Thursday, September 06, 2007

Catch Stray Dogs and Win (a lot of) Cash in Selayang

Are you game on winning RM15,000. Maybe RM13,000 or, okay, RM11,000?
Just catch about 150 stray dogs within six months, bring them ALIVE to the Selayang Municipal Council and you stand to receive the cash.

Read here for the Star story.

It is a competition, for crying out loud!
The people at the council (MPS) can't seem to solve the stray dogs problem in the area and are wooing residents with cash to catch the canines.

The RM15K is the first prize; RM13K is second and RM11K is the third prize.

My niece, Jehan, sent me an SMS this morning about the competition.
"I think it is cruel and a waste of public funds," she said.
I agree.
I am sure Jehan, an animal lover who used to work with WWF, is now really angry.

I do believe the MPS has run out of ideas on ways to solve the stray dogs problem. I find that quite strange because I can think of better ways of dealing with the problem.
First and foremost, that's a lot in prize money which can be used to hire professionals to catch the dogs.

When you have such a competition, you can be sure that there will be people who will employ some of the most cruel and inhumane ways of catching the dogs.

Dog catching is fun for money?

Looks like MPS believes that the means justifies the end.

I certainly don't.

(Photo shows a humane way of catching dogs. Click here.)


Anonymous said...

The local authorities used to shoot dogs, once, if I am not mistaken!

Anyway, I hope MPS or my local authority, MBPJ DO NOT list me as one of those dogs bound for their pound.


Anonymous said...

Perkara yang aku nak kemukakan nih tak der kene mengene langsung ngan anjing liar, anjing gila ataupun 3540 Jalan Sudin.

Mat Salo sihat ker?

Secara peribadi aku tak pernah kenal pun Mat Salo. Begitu jugek Bergen atau Nuraina. Bila selalu-selalu baca blog dorang... rasa macam 'kenal.' Jadi bila lama sangat Mat Salo angkat Cuti Jepun aku tertanya-tanya dier ok ker?

Anonymous said...

What if some people keep a pair, and use the pair to breed for greed? Haus duit rakyat ....

Rockybru said...

every malaysian in selayang should be made to adopt a stray dog each. they (the dogs, not the malaysians) are also God's creation and have as much right to be walking on Earth as humans do.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Another stupid act. Not sure wht else is there to say.

lady pot pet said...

They are really running dry of ideas...oh my, how "sepet minded" can this people inhumane!!!!

J.T. said...

Oh! I don't like that idea at all. Some people will definitely use inhumane ways to get them.

Most importantly, I agree with you, it is a big waste of money. Use professionals, pay/donate to WWF and they can set up a task force to catch stray dogs if the municipal council finds the job too daunting.

Another thing that may happen, they may catch dogs that belong legitimately to families. All they have to do is remove the collar and claim that dog as stray. What's stopping them from doing that for cash?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Ena

The local authorities have so much money to throw about?

Agree with you. It is a waste of public money. Just shows that the local authorities are bankrupt of usual.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Anonymous said...

Is better to spend some money as prize to Huntum those "UMNO Animal MP" who doesn't do their job. Especially those who build illegal house, saying women "Bocoh" and those that get extra AP.


bigdog: Oh i don't think they dare!

Pok Chad: the last time we met at mee rebus, Mat Salo sihat Walafiat, Alhamdulillah..

Ibu: What if?......

PJ: Crap happens here.

LadyPP: we amaze ourselves sometimes at how stupid we can get.

Natasha Fernz said...


thanks for putting this up.

There is an Online Petition calling upon the Selayang Municipal Council to stop this barbaric campaign. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could take the time to sign it.

Please see my blog for details and latest news.



Rocky (ahirudin): I agree.
you know, years ago, I had to tell some neighbourhood (Malay) kids not to taunt a dog.
I don;t it a cultural thing?
i asked them why they were doing that. they said "alaah..tu kan anjing. Najis".
I told them "anjing tu kan makhluk Allah dan tidak najis."
You don;t have to touch the dog but you cannot treat the dog or any animal that way.

i think these kids were taught that dogs are dirty and haram or whatever.
i've seen kids (unfortunately, Malay kids) throw stones at a dog.
Had to stop them.


JT: the "frightful) possibilities are endless.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena ..

Perhaps we shall see rewards too for catching rodents, mosqis & even stray cats, etc. ... & the officers are also paid overtime while waiting for the people to deliver the stray dogs.

zaitgha said...


