Saturday, April 26, 2008

Petticoat Power And RM10m..

The story is that the exco members of Balkis -- the Association of Wives of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor -- were trying to dissolve the association and close its ((RM10m) bank account.

Its chairman is
Zaharah Kechik, the wife of former Mentri Besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo.

According to The Sun's R Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez, Zaharah
convened an extraordinary general meeting on March 11 (three days after the general election), of the committee "to dissolve Balkis and close its bank accounts. "

The following day, the accounts were closed, with the money transferred to another account and then to Bakti – the federal Organisation of Wives of Ministers which Balkis is affiliated to.

Let's just say that they almost got away with their plan had Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim not got wind of it.

Khalid has written
to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to question the validity of the decision to dissolve Balkis.

Read the Sun's report here.


Anonymous said...

Ya, I read about it from MToday last nite. Ha ha, nak tergelak pun ada baca cerita perangai "makcik2" ni. So "baik hati". Ya lah, mana nak sangka husbands they all akan kalah kan?

Duit "sendirian berhad" ke tu? Let's see how the ROS/court will handle the case.

hani said...

They have wonderful teachers to learn from...their husbands.

Can't imagine what it'd be like if they held the reign of power.

I shudder, shudder, shudder!

zulfikar samsuri said...


Saya Zulfikar Samsuri, Editor bagi blogzine Republik Kata sedang melakukan survey untuk kolum saya bernama 'SUARA RAKYAT' di . Saya ingin tahu pendapat sdr/i sama ada dakwaan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tentang 30 orang Ahli Parlimen BN akan 'lompat parti' menyertai Pakatan Rakyat betul atau tidak, atau cuma perang saraf untuk menyatu padukan Pakatan Rakyat dan melemakan BN seperti diperkatakan oleh Fathi Aris Omar kepada blogzine ini beberapa hari sudah. Kedua, apakah tindakan keluar GERAKAN oleh Lee Kah Choon wajar? Dan yang ketiga, bagaimana masa depan DSAI dalam politik di Malaysia? Mampukah beliau menjadi PM. Oleh itu saya mengharapkan kerjasama sdr/i untuk menjawab soalan-soalan mudah dari saya.

Terima kasih. WS.

Editor Republik Kata
Ahmad Zulfikar Samsuri

sesat said...

LOL @ "Petticoat Power", good one Nuraina ;D

Perhaps these petticoat-wearing mesdames thought that nobody was going to miss the RM10m "petty cash".

rational thinker said...


Roslina said...

This is a ladies organisation, right? The social-social know, visit old folks homes, kiss children in hospitals, have parties, cooking classes...., right? How on earth can they have so much money?!!

Tan, Tanjong Bungah said...

Hi everyone,

It'd be pertinent to determine whether BALKIS has a constitution to ascertain the legality of the hurriedly called EGM that decided to dissolve BALKIS and transfer its RM10 million funds to BAKTI's account, via another account.

What's this other account, which BALKIS temporarily 'packed' its funds?

Notwithstanding BALKIS has a constitution or not, is the EGM and the decisions taken at this EGM contravene the rules/procedures of the ROS?

Will some legal authority come forward to enlighten us?

ak hassan said...

sekarang ada pepatah baru ...

suami borek isteri rintik ...

donplaypuks said...

If I were the BN MB of Selangor, then my teenage daughter would have no difficulty 'convincing' state owned corporations to cough up millions to set up a charity.

Hang on, this is a zero-squatter, no poverty State. So, what need for charities?

How the self-righteous will bluster and bluff when caught with their pants down. How much of their own money did they donate?

Anonymous said...

Siasat lah. Let justice prevail. Don't let a thief be the bank secutity guard.

desperate son-in-law said...

Desperate housewife are in trouble, the day of LV, Prada, Gucci bags club is gone and isn't it better now since their husband are more free and have less money to spend and more time to be with them in bed? The wives can spend less on Botoks now.

Old Fart said...

Hani I have to disagree.

Sounds more like the women folk are far more competent and certainly showing off the clumsy ineptness of their husbands. The fact that they can be more crooked than their husbands, I wonder if their husbands must now be thinking maybe their wives should be leading the political front!!

inani said...

The money belongs to the persatuan isteri2 wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional, non BN wives have never be members, but thinking that BN will rule Selangor forever, they put the wife of Chief Minister automatically be the president.

We should look at Balkis and the State Government as two different entities. The members of Balkis have work their way to collect fund for Balkis, and I think that they are fully entitle to decide how the money is going to spend.

whether the money was given by the state agencies or not shall be tackled separately. The office bearer of the respective agencies shall be held responsible for the wrongdoings (if any).

