Sunday, April 20, 2008

Now It's All Umno's Fault....

Why do I get the feeling that the Prime Minister's spin doctors are trying to "turn the tables" and blaming Umno (and some of its leaders) for the party's very dismal performance in the general election?

The NST has this to say which is not putting things in perspective. Like a 360-degree turn.

And I've seen banners angrily saying that Umno has betrayed Pak Lah.



Roslina said...

Very intelligent spin coming from NST (read - 4th floor boys),I'm almost impressed. They are right about the keris, temple and broom. But what they conveniently didn't mention was that Malaysians are sick of nepotism, cronyism and abuse of power. And we've used the GE to make the point. They also conveniently didn't mention Khairy's and Kamal's contribution to the nightmare.

I do agree that now is the time to do something concrete to show the people that BN will change for the better. I see good reviews of work done by State Govt of Perak, Penang and Selangor. The BN led states seem to be too engrossed with politicking rather than getting down to the business of doing.

I am still disappointed that Tian Chua didn't submit questions for the upcoming Parlimentary session. What a waste of opportunity! I was so looking forward to attend the Parlimentary sessions this time - the previous sessions were very boring!

nstman said...

I attended the last session of Parliament, and boy was I shocked. Most of the Barisan MPs were either sleeping or having tea. And most of them were unprepared for the professionalism of DAP MPs. I hope to see more professionalism this time now that a lot of Barisan monkeys are gone.

Anonymous said...

this piece of crap from nst/pak lah telling all the umno warlords to back off...

jojo51 said...

NST again! Being the most esteemed advisor of Pak Lah what do you expect from Kalimulah.

Very soon the spin doctor will fabricate new justification to delay the UMNO leadership transition until after the next general election. Possibly claiming that Pak Lah need at least 4 to 5 years to strengthen UMNO.

If you notice NST is giving unlimited coverage and prominence to Nazri and Shaberi Cheek. These 2 guys are the people who strongly defend Pak Lah. They are also the sound speaker of NST.

Wasn't Pak Lah the guy responsible for sending the Minister of Home Affairs to Beijing to convey the Government of Malaysia's remorse and apology for stripping a naked Malay lady.

He is NST Man of the Year. UMNO people, please hands off. Give Pak Lah a free hand to weaken the party further.

Silver Surfer said...

I disagree. I think the NST and AAB is right to a large extent.

You join a political party because you subscribe to its ideology and ideals generally. Subsumed within that is that you follow and support the leader of the day to win the GE to enable the party to become the government of the day.

And as a party member, you do not do anything that undermines the party or give it a bad image. Electability or re-electability is all that counts.

Even if you are unhappy with the lower number of seats won this round, you do not go around in public, in the mass media, to ask your just duly elected PM to step down!

This is ridiculous! You won. What more do you want?

The correct response, this being an internal party matter, would be for potential leaders to work the ground now, and see how many votes they can get to unseat AAB in the next AGM. If you have the votes, by all means challenge him. If not keep quiet and maintain the dignity and the image of the party of which you are a member. The quota system is irrelevant.

I observe this is how the British do it. Are the UMNO "leaders" so lacking in brains? Or are they so brained-washed by that muck-raker Mr Mahathir.

By right they should ask for his head also since he sabotaged the party by asking the electorate not to vote for BN.

So either they are all screwed up or they are all Mahathirists in disguise? This coming AGM will make it clear who are the Mahathirsts and who are not.

Then maybe, UMNO can split into 2 parties.

Mahathirists leave and form their own party with MM as their patron or AAB sack all of them from the UMNO or use the ISA and put them in Kamunting!

It's democracy. If they do not agree or support AAB they have the freedom of choice to set their own party up. AAB has already allowed the playing field to be level. Which is more than what the Mahathirists can say.

Support AAB. He is riding the Mad-Hatter tiger.

Anonymous said...


Give the new kid on the block MPs a chance or benefit of the doubt about Parliamentary procedures / protocol. Anyway they never expected to be elected and surely are not prepared. Why so much hugh and cry on some Mps not filing questions? They can always ask during question time and there are many more sessions to test them. Lets not judge them so early.

Noticably present will be the Bocor man Bung Mokhtar who is needed as Back bencher deputy head to speak nonsense. This is BN quality of leaders that they have now. Lets be patient and see.

Tian Chua need a woman to help him get organised, any applicants? comes with MP's pension. He looks handsome with suit on.

punk said...

I thought you want Anwar to be PM, why bother about UMNO?

burungwalit said...

Aapakah kualiti perbahasan di parlimen akan lebih baik dari dahulu. Kalau dari segi 'panas' mungkin 'yes' tetapi dari segi isi dan kualiti untuk rakyat rasanya masih jauh dan belum tentu.

Isu di parlimen, lebih kepada pembangkang meminta penjelasan dan kerajaan akan memberi pelbagai penjelasan dan alasan dan berakhir dengan jerit pekik bantahan pembangkang. Tidak ada akhirnya. Akan dikaji, Sedang diberi perhatian, Sudah arahkan, Masih dalam kajian adalah antara slogan slogan yang akan terus digunakan.

