Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Ain't Quitting. Why Should I?

As far as Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is concerned, the people still want him.
He is convinced Malaysians still want him to lead.

He said he has got THE mandate from the people to continue leading this beloved land of ours.

Abdullah isn't buying the crap that HE is responsible for the BN's disastrous performance.

Declared he:

“I am here. I am here. I am here. They speculate that I want to run away, I’ve resigned. Why should I resign?

“My Government has got a strong majority (although) not the two-thirds (majority), but very strong ... that is the stand of support.

“Why must I run away from my entrusted responsibilities?

Abdullah said this after a 45-minute meeting with Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said at his office in Putrajaya yesterday.

Story here.

I think he was responding to Dr Mahathir's call on Tuesday for him to step down "gracefully".

Dr M believes that Abdullah had no option but to step down in order to save Umno from further humiliation and destruction.

"Anyone else would have already resigned but (Abdullah) has no shame," said the former Prime Minister.

"I want him to resign" he told a crowd of more than 1,000 at a post-election forum organised by Umno supporters’ group, MyKMU.Net yesterday.
This leader is the country’s only prime minister to ever come from an opposition state (Penang)..., " he said .

As they say, stick and stones may break Abdullah's bones but words can never hurt him.

You see, there are enough people around the PM to have convinced him that he had done a damn good job leading this country, that under him in the last 4 years, the poor and the underprivileged have had a better life and have enjoyed a better living standard.

The man believes that he is the best PM Malaysia ever had.

So...sorry Dr M, sorry Mukhriz, sorry the rest of Malaysians who voted for change. The man just aint listening.
In fact, he's been told that Dr M is the one responsible for BN's very very tragic performance.
And bloggers who were in cahoots with him.

Or did some people do a good job of closing Abdullah's eyes and covering his ears and .....

ANYWAY.. the man ain't going nowhere.

By the way, he is the Pakatan Rakyat's favourite PM. I was told by a leader in Pakatan that Abdullah should remain as PM.


Please read Mariah Samad's Tok Mommy.


poh yoke said...

If Mahathir really loves the country, he should work with UMNO leaders now to solve the problems, many of which have the beginnings with him. The downfall started with his show of vindictiveness towards those he dislike. His hands are not clean either. All his loud noises now are not helping the country either. he should pull up his sleeves and help and work for the unity of the country or he can go back to where he came it India or Pakistan?

wak segen said...

If UMNO/BN cannot make PakLah resign gracefully, then the opposition will soon kick him out.Many BN MPs are just waiting to see if they have any good reason to remain in the singking ship.PakLah's resignation will be one.
And to poh yoke, please wake up..we know this disiease Paklah & his goons are suffering,is contagiuos.You are having the same symptoms: denial state,living-in-the-past etc..For your own sake..get out of it fast..

Anonymous said...

Let's keep Pak Lah. If he runs the show for another term advised by Kali,KJ, Teuku Adnan, M2Taib and the 4th flr, DSAI will be our PM in 2013. Imagine if Ku Li replaces him in Dec 08, DSAI has a formidable opposition. In the final analysis, the snooze ball in an asset to the Pakatan Rakyat. Jangan kacau daun,la!!
Long live PR.

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Sis Nuraina,

The best way for him to remain as President of UMNO is to go back to the members. Adakan pertandingan dan pemenang jadi Presiden dan seterusnya PM.

Without this mandate, he will continue to be a weak Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to the old man what the word "retire" means? Shouldn't he be planting orchids or something?
Good grief he's no longer in government and therefore should have no say whatsoever in anything. Ok he can have his opinion but seems to me he thinks that he can still make policy decisions.
He's like a rash that will not go away quietly. A 22 year rash that Malaysians are done with or should be done with so why doesn't he just ride away into the sunset?

Anonymous said...

Come on!..there’s people who makes thing happen, and those who know nothing, instead yapping like a Llama.. What Tun is doing is for the good of the country. Yes, he doesn’t have the power anymore, but those who care enough would listen to his opinion and think about it. Pak Lah and his "machais" is frightened with the old geez wisdom. But to stifle him they can’t. Because he is wise and they are not.

Anonymous said...

He loves those celebrity, jet-set and glamorous life style. Just look at how happy he was at those parties! He won't quit

malayamuda said...

You must be joking that Tun is doing this for the good of this country.

Tun has never done anything for the good of this country.

