Thursday, March 08, 2007

Allahyarhamah Kak Eda

My sister, Noraida Samad, passed away about 2.55pm today. I was with her. I held her hands. I saw her go.
Kak Eda had cancer. She was 51.
She leaves behind Aziz (her husband) and their four children - Safiyah 16, Umar, 14, Hajar, 13 and Mariam, 10.
Farewell, my sister.
May Allah SWT bless her soul.


Anonymous said...


Salam takziah to you & the family...


Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,
I'm very sorry to hear of your great loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.
Elizabeth Wong

Anonymous said...

Kak Aina,

Salam Takziah buat seluruh keluarga.

Sorry to hear about her death. Is she the one wearing "tudung"?


Typhoon Sue said...


My condolences to you and your family.

May her soul rest in peace.
Sorry for your loss.

shar101 said...


Anonymous said...


Dear Noraina

Innalillahi wainna Ilaihirajiun.
So sorry to hear about your sister. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya and memberi kekuatan dan kesabaran to all of you during trial. Al-Fathihah.

Kak Ainon (one of your blog-follower)

Anonymous said...

Sis Nuraina dan keluarga,
Takziah di atas kepulangan ke Rahmatullah kakak Nuraida Samad. Marilah kita bersama-sama mendoakan agar roh beliau dicucuri rahmat Allah SWT dan ditempatkan bersama hamba-hambanya yang solehah. Al-Fatehah... Amin.

Anonymous said...

my deepest condolences nuraina :(

i'll give you a hug when i next see you. be strong :)

Ayah said...

My prayers for her and deepest condolences for the family. May the kids be strong and brave enough to face the days ahead....

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I was very saddened to read about the passing of your beloved sister. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and your extended family. May she rest in peace and May her bereaved family find strength in this sad time.


Kak Aina
Takziah di atas kembalinya kak eda ke rahmatullah. Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau.Di saat ini kesabaran sangat-sangat diperlukan oleh seluruh keluarga.

Alliedmartster said...

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
Keep the fond memories of them always with you, and those alone will keep you in the best of mind.

Our prayers are with you.

The Yew family

zaharin mohd yasin said...

Kematian adalah kepastian. Kita doakan dengan bacaan serendahnya Al-Fatihah dan setingginya Surah Yassin untok Allahyarhamah. Dan yang penting kita meredakan kepulanganya mengadap Allah dengan iringan memaafkanya dan menghalalkan segala pemberian semasa hayatnya didunia ini dan seterusnya mendoakan dirahmati Allah hendaknya akan roh Allahyarhamah. Amin Ya Rabbil Alamin. Al-Fatihah.

Unknown said...

Saya menerima berita sedih berhubung kepergian Allahyarhamah daripada Shar 101 beberapa minit yang lalu. saya doakan semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

Al Fatihah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis Aina,

Terkejut saya mendengar apabila melihat komen dari shar101 di blog sheih lalu saya jengok kesini.

Salam Takziah buat seluruh keluarga dan semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.

Al-fatehah.... dari saya sekeluarga.

svllee said...

Hello Nuraina, We met briefly at mee rebus stall 2 weeks ago, with the other bloggers, my deepest condolences. Steven Lee

Editor said...

My heartfelt condolences to you and her family on your sister's death.May her soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Salam Takziah, semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

Kak Dah.

zorro said...

My Dear Nuraina, Pls. accept my deepest condolence on the demise of your sister. Pls extend the same to Aziz and the kids.She will take care of all of you from above.Al-Fatihah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Takziah dari Kami

Moga Dia selamat di sana


. said...

Semoga Allah s.w.t. mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan menempatkannya bersama orang-orang yang soleh. Amin.

Halwafy said...


Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

Be strong.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Ms Nuraina,
On behalf of my family i would like to convey deepest condolences to you and your family.
Semoga di cucuri rahmat keatas rohnya...Al Fatihah

Anonymous said...

Innalillahi wainna Ilaihiraji'un.

So sorry to learn about your loss. Your sister, Kak Eda, may be gone but she surely won't be forgotten. My condolences to you and the whole family.