Parlimen sudah jadi pentas untuk Ahli2 Parlimen berlakon menunjukkan mereka membela rakyat. Kita..jadilah penonton yang setia. SELAMAT MENONTON

Anonymous said...

The spin doctors of the once known English tabloid called The People's Paper, now affectionately known as The Toilet Paper has again shown how stupid they can be in highlighting that the MPs from BN and Pakatan Rakyat have failed to submit their written questions to Parliament.

What makes me sick is that The Star seems to go out of it's way to discredit the Pakatan MP's more than the BN clowns. Why not question Pak SleepyLah as to why of all the idiot MP's in BN, why choose that oxymoron Bumb Mokhtar Rubbish as the Barisan Back Benches Club Chairman? This swine is a born idiot who could be the missing link between humans and apes that anthropologists are talking about.

It was arrogant and unrepentant oxymoron's like Bung Mokhtar Raden that caused BN to fare badly in the last GE. It amazes me to comprehend as to why Pak Kadok The PM can't see this. The likes of Bung Mokhtar is surely going to get hit in his 'Kinabatangan' by the Pakatan Rakyat MP's.

As for The Toilet Paper, let it remain as one, as it has it's pool of chief ass wipers like Wong Chun Wai, Wong Su Long, Josceline Tan, VK Chin etc. The day is at hand when the ass wipers and their masters will be flushed down the toilet bowl with the rest of the Toilet Paper. For this I saith unto them "Keris my ass!"


really, punk. i don't remember ever telling you that,

chin said...

It is so saddening, like living in a parallel universe. Sometimes when I attend an event and then read about the same event in the newspapers, I pinch myself and think, "Was I really there?" Looks like we Malaysians are living in a schizophrenic unreal world where reality is reflected through moving curved mirrors. I appeal to our leaders to get real, don't just think of your own political survival or oneupmanship BUT think of Malaysia. Yes, the same Malaysia that we all profess to love. We are nostalgic for a Malaysia like the Malaya in the 60s when we get along so well, when we genuinely love our leaders without counting how much money they'll push into our greedy palms, when we were bright with hope and optimism for this land we love and will die for. My friends tell me to dream on. They say we now live in a brutish, nasty, grabbing, greedy world. I disagree. Only some of our leaders are that.
Whatever, what can we do but vote, hope and pray? We can also make sure that we teach our children not to reflect those nefarious, deceitful and avaricious qualities exhibited by some of our politicos. That we can do. But be careful, children follow what they see, not what they hear. The tainting of the new generation - that, ultimately, is the greatest crime of some of our people in the corridors of power.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

If joint credit can be claimed
Will collective responsibility be acceptable?
It's easier for one scapegoat to be blamed
Than to accuse all those sitted together around the same table

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 200408
Sun. 20th April 2008.

ForMyCountry said...

wow, now we call the newspapers that has been around before the independence of our beloved country to be a medium of stupidity and script writers to certain political parties therefore equating our newspapers to a mere, to put this in the correct way.... oh oh, bunch of morons with papers and pencils, drama queen script writers ......

Wonders why even the Pakatan Rakyat wanted to have their own newspaper then when they can't trust newspapers in general or used them when they were the still a mere opposition in most states before the March 8 election.

Lets ponder about this.

Political parties set up their own newspapers to counter allegations from their rivals or use it to start a tsunami of debates so that they could win some extra votes for the next coming election, but who was it that kept our country in harmony (could even be the other way round if there weren't rules for the editor), fostering unity although in a general way, brought help to those needy people, kept our politicians in check,etc etc..hmmmmm....

Tun Dr MM was smart in curbing the media's freedom. For that we were still ignorant towards what was becoming of our country before. I guess our PM AAM is weak for he couldn't come to terms with his conscience and Creator to do the same to control the damage or fully subdue the power of the media, like following the footsteps of Myanmar.

Maybe then we would be much happier for ignorance is bliss.

Just because of a few articles that doesn't go with your views does not make the whole NST or The Star or some other newspapers a house for a bunch of 'yes, i'm stupid and i need your money and i just need to say yes to you and do your bidding' people there.

If not, our Kak Nuraina here =) would not have stayed so long with NST or started this blog if she did not believe in some point of her life that what she wrote would have changed people's life or make a better and safer place for us to live in because of the knowledge parted to us.

Don't you think so, Kak?

So, don't always think negatively of others or ourselves, and then maybe, just maybe, we could make the Malaysia a place for all, without the 'i'm what race, religion' issue or newspaper are just a puppet thingy.

It's a farfetched idea but i'm willing to believe in it and say this...That i'm a True Anak Malaysia and i want to have a country where i don't have to be so sceptical of everything i hear or read in the papers !

ForMyCountry said...

i can't agree more with you, Samuel.
That responsibility should be shouldered together =)

Anonymous said...

