Sunday, September 23, 2007

They Really Wanna Get You Two...

I think we will, from now on, be hearing more people from "up there" echo the statement by Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan that Jazimin Abdul Jalil and his wife, Norazian Bistaman can be charged for negligence that led to the brutal murder of their eight year-old daughter, Nurin Jazlin.

That will be the tune they will be singing.
The latest is from, who else, Nazri Aziz, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, who said: "Law is law...we need to take action, nobody can slip away."

Nazri said charging her parents for alleged negligence was in accordance with the provisions of the Child Protection Act.

He said the police investigations were in line with the Rukun Negara principle -- rule of law.

Nazri further said that the tragic death of "innocent Nurin was a heart-wrenching episode that should serve as a lesson to all parents, to equally play their role in ensuring their children's safety".

Read the Bernama story here.

Strong stuff there. "Rukunegara", "rule of law, "law is law", "lesson to all parents".
The only part I agree with is the "heart-wrenching episode" of innocent Nurin's tragic death.

Nazri's tune? Unbelievable.
As I have said, I am against the police framing charges against the parents because I don't believe that there was any criminal element in their lapse in judgment for allowing Nurin to go the night market.
The police should NOT invoke the Act in this case.
It is bad judgment to do so. It is just not right to drag the parents to court.
How can you turn around and put the blame squarely on the parents?

It sure looks like there is a real effort to take Jazimin and Norazian to court. Never mind if the couple has two other children. But, oh. That's ok. They're not your kids. We'll just dump them in any of the welfare departments because they're better than the parents.

But, you know what. Perhaps, we should let the police go ahead and charge them if they are convinced that there is a case. (I don't believe there is.)

I'd like to see what happens.

By the way, have you found the beast yet?


Anonymous said...


I have one word for him.


Bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh

Bailey said...

the "top brass people"...

i just dont know how they think.

Anonymous said...

My comment on 'yer earlier blog...updated.

Missing and murdered kids are a blot on the nation’s conscience. Sharizat and Musa have opened their cake 'oles and soon the whole benighted Malaysian crop of politicians will be chiming in, mark my words,wanting to come down hard on parents.

I hope Dolah's kids from his Jamnapari goats are kept safe...Otherwise the "law is law...we need to take action, nobody can slip away." And Dolah may have to do some of his snoozing in the slammer.

Rockybru said...


From the look of thing, I dare say that the PM may have said some things to get Shahrizat, the IGP and now Nazri to talk about press charging the parents of Nurin. If you remember, the IGP told the press about "compiling a report for the A-G" after a meeting chaired by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. I don't believe the IGP would say something it before having run it through with his boss first.

It is possible though that the PM might come into the picture at a later stage to say something to the effect that his government is compassionate and will not charge Nurin's parents as they have suffered enough.

Good cop bad cop game.

Did I say good cop?

So, have they found the beast yet?

Berita dari gunung said...

Dah lama nazri tak dapat limelight.. walaupun perlu menyebut perkara yang berat.

Entahlah.. Ada banyak lagi benda yang berguna nak fikir dan buat rasanya. Kalau betul-betul nak buat social engineering bukan macam ni kut. Being brutal wont improve anybody's stature!

Sekali imbas nampak macam sadis. Dah nampak orang terang-terang menderita, nak tokok lagi. Orang kampung, orang hutan, dan orang gunung sukar memahami lojik dan hikmah tindakan yang bakal diambil.

Akhirnya kita kena terima sebagaimana lazimnya, KUASA tetap terletak ditangan orang yang berkuasa.

Rockybru said...

As for Nazri, let's see ...

"the law is the law" eh? and "nobody can slip away".

The de facto Law Minister should have said that when Shahidan Kassim's little son fell to his death from a KL condo not too long ago. Was the Perlis Menteri Besar to blame for "negligence" leading to the little boy plunging to his death? I don't remember wishing such a thing for Shahidan. He had suffered enough - he lost a son!

