Saturday, April 19, 2008

Makkal Osai Should Be Given a Second Chance

Making caricatures of religious figures held sacred by their followers will surely get you in trouble.

Certainly Makkal Osai did a not-so-smart thing by publishing a picture of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette in one hand and what looked like a beer can in the other.

I'd be the first to whack their hand!

Makkal Osai was suspended for their mistake.
The newspaper has already apologised.

But now, the Home Ministry is not renewing its permit.

I think that's a harsh stand. I don't think Makkal Osai deserves this.

I agree with the Malaysian Press Institute which called on the Government to give this Tamil newspaper a second chance. Click here.

From day one, the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) had insisted that Makkal Osai editor be sacked and the newspaper be closed. It had also lodged a police report against the newspaper.

Makkal Osai has been very critical of the MIC which, coincidentally, owns a rival Tamil-language newspaper.

Right now, I'm just thinking of their employees and their future. Click here.


donplaypuks said...

Samy's baying for Makkal Osai's (MO)blood was when he was still part of MIC/BN 'stomp the opposition into the dust' mode. That was politics.

Today we are seeing a new Samy - 'Voice & Conscience of The Indians' - a little too late, and a bit of a joke.

Albar's decision to 'Suspend, not cancel' MO's licence however, stinks!

The vague reasons he has given could equally be applied to NST, STAR, Urusan, B. Harian, Tamil Nesan, Sin Chew etc. But their businesses have not been suspend.

Albar seems to be (common to all BN politicians)in self denial and only mule-headed obstinacy can see this kind of selective Ministerial fiats.

The fall of MO, if it occurs, will not matter much to th egeneral public; but the further backlash against UMNO will be fatal!!

Final Score? Albar/UMNO - -1 (own goal), PR - 2!

novice101 said...

PM, you have got to change!
This is not a one man’s decision, it must be the consensus reached by the cabinet. But as the PM, AAB should cast his deciding vote here. Under extraordinary circumstances and in special cases, the top man should seize the occasions to set the direction and the tone the cabinet is to take. He is the leader, he gets the accolades when things turn out to be right, and he, too get to shoulder a larger portion of the blame when things turn out bad. AAB should know by now this is his greatest weakness. He should know by now the rakyat will not allow anyone to absolve oneself of blame by pleading consensual decisions.

MM was very good at this and he was seen as effective and decisive. PM, you have got to change.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Just because of a little bit of din
It's been regarded as unforgivable sin
To have th whole lot thrown into a bin
With swimming banned by removing the fin

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190408
Sat. 19th April 2008.

Old Fart said...

Wong Chin Huat in his blog referred to "Section 25 of Printing Presses and Publications Act: ““Nothing in this Act shall extend to the publication or making of any documents or periodical by or for the Federal or any State Government or any statutory body.”

He also siad that simply means any of the PR state governments can now issue Makkal Osai a letter to request them to print,publish and distribute their newspapers on their behalf.

Indeed it would seem like this cancellation of Makkal Osai's printing permit has forced people like Chin Huat to reread the PPPA and he has discovered this gem.

Now all that is needed is that these sate governments issue these letters to Makkal Sakthi, Malaysiakini, The Rocket, Harakah and so on..and you will soon find the PPPA become no more than a joke! How nice!

bayi said...

I concur. The newspaper should be given a second chance.

Anonymous said...

hi aunty nuraina,
since you were at the bar council's dinner last thursday, i would appreciate it if u could upload the pictures taken during the dinner...
I missed bernama tv live coverage @ the dinner.. especially on zaid ibrahim's speech..(full coverage of his speech) can't find it online...

By the way... does zaid ibrahim has his own blog, aunty nuraina?

Auzani Fikry said...

Dont worry. we'll punish the government again in pru 13!

DIN said...

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Khalid Ibrahim tak minat BABI!

Artikel ini boleh dikongsi baca di http://theindiestory.blogspot


Anonymous said...

