Sunday, March 04, 2007

Subjudice? Yet Another Blogger

Court Tells Blogger To Shut Down His Blog
Blogging is getting to be a pretty potent activity. Obviously bloggers and what they blog are getting noticed and scrutinised. But, they are also getting responses -- the kind that Rocky and Jeff got.
Take my friend (a fellow blogger). He has been instructed by the industrial court to shut down his blog because the lawyers (guess who?) for the other side think it is subjudice.
This doesn't surprise me at all.
Here's what I picked up from Rocky's Bru Friday, March 2, posting:

Third blogger to be sued in Malaysia?
Flying low. Another corporate giant has threatened to take a blogger to court for creating a blogsite dedicated to discussing the decision by the company to terminate the services of his wife. The blogger has been told to shut down his blog (or else ...).

Read the heart-breaking story in one of the blogs here over the weekend

My friend, zorro has that story.

Looks like bloggers are a pain in many people's backside! Don't let that stop you, my friends. Blog on.


Unknown said...

Thank You very much TDM. You single handedly destroyed the judiciary and willed us this legacy.

Husin Lempoyang said...

TDM willed us the Internet that will not be censored. The Internet is accessible for us to use.

The court decision will always belong to the judge. Thats never accessibel to anyone else

zewt said...

this is scary...

Anonymous said...

Sis Aina,

In bro rocky's blog, the blogroll stated "Nuraina A. Samad's 3540 Jalan Riong



Anon Fm Miri,

thanks, brother. I have alerted bro Rocky.
Jalan Riong is the road on which the NSTP is located.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The decision of the judges? Who are you trying to fool. Oh, come on. Being actually ignorant is acceptable but trying to act ignorant is another. No amount of wool can be pulled to hide TDM's ugly hands in almost all important decision made by judges.

Heck in TDM's time a lawyer could write judgements for the judge.

Anyway his MSC forces him to give us the internet. Surely TDM would look stupid if Papua New Guinea has internet and we don't. Like it or not he can't stop it.

zewt said...

And also have to let maverick know not to call you nuraini... :)



thanks.i know you pointed the right spelling of my name to maverick in Rocky's Bru.
thanks. a lot of people have made that mistake. i have got quite used to it. thanks again.