Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat Will Not Last.....

Not my words but those of, who else, Barisan Nasional leaders. At least two of them, who I can safely assume, speak for the rest of their colleagues.

Like any marriage of convenience, this "pakatan" will disintegrate once the honeymoon is over and the "novelty" wears off, they alluded.

You know what, I wouldn't be so ready and emphatic to dismiss Pakatan Rakyat. Didn't they trounce the BN in 1, 2,, no, FIVE states?

Hey, maybe, they'll fall so hard and crumble. But, really I wouldn't write them off so swiftly. Because the alliance may emerge stronger than BN ever was. Besides, they know NOT to be arrogant.
So, I wouldn't pooh-pooh the Pakatan because I may have to eat humble pie later. But it is so difficult, isn't it? To eat humble pie, I mean.

Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said believes that the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance will not last long given their different policies, unlike the BN which had the same manifesto for all.

“Politics is a marriage of convenience. Politicians can say anything they want to gain the people’s support.

“Maybe Pakatan Rakyat will work for a month or a year but it will break up in the end as they are too different,” she added.

Kedah BN chairman Mahdzir Khalid pointed out that the DAP had on many occasions objected to Pas' intention of creating an Islamic state.

"Now, they are talking about a grouping to work on common goals. I seriously doubt their sincerity."

He said it was common knowledge that Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP chairman Karpal Singh had been at loggerheads over the Islamic state plan.
"The tripartite grouping is merely a political expediency. That is all and it will not last."

In contrast, he said the component parties under the BN enjoyed a good working relationship.

"The main parties - Umno, MCA and MIC - have worked together for more than 50 years.

"This relationship has served as a strong foundation for the ruling party to serve the people well."


busymum100 said...

What else can they(the BN) say? They are trying to use such techniques to reduce rakyat's faith in the new coalition. Semuanya about Perang Psikologi.

See how they see Kelantan! Tahun Merawat Kelantan?? I still can't help laughing everytime I remember that slogan. Weeks (and surely months) after the GE12, they will still be busy "Merawat BN"

donplaypuks said...

history will tell us if Pakatan Rakyar will succeed or not, but they have my vote.

many today feel that BN, esp. UMNO, has become too elitist, arrogant, racist, supports religious bigotry & is corrupt all the way to the top.

50 years tenure of office does not guarantee anything.

the 1776 american war of independence, 1789 french revolution, 1989 fall of communism saw the fall of some extremely cruel rulers. these incidents all tell you that when long-governing regimes grossly abuse their power, the people will eventually revolt.

and that's what happened to BN.

many feel things can't get worse, so why not try a new regime. if we don't like it, then we'll vote in the lesser of 2 evils!!

so Mahadzir and UMNO, MCA & MIC had better come out of their state of denial and put things right or in another 50 years, they will not even be a footnote in M'sian history!!

Anonymous said...

apalah! how come minister behaving like soothsayer? can tell future is it? dismissal without trying is not a positive trait.

lagi want to cancel mou with 5 states now. cannot create, mahu destroy... what kind of tourism minister la...

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say this, but who listens to Azalina or UMNO now? They have to win rakyat's trust with actions not rhetorics. Firstly we do not need a Sports Ministry, waste of public monies or is it a reward to UMNO cronies.

Azalina won 2 terms uncontested, so lucky meh???

Pakatan will survive stronger if they can show humility, honesty, transparency and ZERO CORRUPTION.

Rakyat dont expect them to be able to achieve much due to many Federal laws hindering their efforts, We need to control Parliament to repeal draconian laws.

caravanserai said...

When losers talk
It gains no publicity
BN marriage on its way out
Look at them
Never want to see
The cracks in their marriage
For over 50 years
UMNO whipped MCA and MIC
This isn’t a partnership
This is slavery!

UMNO leaders never learn
They still think they are made in heavens
Creating fear and policing tricks
The people have enough
Time these party leaders must go

Pakatan Rakyat will work
Like marriage of olden days
It takes time for love to blossom
BN has forgotten its early years
When one forgets one root
The soul will die midway to its bloom

On the river of different stops
Putting up tolls enriching their coffers
And the leaders are so afraid
They begin to doubt their operations
The cracks have finally broken
On March 8 a new chapter to write
In the lives of all Malaysians

Pakatan Rakyat
The wings of many colorful feathers
Like the magnificent eagle in Kuah
Legend will be told
Today a new eagle flying in the sky

Anonymous said...

what from this lady? overpriced screw drivers? millions spent in england for a project that is known to be in the dustbins from day one? what else from this lady who happily throw away rakyat's money?
now, she wants to even politicise the tourism projects in the states that prefer the Pakatan Rakyat. Whats next, big spender lady? overpriced flyers? another parachute jump in the Artics to showcase malaysia tourism to the eskimos?
take a hike and stop wasting the rakyat's money.

wak segen said...

aiyoo..kakak azalina... itu sendiri punya rumah kasi sapu kasi bersih laa...Tengok orang lain punya apa pasal.Kain sendiri dah nak terlondeh tu, takyah la jaga tepi kain orang.
Eh sorry azalina selalu pakai seluar je tak pakai kain kot...
..hehehe.. jangan mareh..