Was abt to say the same thing abt our Malay kids stoning the dogs near my area...i had to put a stop to it and once in awhile i explained to my own kids that they should not be cruel to animals, be it dogs or whatever. and sad thing is what u said is true abt the kids being taught that the dogs are najis or dirty or what not...sigghhh...i went sekolah ugama too when i was young but the ustaz never told us to stone dogs, he told us we cant touch them and if we did we should clean ourself accordingly thats all.....

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

I am a DOG and Nuraina treats me rather well. Sometime get hugs, somemore! ;)

Take it from me, we DOGS need love too...................


Pi Bani said...

Hmmmph... usually if we ask the local authorities for things, they'd say "tak cukup peruntukan". Now they're giving away cash prizes to catch stray dogs?! Great, now those who are supposed to catch the stray dogs in the first place, can work harder to catch the dogs, use a proxy to enter the competition on their behalf and get some extra cash for themselves...

A.John said...

Would it not be better if MPS had proposed that residents who turn in corrupt officials in the municipality be rewarded with 50% of the amount involved ! Well in Klang we have rewards for number of crows shot in frequent crow shooting competitions! In fact the crows are there b'cos somebody is sleeping on the job leaving trash lying about. As for MPS I guess they have caught up with the current trend of outsourcing! As for your comment on malay boys throwing stones at dogs, I guess this is the result of teachings at home, to treat not only dogs, but also lizards & pigs in similar manner!

IES Agencies said...

Nuraina, if you notice, the council wants the dogs to be brought alive so the catchers will ahve to use humane ways, or at least not be too cruel.
Dog catching is either cruel or a solution to a very real problem, it is a matter of perspective.
RM15,000 is not a waste of public funds. i expected more from a seasoned writer like you. Just think about it OK. To hire three dogcatchers adn provide them with training equipment and vans to move around would cost more than all the prize money put together. You know what this is. This is an open tender but instead of submitting the proposal, the contractors need to submit the end product and whoever does teh best gets paid the most.
i thought you bloggers liek a clear and transparent ssytem. this is clear and transparent innit?
Stray dogs are a problem if the WWF or whicever NGO feel they want to take part, pelase do, be humance, catch as many dogs as you can and use the prize money to keep them, it is an open compeition after all....

janganlah asyik pangkah semua benda Kerajaan buat tak betul, takkan awak aje betul

renungkanlah ye

Anonymous said...

Nuraina it is not a cultural thing, stray dogs are stray dogs, tehy are a problem anywhere. Dont you remember the favourite children story of 101 dalmations. it is about stray dog catchers overseas, in one of those mroe mature adn developed societies that you always ask us to emulate. Dont turn this into a racial issue,,,

Anonymous said...

JT, family pets should not be left straying should they? if they become nuisance, dog cathers are not the only way they can get into trouble, irate neighbours can kick them

Shanghai Fish said...

My dear,
50 years erhhh??Merdeka... how this government has bred morons and these hippocrites are going to answer the Maker...come judgement day...I'll offer RM100.00 for every Government Servant in the Selayang Municiple who can swear on the Holy book he is more innocent then a dog...any dog, straydog,pedigree dog or even bigdog !
Sheeesh...where are we heading my dear...??


siti ramona,

dog catching is a solution to the stray dogs problem. of course. the idea is to catch the stray dogs to reduce their number.

but i don't agree with the idea of such a competition.
It is a competition.
And many stray dogs are we talking about?

And that's an open tender? If you say so.
And the prize money would be a combination of RM15K, RM13K and RM11K.
When you hire a professioonal, I believe they have their own van and equipment. If it is a real problem, you have to get real solutions.

Of course, it is easy for anyone to dismiss my views (as a blogger)and tar it with the same "i thought you bloggers blah blah blah" brush.

Sorry, siti ramona, this is just my opinion and one which will not effect any change..and will not go anywhere but in this blog.
You don't share my opinion. that's fine.

catch those dogs by all means, but minus the competition element.
Just not right.
And that's my humble opinion.

thank you, siti ramona, for sharing your views. I appreciate that.



you don;t throw stones at any animal. not dogs. not even stray dogs.

yes... i agree. the stray dogs ought to be caught by professional dog catchers.
residents are not professional dog catchers.

it is not a game. and should not be.
and I am turning this into a racial issue?

