Thursday, March 01, 2007

We Bloggers

Good Or Bad
One reason I did not so readily blog after leaving the NST was the uncertainty of finding time and also of disciplining myself to do it.
It was as simple as that.
I was not debating about my role as a blogger in relation to the nation, or national politics. At least, not yet.
Of course, now I can see some evolution and, a hint of revolution, emerging in blogosphere.
Bloggers and their role in Malaysia are certainly making an impact here and beyond, following the defamaton suit against Rocky and Jeff Ooi by the NSTP and its top executives.
I wonder whether it won't be long before we start debating issues such as recognising bloggers as bona fide media or whether this new media is good for democracy.

Here is something about bloggers in the US being included as bona fide members of press to cover a court case.
It is a commentary titled: "Bloggers' Big News Needs Scaling Down", followed by a sub-head that goes "What's new about blogs covering trials is also old. What's daring is often dicey".

By James McGrath Morris

As they come, this judicial first wasn't exactly front-page news -- that is, if you are still in the habit of reading a quaint, old-fashioned newspaper. But in cyberspace the decision of the U.S. District Court to include bloggers as bona fide members of the press pool during the recent "Scooter" Libby trial was big news. For the first time ever in a federal court case, bloggers were officially welcomed as equals with newspaper and broadcast reporters, albeit in a little room down the hall from the actual trial in Courtroom 16.

It took the Media Bloggers Association two years of negotiations with court officials to win the right to join the media frenzy. Kim Pearson, a professor at the College of New Jersey, was among the vanguard who took a turn in the press pool. According to Pearson, Judge Reggie Walton's decision to allow bloggers to participate in the trial opened "a new chapter in the debate over the legitimacy of bloggers as gatherers and disseminators of news."

True. But it may not be a debate favorable to blogging. The admission of bloggers into a press pool serves as a timely moment to examine the Achilles' heel of this newfangled form of journalism. Despite all its claims of whiz-bang newness and democracy-promoting attributes, blogging may turn out to be nothing more than a fresh version of an old journalistic gimmick. More important, it may not necessarily be such a wonderful thing for democracy.

Read the rest of the article here...


Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Good morning sis.

As for me I blog for fun. Still owe you about the write up of Miri. Wedged with reverse engineering works and need to complete ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Bloggers have taken the country by storm. Their numbers may be small but their ability to punch above their weight has made the Government sit up and take notice. the government of the day can no longer disregard what is happening in the blogging world. Newspapers to a large extent have lost their credibility and blogging is one of the many ingenious ways to express one's feelings. Anyway the mainstream press always have their agenda. Bloggers like The Rock, Jeff Ooi, Lim Kit Siang, Aisehman and Nuraina and so many others are leading the revolution. They demand to be heard - and they are being heard.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers must be in the vanguard of the struggle against lies, bigotry, racism, stupidity, cronyism, corrupt politicians. This is the age of bloggers. The government of the day had better take note of this. We shall not compromise. TO STRIVE, TO SEEK, AND NOT YIELD.

A Voice said...

You are the second party pooper after politikus/jeremiah foo.

Anyway somebody has to give a wakeup call.

Hidup Bloggers! Down with Nasty Pee!

teetwoh said...

It is wonderful to see ordinary Joe Bloggs (I cant resist this ... dont kill me) speaking up, warts (ie bad grammar, atroshes speling and all).

Can bloggers blog about their thoughts on a more just and equitable Malaysia? Are bloggers prepared to speak up on all issues affecting justice and equitable treatment of all Malaysians? Bloggers, can we start to talk about getting rid of unjust policies, such as the NEP and preferential treatments for the Bumis? If not, then the phenomenon of blogging would have done Malaysia little service.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina/3540 Jalan Sudin,

I am of the view that as for bloggers in Malaysia, Rocky's case would be the yard stick.

But litigation in malaysia, especially if it goes to trial, is a long and tedious process.

The public might loose interest with the case.

However, I am patiently waiting for the reported judgment in Rocky's case.

This is indeed another watershed moment for Malaysian Legal System.

I m all for freedom of Speech and never letting Rocky to walk alone.

A Voice said...


MarinaM raised the issue of no women in the band of bloggers postr on kickdefella.

Theer is not just Joe Bloggs but also Jane Bloggs.

But we are no Goblog (thats stupid inm javanese).

shar101 said...

Blog for the new Fourth Estate.

And write responsibly, please.

And also, read responsibly too. (A Voice can explain more).

Well, I must say it is a refreshing post you've put up, Nuraina. Time to take stock of the situation before it gets way above our collective heads. You may have 'drenched' us with cold water but you're definitely not pooping as 'A Voice' has elucidated.

*I hear there's a Bloggers' Night at NPC tomorrow (02/03/07) hence will take up the issue with A Voice...on the mike, of course*

P.S. With 30 million blogs and counting, can I use your post as an excuse not to set up OBE?

zewt said...