Nazri should have said that when the boy from China drowned in a swimming pool in Ampang in a bungalow that belonged to his Malaysian tycoon uncle. That uncle was charged for murder but was acquitted despite the dead boy's brother's seemingly damning account of what had happened. He was the boy's guardian, why wasnt he charged for negligence after the surprise acquittal?

By the way, this is not related .. but anyone knows the latest on the Darren Kang's murder?

Anonymous said...

just like the 'kad kahwin' malaysian muslims carry for #%$!@#%#^ reasons, why not parents have an official card with photos and name of their children. and public campaigns to tell adults to not be offended if a stranger comes by and ask to see the card, if they see an adult with a screaming child. the child could just be a brat ofcourse and the adult is a parent, but it maybe another Nurin attempt. Also, if one sees older children dragging a crying,screaming child, we should stop and ask, and perhaps call the parents for verification. remember james bulger?

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Di dalam episod ini saya merasa pembesar-pembesar berkenaan sunguh:

i. Kurang ajar;
ii. Bodoh;
iii. Tidak ada hati perut;
iv. Dungu
v. Lupa daratan;
vi. Kacang lupakan kulit

Kalau anak mereka yang kena culik, kena rogol dan kena bunuh, saya pasti ada pengumuman penubuhan INSTITUT KAJIAN CULIK, ROGOL DAN BUNUH yang akan menganjurkan pelbagai seminar peringkat tempatan dan antabangsa. (lepas tu tak ada apa-apa pun.......) untuk mengambil kesempatan bagi merasa lebih "rapat" dengan pembesar-pembesar yang menjadi mangsa itu.

Tetapi kita ini orang biasa (tambahan pula pemandu teksi), maka kita kenalah dihukum ikut "undang-undang" dan "rukunegara".

Hanya Nazri sahaja yang tahu rukunegara di negara ini?

Pak Zawi said...

manay people (including me) almost puked when we saw that man made the statement:
"the law is the law" and "nobody can slip away".
Of all the places he did it in a mosque dressed like a pious muslim.
As Rocky correctly stated the law can't be selectively applied on selected people only. There are others as listed by Rocky that the law wasn't applied. Why? Why must it be applied on Jazimin now?
Some donkeys in power!

Anonymous said...

Worse come to worse for Jazimin's family. Looks like people on top want to charge him no matter what. Maybe it's much easier than to find Nurin's killer aa? Aaa, aaa, correct, correct

Soon if the accused denied the wrongdoings, could he walked away just like that just like Fairuz denied his conversation on the phone with Lingam? Easy ah, just denied it and you might get away with it

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

Can we just IGNORE this BOZO named Nazri.
He is the kind who likes attention.
He gets his dose of satisfaction by making people angry at him. I know his style.
The more we hit at him the happier he will be.
So lets just leave his name out of your comments.



Hi&Lo said...


Avoiding danger is no safer than outright exposure in the long run.

Polis charging the helpless to wash their hands off. They can't catch the real beast. They might haul up the wrong person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Afraid he might be brutalised to make a confession. This, I suspect, the main cause of deaths in lock-ups.

Now, tell me, who is the perfect parent, please stand up.

Nuraina, you rightly said 'lapse of judgement'. We are not God to have the omniscience what will happen even with the best caution and care.

Ayah said...

ok la kalau undang-undang provides that ibu-bapa boleh disabitkan kesalahan sekiranya didapati tidak menjaga anak dengan baik... tapi saya rasa yang penting sekarang ialah pihak polis mencari dan menghukum si 'sexual predator' tu dulu.... dah dapat, tangkap, siasat dulu, proses mahkamah, jatuh hukuman ... baru la bolah bukak cerita mak bapak nurin.... buat yang penting dulu...

Anonymous said...

Nuraina dear,

Can you get All Blogs to boycot this BOZO?
Put a black-out on all his comments.
Let's treat anything that he has to say as trash.


Sal said...