Anonymous said...

The question is not how long Pakatan Rakyat will last. The MSM is out of touch with the man on the street.

The question is how long before the BN Govt. is relegated to the opposition bench. The PM`s future itself is uncertain, some say he has only 2 months left. Others give the BN an implosion within 6 months.

Anonymous said...

It is typical and despicable tactics by all losers- in this case BN ie UMNO - to accuse the winners of sabotaging development efforts. All this insinuation of the five states of not wanting tourism efforts to take place is absolute rubbish and is ample evidence of Azalina's gutter mentality. What can you expect of an MP who didn't have to actually contest for a seat?

Old school tactics that are bereft of imagination speaks volumes about the intellect of BN ministers ans we have to put up with such buffoons for another 5 years? May God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Azalina talking about marriage???? Bukan ke dia masinh single? Kawin dulu baru cakap pasal kawin..he he

Anonymous said...

Well does served you and those 'sewaktu dgn you all' right!!
The pain... it really hurts deeply!!
The severed blow that have really got you (BN's)!! And have had disorientated you the BN people's!
It's been quite entertaining lately now a days with those funny ,haft bake statement and comments that you people uttered reluctantly..(I guess!).

You people up there ..! Do you still presume we the RAKYAT are 'Dungu' like you guys..!
Or for the moment right now I have the funny feeling that Malaysia is led by "A Butch Dungu's" !!

Whose every words that spurts out of those "Dungu's"..seems to be either , the joke of the day, or some rebuttal statements, denials and whatever !! It seems like you guy hasn't had enough yet!

Mind you, the next 'Blows'..would leave you scrawling on the floor and I'm afraid that you will never wake up for ever....period!

bergen said...

People have said a lot of things; men will never fly. A submarine is a stupid idea. A rig in the middle of the sea to drill for oil? A phone you can bring along with you? Anwar's political career is over, man.

Yup, people have said a lot of things. In most cases, they're wrong.

Anonymous said...

It would have been rite for Makhzir to say the BN have close relationship with their component parties but that was b4 the PRU12 results. Nowadays the component parties are not happy with UMNO. Mahzir check ur facts on Gerakan planning to break free frm the BN coalition, so does PPP and some other BN component parties from Sabah & Sarawak voicing the same things. Who's married is on the Rock now? The Pas-Pkr-Dap has in facts strengthen their married by making babies now(forming the coalition) PAKATAN RAKYAT.
So what says you two dumb and dumber!(makhzir & azalina) heheh...apo nak dikato..(",)

petestop said...

Actually they lost 6 states if you count Federal Territories as a state.

The Federal Government lost its own Federal Territories to the Pakatan Rakyat.... figure that..

They are only saved by our East Malaysian brethren... and hope they comes to their senses that UMNO is only in BN for UMNO sake... to hell with the rest of component parties.

Siunin said...

Hey, BN. Please update yourself on current news. PAS has dropped the Islamic State issue from its latest manifesto.

If you ask me, I'd say DAP & PAS have more in common than your so called component BN parties. DAP & PAS both champion the welfare of the people, equal rights, erradication of corruption, etc. Whereas BN's component parties by their constitutions are selfish, looking after their own race only.

Satria Asia said...

we'll bury umno for good

Da Real Deal said...

Barisan Leaders, Let's mind our own business ey? Our house is not in order and yet you people are busy looking at others who are going in the positive direction while ours is going for destruction because of our denial syndrome.

It makes me sick and mind you, I'm in Barisan's team, what more the fence sitters?....oh I forgot, there are none because they all jumped to the other side, thanks to the imbecile leaders that we have!

Anonymous said...

My dear learned and knowledgeable leaders/politicians. This statement sounds like a sore loser who does not know how to be gracious in a competition. Seriously, our leaders are in dire need of EQ skills. They sound more like a group of 5 years old throwing tantrums when they can't get what they want. Instead of playing politics and making unnecessary statements, I will suggest that they come up with solutions/ideas on how to improve THE NATION, not jeopardizing the nation by marginalizing certain states for their decisions/choices.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what BN leaders say. What I know is that given certain BN leaders' recalcitrant attitude, BN will be wiped out by 13th GE!!!

