Monday, April 14, 2008

Countdown From Black 14.....

Tonight at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru at 8.45pm is the people's rally to mark the end of Anwar Ibrahim's five-year ban in electoral politics.

Anwar who is the de facto PKR leader will deliver a speech about his role in the country’s politics.

Will you be at the " Perhimpunan Rakyat “countdown dari Black 14 ke arah kemenangan Rakyat” ?

See you there!


adi said...

Rintihan Rakyat Masa Dulu (1999)

Sesungguhnya tanggal 14 April 1999 adalah detik bermulanya suatu senario di mana proses keadilan itu telah dicemarkan secara total buat julung-julung kalinya di Malaysia dalam keadaan zahiriah dan batiniah. Kalau dahulu, mungkin ada berlakunya ketidakadilan dalam gelap, namun tanggal 14 April 1999 menjadi bukti dan ianya adalah gambaran kezaliman seorang manusia bernama Mahathir dalam usahanya untuk melenyapkan terus seorang insan yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim dari lipatan sejarah.

ikuti selanjutnya

Hussin said...


Some people are going to Kelab Sultan Sulaiman to celebrate Raja Petra's 35th wedding anniversary.

You don't need a permit to celebrate a wedding anniversary, do you?

Anonymous said...

No, thank you very much!

q. is he a "Mandela?"

a. no!

q. what did he do when he was in power?"

a. err... hmm...

furthermore, they already elected his wife and his daughter.

so, what's the fuss?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tengok group pelawak Senario lagi bagus...

Steve said...

Yes, of course!

q. is he a "Mandela?"

a. are you south african?

q. what did he do when he was in power?"

a. it was one of the best years in malaysia history, at least financially.

furthermore, they already elected his wife and his daughter.

a. so what? they are better than the son-in-law.

so, what's the fuss?

a. yeah, you can just migrate to south africa when the country is finally screwed up.

Joe said...

Anwar wants nothing but power. He'll sell his own soul for that (he even went to SG to condemn his own country) The idea of encouraging crossover is plain immoral and deceitful. But ppl say birds of a feather flock together.. surely there must be appeasing unrelistic promises for such crossover. Power hungry flock cares nothing of this country, rather the priority is their own self interest and eventually this behaviour will bring nothing but instability to this country.

Farah said...

anon 7:10

He is not Mandela but he is Mandela's friend. But your Mahatir is Mugabe's friend. Do you realise the difference?

About his wife and daughter, they are citizens of this nation who offered themselves to serve and they were not elected by Anwar but by Malaysians yet the two faced gigantic machinery and billions and whithered through.

What did he do when he was in power? Ha ha ha ha! Poor trained cyperstrooper. He was a Minister, what does a Minister do? He simply carries out ministerial duties. What else does Najib do? Or would have been expected to do? Oh, one more thing: he didn't take Sukhoi commissions, land alienation, scholarship places for his children, contracts and APs and shares. Yes, that's what he did in power unlike the demagogues you worship who did exactly the opposite.

DIN said...

walau jauh beribu batu, terasa-rasa macam ada disana.

salam reformasi

okt black 14

warrior2 said...

I would have attended if it was a MAJLIS KESYUKURAN!

Anonymous said...


Senario politik sekarang makin ekstreme ke belakang.

Sekarang kita ada Pak Lah dan son-in-law KJ dalam pentadbiran politik negara. tengok apa dah jadi?

Anwar pulak, anak dgn bini sekaligus.. makin benci lah rakyat...

Dimanakah letaknya 'forward thinking' si anwar ni.?

Anak dan bininya patut kosongkan saja kerusi parlimen, tapi ini tidak, orang lain yang beri laluan.

tidak susah utk kita semua membuat andaian utk pentadbiran anwar.

Disini kita boleh lihat garisan antara anwar and TDM dari segi prinsip nepotism. Mukhriz hanya berkecimpung dlm politik setelah TDM bersara.

Begitu juga anak2 tun razak dan hussein onn.

Ini dah lebih dari nepotism. Anwar akan mengukir definasi baru yang lebih teruk dari nepotism.

Bongkah batu sebesar ini pun penyokong anwar masih tidak nampak sejauh mana keikhlasan anwar utk mentadbir negara.

Sebenarnya agak sukar bagi anwar utk menjadi PM.

Walaupun dia claim dah dapat 'membeli' MP utk menukar majoriti BN, ini sebenarnya tidak adil untuk rakyat. Rakyat yang mengundi MP yang 'dibeli' ini mungkin memilih BN.

perubahan MP dari BN ke PR tidak bermaksud perubahan pilihan rakyat dari BN ke PR.

Pilihanraya mesti diadakan dulu dan pilihanraya inilah yang akan menentukan nasib anwar sebagai PM.

Majoriti rakyat kemungkinan besar akan menolak PR kerana majoriti rakyat memang dah lama tolak PKR (10th & 11th GE)

Kemenangan besar PKR kali ini bukan sebab credibiliti anwar, tetapi angkara kepimpinan Pak Lah, yang ditolak oleh ahli2 umno sendiri dan penyokong2 BN. Ini protest mereka.