Tengkulat, tengkulat, tengkulat..
listen to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Siti Ramona said:

"To hire three dogcatchers adn provide them with training equipment and vans to move around would cost more than all the prize money put together. You know what this is."

Its not just about costs but its also about being human when faced with such issues. In this day and age where we promote a bangsa yang 'gemilang dan terbilang' isnt it ironic that the authorities themselves condone a competition that clearly promotes cruelty to animals? What are we the younger generation being taught?

By the way Siti Ramona, pls get your facts right. WWF is an NGO that is dedicated to the conservations of WILDLIFE. The NGOs who dedicate themselves to the welfare of abused and unwanted domestic animals are the SPCA and PAWS. You should at least arm yourself with the correct facts first before speaking.

IES Agencies said...

Well, I just thought the accusation s of being wasteful with public funds and inhumane were presented without backing facts. Blogger or no blogger accusations should be backed by facts. You were a senior reporter before, editorialised articles like this would not have made it past the gatekeepers so why do you lower your standards now? i dont think you should lower your standards because they are your opinions. Even opinions should be backed by solid reasoning, then it will be easier to accept. This is my first time commenting on your blog and I just thought that you relied too much on emotion and not enough on your analytical abilities. thats all

jangan marah ye

Anonymous said...


Thanks for highlighting this issue. While the issue of strays needs to be addressed, I think the authorities should not deal with it like its a game. Dogs are God's creatures as well and thus, should not treated like trash. And as a Muslim, we are taught to respect all of God's beings, and this includes animals. I am sure no religion condones the cruel treatment of animals, so why are we still having a competition that promotes cruelty like its a game?

Really hope that the MPS will cancel this competition immediately, sit down and think of what really needs to be done to address the issue of strays.
And while they are at it, ponder on this quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”



siti ramona:

no worries. how could i marah over such mild and gentle teguran.

if i were still a senior newspaper editor, i'd still hold the same views, based on figures and facts made known to me.

and i don't happen to be anti-government at all. as i have said, don't tar me with the same brush as other have on bloggers.

siti ramona (if that is truly your name), you seem to know who i am and what i was. it stops there, obviously.

but thank you again for visiting.
all that and i still think it is a waste of public funds.

and you

Anonymous said...

Siti Ramona,

What proof do you need to tell you that this competition is blatant cruelty towards dogs?! And to tell you that RM15,000++ of public funds (i know not where else this money comes from...the pockets of the MPS people themselves? Then they must be pretty rich government servants then)is being used as prize money for a competition that promotes dog catching as a game?

And WWF is NOT an animal shelter. It is an NGO that deals with wildlife conservation in Malaysia and throughout the world. At least know that.


lady pot pet said...

Don't know if you have received an email regarding this matter. This has been circulated real fast about a vet student taking pics. with a miss piggy and a doggy..and the rather long explanation about the halal haram thingy on touching these animals of God's creation is a good one. About the girl ..sian lah dia her only mistake is to take a picture with the animals and posted it in her MySpace site for public view...see what us human can come up with.....critical thinking??? in criticizing others, very typical !!!!

The email:(sorry rather long)

Email Saudara Hamka.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Kepada yang berkenaan,

Semoga sentiasa dalam lingkungan rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah swt. Saya merasa terpanggil untuk memberikan sedikit maklumbalas berkenaan beberapa gambar yang diedarkan menerusi internet yang menunjukkan seorang siswi Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar UPM yang bergambar berdekatan serta memegang/menyentuh anjing dan babi.


Tiada nas yang mengatakan menyentuh anjing dan babi itu haram. Yang haram ialah memakannya. Kita perlu jelas pandangan Islam terhadap 2 makhluk ini. Kedua-duanya adalah ciptaan Allah, dan Allah tidak menjadikan sesuatu itu sia-sia, sebaliknya setiap sesuatu itu ada hikmahnya. Adakah Allah menciptakan anjing dan babi ini untuk dipandang hina oleh umatnya?

Sebelum meneruskan perbincangan, izinkan saya memberi sedikit pengenalan diri, saya merupakan salah seorang graduan Doktor Perubatan Veterinar tahun 2006. Kini menyambung pelajaran dalam bidang master fisiologi di Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar UPM semester pertama. Sebelum ini, bersekolah di Sek. Men. Keb. Agama Kuala Selangor. Saya bukanlah orang yang paling sesuai untuk memberi penjelasan kerana yang terbaik adalah mereka yang mendalami ilmu agama agar dapat menjelaskan dengan menyatakan nas-nas serta tafsiran yang tepat serta mendalam. Walaubagaimanapun saya akan cuba menjelaskan dengan pengetahuan agama sedikit yang saya ada dan hasil daripada perbincangan secara peribadi dengan ustaz-ustaz serta seminar yang pernah kami adakan di fakulti sendiri berkenaan dengan isu ini.