Dear silver surfer,

Of course you are right! Pak Lah won! Never mind if the NST helped to contribute to the loss of some seats. BN still governs. Losing kedah, penang, perak, selangor and wilayah persekutuan is no big deal right?

as to your point about members of a political party shouldn't undermine the party - are you saying it's ok to keep your mouth shut when when you don't like what's going on in your party?

aiyoyo! The rot in umno starts from the head lah my friend!

and Mahathir - for a retiree, everyone is giving him a lot of of their time.



Malaysian should behave professionally.

Once the election is over, everybody should close rank and build the country.


Winning by one vote is still a WIN.

Whatever happening these days, just show the immaturity of the 3rd World Countries.

Look at the USA and UK.

By the way, Puan Marina, your articles are very fair to everybody, however at times they look one sided just to show your anger to your former employer.

wak segen said...

I've said it my comment on one of Rocky's earlier postings........
...Kaligula and his NST are making a last stand to defend PakLah, even if it is at the expense of running down UMNO. Many may see this as a new shift from NST for having the guts to deride UMNO and some of its leaders. But on closer look, it is a call to absolve PakLah of all blame for the PRU12 debacle.Take notice, theres not even a mention of KJ...
Exactly anon 4.33pm, PakLah is saying back off to calls for his immediate resignation.This time Hishammudin,Khir Toyo felt the brunt of it.
Will we see more spins coming? KuLi, Muhyudeen ,Mukhriz and Rafidah have sinced quietened or toned down on their criticisms.
All this while,TDM is feeling the backlash from the Judiciary reforms called by Zaid and strongly supported by PakLah.
The spin doctors are really spinning hard.And they are even here in the blogs.
...will the real spin shady please stand up...please stand up..:)

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is using delaying tactics as in soccer. But eventually he will be red carded. No more 10 minutes warm up for the next match.

novice101 said...

What the spin doctors are saying is the people in UMNO have betrayed Pak Lah. Which is basically correct. What is a party made up of - its people! Isn't the scenario playing out in UMNO showing exactly this?

This is not a distraction, it's more to the truth!

jamal_trex said...

Malaysian are sick of Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar - Period!

jamal_trex said...

Pasquale got a point kak aina, the government should apologise to your dad... and fourth floor boys should start counting the compensation the gov need to pay ex-gratia to your father! and let pak lah read the speech seems he wants and desperate to be popular!

Bung Karno said...

They are sin docs aren't they?. I used to be a proud ex-NST staff. Not anymore.

It is obvious Nazri, Shabery and Mohd Taib will defend Paklah. They echoes what Paklah had said about only a few leaders, not the grassroots, that want him to resign as UMNO president.

So Paklah to remain President, and Khari to head Pemuda UMNO ?


indur hedge fund,

thank you for commenting.

but first. let me correct you. my name is nuraina. nor marina.

second. i think this is the first time i am criticising an article in the NST. only because it is very biased and totally a spin.

And i am not angry at or with the NST. Why should I be? i spent the best years of my working life there and my colleagues were my closest friends.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Maybe Pak Lah is sent to make UMNO a history. A sad one.

Silver Surfer said...


Your comment :

"as to your point about members of a political party shouldn't undermine the party - are you saying it's ok to keep your mouth shut when when you don't like what's going on in your party?"

My answer is "Yes" and "No".

Assume you are a member of the Labour Party of UK. This is a political party where people of similar beliefs and convictions would like to see the country administered according to their beliefs and convictions. Obviously, you want to see this Party win elections or be in a position to win or continue winning elections so as to be in power. Image and perception is everything. You would not want to wash your dirty laundry in public and thereby jeopardise your Party's chances of winning votes when election time comes.

This current leadershp tussle in UMNO is an internal affair. The British do it in a very gentlemanly and dignified manner. They just work the ground. If the level of dissatisfaction is high, someone will get enough votes even if he or she has to pork-barrel to get it. Then he or she makes public his or her intention to run against the incumbent. The incumbent will be sure to retire from running in the elections as the candidate has already the votes in hand and the incumbent will be politely informed. That's how their leadership change is effected.

However, where issues of conscience are concerned, it is natural members will have their own opinions on the matter, so they do have the right to speak up. Examples off-hand I suppose would include the Iraq war, the WMD inspections, wihdrawing of British troops from Basra, and so forth.

I wouldn't use the metaphor about the "rot starting atthe head". it is not necessary. Every organization has a head and there are as many opinions as there are members.

A political party is a social organization where all members are equal and where the Prsident is primus interpares. If enough members do not agree, you just have a change of guard. that's all.

Personally I am a little apalled at the manner in which this is being done in UMNO. It does not set a good example. There is a better way to achieve what you want. The way they are doing it, makes me question - "Is UMNO one political party or two? Why so public - all their shrill demands and criticism?"

In truth, it doesn't really interest me that much, their internal affairs. and it shouldn't really interest me that much!

Leslie Lim said...

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Leslie Lim said...

You have done a great work. Thanks for making this blog. You helped me a lot on my research topic. Keep it up guys!