Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bapak!

Bapak turns 84 today.

I was reminded of this at the Malaysian Bar Council dinner last night when the Prime Minister caught sight of me, and beckoned me to his table.

He said to me that he had not seen me for quite a while now.
I am no longer at NST, I replied, but I forgot to tell him why I had left the newspaper.

I told him I now run a media consultancy and am with a magazine.

"And you also have a blog," the PM hastened to add.

"Haha...yes I do," I said.

"And you blog bad things about me, ya...", he remarked, smiling.

"", I mumbled.

Anyway, the PM asked about Bapak. I said he was okay, getting older by the day and that he turns 84 today (April 18).

So, that was how I was reminded of Bapak's birthday.

Here's a very happy birthday wish for you, Bapak.


muststopthis said...

Happy Birthday Pak Samad!
Singapore will not be Singapore without your contribution.....
And Malaysia will not be Malaysia too!!

Wak Segen said...

So you are also coy about the PM now, like the rest are you?Why not tell him......."No I am not in NST now,thanks to your head spin doctor Kaligula"..and "Yes, I have been writing truths about you"....
..hehehe jangen mareh...

Anyways..Happy Birthday to your Bapak..Semoga Allah redha kehidupan die..

Anonymous said...

Time does fly. I wish your bapak well and good health.

Have a good day with him.

Take care.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Wish Happy Birthday to Bapak from me too. Maybe you could have told the PM that we can blog nice things about him when he starts doing some nice things himself..

francis said...

Must have been that irresistible smile of yours that the PM couldn't miss!

Best wishes to daddy, albeit late.

Anonymous said...

Dear kak,
Here's wishing your Bapak the best of health.



wak segen,

no I wasn't coy with the PM. I didnt tell him why I left becos I never thot about telling him that. I wish I had remembered to tell him but...somehow compeletely escaped me.

Jangan mareh...and thank you for the birthday wish.


muststopthis: thanks.

anona@4:12am: thank u.

captain Yusof: thank u. Haha...I'll remember that next time.

francis: haha...dont think so...but thanks.

michelle: thanks.

Kata Tak Nak said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Pak Samad and may he find joy in his live. Best wishes to you too.


Salam KTN,

Thank you...and best wishes to you and your family too!

Anonymous said...

Good morning,I have been an avid reader of your interesting and truthful blog, and knowing your daddy 's happy day today, May I and my family Wishes Pak Samad Happy Birthday and many more to come and also best of health which is the most important. Thank you.

Lee & family

wanshana said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Bapak!

As per Pak Lah - you should have just told him, "You actually have time to READ my blog in between all those naps?!!! I'm so flattered!" :)

Take care, K.Ena. Have a good weekend.

nstoldboy said...

alamak, u pun dah malu alah ke dengan pak lah? tak pa lah, pak lah kan memang macam orang baik-baik. sesiapa pun yang jumpa dia mesti lembut hati. aku masih ingat arwah bapak aku jumpa dia tahun lapan puluhan dulu. arwah bapak aku ni orang kampung biasa, dia dapat salam dengan pak lah lepas tu pak lah tanya sikit dia apa khabar. aku ingat lagi masa tu kat majlis tahlil kat rumah satu orang ketua bahagian umno di johor. pak lah masa tu geng team b. sampai ke hari hari akhir arwah bapak aku, dia ingat dan kata pak lah orang baik. ya lah, kita ni orang melayu sebenarnya berjiwa lembut. orang buat macammana pun kat kita, tapi kalau dia orang datang kat kita dengan baik, hormat sikit, jadi cair lah hati yang panas. tak kira la, baik yang educated like you, mat rempit atau drug addict pun, kalau dah melayu, memang jiwa dia macam tu. aku rasa walau kalimullah pun yang datang jumpa you nak berbaik-baik, puji you sikit, offer offer sikit, pun you akan terima atau tak pun layan dengan baik. tak apa lah, melayu tetap melayu, dari masa sebelum kena jajah, terjajah, merdeka dan lepas ni tah apa pulak, tetap akan macam tu juga.

bytheway, happy birthday to your father... now, he is a really good man.

j or ji said...

happy birthday!!

A.John said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! & Wish him the best of health! I sure miss the NST of his times!

zorro said...