Pertamanya, sebagai seorang doktor veterinar (doktor haiwan) sememangnya kami mungkin akan berhadapan dengan situasi merawat anjing atau babi. Bagi doktor veterinar atau ringkasnya vet, yang bekerja di klinik-klinik haiwan kebanyakannya akan merawat anjing dan juga kucing. Walaubagaimanapun terdapat sesetengahnya yang menghadkan rawatan kepada kucing sahaja. Berkenaan dengan babi, kebiasaannya tiada vet muslim yang akan bekerja di ladang ternakan babi. Walaubagaimanapun, bagi vet yang bekerja di jabatan perkhidmatan haiwan, adakalanya mereka akan ke ladang ternakan babi untuk membuat pemeriksaan bagi memastikan ladang tersebut mengamalkan amalan pengurusan ladang yang baik supaya bebas daripada penyakit-penyakit berbahaya seperti penyakit Nipah yang merebak pada tahun 1999 yang turut membahayakan nyawa manusia. Terdapat juga vet yang bekerja di makmal yang memproses sampel-sampel yang datang daripada babi atau anjing seperti darah, najis, organ-organ dan sebagainya

Justeru, dalam kurikulum Doktor Perubatan Veterinar, pelajar akan terlibat mengendalikan anjing dan babi. Bermula dengan organ-organ haiwan tersebut dalam amali bagi subjek anatomi dan fisiologi sehinggalah kepada mengendali, merawat dan membuat post mortem terhadap haiwan tersebut secara seluruhnya apabila memasuki tahun para-klinikal dan klinikal. Secara umumnya saya bersetuju dengan perkataan “desensitization” yang digunakan oleh salah seorang yang menghantar email tersebut kepada saya. Sebagai vet, proses ini perlu kerana kami tidak sepatutnya jijik untuk merawat pesakit kami kerana itu merupakan tanggungjawab kami yang juga terkandung dalam ikrar yang dilafazkan oleh setiap vet ketika bergraduan.

Apabila memasuki tahun ke 4, pelajar vet akan mengikuti subjek pengenalan terhadap klinik. Dan subjek klinik pada tahun ke 5. dalam kedua-dua subjek ini pelajar akan dibahagikan kepada kumpulan-kumpulan yang kecil dan kumpulan – kumpulan ini akan bergilir membuat praktikal dalam amalan-amalan yang telah ditetapkan. Pelajar-pelajar ini akan membuat praktis selama seminggu dalam setiap amalan. Amalan-amalan ini termasuklah amalan haiwan kesayangan yang melibatkan rawatan terhadap anjing dan amalan ternakan babi yang memerlukan pelajar ke ladang ternakan babi untuk membuat pemerhatian, diagnosis penyakit serta rawatan. Daripada apa yang saya lihat, gambar-gambar yang diedarkan menerusi internet itu adalah gambar yang diambil oleh pelajar ketika praktikal sama ada dalam subjek pengenalan klinik atau subjek klinik ini. Pada pandangan saya, pelajar itu berkongsi gambar – gambar tersebut secara umum dalam internet bukanlah bertujuan menghina agama atau sebagainya, sebaliknya sekadar berkongsi suatu pengalaman yang mungkin tidak dilalui oleh orang ramai.

Berkenaan dengan isu menyentuh, memegang, merawat anjing dan babi yang dikategorikan sebagai najis “mughollazoh” iaitu najis berat dalam feqah, ianya bukanlah haram seperti mana yang dikatakan oleh sesetengah masyarakat melayu. Ramai yang bertanya kepada saya bagaimana saya sebagai seorang muslim boleh menyentuh anjing dan babi yang haram disentuh?. Berdasarkan pelajaran feqah yang saya pelajari sejak sekolah rendah agama hinggalah sekolah menengah, menyentuh najis “mughollazaoh” tidak haram. Apa yang dinyatakan oleh hukum feqah ialah apabila kita menyentuh najis “mughollazoh” kita dikehendaki menyucikannya dengan bersamak iaitu membasuh dengan air yang telah dicampurkan dengan tanah sekali dan membilasnya dengan air mutlak sebanyak 6x. Yang haram berkaitan dengan anjing dan babi ialah memakannya bukan menyentuhnya.