NorAiniJ said...

Salam Kak Ena,


Alfatihah to your late sister. My condolences to you and your family.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Dari Allah SWT kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali.
Salam takziah to you and family on the demise of your sister.
Al-Fatihah, semoga Allahyarhamah ditempatkan bersama orang2 yang soleh.

Anonymous said...

Takziah diucapkan.

Pa'chik said...

al-fatihah buat kak eda, semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang dirahmati Allah. amin.

Hi&Lo said...


My heart goes out to you over your great loss.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nur,

Sorry to hear of the demise of your beloved sister, Kak Eda.

I am sure that even at this time of grieve and mourning, cherished memories of her, will give you and yours much comfort and strength to face another day.

God Bless.


Anonymous said...

My condolences, be strong. We weep for you.

Anonymous said...

My dearest Kak Ena yang kurindui..

My deepest condolences to you and family.

By the way, I think you should write a book entitled 'Tuesdays with Bapak'. I soooo love the stories you've written so far. If you ever publish it, I promise you that I'll be the first to buy it... and you must sign it, of course.. heheh.

Anyway, take care ok? I miss you. I miss you with the leather jacket (making you look so cool and all) and I miss you talking about sudoku!

Loads of hugs from someone who always seem to run to you for help,
arni.. :)

mob1900 said...

My deepest condolence and sympathy for your loss and family. Hope you will be strong and brave for all.

Syaliza Abdul Rahman said...

Innalillahiwainnailaihiraji'un... Salam Takziah kpd kak Nuraina & keluarga. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat Allat SWT.

Anonymous said...

my deepest condolences.

Unknown said...


Semoga Allahyarham berada dalam limpahan kasih sayang dan keampunan Allah.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Nuraina,

Takziah & alfatihah to your family. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di antara roh2 yang beriman. Amin

dZeal said...

Takziah & Al-Fatihah

Unknown said...


Innalillahi wainna Ilaihirajiun

My condolences to you and family. I know how it feels coz I have a brother who is 56 and with stage 4 cancer.

I fear the day I will lose him so do believe me, I know how it feels.

From ALLAH she comes and to ALLAH she goes.

Anonymous said...

My deepest condolence to you and family.

Kak Teh said...

Al Fatehah. I got sms from Rocky just as I touched down. Am so sorry. Salam takziah untuk semua.

Lame Basket said...


Sorry to hear of your loss.
My deepest condolences.

Unknown said...

Sdri Nurainan,


Dari Allah kita didatangkan, kepada-Nya kita dipulangkan.

Semoga Allah merahmati roh almarhumah dan menempatkannya dikalangan para solehah. Amin

Anonymous said...

M sorry to hear about ur beloved sister. May Allah SWT keep her soul in peace and grant her jannatul firdausi. Also, may Allah SWT give strength to your family to cope with this loss, especially the children.


A Voice said...

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un. Walaupun sya tak mengenali allahyarhamah, fatihah saya buat arwah.

Muga rohnya di rahmati tuhan.

Diharap banyak sabar dan tabah kepada suami, anak2 dan keluarga allahyarhamah dalam menghadapi kehilangan yang tersayang.

zewt said...

sorry to hear about this news. may she rest in peace and my deepest condolences to you and her family.

silversarina said...

Salam takziah buat kak nuraina sefamily.Alfatihah.

Rockybru said...

my dear ena,
my greatest regret is not really knowing her. you admired, loved her so much; she must have been as cool and brave as you said she was. i learn again today never to take the ones you love for granted.
may Allah bless her soul.

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear of your loss. my deepest condolences to you & kak eda's family.
...and you & I were just laughing & doing our assunta bit yesterday...


Unknown said...

PLease accept my deepest condolences to you and your family on your bereavement.

Anonymous said...

Kak Ena

Al-Fatihah and deepest condolences from me and my husband. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas Roh your sister and kepada anak-anaknya semoga mendapat ketenangan dan kekuatan berkekalan.

Nani fm New York

Anonymous said...