Ena....give you dad a good hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Greatgranduncle a.k.a. The Legend from the Jaafar-Azizah tempe-eating lot!!! semoga panjang umur, insyaAllah.


Anonymous said...

Salams Kak Ena,

This is my very first comment on your entries since I first followed your blog religiously.

First, Happy Birthday Pak Samad. May his life continue to be as meaningful to him, those around him and to others no so near (like moi).

I have always enjoyed his writings - newspaper articles, novels/cerpens and autobiography (Samad Ismail di Singapura(?)), the scrapes that he got into, and on the one occasion that I was lucky enough to be welcomed into Pak Samad's house at Section 16 PJ, his anecdotes.

Second, thanks Kak Ena for sharing the things that you and your family have gone through. I get to appreciate more the human side of things when politics come into play. I used to teach literature (you know, the Adrian Mole series by Sue Townsend), and had always impressed on the students that many times it is human emotions that colour an action as good or bad. I remember my father's anger when Pak Samad and a few others were incarcerated without trial and his subsequent "confession". My own Bapak had his dismissed the whole shenanigan as "wayang". This, and the view from your family's angle rekindles the sense of outrage that I had shared with my own Bapak then.

By the way, I also have had the great fortune of having met your arwah Emak (whom I called "Nenek Midah", emulating my friend who had brought me to Pak Samad's home). She was a true lady. Alfatihah to her from me in memory of her kindness to us,dirty smelly boys who had popped in with neither notice nor permission then.

Keep up your good work, Kak Ena.

Jasmani Jalil

chowsingsing said...

"And you blog bad things about me, ya...", he remarked, smiling.


i think this would be the only instance i have seen pak lah having something that resembles a sense of humour.

Rina said...

Selamat hari jadi Pak samad!
Dari anakcucumu, parajurawat yang menjual keringat di SA.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh hey, you've got a prime minister as a reminder! not bad.

so anyway here's wishing Pak Samad a very Happy 84th Birthday. Wishing him well always, insyaAllah.

jaflam said...

Happy Birthday to Pak Samad semoga sihat dan sejahtra selalu.

Its looks like Pak Lah can smell bloggers quite well now, bet he tried to visit your site today !!!

talking tongues said...

Hi Noraina,I was pleased to meet you last night with Rocky.

I wish you have told Pak Lah to heed Dr. M's challenge and start a Royal Commission to investigate on Dr. M's involvement in 1988's episode ;-)

Whatever, a very happy birthday to your Bapak.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Bloggers who are objective will blog on the sin or 'bad thing' per se and not the sinner
Though so bloggers may not make the clear-cut distinction
Since it may be rude to simply blame the cook while still enjoying the chef's cooked dinner
Unless with the misdeed and doer concerned there is no separation

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180408
Fri. 18th April 2008.

Rocky's Bru said...

Happy Birthday, Pak Samad! Semoga sihat dan happy selalu.

wak segen, Ena ni tak tahu nak gunakan kesempatan untuk lambast si Kali tu. but if Kali had been there, she would have told Pak Lah in front of the bugger. That's her lah.

if it was me, i would have told Pak Lah what you said Ena should have told Pak Lah.

but he didn't beckon me, bro. I was seated beside Ena and he didn't even see me!

vesewe said...


UMNO Boleh Masuk Kubur - DAP!

Strategi peminggiran orang melayu oleh orang cina





Ex-BH Guy said...


Well this actually proves two things:

1. Pak Lah do actually read the daily reports that his media team gave him. Doubt he actually checks the blogs directly though.

2. You're famous! :)

Anyway, happy birthday Pak Samad. You will never walk alone...

pakaiotak said...

Gosh! I didn't know you're the daughter of Pak Samad, whom I admire and respect. Reason is I have come to know about your blog only recently. No wonder you write sensible stuff and have such a good command of English.

Happy Birthday Pak Samad!

Roslina said...

happy Birthday to your Dad - journalists like him are rare to come by - like gems. Why don't you write about his thoughts on what's happening?

So you had "wish-the-ground-would-swallow-you" moment with Pak Lah...LOL ! Bet there were many interested listeners around to hear you mumble "No-lah...".

pua kang kang said...

Happy Birthday Pak Samad. You have given us the best in so many ways. And Ena, next time don't miss such a golden opportunity.. :)

cucu pak sako said...