Sebagai seorang melayu, saya maklum pandangan masyarakat melayu yang merasakan ‘geli’ atau jijik terhadap anjing dan babi. Mungkin ini adalah disebabkan nilai yang diwarisi daripada ibubapa yang mungkin berasal daripada usaha untuk mengelak daripada tersentuh anjing dan babi yang mana proses menyucikannya dilihat sebagai agak leceh dan jika tidak dilakukan akan menjejaskan ibadah. Saya sendiri, walaupun telah jelas berkenaan dengan hukum menyentuh anjing dan babi, merasa kekok dan sedikit ‘geli’ apabila kali pertama memegang jantung babi apatah lagi ketika kali pertama mengangkat anjing untuk diletakkan di atas meja pemeriksaan yang mana tekniknya memerlukan kita merapatkan badan anjing tersebut ke badan sendiri kerana itu merupakan teknik yang selamat bagi mengelakkan kecederaan yang tidak dingini dalam proses mengangkat tersebut. Namun, kita perlu jelas pandangan Islam terhadap 2 makhluk ciptaan Allah ini. Adakah Allah menciptakan anjing dan babi ini untuk dipandang hina kerana itu ianya diistilahkan sebagai najis berat? Jika ya mengapa terdapat hukum feqah yang menyatakan haiwan buruan yang dibunuh oleh anjing buruan yang terlatih halal dimakan dengan syarat pemburu berniat kerana Allah ketika melepaskan anjing buruan tersebut. Bagaimana pula dengan kisah seorang pelacur yang diampunkan dosanya dan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga hanya kerana memberi minum kepada seekor anjing yang kehausan dengan menggunakan kasutnya?

Anjing dan babi juga merupakan makhluk ciptaan Allah yang mana termasuk dalam tanggungjawab manusia sebagai khalifah di mukabumi untuk menguruskannya. Sebagai makhluk ia juga seperti manusia memerlukan makanan apabila ia lapar, minuman apabila haus dan ia perlukan rawatan apabila ia sakit, walaupun mungkin dari sudut keutamaannya berbeza dengan manusia. Justeru saya melihat apa yang dipelajari oleh vet berkenaan dengan anjing dan babi serta kewajipan merawatnya termasuk dalam perkara fardhu kifayah dan ia memenuhi sebahagian tanggungjawab manusia sebagai khalifah.

Walaubagaimanapun menjadi tanggungjawab vet untuk mengetahui tuntutan agama yang perlu dipenuhi dalam kerjayanya. Vet dan pelajar doktor perubatan veterinar perlulah berhati-hati dan tidak sambil lewa dalam soal kesucian tubuh badan dan pakaian kerana ianya akan menjejaskan ibadah. Yang terbaik ialah mengasingkan pakaian kerja dengan pakaian harian terutamanya pakaian untuk solat jika tidak mahu menyamak pakaian kerana khuatir pakaian akan rosak dan sebagainya. Bagi orang awam pula tidak perlu risau kerana najis ini “tidak berjangkit” maksudnya jika seorang vet hanya membasuh tangannya dan telah membersihkan zat najis tersebut selepas bertugas tetapi masih belum menyamak tangannya, ia tidak “berjangkit” jika anda bersalaman dengannya kerana tiada zat najis (warna, bau dan rasa) pada tangan vet tersebut. Tetapi vet tersebut perlu menyucikan tangannya dengan bersamak sebelum solat. Hal yang sama jika anda bersalaman dengan orang bukan Islam yang mungkin memelihara anjing di rumahnya. Begitu juga dengan tapak kasut anda yang memijak mukabumi yang pernah dipijak oleh anjing atau babi. Tidak perlu risau dan terlalu was-was selagi tiada zat najis. Walaubagaimanapun terdapat cadangan daripada sesetengah ustaz untuk menyamak seluruh badan sekali sekala bagi orang awam dan mungkin berkala bagi vet seperti sebulan sekali supaya jika terdapat najis “mughollazoh” pada badan yang tidak diketahuinya, ia dapat disucikan. Namun saya kira ini adalah sekadar satu pandangan bukan kewajipan yang baik untuk mereka yang was-was praktikkan. Sebenarnya terdapat pelbagai persoalan - persoalan yang timbul yang berkait dengan kerjaya vet seperti bagaimana vet muslim merawat kuda yang terlibat dalam lumba kuda, apakah hukumnya?, bagaimana pula dengan bayaran upah perkhidmatan yang diterimanya?adakah ianya halal? Begitu juga jika vet muslim memberi perkhidmatan nasihat untuk memperbaiki usaha perladangan babi, bagaimanakah hukumnya? Adakah ianya berdosa kerana membantu orang memakan babi? Bagaimana jika membuat pembedahan yang panjang sehingga terlepas solat? Adakah sama seperti pembedahan manusia yang membolehkan solat tersebut dijamakkan? Banyak lagi soalan-soalan yang datang samada daripada orang awam, dikalangan vet atau pelajar vet sendiri yang saya sendiri tidak mampu menjawabnya dengan ilmu agama yang cetek ini. Saya kira perkara yang sama juga berlaku atau akan berlaku dalam bidang kerjaya anda jika anda mencarinya…ini kerana Islam itu adalah cara hidup yang syumul, elemennye terdapat dalam semua bidang, dan yang indahnya, Islam sudah pun ada jawapannya, terpulang pada kita untuk menyelidik dan memahaminya dengan panduan dan tunjuk ajar daripada mereka yang ahlinya.

