Monday, March 26, 2007

Help Little Aisya

Appealing to Malaysian Generosity
Student Daphne Ling sent me an email asking me to help highlight the plight of little Siti Aisya Syazreen who has Fraser Syndrome -- her eyelids are fused.
The three-and-a-half year-old has undergone surgery but this was not successful. Because of her age, doctors feel that she is not ready for another surgery until 2 years' time.
Daphne, a blogger, was touched by Aisya's plight.
You can read about Aisya and how you can help in Daphne's posting.
I am sure there are many Daphnes among us.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Nur,

I wish there are similar Daphnes to show care and love for the many stray dogs and cats in Malaysia, the dogs are getting a raw deal what with even the authorities targetting them. One state killed off 10,000 last year and intends to up the figure this year. A reader in Nst (26/3) wrote that "We use dogs for crime prevention, bust syndicates, as tracker dogs in disasters but instead of showing appreciation to this wonderful animal we kill them off in cold blood" What a shame for Malaysia while the world watches and knows about us. Our local children sometimes throw stones just to provoke even when the dogs are fenced up yet the dog gets the blame later once a trajedy occurs. Ghandi said it rightly with " A nation's greatness is known by how it treats its animals"

Woody Woodpecker.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

i'm touched. I have nothing to offer but prayers. I have small kids of my own and I know how the parent must be feeling.

Be strong. and to Daphne Ling, she is a model blogger, good for her!

p/s. off topic. Pak Shahrir have a new blog. I don't know why, because he never update his old blog. Just following trend is it?My advise to him, be honest, don't ask any spinster to write or maintain the blog. Learn.

Good luck!

The url

Daphne Ling said...

Dear Ms Nuraina,

Thanks for helping with the posts (a blogger called Zorro alerted me); I'm sure Aisya and her family are extremely grateful. En Shahidan looked close to tears when we met him the other day, and he and his wife, Kak Hayati sincerely thank all bloggers for their kindness and generosity. Just wanted you to know.

To En Syed Syahrul: I have nothing to offer but prayers too, but like any God-believing person, I believe that is the most powerful thing we can offer the family now; money will come and go, but strength, hope and faith to see the family through till the end can only come from the Almighty. And I'm sure He hears all our prayers for the family.

On behalf of the family, Thanks for your support,
Daphne Ling