Monday, March 12, 2007

Thoroughly Modern Monarch and...Blogger

Introducing Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan
Of course, we didn't know that this queen blogs. She does. Last week, on International Women's Day -- the day women bloggers were described as liars -- Her Majesty, known not only for her beauty, but, certainly, her brains as well and her untiring charity work for women and children in Jordan -- blogged about the woman who has inspired her. She wrote about Maha Abdel Waham:

"Last year in Jordan, many remarkable women and girls from all corners of the world gathered together to launch the Global Action Women's Network for Children - a new initiative to tackle some of humanity's oldest tragedies. Chief among them are the needless deaths of millions of mothers and babies every year...and the wasted potential of tens of millions of girls who are kept out of school.
The statistics are seared into our memories; the stories behind them are sealed in our hearts.
Maha Abdel Wahab, is one young woman from the Ibb province in Yemen, who I had the privilege to meet.
Her spirit and her stamina really inspired me. Her tale of courage and determination will, I believe, really inspire you.
In a country where the majority of girls do not finish Primary Education, Maha overcame tremendous odds to complete school... walking many kilometers everyday... suffering physical and psychological hardship... straining relations in her own family and community... she even learned how to sew so that she could earn money to buy her own school books.
Today, Maha is flourishing at university. Maha maintains that she could not have done it without two special women: her mother, whose unfailing love and support, and whose unshakable belief in the power of education spurred her through Primary and Secondary School.
And Donna Shalala, of the Global Action Women's Network for Children, who listened to Maha's incredible story of perseverance and is now generously funding her degree in Psychology at the University of Thamar in Yemen.
Half way through her first year, Maha is already dreaming of a Masters, and how she can use her education to weave together a vibrant fabric of support for even more young Yemeni girls-and I am sure that she will.
The helping hands of her mother and Donna, whose initial stitches helped one very special young lady, are now forming part of a larger, richer quilt of success for many others.
For me, this proves what possibilities abound when we take the time to reach out, pull up, and pass on the gift of strength.On this International Women's Day, I urge you to ask yourself what you are going to do to make a girl or a woman stand taller and stronger. "

Queen Rania, 36, is Chair of the Jordan River Foundation.


Shanghai Fish said...

My Dear,
Can we send this posting of yours straight to Tengku Adnan... and see what's his take/comment on this Royal Blogger ?
We are moving back in time into the dark ages while the world is whizzing us by into the 21st century and to infinity....
Cheers !!

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Miss NAS,
Its all in upbringing ,something wrong with this child.Uncertain of origin and nature make him claimed the Tunku title to preceed his name...some inferiority complex he got .

The brain never grew and never been used ,thus the intellectual output that he blurted out is just the start of many more stupid things to come out soon.

Here is the man who shamelessly would bring out the bogeyman come election time.As if the whole would turn upside down without his intellectual output.

There are many receptive ears for these sort advice (from him)...the ears belong to goats,cattles and kerbaus that were grazing around him!!!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualikum Aina, I don't know how else i can reach you but my sincere condolence and du'a for your demise sister, Kak Aida. May Allah have mercy on her and reserve a place for her in Jannah. Ameen.
Down Under
(You don't have to publish this message)

Hi&Lo said...


I sokong Clark Gable.

But how can a dimwit walk the corridors of power in a supposedly advanced country?

Something is very wrong with our collective values to elevate such a god-forsaken man to power.

His stupidity can stir even the gentlest souls to be worked up.

If he is joe public, we won't care a hoot.

Pasquale said...

Hey! Guess what I found out? Queen Rania is a liar! Guess who told me? If you can keep a secret I will tell you! Promise? Okay Its Teuku Adnan Mansor our Tourism Minister! Ina please don't tell anyone that I told you this! Shhh!


zewt said...

It will be interesting to see how does that adnan fella respond to this.

Anonymous said...

Maha is an inspiration to men and women. Thanks Nuraina for highlighting her story. Shame on you, Adnan, you are an insult to humankind. Words cannot describe your behaviour. I pity you.

Alliedmartster said...

Liar Liar pants on fire....
I was referring to the referrer
Oh Mr Minister.....Go crawl back to where you came from!