While we do not agree with a lot of things 'accomplished' by the US govt, there are some things we could learn from them... freedom of speech for example... true freedom of speech.

teetwoh.... i believe most malaysians wanna blog about things you mentioned, but that's not very advisable. in the end, we just keep everything inside us and blog about humour and laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

zewt said: "While we do not agree with a lot of things 'accomplished' by the US govt, there are some things we could learn from them... freedom of speech for example... true freedom of speech.

teetwoh.... i believe most malaysians wanna blog about things you mentioned, but that's not very advisable. in the end, we just keep everything inside us and blog about humour and laugh about it."


Editor said...

30 million blogs and counting.Not sure of the number in Malaysia. Time for a scale down. Cannot possibly read all that!

Alliedmartster said...

(Trying to undo stitches across my mouth!!)
HMMMM mmmmmHMmmmm MMMMMPPPPPhhhhhh.
See you all in NPC tonight.

zorro said...

Shar101....dont you try that delay stunt on us. Shall I announce Ole Blue Eyes. What so wrong in having 3million plus OBE.Se u 2nite.

Nuraina, as expected so timely and succinct.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Miss NAS,
Why is that the Gajah is so freaky about us the mice (bloggers)..we know the weak spot i guess....and all these while the gajah thought that he /she can plunder the public wealth to their heart content without anyone giving a hoot...keep on blogging sis,you wont regret.

Anonymous said...

Dear shar101 and zorro,

Forgive an ignorant non-blogger, but may I know what an OBE is?

Tried figuring it out myself but nothing pops. Thanks much.

shar101 said...


OBE is the acronym for "Old Blue Eyes" coined by Zorro, Sheih and Rocky. It's connected to one of my...hmmm..abilities. And it's suppose to be the name of my 'soon to be set up' blog which I'm trying in various ways to chicken out.

There is an alternate version - Other Bu**ers' Effort as commonly attributed to the other OBE - Order of the British Empire.

Ok. Gotta run and figure out next week's excuse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks shar101. I've got it now. Either you croon like an angel or you're originally from Hackensack, NJ. :)

Re your own blog, here's an excuse if you need one (I'll take a raincheck if used)-- Not everyone is cut out to blog. Some people scintillate when mobile but become lackluster when still. Probably something to do with the traction. In any case, to quote my husband when confronted with any appliance of the domestic kind, who says a tool has to be used simply because it's there.

However I'm sure you would always be a pleasure to read either parked or cruising.

Anonymous said...

I had been wanting to write earlier after we met At Roy's place but had been so tight up with work and the usual that I keep putting this off. I missed the funeral of my dear friend (your loving sister)arwah Eda whom I have not met for years but who will always have a special place in my heart. I was so glad that Roy arranged for us to meet up at her place and arrange for us to visit arwah's grave cause seeing where arwah was burried and the ability to read the surah 'yassin' gave me the piece of mind as this is the least that I could do for a dear friend who was noted for kindness,patience and thoughtfullness...she was a good friend, mother, wife, daughter and sister. May Allah swt bless her - amin. You know what Ena...meeting up with my old Assunta pals was so we have shared so many wonderful years together ...thank you Roy for arranging for the get together and the wonderful lunch (yummy as usual) eventhough not everyone could turn up.....3 cheers to Roy. We had so much to share and laugh about and I felt sad when I had to leave after lunch ( wanted another helping of the rendang and gado gado...tak puas makan ) to pick up my son Afique in Mantin.... I wanted to join you guys later as I heard that Hanim and Diane would be joining later but what to do duty calls particularly so for a single mum like me. After picking Afique up I told him that I wanted to drive back as fast as I could as I wanted to meet up with my long lost friends ...he felt guilty for disrupting my reunion but I reassured him that it is ok and to make sure that he remembers this sacrifice when I am old and haggard one day....haha... saw his face cringe when I said that. Unfortunately my formula one desire to drive beyond the permissable limit backfired when I saw the jam at Nilai emmm it had to be today of all days for the a lorry to overturn in the middle of the road with loads of vegetables sprawled on the road...oh dear I knew that this would take a while. It was at that time that our dear friend Ju called and asked me where I was.... cause u both had to leave if I was not coming soon which I knew for a fact was impossible...not meant to be!
When I plopped into bed that night I felt happy but nostalgic. The reunion was meaningful and memorable espeacially seeing my dear friends happy and sprited eventhough some of us have gone through some bad spells in some point in our lives...but we became stronger and more matured. The saying "The best gift parents can ever give to their children is to love each other" is very apt as I know for sure that our parents gave us that gift and that is why we turn out the way we are now.
Ena you have been bestowed a write almost about everything.....take off my hat to keep on writing Ena.
I would like to end by saying...we all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. Fate chooses our relatives but we choose our friends. In prosperity, our friends know us, but in adversity we know our friends.