Anwar is fundamental to change the mindset of the Malays who are the majority of the population, where many are still brainwashed into supporting the evil UMNO blindly, and Anwar is the key to hold Pakatan together especially with the problem of the ever troublesome PAS!

Anway, I'm so sick of the double-standard and injustice of the police force. Instead of protecting all rakyat and promoting justice, it's unjustly and barbarically busy promoting the political interests of UMNO! Sick! Sick! Sick! I can't express it enough! So Umno supporters can hold protest anytime such as the last one in Penang and Ipoh (I thought the police promised to arrest the leaders!) and, the coming United Malay Congress in JB, but it’s pathetic and so unjust that other rakyat who don't agree with UMNO’s dirty politics are being arrested including under ISA such as the brave Hindraf leaders who are even tortured, threatened and silenced and free press which is promoting justice for the rakyat such as Makkal Sakti and Malaysiakini being persistently intimidated, harassed and silenced!! I think Makkal Sakti should go online as Malaysiakini, and then go into printing again when Pakatan takeover, and at least they’ll be protected a little bit under international IT laws that Malaysia was forced to sign up to, in order for the foreign IT investment to be launched here.
Further more, not only the police force and special branch is swarmed by extremely sadistic-macho and sexist, fascist and racist idiots; it's also so corruptible. I was even informed discreetly by a SUHAKAM junior officer that a victim complaint that he was beaten up by the police officers, who even boasted that gangsters are recruiting into the police force so that they can ensure their fellow criminals can get away! Plus my own cases; where I've made countless police reports and instead was given a run-around by the police every time, especially as I'm a woman at that! I've brought all the complaints against the police force with SUHAKAM; but never heard from the supposedly Human Rights Commision again (what do you expect; when the top committee is run by supporters of the ruling politicians, instead of being completely independent – actually its foundation was to appease falsely to the international community that Malaysians supposedly have such fundamental human rights avenue to turn to, “so things must be alright then in Malaysia”!). And, the increasing sexual crimes against Malaysians especially women and children; do these police force care?! Well, two of their fellow officers from the nasty special branch dept, are on a (strangely dragging on & on) trial for murdering and most probably raping Altantuya (since she was blown up naked?!); so can we expect justice from the police then? Besides, most female officers are low-ranking ones; and the force is dominated by Malays; thus why we have such sexism and racism besides (of which the force should be multicultural instead)! And the reason why the foreign nationals especially from violently sexist-macho countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia (especially from the dominant Javanese culture - they behave similarly in Indonesia towards other culture especially from non-Islamic religion – don’t forget Suharto’s mixture of capitalist and “Javanese Supremacy” ideology was involved in the mass murder of millions of Balinese, Communists, Sumaterans, Sulawesi Christians and so on, maybe there's a program of "Javanizing" Malaysia), Southern Philippines and Nigeria, where many of these foreign nationals are committing crimes including sexual ones (that include sexual harassment and brutal rape). Further, many have no respect for local women and custom including in East Malaysia, are laughing all the way and getting off scot-free; since they could either easily corrupt the police or are just following the nasty examples set by the police force! Besides, getting that “Malay/Bumiputera” identity in their IC in exchange for votes for Umno and free houses and land for some, especially in East Malaysia, thus why the big win for BN there (even Malasyians like me don’t own land for goodness sake!).



me said...

As a Christian, I certainly even oppose the act of suspending them in the first place.

The law does not protect feelings, and individuals should realise that what people say is beyond their control, but how they react is.

And one shall react with calm and reason when faced with what is seemingly blatant insults at oneself.

Indeed, a government that is pledged to take care of the welfare of its constituent peoples cannot revoke the jobs and livelihoods of many with such impunity.


amoker said...

I am a Christian and not baying for Makkal's blood even for that indescrition. On reflection, appreciate the maturity of the Malaysian christian community overall when the issue is blown politically. ANyway, the newspaper apologised for their mistake. "Those who have no sins can throw the first stones". I certaintly won't go killing people nor kiling newspapers. I would prefer people who have make mistakes and learned from it.