Monday, March 26, 2007

He's a Blogger

Shahrir's New Blog
MarinaM texted me and Syed Syahrul Zarizi alerted me, about Shahrir Samad's new blog, Shahrir Samad at
This is a different one. The other is , which has been spammed like crazy.
Now this new one has got a Bloggers United logo.
His latest posting, dated today (Monday, March 26) is a reproduction of Jeff Ooi's piece, ("The Playful Politician"), on him at the launch.
His first was dated Friday, March 23, the day after he was at a lunch table where four bloggers, including Jeff, were seated. This was after the launching of the book, "The Reluctant Politician - Tun Dr Ismail and His Time" at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru.
He was certainly enjoying and amusing himself no end when he teased us about blogging and the uneasy state of blogosphere (in this country).
We, of course, reminded him that he was a blogger, to which he responded: "I am not a blogger, I am not a blogger". Playfully, I am inclined to believe.
Shahrir has a blog under blogspot, so that makes him very much a blogger, no matter how much he wants to deny it.
But, then, he could well be right. Shahrir-umno.blogspot is not your regular blog. You don't get to read what Shahrir thinks because, besides the incredible amount of spam, it contains a lot of news articles.
It does look like someone else is doing the "blogging" on his behalf.
And whoever it is, is doing such a poor job because shahrir-umno is grossly neglected.
If Shahrir insists that he is not a blogger, then he should shut down his blog that has got his name on it.

And, before you know it, along comes shahrirsamad.blogspot. How timely!

It's good to know that Shahrir has got a new blog.
But, I remain disappointed. It seems a mirror of the other one -- you still don't get to read what Shahrir thinks.

Let's hope we get to read Shahrir's views of issues. And that it does not go down the same road as shahrir-umno.blogspot.


Anonymous said...

what do you expect from shahrir? Hantam the govt? forget it. Umno is his rice bowl. be that as it may, let him write a few more stories before he exposes himself.

Anonymous said...


He is most welcome in this blogosphere. Hopefully more and more "top guns" to come in.


MarinaM said...

Ena, how come he has a webmaster who replies for him? Also, what is that tagline 'Yang Terbaik di Kalangan Kita' under his name at the top?

Anonymous said...

Dato' Shahrir commented on my article in my blog on Saturday morning. I am not convinced his blog is his own thoughts and words.



i think that's the whole point... he has a webmaster answering for him. I am so suspicious. It is not him blogging.
That "Yang Terbaik.... blah blah blah' is his loong-held tagline.
It was also in his first website.
But,if you ask me what it is all about, I have no idea.
I will remember to ask him the next time.....

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

The tagline is not new, he have been using it on his office's signboard in JB for a long time. Time to change the tagline?

Mr. Smith said...

I wonder why BN MPs need to blog unless they have "independence of thoughts and personal convictions".
Otherwise, the mainstream print and electronic media is there to highlight their views, opinions and their unending adulations of their party and government leaders.
Don't expect to Sharir to 'step on the PM's foot'.

Anonymous said...


I was so looking forward to see his writing. Hmm, cam ni senanglaa, cut n paste aje.I believe Shahrir has a responsibility. As registered blogspot blogger, he should write something.

Pak Shahrir, justify our faith will ya? Uncle Ron writes, so does a whole lotta other politicians out there, so why don't you?

Anonymous said...

I personally know the guy who was his webmaster of his website for many years. I call him, "Zahid" because he look like Zahid AF. He is a JB guy and was Khaled Nordin's man.

I think this chap is doing all the blogging in Shahrir's blog, for YB Dato' Shahrir Samad.

Lo said...


does that make him a liar too?

just kidding.


maria a samad (kak ton) said...


What does he take us for? For fools?

Anyone can see that the blog aint his. It is so impersonal. I had the suspicions that someone else was doing it for him.

Did someone say he lost the password to his website, hence this new blog under his name?


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina, what can we expect from a person named Shahrir Samad, blogger or no blogger.

For him anything that smells Tun Mahathir is worth belittling.

He once proudly claimed himself as a man with principle. Even said that 'Its not whether he is ready for UMNO, but whether UMNO is ready for him', when he won back the 'empty' seat and clearly refering to Tun.

From my experience a person who claimed a lot of thing are normally unsecured personalities. Remember AAB's 'This is all my idea' claimed on the SJER plan.

For a person with high principle, Shahrir definitely has made us proud in his handling of ECM Libra case; Pure Unprinciple!!!!

'Yang Terbaik Di Kalangan Kita', he must be joking. Now suddenly i'm beginning to like his sense of humor.

Thus, Welcome Shahrir Samad; The Blogger, May You Light Up Days With Your Comic Antics


Anonymous said...

Its a good effort. We should be more positive minded.

Unknown said...

Oh. he has got the Bloggers United icon/logo on his blog. I wonder how long it would remain there. Let's say a situation arose when he has to make his stand clear. Let's say a line in the sand was drawn ( rememeber the movie'the alamo' ). Would he cross the line to join the bloggers? I think not.But will give him the benefit of the doubt. He might prove me wrong.

Even if I am right, never mind lah. let him play, play at being a blogger.No harm what. But maybe a little bit of desecration to that logo.

Walski69 said...

Hi Nuraina... I really doubt it is the good Datuk... there are a few hints that I picked up from reading it (I actually did a post on this also).

Sort of reminds me of Marina M's "original" blog - which was actually a reader-fan of hers compiling her Musings articles.

Nevertheless, let's just wait 'n see what happens with it...

Anonymous said...

Be careful, shahrir might hijack the bloggers' cause. keep an eye on him.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Pak Shahrir, can you comment on why Singapore is shaping up to be a "global city" while KL is like going nowhere?

I ask this humbly knowing your penchant for criticising Spore.

And as a native of JB, I can see firsthand that my hometown has no hopes whatsoever of becoming a global city, the IDR notwithstanding.