Monday, March 05, 2007

Pasquale's Magpie

Anti-Singapore Blogger?
The incorrigible Pasquale has a hard-hitting post on our neighbour down south. Read what he has to say here. Or click on


tiger_woodie said...

Dear Puan Nuraina,

I'm afraid that i wasn't too impressed with Pasquale's blurb. It smacked of xenophobia and was perhaps exacerbated by 'border country envy' which is prevalent amongst insecure people (especially politicians who sheath their own inadequacies by bashing other nations).

We would be much better off emulating some of their virtues and policies (like meritocracy, parity and a clean incorruptible govt.) Surely, this would be beneficial towards our own betterment in striving to be a developed nation come 2020.

Why waste kilojoules on negativities when we can learn so much on how to better ourselves via aping proven policies which can only assist our aspirations?

I don't agree with all of LHL's policies but if only we can implement some of the better ones, we're one step closer.

Btw, i rather liked the tone of your previous entry. I'm a firm believer that when credit is due, hand the bouquets out. Similarly with brickbats too - if its called for.

We can only pray that our leaders remain steadfast in their promises to the rakyat that corruption will and must be weeded out. After all, that was the very vein that most Malaysians voted for in the last election.

Judging from what our IGP said at a recent forum that some politicians expect the police to 'open one eye and close the other', this premise may be a tad pessimistic. I just hope that he will have the gumption one day to name the politicoes who do so.

In the meantime, do keep writing. Its one of my favourite reads in blogdom. :)

harmdone7 said...

I agree with tiger_woodie. Pasquale's allegation that Spore will take over Nusajaya is a bit too far fetched. Nusajaya is modelled to be Johore's new admin centre, it just does not make sense to give up control of the region to a foreign power.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Thanks for heads-up on Pasquale's blog.

Am looking foward to see if he'll be just as err... supercilious as a host as he is as a guest.


Pasquale said...

Dear Nuraina!

I did not know why I did what I did, but thank you anyway for telling the world about Magpie! It started witht the fact that there are no avenues for people like me to express my contempt and disdain over our government inability to give good answer over simple things, and the many unanswered questions that the people have demanded from the government over many sensitive issues involving the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu vi-a-vis Republic Tanah China! So there! Just for the record no one is supposed to know about my blogsite, but I am sure subconciously just may be "I do want to be caught" so to speak.
But as usual morons should not be allowed to make comment, just for the record Malays are not xenophobic otherwise this country is not littered with non-Malays, for centuries now who do not appreciate what they have! Cheers!