Look back

1. resignation of Musa - good for country ?
2. 1987 UMNO crisi - good for country ?
3. 1988 Judiciary - good for country ?
4. 1993 Constitutional crisis - good for country ?
5. 1997 Financial crisis - good for country ?
6. 1998 Sacking of Anwar Ibrahim - good for country ?
7. Sodomy charge and black eye - good for country ?
8. Embarrasing Malays of being lazy and mudah lupa - good for country ?
9. Lingam Judge fixing - good for country ?
10. ACA toothless - good for country ?
11. 30 % nomnation for UMNO presidency - good for country ?
12. Attacking dear old Tunku Abdul Rahman - good for country ?

All answers are

1. Bad for country
2. Good for Dr Mahathir

so dont talk crap by saying he's doing thos for the good of the country

KerinchiGuy said...

nuraina said:
As they say, stick and stones may break Abdullah's bones but words can never hurt him.

i think it was edna ferber who said:

sticks and stones are hard on bones
when aimed with angry art
words can hurt like anything
but silence breaks the heart.

so, maybe if we just ignore badawi and maintain an elegant silence, he just might pine away and disappear?

mekyam said...

Are there fans of that hilarious Brit comedy some years back called "Coupling" here?

If you are, remember Jeff Murdoch?

To borrow a term from one of its first episode, AAB in jeffism would be an "UNFLUSHABLE".

He's such a POS! :D

donplaypuks said...

Rip Van winkle should not quit now, but wait another 6 mths.

This will give Sabah & Sarawak time to fully understand what a rotten deal they have been getting all these years from the rotten corrupt BN, first led by Dr.M, and continued in the same vein by Rip Van Winkle ably sabotaged by SIL.

They will then have a clear choice. Perish forever (like UMNO/MCA/MIC), or take their chances and move forward with PR!!

Roslina said...

Guess Dr M is getting desperate. The way things are going, BN may be shown to the door earlier. Poor Dr M, you must be afraid what Anwar is going to do when he becomes PM. At your age, you are probably worried that you may not be able to take jail life, huh?

Frankly, I have faith in God and hope that He knows what is best. So Dr M, you reap what you sow!

bailey said...

so degil, so tak tahu malu.

buat-buat buta and pekak.

gosh...this man.

Anonymous said...

That's what they all say.
Chua S Lek said that too.
Coming Soon - Left office

Anonymous said...

My mother lives in Sg.Bakap. This was what she said of Dr.M.:
" La! apa dia dok kata Annuar kapiak Yahudi. Orang Islam bukan boleh mengufat macam tu. Haram. Dia ni tak malu. Mahathir ni orang Kelin. Kelin apa?"
" Dia bukan Keling, mak. Dia Jawi Pekan."
" Patut la pun, cek ooi, bangsa tu kuat mengutuk!!"

Anonymous said...

what do you know?

For your information, 1997's financial crisis hit almost the whole world. If not because TDM's unprecedented fiscal measures, we would all be out of job then.

Go and read...

If he's done nothing good, you are either brain-dead or just came out from some shit hole...

Anonymous said...

pakatan whatever dont just talk!prove it.Orang jual ubat also can talk convincingly buat the ubat can never cure.Give ideas not just critics.

lord musan said...

You are actually right..the man ain't going nowhere cause BN actually lost due to sabotage as he announced in the news today...sabotage my foot!Come to think of it..he could be right but who is actually sabotaging BN?Could it be KJ the son in law?Could it be the BN grassroot leaders?Could it be the 'rakyat' itself?Did the 'rakyat' actually sabotage BN by voting for the opposition/Or did Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself sabotaged BN?(He is the opposition's favorite PM currently and they want him to stay as PM.Or did the opposition wants him as PM cause he is the most stupid PM Malaysia could ever have and it is easier for the Opposition to actually threaten him with anything?)I actullay threw up when I heard his announcement on that matter?..thick skull!Very,very thick skull!

lord musan said...

..Pak Lah is the perfect example of Melayu Mudah Lupa....good for the country?

lord musan said...

..he dared asked 'Why Should I?'.You wanna know why?Go ask Tun M..why haven't Pak Lah go and confront Tun M if what the former PM says is not right?Why none of the ministers or ball lickers go and confront Tun M and say what they said in the media about him?Instead of saying and giving statements that what Tun M is doing now is bad for the country in the media..why not all of them go and meet him face to face and tell Tun M straight in his face how they felt?..should have been expected..all of them are experienced ball lickers even the new ministers that noone have ever heard of and super cowards!I dare all of them to hold a forum and invite Tun M and tell him how they felt and let Tun M reply every single statements and question they post in the forum?Where is Khairy now when Tun M is publicly criticising his FIL?..chicken?

lord musan said...

..because you are and idiot!Thats why!