Dear Rakyat Malaysia,

We are also responsible because we allow this to happen in our country. Our biggest sin is that we allow jokers to run this country. The election is so near. It is time that we carry out our responsibility wisely. If everybody votes for opposition, BN will still win. But that is not important. Yg penting, we need to show to them that they do not have our support anymore. We must show to them that we want change.

Anonymous said...


Based on past utterances and behaviour ?

He is an Idiot !!!

He does NOT engage his Brain BEFORE putting his Mouth into gear.

Anonymous said...

Politicians should quit talking too much. It's general knowledge that they don't use too much of the grey matter when it comes to talking. Police just do what you are tasked to do. Find Nurin's killer! Fast and quick. Police really need to get their acts together, people are losing their confidence. See how many unsolved mysteries? Unsolved murder crimes? Rape crimes? Gang rapes? Numbers are rising and still no catch aye? Enough talk puhleease! Charge the parents? Are you insane?? This is not the right time. Maybe after you've solved all the mysteries in the cold files, maybe, just maybe. Because you and your government need to improvise a lot of other things, like you know, the security in neighbourhood areas, public places, education and oh!having a higher pay of course. Then more people can have gated communities from now on.

Hussin said...


It is definitely much easier to catch and charge 2 grieving parents with kids to take care of than trying to catch a sicko out preying for other innocent kids. I'm sure they would consider having done their jobs once they can charge someone.

Pathetic lot..

Anonymous said...

Aiyah - like my father always say "No bloody cow sense!" You can only advise the parents, not charge them. They were not negligent, only naive. Naive to believe our police force and leaders are doing their jobs and keeping the streets safe for us.
Like the Chinese say "chui feng" - literal translation 'blow the wind', real meaning 'talking crap'. So stop Chui Feng and go look for the beast. Start some preventive programs for missing children. Chui Feng!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you took the thoughts right out of my mind, I too wonder what happened to the Darren Kang case, was the murderer ever found. law is law, maybe someone should ask the right honourable minister this very important question..

Anonymous said...

All of them can talk laa... When you have chaufeaurs to send your kids here and there. P.As and maids to care for all your kids needs.All paid by the state. Surely you can go around talking about parents negligence and all.
Pegi jalan dah korang semua...
So wheres's the beast ? Tak boleh cari juga kaa... Susah2 tak payah la nak cari..jangan sampai satu hari anak keluarga atau sedare sendiri kena sudah laa...baru nyesal tak sudah..

Makcik Runner said...

what else is new?

like u said, its not their kids.

they have 1 month to find her and when they fail they put the blame on the parents...blah! go find the killer(s) first!!

i totally agree with that amber system thing. malaysia should adopt it - quickly!

as for nazri & the rest following ministers - malas nak cakap! itu semua cakap2 pilihanraya...dah malas nak dengar

Anonymous said...

Nurin's parents are being charged because of negligence in terms of being responsible for her well being (and, according to what happened, security), right?

Going by this logic, can we charge all the 18+ people who got raped then? Because they befriended the wrong people and/or went to/were at the wrong places? Being 18, they should be responsible for their own well being and security, no?


Anonymous said...

I think they've achieved what they set out to do....misdirect the spotlight from police inefficiency to who is going to be charged.

We should get back on track and pile the pressure on the police and ask them to account for all the missing children so far, and no convictions!

People, i bet they are reading these blogs. Ear to the ground they say.

Anonymous said...

This ramadhan must have affected this Nazri so bad..that his brain just simply stop working!


Anonymous said...

Interestin that on the same day that Datuk Seri Nazri issued this statement regarding Jazimin and his wife, this: happened.

In summary, the kid was locked up in a cage on purpose by the mother, neighbours told the police of other instances of abuse, and the cops gave her back.

What do you think the cops will do if (naudzubillah) something happens to that girl in the future?

Anonymous said...


The bodoh part of Nazri and Musa Hasan is for their poor timing and insensitivity. I am not about to be apologetic for them but better be frank than sorry. Having gone through legal battle some 5 years ago to save few kids from the clutch of abusive (and negligent) father and stepmother, I'd say unreservedly there is such a thing as abusive and negligent parents. I concur!

