Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome To The Club, Dr Chua.....

I saw an addition in the list of politicians who blog in TV Smith's "Malaysia Central".
What a pleasant surprise to find that it was former Health Minister and MCA leader Dr Chua Soi Lek.

What can I say, Doc. Welcome to the club.

Read Rocky's welcome bru, and TV Smith's two sen on Dr Chua's foray into (his) uncharted territory.

Dr Chua's maiden posting is on, well, well, well, waddya know -- Media Freedom.
Just check on the good doc's blog here.


donplaypuks said...

lots of salacious, exposing videos dare we hope??!! perhaps, even some tips on haidressing & magnetic beds to improve your, you know what, nudge, nudge, wink, wink!lol

the losers of the world are now flocking to our domain. prior to the GE they condemned it wholesale.

hypocrites of the worst order!!

Zawi said...

even ali rustam is a blogger now. What took them so long? They are slow learners.

busymum100 said...

It's so funny that more and more BN politicians blogging :-)

Are you aware that Dr Khir Toyo has a link to your blog? ;-)


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warrior2 said...

Hmm, either I am blind or you are blind but if I am not, then Dr Chua`s first posting was not MEDIA FREEDOM!.If you are not, I apologise!

I dont have any issue with politicians (especially those who are no longer in the administration because they will probably not be covered by the MSM and electronic media anymore unless they do something sensationalise like doing another tape) doing blog . Infact i welcome them as it enables them to say what they want to say.

It is strange that, in the case of this Dr, he never mentioned in the same breadth that in his effort to rebuild the party, he was also responsible for the lost of faith of the Rakyat on the party for his TAPE ACT!

Anonymous said...

When I'm 60 I want to be able to perform like him.

This comment has been removed by the author.


actually....i'm the blind one then... so sorry. you are right..his first posting was not on media freedom. i meant, his latest posting.
sorry, people! my apologies

novice101 said...

CSL as you think of your future, give a thought for the nation!

It is most disturbing while most Malaysians are calling themselves first as Malaysians, there are still those in UMNO and PAS who prefer to call themselves first as Malays. The Perkatan Rakyat politicians must use their power judiciously. They must show the UMNO politicians that power is to be used as a tool for the better of the rakyat and not for accumulating personal wealth!

It is discomforting to note that Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang are alleged to be opened to discussion with UMNO on this issue. Anwar Ibrahim seems to be pretty confident of being able to contain the excesses of the people from DAP and PAS, he should now come out and confront this affront committed against the Malaysian Race!

It is detrimental for the Malaysian nation, that UMNO, the UMNO-controlled newspapers and the UMNO-affiliated NGOs are working in concert to create fears in the Malays. They are exploiting this to perpetuate their own power base. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP, what are they doing. Aren't they aware of this going on? What are they waiting for? Or do they want to continue to push for communal politics - can't they see the irrelevance of this, anymore? Don't they want to be equal partners in the PR, why do they still want to play 'second fiddles' to a racist party!

MCA, MIC, why are they not using the papers in their stable and those NGOs affiliated to them to resist this unhealthy trend? There is not even a squeak from any of them. Don't they want equality for all the races?

Even a vice president of UMNO (Muhyiddin Yassin) is alleged to come out to urge the Malays to reunited for Malay supremacy. What are the other BN component parties doing? Don't they care for Malaysian Supremacy? They should come out and be counted! Tell, yes, they should tell the rakyat, supremacy of Malaysians is of utmost importance and they are prepared to stand together to make it a reality!