Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love Our Earth!

Today is Earth Day!

I didn't even know it until my niece, Jehan (an avid but peace-loving environmentalist), texted me this morning, to remind me that "today we celebrate Earth Day".

Here's a little on the history of this special day!

"On April 22, 1970, 20 million people across America celebrated the first Earth Day. It was a time when cities were buried under their own smog and polluted rivers caught fire. Now Earth Day is celebrated annually around the globe. Through the combined efforts of the U.S. government, grassroots organizations, and citizens like you, what started as a day of national environmental recognition has evolved into a world-wide campaign to protect our global environment."

And now, 38 years later -- have things improved for us?


orchid said...

Happy Earth Day to you! :)

It's a long battle against those who keep smothering Mother Earth with their greed and ignorance, but I guess it's a lot better now that globally, more and more people are aware and contributing in some small way.

punk said...

Oh my, Nurina, you look exactly like your Mom. I saw the pic here: http://barkingmagpie.blogspot.com/

Your Mom is gorgeous ! (So do you lahhh...)

P/s: by slight trick, I manage to attract your counter comment, smart hah...! (In your previous posting on UMNO hu hu)

Anonymous said...

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If not USA dotn't talk.

Anak Malaysia said...

Kak Nuraina,

Some of the views and comments made by the blogger at barkingmagpie.blogspot.com is saddening :(

donplaypuks said...

I think it's about time we stopped this 'It's ... day today' nonsense.

I think it's the UN that does this and it's a total waste of anyone's time. Either that or it's a conspiracy by greeting cards' companies.

We want quality and quantity of blase' mindless tokenism.

mekyam said...

And now, 38 years later -- have things improved for us?

not really. it has become worse, more likely.

for every conscientious person, there's like a million plus who don't care or are too preoccupied with daily survival to care or are too ignorant to know any better.

governments, even those who initiate or support preservation or sustainability initiatives, are doing precious little actually.

to do anything meaningful for the whole planet requires concerted efforts. concerted efforts need unity and the cooperation of the entire earth population. who or which nation in the world has time for that when individual survival seems more important.

let's face it... most nations, until knocked the side of the head with an earthquake or a tsunami, preserving and caring for the home planet just isn't priority.

to those not directly affected, such disasters could have happened on a planet in another galaxy far far away for the impact they have on their awareness. at best, they are seen as national geographic shows.

on that dismal note, let me still wish you a Happy Earth Day, Ena dear!

p.s. sometimes i'd tell myself that h & i would sell all our assets and retire to a small remote self-sustaining farm and live organically. i was being fanciful, of course. but it made me feel virtuous... for about 13 seconds. i know i cannot do without many of those bleeping earth-destroying modern comforts and i'd probably go half-mental if deprived of the Internet.

BaitiBadarudin said...

happy (belated) earth day!
any step (small or large, token or genuine) to save the planet is needed and appreciated

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Aunty Nuraina,

Sorry, this comment no kaitan with your post ya?

Just wanted to drop you a line to say it was nice seeing you again after nearly a year...

Keep in touch, and hope to see you round...=)

adi_fimiyun said...

SiS Aina ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5BxymuiAxQ ... I Love The World .. best clip