My dear Ena,
Somehow it seems so profound that you were the one with Eda when she breathed her last - You, who tagged along Eda wherever she went because she was just 15 months older, who would gang up with her to pick a fight with me when we were kids. Remember the time I showed off my brand new form 1 school uniform only to hear you both exclaim that it was awful I almost believed it! I remember so many things of our childhood past tonite - vivid images of the child Eda, flashing past – of secrets shared, of treks up Gasing hill, of catching tadpoles, of playing with paper dolls, of playing house using Kak Ton’s shoes and make up and getting hell from her afterwards, of mak pinching me it left a big blue mark on my thigh for something you both did simply because I was the big sister, of Eda and I baking Raya cookies and staying up Raya eve cleaning the house, while you desperately tried to keep awake. So many memories of my beautifully stubborn and brave adik, too many to write and to share. I shall miss her. Al-Fatihah

fabmama said...

Dear Aina, my salam takziah to you and family. Yes I was told you and Kak Ton were with Eda till the end. I am in awe of your strength.My condolence to Aziz and children. Love, fati.

Anonymous said...


Salam takziah dan Al-Fatihah!

Mutiara said...

Dear Nuraina
Alfatehah to allahyarhamah. Takziah and deepest condolenses to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

sorry for your lost. my deepest condolences to you and her family. may she rest in peace. may you and her bereaved family find strength in this saddest moment.

Anonymous said...


My deepest condolence to you and family.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Alfatehah. Takziah dari kami sekeluarga.

tunku said...


dear kak nuraina,
my deepest condolences to you n family.

Alliedmartster said...

Kak Nuraina,

Our heartfelt condolences.
May her soul rest in peace.
Our prayers are with you and your family in this time of need.

the Yew family

ps said...

Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sis Ena,

Salam takziah dari kami sekeluarga.

Moga roh Allahyarhamah dicucuri rahmatNya dan tempatkan bersama mereka-mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh.


MA & Brood.

Anonymous said...

Innalillahi wainna illaihi rojiun.
Takziah dari saya sekeluarga.
Smoga Allah Taala mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya dan ditempatkannya bersama mereka yang beriman.
Al Fatehah.

The Pisces Man said...

Al Fatihah...

my deepest condolences to you and your families.

- Abdun.

meandbaby said...

Salam takziah from us and alfatihah. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Takziah buat Kak Aina Seluruh keluarga.

Al-Fatihah buat arwah.

izinni said...

Dear Kak Ena,

Innalillah hiwainnaillaihiraaji'uun.
Dari Dia kita datang, kepada Dia kita kembali.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.

My deepest condolonces to you and your family for the great lost.


*Hasnita Shaari*

Jorji said...


Elly said...

Dear Nuraina,

My deepest condolences for the loss of your sister.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...

Anonymous said...

Salam & Takziah dari kami sekeluarga. My wife had the chance to visit her sometime ago. We were neighbours in Subang Jaya.

Anonymous said...

Eda was a filial daughter, a faithful wife, a loving mother & a loving sister to her siblings, a great confidante to her nieces & nephews and a good friend. One can never find a more beautiful soul than her.

She had prepared half of her life for the next world and her four children for her eventual be strong, Insya Allah

Kami redha dengan kepergian mu, wahai adik ku yang tercinta. We love you, but He loves you more.

You will be forever missed & loved.

May you rest in peace.

Al Fatiha.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Dear Sis Nuraina,

Heard the news from yr sister at the bank this morning (090307). Alfatehah to allahyarhamah. Takziah and deepest condolenses to you and your family.

Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan bersama orang yang beriman.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I just heard. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Although we all need to be "redha" with God's will, one can't help the acute grief, can one?

I share with u a quote from Kahlil Gibran...

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

Life and death is by God's will, sista. I just lost a dear friend four days ago. I'm learning to cope too. Whenever u need a shoulder, u have my number.

Unknown said...

dear ena

my deepest condolences to you and family...


Anonymous said...

Al Fatihah


jasgill said...

Was just checking out your blog when I read about your sister's demise. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. In the cyberworld all of us are a family. So we all share your grief together. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Takziah and Al-fatihah.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.

Fulltime Mom

tiger_woodie said...

