Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Balkis :The Bar Council Says...

It is inappropriate and wholly unacceptable for any member of the judiciary to act as legal adviser or in any legal capacity for any body or person while holding the office of a judge, says the Bar Council.

"More so if the body or person is associated with a state or federal government or a political party," said its president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan yesterday.

“The Bar Council is deeply concerned by the report in theSun that suggests the involvement of a Court of Appeal judge as legal adviser to Bakti on matters pertaining to the transfer of funds from Association of Wives of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor (Balkis) and its Penang equivalent - Bunga Tanjung,” she told theSun.

The two organisations reportedly transferred the funds to Bakti, the Federal Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers, after Barisan Nasional (BN) lost the elections in the states to Pakatan Rakyat on March 8.

“Such conduct is inconsistent with his or her position as a serving judge and has a direct impact on the issue of conflict and the independence and impartiality of the judge,” said Ambiga.

"In the circumstances and given the severity of the consequences of the allegations, it is important that the facts be established and that the judge be accorded a fair opportunity to respond to the allegations in an appropriate manner," she added.

Ambiga was responding to a report in theSun today which named Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Helilah Yusof as Bakti’s legal adviser. This was stated in the minutes of a Bakti Council meeting.



chocolatebar said...

Why suddenly Bar Council becomes so important, that everything must refer to them? Why lately Bar Council looks very wise, that everything, every subject must have to get their approval first. Since when Bar Council become the point of reference for us Malaysian?

donplaypuks said...

These actions of winding up and transferring out charity funds in Selangor, and now, in Penang are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS!!

You would think that the immediate priority of those who had been routed in the GE would be to carry out Post Mortems to see where they had gone wrong and draw up new plans to win back lost votes.

But, no sirree!!

The first thing they did was call for meetings to disburse the remaining charity funds and wind them up.

All done with indecent haste!

I would wager 100:1 that some very suspicious & dubious disbursements of charity funds have taken place.

Let the Auditor General swing into action. Some juciy crooked dealings are bound to surface!

Perhaps the ACA too should take a look. But,lately their reputation has been shot top pieces. So, we live in hope.

Zawi said...

People without any conscience will do just about anything to please their political masters when they owe them one. So how could our judiciary be corrected? It will remain so as long as they are willing to lick the hands that feed them.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a Tribunal and settle the matter quickly!

Anonymous said...

See how the Penang one also dissolved and funds quickly dispersed. First, let me say from a rakyat perspective, we smell something rotten. Can you blame us when we jump to the conclusion that they have misused the funds (n we don't care where it came from or who is caretaker) and now no satisfactory explantion given.
2ndly, 2 words - busuk hati. BN only reaffirms our belief that voting opposition was a right choice.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jeanne Abdullah as the head of Bakti will return the money to the respective states. That is the right thing to do and will restore some respect in the rakyat's eyes. Jeanne, please don't play the dirty games like the other BN wives and get your good name tainted. You can leave (eventually) with your head held high.

Tauke Wayang said...

They wanna take everything away before somebody else's hand is on it.

Damn. Talking about corruption. Its contagious, let alone for a husband-wife relationship.

Anonymous said...


bar council is just trying to reclaim the glory of their yesteryears where those in the court and those in the parliement are two different entities and judges are highly respected and looked upon. They voiced this out is because by doing so, we know how legal matters work, not just because you can have someone with a high post helping you, you could get away from the law, i'm also referring to the judge that is Balkis legal adviser. That judge's credibility is seriously in question and something should be done about it.

Where are the ACA when you need them?

Wakmasnoor said...

Skipping of the main issue (which i had commented before); i found myself being a bit sceptical about the real (and honest) intentions of the Bar Council.

The Bar Council seems to be everywhere, on every issues but frankly, on definite stand and side.

tarings said...


Methinks it's 100:1 that no Auditor General, nor ACA, nor anybody will see the money or their day in court. As most things Malaysians, it will be forgotten next month.

The Rakyat can smell all the rotten and foul till kingdom come but it will all amount to nothing. The powers that be are there to stay. And we, well we can just eat our hearts out. Mebbe with cencalok, lime and a few sprinkle of chillies.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this an integral part of the M'sian culture? Even judges allegedly pooh pooh the law! Hello ... is anyone in charge?

Anonymous said...

chocbar said since when the bar ccouncil become the point of referance for us malaysians, since 1988 when mahathir cut off the leggs of the judicary and crippled a handicapped and corrupt as seen and heard from the lingam tapes. thank you very much, where have you been living, in a cave?

Mahathirism said...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Malaysia Implicitly Supports War In Iraq

So much for Islam Hadhari... Malaysia welcomes warmongers, ne0cons and US imperialism.. Who cares about the Iraqis, Palestinians and Iranians?

Halliburton involvement in Iskandar not an issue

Wednesday, 30 April 2008
KUWAIT: There is no ethical question (Mahathirism says- tell that to the Iraqis) involved in bringing Halliburton, the controversial US multinational, to invest in Malaysia, said the Iskandar Development Region Authority managing director Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim.
“Halliburton is investing in oil and gas and we have are happy to have them there (Were sure you are) (in Iskandar Malaysia),” he told local reporters here.
Asked on concerns about the ethics of having a company like Halliburton in Iskandar, Ikmal said: “Whose ethics are you referring to? Which value judgement are you using? (Ethics of peace loving people and you will be judged by your Muslim bretheren) .
"If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using.” (Lets just close an eye to the war in Iraq)
He said Malaysia should be open. ( Yes, lets have the US, Singapore and Israel)
“We should invite investment as long as it bring benefits to the country. It may not bring good taste to other countries - (Good taste? Try murder) I am not too sure. But I would not like to be involved in that area (good taste or not),” he added.
In late March, American oil and gas company Halliburton opened an RM200mil manufacturing centre in Iskandar Malaysia (formerly known as Iskandar Development Region).
The 20,000 sq m facility in Johor Technology Park performs procurement and customer service activities as well as engineering, machining and product assembly primarily for customers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe Eurasia regions.
Halliburton is a US-based multinational corporation with operations in more than 120 countries including Iraq. Its main business is providing technical products and services for the oil and gas exploration and production.
It has also been in the news for turning in huge profits as well as a number of political controversies involving its work for the US Government, its political ties, and its corporate ethics.
Halliburton has close ties with US Vice-President Dick Cheney who used to be with the company until he assumed his present political post. Halliburton benefited greatly from the war in Iraq and got the bulk of oil and gas contracts there after the US invasion. ( You said it!)
There have been a number of complaints about Halliburton including unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq and abuse of contract, fraud and overcharging.
Some of these cases are still under FBI and Pentagon investigations. (Again)

Bung Karno said...

chocolatebar & wakmansor,

Yelah, Bar Council dah jadi macam ketua hakim rakyat.

But if you foward complaints against lawyers to them, they will remain silent. Are all lawyers angels ?

Anonymous said...

Madam Balkis, Bidara and etc etc,

YOU are wrong ladies. You are wrong morally, mentally and sistematically.

It is NOT your money ma'am. It is public money. Not all the money comes from your hubby, some are donation from public. It is also registered with a public department, the ROS not the BN's department.

When are you all going to learn about `culture'.

A;or Star, Kedah,