/she/they have done....while he/she/they work on the next victim!

Representatives of the people should exercise their God given right to the greatest opportunity they have to not make a fool of themselves - which is to shut up if there is nothing productive to say. Just Shut The ....Up!

I am glad common sense prevails, "Good Cop Bad Cop Game" notwithstanding.

One person,Tan Sri Robert Phang actually did something concrete - 10000 free whistles to the public to help enhance personal safety. No one likes to be near a whistle-blower...He also reminded us on the importance of knowing at least your immediate neighbours, so that we are at least aware of what might be happening in our midst/immediate surroundings. We need more people to act and be more proactive like him.

Kudos to him. TV Stations could do more live talk shows with public phone-ins to debate/discuss serious issues like this. This will help to increase public awareness and draw worthwhile suggestions to manage existing and future situations,since our elected representatives are too busy. Parents need to be constantly reminded, it seems, based on the frequency of cases.
We need to let it sink into our folks that our country is not as safe as we think it to be.

Ain't it scary? It damn well is.

Anonymous said...

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