Anwar, sebagai orang politik, cuma ambil kesempatan


Anonymous said...

Not Another umNO, Senator-in-Waiting anWAR.

Senator-in-Waiting anWAR says he has enough seats to form the Federal Government but wants to wait until he has a comfortable majority.

Is he trying to turn KeADILan into another umNO, heaven forbid, or Onn Bin Jaffar's idea of what umNO should be?

umNO should re-invent itself along the lines of what Onn Bin Jaffar envisaged and not allow KeADILAN to steal the thunder from underneath its feet.

But is umNO willing to shed its stubborn defence of umNOputraism a la Mahathir and stop twisting every issue into a racial issue to play to the gallery and scare the Malay voters into circling the wagons behind it? Is it willing to stop using jealousy of the Chinese in business as its "political ideology"?

They say that you cannot teach an old dog, new tricks.

Meanwhile, umNO is talking about a transition of power in the party. Why talk about transition of power when the umNO/BN Federal Government is going to fall before the mid-December umNO assembly?

TOKY said...

Nuraina could be one of Anwar's arse drilling equipment. Hence, ofcourse her topics are always Pro-Cockadilan.

She looks good & I wonder could I drill her too!!! I'm registering my interest!!! hahahahaha!!!

huey mei said...

no...u dont need a permit for wedding anniversary..

novice101 said...

It is most disturbing while most Malaysians are calling themselves first as Malaysians, there are still those in UMNO and PAS who prefer to call themselves first as Malays. The Perkatan Rakyat politicians must use their power judiciously. They must show the UMNO politicians that power is to be used as a tool for the better of the rakyat and not for accumulating personal wealth!

It is discomforting to note that Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang are alleged to be opened to discussion with UMNO on this issue. Anwar Ibrahim seems to be pretty confident of being able to contain the excesses of the people from DAP and PAS, he should now come out and confront this affront committed against the Malaysian Race!

It is detrimental for the Malaysian nation, that UMNO, the UMNO-controlled newspapers and the UMNO-affiliated NGOs are working in concert to create fears in the Malays. They are exploiting this to perpetuate their own power base. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP, what are they doing. Aren't they aware of this going on? What are they waiting for? Or do they want to continue to push for communal politics - can't they see the irrelevance of this, anymore? Don't they want to be equal partners in the PR, why do they still want to play 'second fiddles' to a racist party!

MCA, MIC, why are they not using the papers in their stable and those NGOs affiliated to them to resist this unhealthy trend? There is not even a squeak from any of them. Don't they want equality for all the races?

Even a vice president of UMNO (Muhyiddin Yassin) is alleged to come out to urge the Malays to reunited for Malay supremacy. What are the other BN component parties doing? Don't they care for Malaysian Supremacy? They should come out and be counted! Tell, yes, they should tell the rakyat, supremacy of Malaysians is of utmost importance and they are prepared to stand together to make it a reality!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Black 14, is a day to remember, not for Anwar but the nation which has many first..first amateur video cameraman won an election..just recording a lawyer who `talked at the wrong time and the wrong place', first UMNO PM being asked to step down openly..and by his peers, first having variety of candidates and who won the election without knowing there was an election, first losses of several states and many firsts that will go in history in Malaysia for being many first which are nor actually our first..yet we (ooppp..our leaders) seem to claim as first..God Bless it still Malaya..RAMLI MOHD YUNUS, Alor Star, Kedah.

NB by the way ARE living in man's world..your father is a man, so is your husband and you are staying in Jalan Sudin..a man..thousand apology..Ramli (kawan lama)

Anonymous said...

novice 101
Malaysian is a Nation, not a race. and Malaysian Nation is already is. that consist of Malay, Chinese and Indian etc. The race issue will never be overcome for generations to come. USA is still struggling with racial issue after over two centuries, and just about now beginning to accept black president. But as they admitted, racism is still an on going issue. Here in Malaysia, we have a formula and we have survived that 50 that is something to be proud of. try find some other nation like malaysia....

and for steve / farah

Anwar has got nothing to do with the good financial situation in the 90s. That was DrM leadership.
and DrM leadership took us out of 97 98 financial crisis. Anwar? he's promoting the easy way out.. IMF. which is bad news for malaysia, malay especially...( and there was a theory at that time that the foreign attacks on Msia economy is a conspiracy to bring down DrM and let Anwar take over.. Anwar was favorite boy to the west, Al Gore, CNN, IMF etc etc, "renaissance man" they called)

and having daughter and wife in politics is such a LAME thing. They should empty their seat.. but No! someone else will coz 3 will be a family party...

Most people in Penang knows how Anwar family benefited while he was finance minister.
And we all know whom were his millionaire corporate proxies. Minister are all the same...anwar was no different.

Where do you think Anwar got his financial support.
Money from his wife and daughter? Are these two working ladies? who is the breadwinner here.

And I'm still struggling with my monthly housing & car loan. and my wife's car...