Thursday, March 22, 2007


They were at Dina Zaman's Book Launch
Met more of them last evening at Dina's launch of her book "I Am Muslim" at the top floor of Pasar Seni's Annexe.
Rocky and I could not make it any earlier due to prior engagements and thought we would have to give it a miss as we had to go to Johor Bahru for another book launch ("The Reluctant Politician - Tun Dr Ismail and His Time" at Danga Bay later this morning).
But, we did promise Dina that we would try to be there and it would be good to meet Malaysian writers, authors, old friends and fellow bloggers (including journobloggers and litbloggers).
It rained so heavily earlier. Traffic was crazy. We got there but the launch was over.

As we walked into the top floor hall (an art gallery), we caught a small group of people in the midst of taking photographs.
I heard a familiar voice in the group. It was Zaharah Othman or Kak Teh (choc-a-blog).
Zaharah is back home from London for some "official work" attending a seminar and doing some editing for a TV programme.
She has also been invited to the book launch in Johor Bahru.

Then we heard some people say: "Come on, liars. Smile."
What a sense of humour, my fellow bloggers.
Among them (besides Zaharah) were Sharon Bakar and Ruby Ahmad.
Brit-born Sharon has been living in Malaysia for more than 20 years. She is a lecturer, writer, book reviewer and a lot of other good things, including a blogger. She has a great blog : Bibliobibuli.

Ruby , a TKC old girl, describes herself as an entrepreneur in architecture. I know that she is active in volunteer work. And she blogs.

Then, they saw Rocky.
"Ah, the liar himself..."

It was a good evening. Met old friend and former NST colleague Aishah Ali (former Sunday Mail/Malay Mail associate editor. Not a blogger yet), other former NST colleagues Sharifah Sakinah (now new mag in town, TELL editor), Wahti Maidin (TELL publisher) and NST journalist Darshini.
Met a very old friend too -- (school mate and family friend), Nur Zuhaira.

By the way, Dina Zaman is also a blogger.
Meanwhile, you may want to check out other liars. May I suggest: Tunku Halim and Eric Forbes.


Unknown said...

Patient: Doctor, I need help, I can't help myself, I like to lie.

Doctor: Oh, you must be one of those bloogers, the minister was talking about.

Patient: No, I AM the Minister.

Pi Bani said...

Sounds like an interestingly noisy affair...

Maybe one day we can organise a big-do gathering of the lying bloggers... no, no.. I mean the blogging liars (since all bloggers are deemed liars, but not all liars blog).

zewt said...

thanks nuraina for your well wishes.

zorro said...

Noraina, must have been quite a gathering with that Den of Liars and what more with the alpha liar,aka RB.I sure missed a good rumble. Was a Maria's and met your other sister....dont know how to describe her because you all look pretty...yes Maria volunteered that this sister looks more like her.

Hi&Lo said...

Kata Tak Nak,

Your script fits to the T. :)

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Minister: I got pain all over

Doctor: Show me

Minister touching and pointing to the knee,"Ouch",the tummy"Ouch",the foot "ouch" ..the same OUCH thing all over the place.

Interesting ..but you look well
and from your record you seem to have a perfect health ,in fact the rectal examination your requested for turn up to be normal.Let me see.

Am I being curse to die a thousand pains? Been accusing the bloggers of being liars (esp the female ones) sure they put the curse on me.

Relax ..there is no such thing.Let me see your Index finger.


AHA!! I solved your problem!!
You got a broken finger !! thats why the pain when you touches everything in your body.

Thank God ..can I use my ring finger to point??

Do you have any point to ring?

No ,but why?

Its for your own good,without ring to point would render it useless ,but the point is any ring or point is pointless ringing bla bla..

Minister: Doctor are you mad?

I am NOT a doctor ,I maybe mad but am not stupid as you.

msiaman said...

Ha ha ha.... good one Nuraina.

I must say the band of bloggers look great in the Tell mag.

Dina Zaman said...

thanks so much for coming. you and rocky made it special. so sorry i was all over the place. i cna imagibe your fatigue. today after the launch duk panjat lrt satu hari. glam life huh? hahaha

Lo said...


i don't care they call us liars. i blog from my heart.

nobody stops me from giving my opinions on issues affecting our country.

i love this county. if because of my love, they call me liar, then be it.

i'll lie until the day i die


Anonymous said...

Nuraina, i prefer to be a liar rather than a plagiarist. what say you.

Chet said...

Yah, Eric Forbes lies about books on his blog.

I was one of the liars lining up against the wall for the "photo shoot". But I'm just a novice liar, lah.

Anonymous said...

hi nuraina, sounds like fun being with all those liars,,,,i am missing all the fun :-)

bibliobibuli said...

bloggers rule!

you should have been in the photo too!

Unknown said...

Hi Ena,

Great to have met you in person at last. Bloggers are a quirky, intense bunch but fun!

Thanks for your generosity to mention me here. Love it.



i was...

Kak Teh on my right, and Eliza on my left (a little bit behind me, though).