Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Azalina Rectifies Statement on Tourism MoUs..

There is no element of discrimination and tourisim-related activities will go on in the five Pakatan-ruled states, Azalina Othman Said said yesterday.

She said this in response to her statement last week on the termination of tourism MoUs and state tourism action councils in the five states which drew criticisms not only from Pakatan leaders but also the public.

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Anonymous said...

As a leader Azalina should LEAD rather than be LED. If she has any moral principle she should resign and let someone else who is more capable to take over.
Pak Lah should demand for her resignation.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Belajar lah dari Pepatah Melayu yang penuh hikmah:

Terlajak sampan boleh diundur (bleh gostan in Mat Rempit speak)
Terlajak kata-kata buruk padahnya.

Jangan main redah je. Semoga kita semua dapat iktibar.


Anonymous said...

some minister just refuse to learn...

Anonymous said...

Azalina ni tak abis-abis buat kenyataan bodoh. Baru berapa penggal dalam kabinet, dah melalut tak tentu pasal. Kalau dah 22 tahun nanti, entah macam mana tah.

Hentikan politik menghukum parti lawan. Mereka yang menguasai kerajaan di 5 buah negeri itu sebab rakyat yang pilih.

Hormatilah keputusan rakyat!

Alias Mohd Yusof said...

Satu taktik yang paling berkesan untuk menarik sokongan rakyat kepada parti ialah dengan cara menakut-nakutkan. Taktik ini telah lama digunakan oleh parti BN, dan ternyata berkesan sehingga parti ini dapat mengekalkan kuasa untuk memerintah negara ini lebih dari 50 tahun.

Sehinggalah pada pilihanraya umum ke 12 yang lalu nampaknya taktik menakut-nakutkan yang biasa digunakan oleh BN ini tidak begitu berkesan lagi.

Mungkin di zaman digital ini rakyat lebih terdedah kepada sumber maklumat yang lebih bebas dan tidak semata bergantung kepada media perdana yang dikuasai parti BN.

Ini menjadikan rakyat berfikiran lebih kritikal dan terbuka. Perubahan mentaliti rakyat telah diterjemahkan pada pilihanraya umum ke 12 yang lalu, menampakan perubahan besar dalam senerio politik negara ini.

Di masa yang lalu orang Melayu ditakutkan-takutkan oleh UMNO dengan mengatakan orang Melayu akan kehilangan segala kemudahan dan keistimewaan jika mengundi parti DAP. Telah ditanamkan dalam pemikiran orang Melayu, orang Melayu akan terus dipinggirkan jika DAP berkuasa kerana DAP dilabel sebagai parti pro Cina.

MCA pula menakut-nakutkan masyarakat Cina dengan mengatakan jika parti PAS dapat memerintah negara ini, orang Cina akan ditindas, undang-undang Islam yang keras akan dikenakan kepada mereka. Oleh kerana orang Cina bimbang jika PAS dapat memerintah maka mereka terus menyokong dan mengundi BN kerana percaya parti BN saja yang dapat menjamin keselamatan dan survival mereka.

Begitu jugalah dengan kaum India ditakut-takutkan oleh MIC dengan mengatakan masyarakat India akan terpinggir dari arus kemajuan dan nasib mereka tidak terbela jika parti-parti lain yang memegang kuasa.

Di kawasan-kawasan penyokong-penyokong parti PAS yang agak kuat pula mereka terus didiskriminasi oleh UMNO, kemudahan yang diwujudkan hanya mengutamakan penyokong-penyokong UMNO sahaja. Projek-projek kerajaan dan peluang-peluang perniagaan banyak diberikan kepada penyokong UMNO sahaja. Taktik menghukum dan mendera seperti ini digunakan oleh UMNO bagi mengalihkan sokongan orang Melayu kepada parti BN.

Anwar Ibrahim yang pernah berada dalam dalam parti BN suatu masa dulu telah dapat membaca apa yang ada dalam kotak-kotak pemikiran rakyat Malaysia yang terdiri dari pelbagai kaum ini. Dengan karismatik kepimpinan yang ada pada beliau telah dapat mempersatukan pemikiran parti-parti pembangkang yang berlainan ideologi di negara ini.

Kesannya sungguh hebat, senjata menakut-nakutkan yang selalu digunakan oleh BN, pada pilihanraya umum ke 12 yang lalu tiba-tiba menjadi tumpul.

Harapan kita pada Barisan Alternatif yang semakin kuat pada masa sekarang ini, supaya terus menjadi pendesak kepada parti BN yang memerintah untuk memperbaiki dan ‘memurnikan’ sistem demokrasi negara ini. Kita tidak mahu jentera kerajaan dan media arus perdana digunakan menjadi propaganda parti yang memerintah. Kembalikan semula hak kebebasan bersuara yang sebenar.

Kita tidak kisah parti mana pun yang memerintah negara ini tetapi yang lebih penting kita kena benarkan rakyat secara bebas membuat pilihan melalui proses pilihanraya yang benar-benar bebas, adil dan telus. Kerana itu saja jaminan bagi kita mendapat pemimpin yang terbaik pada masa-masa akan datang.