Doesn't Tun Samad seem inspirational?
hmmm.....moga Apak dilundungi Allah sentiasa.Amin

Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

Heheheh... PM put you in spot, did he? Maybe next time you can answer, `No, I only blog about things that are right.'

Of course, bila dah lepas camni memang senang nak cakap la kan...

Anyway, my best wishes and `doa' to Pak Samad. Semuga sentiasa dlm perlindungan Allah swt.

p/s - Err... Rocky, PM didn't notice you ke? Ye la kan, dia nampak Kak Ena yg cantik tu je...


cucu pak sak: thank you...oh by the way, Pak Samad is not a Tun..

Oldstock : a way, I was put in a spot. kinda terkejut he said that. i really wasn't lying because i have not blogged bad things about him.
and he was very pleasant to me...and i do not dislike him. not at all.
thank you...

IZWAN said...

Selamat Hari Lahir Pak Samad..Mudah-mudahan dipanjangkan umur!!!

Salam reformist....

sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

Please convey my Happy Birthday wishes to your Bapak on his 84th birthday.

I need ex-gratia too goddamit said...

Even in your low cut dinner gown Pak Lah still didn't eyeball you?! hahahaha

Wakmasnoor said...

Salam and hi Ena,

First of all, my best wishes to Bapak. 'Happy Birthday dear Bapak'.

It such an honor to have the PM personally saying hi to you. Among the many, to be called up and cordially gestured, is a recognition in itself.

Surprising i guessed, to have the PM mentioning (notifying) the very core of the much sentiments in your blog. He could has been following regularly, your blog. Take notes, perhaps.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Kak Ena, pls do wish ur dad a very happy Birthday fr me too ya?


flyer168 said...

Dear Nuraina,
My belated best wishes to Pak Samad on his 84th birthday....the great people of the 50s & 60s era.

Do keep up your Blogsite & your good work with the Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Please send my heartfelt and a very happy birthday to your Dad, TS A Samad Ismail. Di doakan sejahtera selalu.

Ramli Mohd Yunus - X DAP

a k hassan said...

for he's the jolly good fellow, for he's the jolly good fellow, for he's the jolly good fellowwwwww, which nobody can deny .... nobody can deny ...

happy birthday pak samad...

mekyam said...

Happy 84th, Bapak!

After fighting the good fight, you truly deserve these benign years.

Zawi said...

Happy Birthday Pak Samad. Another wronged man who deserves to be tgiven the same treatment as Tun Salleh Abas.

Anonymous said...

selamat hari jadi pak samad! teringat saya masa jadi reporter freshie zaman awal 80-an, banyak belajar dari kata-kata pak samad, yang tak ternilai harganya.. saya doakan kesejahteraan sentiasa buat pak samad sempena harijadinya.

btw rocky relaxlah, senyuman NAS terbukti lebih tajam dari pedang samurai...


galadriel said...

Happy Birthday to Pak Samad. I first heard of this respected man through the mouth of a senior journo, way back in the early 90s when I was an impressionable young adult.

Since then I have not heard him referred in anything but glowing terms by different people.

That should be the yardstick for a life meaningfully lived.The man must have done some good.

Happy Belated Birthday Pak Samad

pelangi said...

Salam nur..firstly my belated birthday best wishes to Bapak,may the almighty keep springkle hisblesses on Bapak.

Secondly...Pak Lah is first a human then only as politician or other.when Pak lah caught sight of you and ask briefly about you and Bapak,that spontaneous act of Pak Lah must purely comes from his heart as he is a human first and everyone should know.We cannot simply say he is just trying to "pujuk" you.He is sincere.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Sis Ena
Made a little birthday wish early yeaterday morning, but it didn't get through somehow.

Selamat Hari Lahir Pak Samad,
Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan ceria selalu bersama isteri, anak-menantu, cucu-cicit dan teman seperjuangan.


ashhassimoto said...