Dear Pn Nuraina,

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

My wife and I convey our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Take care and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.
Takziah and be strong.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kak Ena

I can still hear her voice, see her lovely face… for she was the one that I always turned to for advice.

May Allah SWT grant her a place in Jannatul Firdaus.

I am missing her already and always will.

You will always be in my prayers, dear, dear Kak Eda.

May you rest in peace, my beloved sister.



Anonymous said...

Tante Eda was the aunt I was closest to besides Tante Lalin & Tante Nina who were closer to my age.

She had always time for me. This niece of hers who was always in trouble.. when I was in school, during my turbulent teenage years...and even now.

She was the one I would run to She was always there for me. My Agony Aunt, indeed she was.

Like my mom said, she was a beautiful person.

She was never judgmental. She wore the purdah … all covered up. But never “preachy”.

When I wanted to put on the tudung she told me that was good.

“But Mamin,’ she said, “wear it only if you want to...let it come from your heart, not because of peer pressure, not because it was the “in” thing to do.”

“Strengthen your iman first, than everything else will fall into place.“ How wise.

I love you Tante Eda. I do. And I will surely miss you.



Anonymous said...

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
U told me how proud you were but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear your voice again

Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won't be there
Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide cause it's you I miss
It's so hard to say good bye when it comes to this

Would you tell me I was wrong
Would you help me understand
Are looking down upon me, are you proud of who I am
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes
And see you looking back

If I had just one more chance
I would tell you how much that I've missed you since you've been away....

Rest now, dearest beloved kak eda. The battle is finally over. Thank you for everything and making me into a better person. You are forever loved and will be missed always.......

pemerhati said...

Tante Eda is one person I envy.

She was strong yet feminine. She had talent& was beautiful (both inside & out). But like Tante Ena, she didn’t seem to be aware of this gift of beauty from Allah.

Tante Eda’s greatest assets are her children, not worldly possessions.

She gave up a successful career as an interior designer more than 19 years ago to be a fulltime wife & mother. None of her children went to kindergarten; She schooled-home them before they went to proper schools. And they are smart kids.

Umar, her only son, had Five As for his Std Six exams three years ago. So did Hajar who, last year, obtained the same number of As, despite having to take turns to look after their umi who was hospitalized. They loved it - took joy in taking care of their umi.

Lucky Tante Eda.

She had brought them up remarkably well - to be good kids, to be decent human beings, to be strong. To be anak-anak yang soleh. And they are.

She knew she would eventually have to go when her condition worsened & was prepared for it. She neither complained nor whined about her condition & didn’t like her sisters (my aunts) fussing too much over her.

She took it all in her stride - saying that it was the Will of Allah SWT.

Now she is gone… to a place that is eternal waiting for her love ones to join her.

We’ll meet again, Insya Allah.

Till then, dear Tante, rest well & May Allah SWT bless your soul.



Anonymous said...

Untuk Mu, Tante Ku

Kau yang tulis mimpi'ku semalam.

Tuliskan kesedihan yang tak'ku sangka
kau yang dulu di bumbung langit
kini di bintang syurga
Mengalir lembut terbawa sungai di hujung mata...
cahaya nyata mimpi jauh
khayalan ini setinggi-tinggi tempat ku memikirkannya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aina,
so sorry to hear the sad news this week of your dear sister passing away,i did not know her well, but whati did know of her ,was that she was a very patient loving caring person,who would always have time to listen to other peoples problems,not excluding my dear wife when we argued.
Even though she was totally committed to Allah she had time to talk of her past and always had the heartiest laugh for the few jokes that i could tell.
This is one person that our troubled world will sorely miss,hopefullly her children will inherit the same attributes,and spread the good will and courage that she had.
Terry (brother in law)abang Yahya

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Al Fatehah.....Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat Nya keatas arwah Kak Eda. Dunia ini hanyalah sementara untuk kita... semoga kita semua akan menjalani hidup yang diredahi Illahi.. Amin

edelweiss said...

Kak Ena,

My condolences to you and your family.

Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang beriman. insyallah
Sorry for your loss.