Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Nurin's Killer(s)!


Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin is to be buried today after Friday prayers.
This is from

Due to the overwhelming scientific evidence produced, the parents of Nurin Jazlin have decided to accept the body they inspected as of their daughter's.

The body will be claimed this morning and funeral (burial) would probably be held after Friday prayers today.

My earlier posting:

Looks like a controversy is emerging from the case of the murdered little girl who was stuffed in a sports bag.
DNA tests have confirmed that little Miss Jane Doe is Nurin Jazlin, the eight year-old who had been missing since Aug 20.
But her parents have denied that that the girl in the bag is Nurin.
Jazimin Abdul Jalil and Norazian Bistamin have insisted that the dead child is not their daughter because of some physical differences between the two children -- teeth and hair and the absence of a scar (on the dead girl's body).

Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan has said that little Miss Jane Doe will remain "unidentified" pending further DNA tests to confirm her identity.

You know what...... okay, by all means, yes, do another DNA test. We need some kind of closure for the parents. The parents need it.
If it is indeed Nurin, then Jazimin and Norazian will be able to come to terms with the fact that their daughter is not out there somewhere. That she is no longer with them and they will be able to "doa" for Nurin.
It is painful. No parent should be going through this.
And our hearts go out to you both.
Al Fatihah to dear Nurin and may she rest in peace...

But if it is not Nurin...well then, who is this poor child and where is Nurin?
The police have to make these cases a priority -- a murdered child and another, a missing child.
The crime committed against the dead girl is very heinous, horrific, brutal and despicable, necessitating the highest urgency from the police.

Whether or not the child is little Nurin, the fact remains that a child had been brutalised and murdered by a person or persons.

The fact remains that the beast(s) is/are still out there.


Anonymous said...

Kak Ena

Here's the latest from:


Friday, September 21, 2007

Due to the overwhelming scientific evidence produced, the parents of Nurin Jazlin have decided to accept the body they inspected as of their daughter's.

The body will be claimed this morning and funeral (burial) would probably be held after Friday prayers today.

Unknown said...

Your magic line below

'The fact remains that the beast(s) is/are still out there.'

is the all important line here. We've got enough to worry about and we certainly do not want to have one more.

I am not blaming the police or gov for this for I am sure they themselves are worried shit with this phenomena.

Parents, for heaven's sake, please be forever vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have to get this killer!
We cannot sleep knowing that this monster is still out there among us waiting to prey on another victim! I just hope the police know what they're doing. Read the papers which said the killer could be a woman but why would a woman who committed the crime would put the bag in a busy area in broad daylight? That doesn't make sense. She must know who the killer is and put the bag there to be found. I think our police may need help in cases like these from experts with more experience from say US for eg.

Jorji said...

Selagi tak dapat pembunuh tu..jangan hantar angkasawan pergi ke langit!

Pagi2 saya dengar radio...satu pun takda yang sensitif..gelak ketawa tak ingat.

ok..itu diaorang punya hal..

i nak mengamuk..semua orang i akan salahkan!

Rockybru said...

The IGP said the cops will be making an arrest soon. Nurin went missing 31 days ago and no suspect was ever brought in. Sad day for all of us, Ena.
To parents and guardians out there, let's keep the kids within sight as best as possible. Teachers, please tell our children of the dangerous world they live in.

Anonymous said...

I read and found contradiction of what the reporters tell d mass n what actually going on. While the reporters are busy claiming that the parents didn't accept the deceased is actually nurin though the DNA test result already out, the parents were actually hv no idea about it until they heard it from news last nite. Mass already knew it since yesterday evening after the press conference.

What is actually happen? is there any secret agenda or what?

Anonymous said...

2 points :
a) Nurin or not Nurin - get the killer(s) and any accomplice(s)
b) For the sake of the parents, do another test and another test --- test can be wrong once, twice but three times ... slim chance

zaitgha said...


I pray for the killer(s) be caught soon...

really lost words to say anything more...

Anonymous said...

I feel pain.
I feel fear all the time.
I long for justice.
Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Let us hope this AWAKES us MALAYSIANS that Malaysia needs some revamping. This atmosphere of no accountability will spread to every segment of society into every area.


WE NEED TO ENSURE A MORE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT AND CRIME FIGHTING IN THE COUNTRY. What is all this corrupt IGP allegations, kawan with kingpin stories including various evidences, true or not, we need to DEMAND TRANSPARENCY. It will be more sad news to come but we need to be STRONG and BUILD A MALAYSIA THATS FOR OUR CHILDREN. FREE MALAYSIA FROM ALL THIS CRAP. We need to be the freedom fighters so that we can shout Merdeka meaningfully next year.

Its all about transparency. We have lost that since we are not proud of hard work that we do. We have lost that since we believed we can choose easy way outs. We have lost that since the environment suggest that no one is watching us since the top post go away with corruption easily. We have lost that since no one will really bothers when something bad happens, and we have ourselves to blame.

But, when there is a WILL, there is a WAY

Where is Thy Will, O Malaysians,
Where is thy spirit to seek after justice
Where is thy compassion to comfort the loss
Where is thy anger over injustice

Has it been silenced by ISA?
Has it been tamed by uncompetitiveness?
Has it been confused over misreporting of the mass media?
Has it been screwed up by the powers that be?
So that we do not know what is praise worthy and what is shameful?

Kerja halal harus dipuji
Penat lelah datangkan rezeki
Yang lemah menerima subsidi
Yang tamak hukuman diberi
Sistem adil mendorong kualiti
Kerja halal tak patut disembunyi
Biar yang miskin mendapat DEB
Yang kaya diskaun rumah tak dikehendaki
Lebih bangga dengan amalan terpuji
Sejak bila kita tidak ingin disegani
Selepas mendapat easy money?
Tetapi melupakan pahala Ilahi
Jalan yang benar biar diikuti
Adil dan saksama dijadikan polisi
Berkat Ilahi melimpah dikehendaki

My condolences to Nurin's family. But Malaysians let us be responsible for our actions. Let us not be sorry for Malaysia. Let us live righteous lives and reform Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The murderers must be caught. I am not too hopeful with the competence of our Bukit Aman boys.

They are adept at catching bloggers and harassing bloggers.

Catching murderers and child killers? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I still think they should be humble enough to seek international forensic help.

Our police force can be "bodoh sombong"... which criminals tend to take advantage of .

Anonymous said...

There are some things that are just not 'right' about the case.
I am wondering why the killer/pervert/beast/spawn of the devil dumped the body in a gym bag outside a shoplot when he/she/it could have just dumped it somewhere quiet and let it rot there?
A pervert or paedophile would not want to leave a trace, unless he/she/it is taunting the police...may watched silence of the lambs one too many times or something...
It looks like the killer wants the parents to know that they can and are willing to kill to ge theri message throgh.
The question is this: Who is the message for and what is the message?

Anonymous said...

i peliklah kenapa sekarang kes ni mcm dah senyap jer...something fishy is going on!!!