It was a long time ago, 1982 or so. The time was almost 7.30 pm but my son, a Standard 2 pupil SRK Sri Petaling, wasn't on the school bus when the bus arrived at our house at Jln.SS 3/47. I quickly rushed to the school but he wasn't there. Dalam cuaca hujan, jalan basah,kepala berserabut dan perasaan takut, saya mencarinya di sekitar Sek 14 PJ, tetapi gagal. Kecewa, saya pun balek ke rumah. Guest what?....he was already at the house, grinning....He had just arrived in the company 2 ladies who had earlier saw him looking frightened in the vicinity of the school after he missed the bus,crying and walking alone in the rain. They took him back to their parent's house at Sek 16 PJ, gave him a cup of hot drink and even gave him a change of dry clothes. It was a pleasant surprise indeed, because the 2 ladies turned out to be Pak Samad's daughters.

I hope the above incident will jolt your memory.....although saya tidak pasti anak Pak Samad yang mana satu ( maklumlah 26 tahun dulu), mungkin Ena atau mungkin yang lain, namun saya tetap berterima-kasih for the warmth and kindness which has become a trademark of your family.

Whatever, may I wish your Dad a happy 84th Birthday, good health , wealth and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Cik Ena, was it in 2006 that there was a do at Tok Samad's house for his bday? I think that was one of the last events my Dad went to before he fell ill. It all feels so recent.

This comment has been removed by the author.


oh my goodness! i remember that incident very very well! Like it was just yesterday.

It was Nina and I.

You see, I have a knack for spotting kids "in trouble".

in your son's case, I was driving (with Nina in the front passenger seat) along a road bordering Section 14/13 (parallel to the Section 14 mosque, when we were caught in a traffic jam. That was when I noticed your son, all drenched walking along the island. He was just walking, and walking. I must have caught him looking so lost. I wasnt sure but what was obvious that it he was a very little boy and it ws the first day of the new school year. Nina was in standard six and was in the morning school. I think we were on our way to Jaya supermarket.
I saw your son apporaching a man who was walking in the opposite direction. When he met the man, he stopped to ask a question. But that person obviously was no help. ActuallyI can;t remember the year but your son was in standard one.

I told Nina that I was sure that little boy was lost, that he must be in std one who must have got leftbehind by his school transport or panicked when he couldnt find his transport as everyone must hbe leaving.. Besides it was raining and late in the evening. I pulled over...and went out to ask him whether he was lost.
in between sobs, he said "yes".

i asked him whetre he lived...he pointd to somewhere at the SS2 area. anyway, I took him in the car. He was all wet. So I told him that I we'd take hime him first. Perhaps he could call home. (no cellphone then).

When we reached home, my mother saw hime, held him and took him into the bathroom... gaev him Nina's school shirt and sports shorts. then made him a cup of Milo.

After that, before it got dark, we asked him to show his where he lived.

You know, he was such a smart littl boy. He guided us and showed us where he lived.

And that was that.

Please say hello to him. He must be 33 or something now..

And thank you for visiting. Do visit us at section 16.

We have never stopped wondering about your son.

I remember sometime ago, I asked Nina as we were pasing that same road on a rainy day : "Ingat tak that little boy we found walking along here?"

I am glad you have found us.

Do email me. take care.


anon@1:06am: dear J. It was. Just like yesterday, kan?

Salam to your mum. Will be in touch with you about Tok's dinner.

mutalib saifuddin said...

best wishes to Pak Samad. My Pa's Salam to him.

may allah prolong his age, with good health.

afsham said...

Hi! im ash hashimoto's son... Im 34 nw, still remember everything on that day. I was lucky to came across a kindhearted lady like you. I remembered that it was my first day at primary school. I can't find the bus so i decided to walk home. I knew where i was going and everything was fine until it started raining heavily and i started crying when vehicles going through that street hit mudholes and the water splashed to my face. Then came along your sister, took me into the car, and your family took good care of me before sending me home. I remembered where exactly my home was and relieved to be at home finally. This a very rare opportunity for me to say thank you sincerely for all you have done, it might be a different scenario if it happened nowdays. Look forward to hear from you. May Allah bless you and your family.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to Pak Samad!
Must go for kak ton's mrt soon, sebelum ketinggalan keretapi!

Mat Salo said...

Laa.. belated laa Kak Ena. Wish your Pa for me ya?

Hmmm... can't believe you needed the PM to be reminded of your own Bapak's birthday? Ha ha...

Guess he wasn't sleeping after all.. :)

ewoon said...

A belated Happy Birthday Pak Samad.

May God keep you and grant you the best of health and wisdom.

And many happy returns of the day!