Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rosnah Gets The RTM Ban

No Show For A Year
I thought the subject of Rosnah Mat Aris, the woman who insulted our revered Siti Khadijah, is closed.
The woman has apologised, for Heaven's Sake!
Rosnah, if you remember, was the actress who insulted Siti Khadijah, wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on TV3's entertainment programme,"Sensasi".
I am neither Rosnah's friend nor her foe.
But I sure feel sorry for her.
How unfair it is for RTM to "gam" her for a year. That's artistespeak for not being allowed to appear in any RTM channel for that duration.
It was bad enough that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)
banned "Sensasi". Now, the actress gets banned by RTM.
I suppose it was a matter of time before RTM jumped on the "ban" bandwagon.
I believe several artistes/performers (local and foreign) had suffered the same fate in the past.
We are so going back in time, so retrogressing. Our minds are so closed and blinkered. We're not thinking or thinking ahead. We're not making wise decisions. We're taking the easy way out.
Why don't we just flog the woman? Maybe everyone will feel better.
Rosnah, in that programme, committed a "sin" in the eyes of Muslims.
You see, she used the word "mampus" when making a reference to the wide age gap between Siti Khadijah and her younger husband, Muhammad (SAW).
The word means "dead" or "dies". But it is in a derogatory and crude form. It is very insulting to refer to anyone being "mampus". You'd probably use it on someone you really hate and wish dead.
Saying that Siti Khadijah is older than the Prophet is not insulting because it is a fact.
But the silly woman used the objectionable word. I believe she said Siti Khadijah was at a "dah nak mampus" age.
Children would really get their mouths "chillied" if they so much as attempt to say the word.
And on our revered Siti Khadijah. No, no, no.
We're not overly-sensitive. But that's the way it is. You don't insult Allah (SWT), Islam, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his wives. You don't insult Siti Khadijah.
Of course, we are forgiving. We can understand when someone is ignorant or stupid, or if remarks are made without malice or any sinister motive.
Rosnah was not stupid. Let's not stereotype her. She was neither ignorant.
She was emotional because she was being needled and pushed by 2 very unprofessional hosts who were in pursuit of a sensational story -- Rosnah's reported relationship with a younger man .
But that was probably demanded of them. To make the programme sensational.
Get that sensationalism out of the subject. That subject at that time was Rosnah,.
It is a lousy concept because it lacks imagination and creativity.
How difficult is it to sensationalise things? Even they had the audience laughing when Rosnah uttered those insulting remarks.
Now did I say we are forgiving? Maybe RTM isn't.
And did I say, Muslims will take offence if we insult Siti Khadjiah? I am still figuring out why the audience was laughing.
Rosnah , I believe, has learnt her lesson. Let's hope she makes the best out of the situation she is in. And I mean it in a positive way.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the government decides to act stupidly against a stupidity. The outcome makes all of us look stupid. I do hope TV3 does not feel obliged to follow suit and "gam" its own people for the Sensasi debacle. Just get them to apologise for the excessiveness and be done with it. Rosnah the bleached blond, I think she was pea-brained when she uttered those insults about the wife of the Prophet (saw). But Zam and the people at RTM must show that they have smaller peas, shrivelled too, surely.

Those half-past-six editors at the NSTP did not even relly apologise for the Prophet caricature episode early last year. Zam did not "gam" any of them.


I agreed .Hope Rosnah will admit her fault and try to convince people that she is ok now.

Anonymous said...

could someone define which members of Rasullullah is open for public ridicule or condemnation? it will clear the air as to who is fair game. I mean, Hussein, the grandson of Nabi Muhammad saw, is fair game isn't he? I mean he was killed in Karbala and his father Ali was assassinated. Rosnah's only crime was showing her intellectual level on national tv, that's all. So let's our imams clarify the matter.


Anonymous said...

This is typical Malaysia. The woman has apologised but still people want her pound of flesh. It is as if people don't make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

"It is a lousy concept because it lacks imagination and creativity."

yar, it should be banned because of the above much earlier. why not GAM all shows with "lousy concepts"?

true, in a muslim country like msia, we must be sensitive to the beliefs of the majority. and FL is slowly accepting that this is not the UK or the evil USA.


tokasid said...

Salam to NAs and all.

Malaysia's ad-hoc actions and reaction when faced with sensitive issues or when unable to counter-explain the issues: BAN/GAM.

You don't like an artist-BAN them from TV or radio.
You don't like an ulama;BAN them from giving kuliah even if they are muftis.(Don't issue any tauliah for them in your state).

If you don't like journos or writers: BAN them by suing them or send them to ISA Palace in Kamunting.

The list goes on.
So Malaysia the Bolehland is also the BANland.

Anonymous said...

i don't even know rosnah before somebody sent me a youtube link. but we all know that it is oft-said "to err is human, to forgive divine". i have forgiven her.

now it is Minister Zam's call. or does he want rosnah to grovel at his feet for mercy? come on, mr minister, sir! show how magnaminous you can be. then maybe,just maybe, 'the malay male' will write something nice about you in his write nice things, he needs nice fodder. give him some.

cre8tif said...

for god's sake spare the rod

if rosnah gets the RTM ban for uttering the word *mampus*

i guess there should be severe punishment for those people whom have incited racial unrest during the last UMNO general assembly which is even broadcasted to the entire world live on ASTRO !

IBU said...

Is the programme banned totally? I thought it's not allowed to be aired via live telecast. Yg mana satu eh?

Darius said...

It is people like her that is pushing more and more moderate Muslims to cross over into extremism.

A Voice said...

Heaven Rosnah apologised immediately upon realising she "terlanjur". She then apologise twice.

Yet to hear from TV3. Hearign teh recording on U-tube, it seems the Lady Interviewer laugh at her remark, while the audiance were stunt.

IF we believe in restraint from provokign the sensitivity of other race or religion, shouldn't it aply to all?

SInce they are banning Sensasi, can they ban also Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, and Malaysian Idol.

Could they also ban all those shallow Malay dramas?

Unknown said...

Dua perkara ja kutu ni nak kata:

1. Jakun kuasa.

2. Rosnah ja kena gam? Zam tak pernah kata apa-apa yang lebih teruk dari apa yang Rosnah kata? Rosnah bukan kak saya, bukan saudara-mara saya, bukan kawan saya. Tak ada kena mengena melainkan saudara seagama. Dan, saya bukan peminat dia. Tapi, huduh-huduh pun, Rosnah dah berkali-kali memohon maaf. Zam pernah?

Kenapa pulak Zam tak kena gam?!

Anonymous said...

if i said 'to hell with prophet mohamad' would i be chopped into small pieces?'

don't anyone want me to explain why i said that?

i think if someone did not declare infront of all muslims the allah is irrelevant or have already said sorry for inadvertently uttered such words, i think the muslims must wear their brains before decide punishment on their own.

this is dangerous because a muslim can kill anyone for money and declares the murdered has blasphemised allah.

Husin Lempoyang said...

Is banning considered as infringing on freedom of expression?

Anonymous said...

To Freelunch 2020,

You say we have to be SENSETIVE to the fellings of the majority. I disagree with the word SENSETIVE and i disagree with the word MAJORITY.

All we have to do, regardless of who we are, is be RESPECTFUL to everybody regardless whether thay are the mojority or the minority and regardless of whether they are Muslims or otherwise.

But for what its worth i doont think what Rosnah said was a big deal..not interms of content. But the issue has been exploited by certain quarters because of the MANNER she expressed her opinions, not the opinion itself.

NOW that is sad.