Anonymous said...

If she has been a man, I would have called her a pondan.
She better think first before she opened her mouth.But then again, thats typical of BN boys and girls , ever since the Lah Lah man becomes PM. The least they could do is to get someone with brains to be Minister.....but again how to find them in BN? Most of them are there just for the gravy.....Prove me wrong, all of you in BN.But first ,we must change all the top guys in ACA with experienced and honest ICAC men from HK or Australia.Then we will need another Sg Buloh.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Show us if you love us all just the same
Don't expose yourself otherwise and bring about shame
Don't forget the need to maintain for yourself a good name
Let's all play by the fair and just rules of the game

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090408
Wed. 9th April 2008.

Anonymous said...

Why is it time and time again our ministers shoot their mouths off without thinking?

Anonymous said...

Azalina is not matured enough to be a leader. Lacking in common sense.

GobloKing said...

I sure wouldn't want to drive behind this minister...

kostan without thinking

start driving and then stopping without stop lights

azalina wondering aloud..before rectifying her statement

" they know for sure we treat all money as OURS?"

"adoi! needn't have said that! lain kali just do what we want to do quietly..and let them slowly discover lah!"

gobllok wondering aloud

"Are there no competent ppl left in amno (or Msia) that they can only find otak udangs to ministerial and key positions?"

Najah said...

The thing is, I'm not so sure it is much of a rectification. In the report from another news source (I think it was the NST, though I can't find the article now), she said that 'if the states were under BN, it would be better'. It was also stated that the 'only' difference between before and now is who signs the cheque, the federal govt or the state govt. It must be a big difference, because it only applies to opposition-controlled states. When asked why, she said it was a 'technical' matter.

Where is the transparency? The clarification I read in the other paper smacks of discrimination - what else do you call one set of policies that's applied to some states only? What is this technical reason that is so important that it requires centralisation of tourism ringgit for opposition states?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
You know, the more I read statements by Azalina, i feel embarassed. Im just wondering how can my fellow Malaysian be so ignorant to speak to the people in such idiotic logic.

Perhaps, in the past, they were able to bully Kelantan and Trengganu by diverting funds away but his time they are in for a major uprising if the Fed Government pursue this agenda.
Cheers. Habib RAK

Anonymous said...

dont beat round the bush. the intent is clear. now, a section of the public is calling for "no representation, no taxation". which means they rather pay taxes to the states than to the federal government. to me, the call is fair if the federal government fails to recipocrate.

pua kang kang said...

Saya dan beberapa orang kawan yang mempunyai latarbelakang yg kukuh dalam bidang perundangan, baru je bercadang nak saman kerajaan pusat atas nama rakyat (cnth: rakyat selangor)kerana meminggirkan hak kami sebagai rakyat negara ini. Jika mereka (kerajaan pusat) mempunyai hak untuk memungut cukai dari kami maka kami (rakyat) mempunyai hak untuk meminta layanan sama.

Satria Asia said...

But the money won't go to state committees of the PR states. Previously the tourism money could have gone to crony companies to handle the state tourism projects.
I wonder how much involvment will Azalina's ministry allow the state tourism unit in tourism projects?
Possibly none at all...they'll be watching in the wings. Umno fellas are not very gentlemen in their own poor performance at the polls.

Anonymous said...


Forgive her my friends. She is not from Wanita UMNO as Kak Fidah said. She still Puteri la, still immature but made Minister. Not married also.

This is what we can expect if we keep BN/UMNO going, our calibre of future leaders to run the country? Obviously a pea brain.

Let her continue talking nonsense, she dont have much chance later. She dare stand in Petaling Jaya next round?

Anonymous said...

Problem is NONE of the BN politicians, especially UMNO, has any credibility left in them. So, no matter what and how she explains and clarifies, all I can say to this joke of a so-called Minister of Tourism is 'Go to hell' !!

novice101 said...

Azalina is grossly abusing her power, This is the very kind of behavior that the rakyat despises. Like all the arrogant ministers, she unconvincing reasons, which infuriates the rakyat further. Will she ever learn, or does she think she has to show the rakyat she is the boss and can do what she wants?

Anonymous said...

What about her comments that it would have been easier if the states are under BN? Any explanation for that?

Anonymous said...

So Azalina wants the 'Wang Ehsan thru a designated Idris-type' model?! UMNO never learns!
It's UMNO's money - it's the Rakyat's money!

It's not enough rgd the Ketua Kampung situation: where UMNO uses OUR money to fund it's structure - let's see average of RM500/ketua/month, average of 600 KKs/state, that's RM47Mil/year!!!
Our money spent to hook these UMNO members with monthly wonder these KKs resign but still ask for allowances!!! UMNO sickens me!

Anonymous said...

She is infected with a "flip flop" virus.

Anonymous said...

She should not be appointed as cabinet member. Pak Lah make a big mistake. Let someone else (Malay Women)is more capable to be Minister.