We, that include my spouse and certain in-law, fought but lost due to inadequate law. I actually hope the police and sharizat's ministry look seriously at the issue of negligent (and abusive parents) becasue it will be a step forward in "our" fight. Now is the ever good timeIF now is the time to do so, do it!

I hope they have laws instituted to deny such negligent (and abusive parents) parental rights. Syariah law has such provisions (Just to tell some lost in transit lawyers that syariah law has its superiority.)

I may sound insensitive and its not that I am not sympathetic to their lost but the bigger picture is more important.

Having gone through that frustating episode and regret for the loss (till today), I'd say to leave an 8 year old to roam around is negligent. Both my parents are teachers. As educators, they would never allow us to go wherever we wish unmonitored and unsupervised. To give children such unlimited freedom, it is negligent from the educational and also security point of view. They live at the Kg Baru flats and the environment is unsafe and not condusive for children intellectual upbringing.

You'll can call me bodoh or whatever but I guarantee you won't stop crying to see 2-3 year olds with bruised body, crying in the middle of the night from the trauma, and denied food and proper clothing, let alone get love and peace in their life.

Most of the social ill in society today come about from parental neglect and poor parenting. IF this is what it takes to correct this ill of society, Do it Nazri, Sharizat and Musa Hasan!

Go ahead shoot me!

Mior Azhar said...

This one confirms it.... our leaders are bodoh bodoh bodoh bodoh. The more people raged about this lagi-lagi dia orang nak take the action against the parents.
Something wrong somewhere lar. Newspaper pun satu, they are creaming it like hell, do they really need to report what Nazri had said. Waste of space.... urgh, now I'm worried about my daughters...

Maverick SM said...


You said the words accurately and precisely: "The police will frame charges"...

They can't catch thieves and criminals; therefore, they can only act against those who are victims of the crime by framing charges legitimately irrespective of the moral content.

However, for Negligence in criminal law, there must be a breach of the duty of care of which the burden of proof required is more than just mere recklessness. The prosecution will not be able to convince the court with the evidence available to get the criminal conviction. However, it was necessary for the ministers to say something to show they are doing something, and at the same time, detour our thoughts of Linghamania.


To Ingin Tahu and Wadi Wadi:

Thank you for your comments. I agree with true so true. but i'm afraid I can't publish your comments because they could be slanderous.
but you know... there are other ways to skin a cat.

and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It sickened me to death to hear what the IGP & Nazri said on the matter, and I tend to agree with Ahiruddin on the PM's (or his wazirs') gameplan... Still, I believe the FISH STARTS TO ROT FROM THE HEAD and we are seeing this happening. We have seen this happened before: the worst flooding in Johor in decades, and the 'HEAD' cut short his holidays to jenguk rakyat for a few days and continued with his holidays; we are having "unofficial" double digit inflation with the recent salary revision and the dire impact on people yang tak makan gaji in the kampung, and we see the 'HEAD' on honeymoon in Perth and continued with the fireworks extravaganza in Putrajaya... I'm seeing it happening: the BIG HEAD and the LITTLE HEADS have started ROTTING and soon the WHOLE BODY of the 'FISH' will rot! I hope the rakyat will realize soon that they have to cut the HEAD off; otherwise, they will pay dearly for their anak, cucu & cicit!

Anonymous said...

These people are trying to show that they are doing something, and they start by finding the culprit - the parents. Well done, tasks accomplished.

I agree that the parents should be held accountable, but we should implement it retrospectively. Let's start with:

ex-Deputy MB of Kelantan during UMNO time who reversed his car, killing his kid.

son of an MB who fell from a building

grandson of a minister who fell from staircase in his house and died

As for Jazimin's case,I'm sure that I'll be the first person to donate for his legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Whatever is happening to these country leaders and to cop !!!! Instead of catching the murderers they are harping on the poor family.