Akhirnya, sebagai seorang muslim, marilah kita bersama mengambil tanggungjawab untuk memperbetulkan salah faham masyarakat khasnya masyarakat melayu berkaitan dengan isu ini. Perkara ini banyak dipertikaikan oleh masyarakat yang bukan Islam terutamanya mereka yang kuat memegang nilai kebajikan haiwan. Seorang senior saya dalam projek tahun akhirnya yang berkenaan dengan kebajikan haiwan, menjalankan satu soal selidik. Salah satu daripada soalannya adalah “jika anda melihat seekor anjing yang tersepit kakinya, adakah anda akan menolong melepaskan kakinya? Nyatakan alasan bagi setiap jawapan anda”. Sebagai seorang muslim saya merasa sedih dan malu apabila terdapat satu jawapan yang menyatakan “Tidak, kerana saya seorang Islam”. Senario ini harus kita ubah kerana sebagai seorang Islam kita perlu menjaga 3 hubungan iaitu hubungan dengan Allah, hubungan sesama manusia dan hubungan dengan makhluk yang lain. Sesungguhnya Islam itu syumul, segalanya sudah pun digariskan panduannya, terpulang kepada kita untuk mencari, memahami dan mengamalkannya. Wallahua’lam

Saya mengalu – alukan mereka yang ingin mengemuka pandangan, memperbetulkan fakta atau berkongsi maklumat baru berkenaan dengan hal ini. Anda bolehlah menghantar email kepada lapanjuta[at] Sekian moga bermanfaat untuk semua. Terima kasih.

Dr. Mohd Dzulhamka Kamaluddin

Disemak oleh,
Prof. Dr. Rasedee Abdullah
Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Please Kakak!
I don't think you understand the issue here or you purposely doing this to hit at the Umno controlled council. If you had read the papers, you would have noticed the dog catchers must adopt the humane way, as you put it. You don't shoot, maim or injure the animals and the dogs will be given to SPCA or put up for adoption. You don't understand this, and you will never understand anything. Please, dogs can live among us. I am a Muslim and I love dogs. The council is on the right track.



please understand what i am saying. The council is on the right track by going on dog-catching to curb the stray dogs menace. But the signal is not right when you do so as a competition especially when residents are not trained to catch dogs.
the council is providing the tools which means they must have a a lot of tools to be lent to residents.

i read about dog-catching. I know about dog-catching.
But I do not know how to catch dogs.

no one can be sure that the dogs wil not be harmed. We can only hope so.

this is my view that a competition is not a good idea.

please. understand what i am saying.

and why have you brought in that line about Umno-controlled council?
I am party-blind when I discuss issues.

You seem not to be.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina said:

"When you have such a competition, you can be sure that there will be people who will employ some of the most cruel and inhumane ways of catching the dogs."

This reads and sounds like a simple and direct way of saying what she thinks is wrong with this whole shebang.

Yet, there are posters who are hell bent on importing their own agendas and throwing accusations left, right and center. At last count, the accusatory list includes: turning it into a racial issue, lacking in journalistic standards, being non-factual and lacking in solid reasoning, and harbouring political bias against a particular political party.

I just can't help wondering, what will they think of next?

Competitions said...

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