Furthermore the money was channel to another charity house, Bakti. The state government should avoid spending much time on chasing rainbows like this, as it has a lot more important issues to tackle such as:-

1. To get the state government moving, now it is in stand still state.
2. Just put the Pig Farming case on hold if so many people protested, after all this ia a Rakyat's government. Dont be missleaded by your supporters who said ONLY UMNO people protest! Almost all Malay do protest, not only in Selangor but all over Malaysia!
3. Stop talking bad thing about the past government if it cannot be proven. It will just make you look bad day after day.
4. Start fulfill whatever has been promised especially the Manifesto. The longer it takes, the less confident in your government will be.
5. Ask your EXCOs to act like one. Stop acting like opposition. One of your EXCO quietly go to one state government agency and talk to selected staff asking about the wrongdoings of their Bosses! Just imagine the kind of mentality this EXCO has! Another EXCO also 'hired' a staff within a government agency to spy on his boses, and this 'spy' proudly declare his 'appointment' !

Oldstock said...

Let us now see if Dr. Khir Toyo cares to pick up this issue and discuss it in his blog.

Or would he be too busy making himself popular to the UMNO reformists that he'd neglect the mess that his wife made?

tokkemuning said...

It look like they are all scattered around, trying to run away from "rakyat" and their own shadow. I could not imagined what else have being done with our trust for the last 50 years. They thought that they owned the state and could do anything as they wish among them. They thought we the rakyat is stupid. Well actually it does not need a rocket scientist to figure it our. Since March 8th what else have being done to cover things....just wonder.

Dhahran Sea said...

Wonder when Zaharah Kecik will follow hubby's footstep into blogging... seems a favorite hobby among casualties of GE12?

Anonymous said...

Puan Balkis,

Salah tu, tindakan Cik Puan Balkis. Dari mana idea tu datang sayang ooi.

Duit tu dah jadi duit orang ramai cik puan. Balkis tu kan persatuan yang didaftarkan atas nama ramai orang, walau pun atas nama isteri wakil rakyat BN.

Kalau semua x wakil rakyat tu masuk PAS, PKR atau DAP ke macam mana. Apa justifikasi cik puan pulak. Atau cik cik puan sendiri yang berubah parti, apa pulak jadi nya.

Sudahlah, belajarlah jadi waras dan ikutlah adab dan budaya politik yang professional sikit.

Ramli Mohd Yunus
Alor Star,Kedah.

Srikanth Siva said...

this is the tip of the iceberg.
imagine the 'rea' fraud that goes on in this country.

We crib about 20 cents price increase....these people play in the millions.

Anonymous said...

what's new uh?

husbands in power help their wive's projects/desires by injecting millions into it. after all it's government money not their own!

just look at permata, the "brainchild" of dpm's wife. rm20 million has been pumped into it.just yesterday it was declared by none other than the dpm, that the permata blueprint will be used for the country's preschool education.

goodness! and the wife is not even an educationist! how come they are encroaching into the minister of education's portfolio?

it's so easy for bakti, balkis etc to be charitable when funds and clout are so easily obtained through their husbands' influence!

it's people like you or me nuraina that find it so difficult to raise funds for a worthy cause!

tapi tak ape lah! kita buat sikit sikit pun allah terima! tak payah lah besar besar kan!

come to think of it, no one wants to see our faces launching anything in the newspapers! kesian!

Anonymous said...

How disheartening that all this can be happening just in our backyards, and mind you this is just the politicians wives.
Wither trust and respect, i should say!
Does man (eh! woman) fear God anymore??!
May justice and karma prevail !!!
attorney li poh ze.

Wakmasnoor said...

Read my comment on the same issue here:

Anonymous said...

A lot of the money also came from SEDC...was there a conflict of interest in a State Govt body allegedly in making the grants to this "charity"? Federal Govt jhas now said no more money will go to any of the (5) SEDCs under PR control. Instead it will channel the money though MARA. Easier to steal, perhaps.
By the way the money was to be applied for charitable purposes, not for entertainment of YB wives.As usual the poor and needy are forgotten.

IZWAN said...

Yups....All the same, like husband like wife..Toyo now running with Formula One BRoom around Sepang maYbe after this.. Bukan membela rakyat tapi membela perut dan cronism!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Inani. Its the ex-BN reps' wives charity club and they have the right to do whatever they want with the money.The new PR reps'wives should start their on club and get their own funds. I am regretting by the day for voting these PR reps.

BaitiBadarudin said...

hopefully PR's reps' wives follow the footsteps of kak wan and nurul izzah - be their own women, instead of depending on their husbands' status.

Hamzah said...

Agreed with inani, stop wasting time and get to work!

tak suka balkis, lodge a police report.

Anonymous said...

Apa sudah jadi???!!! semua ni duit kan haram...perbuatan isteri sampah politikus yang amat keji dan patut didedahkan kepada umum. Ingat laki2 mereka boleh menang and makcik2 ni bole guna duit sesuka hati untuk menghiburkan hati and naksul mereka... apa apa imej dah tiada lagi...haha...

Anonymous said...

Semoga hari dinamit teman saya!.

Anonymous said...

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