At the rate they are going this country will be unsafe and for everybody to live.

Hi&Lo said...


With ref to "a voice" - definitely there is a need for Child Protection Act.

But in Nurin's case, it's only a lapse of judgement. Hear their side of the story before lumping them as negligent parents.

Anonymous said...

A Voice,

We won't shoot you lah. What for? But cut the crap and commit an answer to our question:

Should Nurin's parents be charged for negligence or not?

p.s. You were lucky your parents were BOTH educators. Nurin had a taxi driver as a dad and a full-time domestic engineer as a mom. Apples and oranges.

Blabarella said...

All these so-called people who are supposed to make Malaysia a safer place for everyone should just shut the eff up and focus instead on finding the monster. There is no excuse for delay in these matters.

david santos said...

Hello, Nuraina!
Thanks for your posting, very good!
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

How many times have we seen/heard that children have been taken away & end up dead? What have the authorities been doing all these while? The authorities concerned should be ashamed of themselves for letting such unspeakable crime happened again & again. If they'd charge the parents concerned for negligence, I personally think that they (The Government, Police) should be the ones to be sued by Jazimin for negligence & failure to provide adequte security to the tax-payers citizens.
BTW, have they any clue to catching the culprit? I really doulbt it. Maybe, they're having tea now, again & again...

Knights Templar said...

Hey guys , the Cops a break lah , they have NO leads, NO clues , NO witnesses , NO Lieutenant Horatio Caine , WHAT do you guys expect them to do ? An arrest has to be made soon... No prizes for guessing who ....

p.s: Nazri , if you get paid 10 cents every time you open your mouth and say something stupid, you'd be a milllionaire by now.But then again, maybe you already are !

Anonymous said...

nazri banghal.

Rati said...

What the hell is happening to this COUNTRY! All the more , why everyone should leave this crappy place while they can!

If they can charge Nurin's parents, then they can charge the police too for their lack fo upholding safety and protecting Nurin, for if they were present at the crime scene, the child's life would have been spared!

I bet Nurin's parents can claim asylum status if they just leave this country and go elsewhere!

Not only we have MEGA criminals, but we also have MEGA CRAPPY POLICE, MINISTERS AND GOD knows what!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let’s take a look at some recent crime cases. We have heard of the Nurin case where a young 5 year old girl was kidnapped and undespicable actions were done unto her and at the end, she died. Even prior to Nurin’s funneral, the IGP wanted to investigate Nurin’s parents for negligence (NST, 22 Sept 2007, IGP: Parents under probe for negligence). Over the radio, you hear of reminders to tell you to take care of your child and not to let them loose. Why would our Malaysian radio annouce such an annoucement? They may as well annouce, “do not carry handbags because your handbags will be snatched”, “do wear body armor because there is a risk of you being slashed by criminals”, “do keep a pad lock in your underwear to prevent from being raped”, “do not give birth because your child maybe kidnapped”, etc. Why can’t our Malaysian radio announce, “Malaysians, please ask the police to do their job and restore law and order” ?

There are tonnes of other cases where young children were left out of their parents sight but their parents were not charged. Why? Is it because their children did not turn up dead with brinjals in their body and didn’t put the police in a bad spot? For instance, when Rekha (NST, 27 Oct 2007 - Ice Cream, free VCDs Use to Lure Rekha) went missing after going out to buy VCDs, did the police even say a word in the press regarding charging Rekha’s parents for negligence? No!

So why on earth in Nurin’s case did the IGP pin-point Nurin’s parents as the cause of Nurin’s death? Something is definitely not right. Rekha’s case is not only the first where the child returns to her parents and the police do not highlight that the parents would be charged!

Remember Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali who went missing from a shopping complex? Again, in this case (NST, 16 April 2007 - Cops Arrest Mynmar `Good Samaritans’), the parents were not warned of being charged with neglecting their child.

Then the different reaction in Nurin’s case?

Anonymous said...

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