Many BN leaders are still suffering from the self-denial syndrom.

Azisirikit said...

Laaaaa.... BN, BN, kaki awak tu dah tempang. Pergilah jumpa bomoh ke, dukun ke, bomoh tulang ke... perbetulkan. Dah kalah teruk buatlah cara kalah. Jangan nak kondem orang. Kalau awak menang PRU12 dulu, awak buat ape? Party kan? Kira duit2 yang akan masuk poket!

Anonymous said...

UMNO adalah untuk orang2 melayu yg punya perasaan hasad dengki yg tinggi....(terbukti dengan tindakan azlina)

Rocky's Bru said...

Pakatan Rakyat will not last? Last time they said bloggers are liars, now they are all blogging. I would like to see Azalina blog instead of ordering those cyber-rempits around and forcing them to leave stupid comments in our blogs.

She'll get lots of feedback and comments, I am sure.

mainer said...

I also share the same sentiment, it will not last. After all only God will remain forever. Why dont you start a countdown on this marriage of convenience?

Hi&Lo said...

The marriage will be successful and a blissful one if all parties are sincere for the people.

Sure, PAS and DAP are poles apart in ideology. I expect some fireworks now and then.

But this is good cos consensus building requires honest communication.

Tension does not necessarily break down a marriage. It might even make the union stronger.

With Anwar as bridge, I believe PAS and DAP will have the will to work it out for their own good.

malaysianminx said...

at first i was about to laugh at her, but then i realised how rather disturbing it is that the tourism minister would come up with such a statement.

it seems like it was poorly conceived. *sigh* and i really wanted her to be one of the better ones.

how la?

Anonymous said...

that reminds me about something. in my banking days, there was this law firm who was appointed o prepare some convenyancing documents by the bank's legal department. it was so badly done and the documents seemed to be extracted from a pigeon hole in the dinosaurs period, that I told the lawyer off for such shoddy work. this senior partner of the firm, which had a track record older than my age then, ticked me off and implied that he has eaten more salt than me eating rice and his documents are perfect and absolutely correct.
my answer to him was that i wonder how his firm had managed to remain in the bank's panel. and the firm has been wrong for so mnay years without him realising it. if the firm continues this way, it wil go the same way as the dinosaurs!
50 years of BN tarck record? what is the result?

Anonymous said...

yeah, good workin relationship with MCA and Gerakan, between the dogs and the owner. Hahahahahah....

Anonymous said...

Mahadzir has forgotten why BN lost the states; the arrogance of UMNO has no limit. The Pakatan is the result of sacrifices by the three parties concerned. Having come to an understanding, the ties will remain, only broken if amongst the three rise the arrogant, vain and corrupt as we witnessed in the case of BN. Having stayed humble for nearly 50 years, I do not see that happening amongst the current leaders.

As for Azalina, she is even denied as a wanita by her leader and I do not see much future for her in UMNO, BN or the government. Surely, she is doomed for failure.

Anonymous said...

Close the stable door before the horses bolt

The BN-led Federal Government must accept the principle that the Federal Cabinet line-up must reflect the political reality of the election results, while mindful of the fact that all communities must be represented.
Furthermore, MPs from Sabah and Sarawak should not continue to be pawned off with token representation for window dressing and relegated at the same time to minor Ministries. Sabah and Sarawak should be given a proper share of the Federal Government to give real and full meaning to the concept of Malaysia.

At present, the Umno/BN-led Federal Government (like a gambler who lost )is only obsessed with winning back the support of the Indian voters and others. Why close the stable doors only after the horse has bolted? Now, the stable has no horse to be prevented from bolting.

Umno/BN should focus on closing the stable door to prevent its horses in Sabah and Sarawak from bolting. Let Umno give up some of its Ministries to Sabah and Sarawak. This is a sacrifice they should make. Why should the Malay community, which forms hardly 60 per cent of the population, have a disproportionate share of the Federal Cabinet posts.

The Opposition Alliance will not wait until the next GE to topple the BN from power. They must do so before the Umno Assembly in mid Dec to prevent the BN from making a comeback at the next GE.

It’s easy to bring down the BN Government at the Federal Level. All the Opposition Alliance needs is 10 seats each from Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula. The prospect of a Deputy Prime Minister each from the Dayak and KDM communities will get the Opposition 20 Parliamentary seats from Malaysian Borneo.

Anonymous said...

setiap kutukan kepada pr adalah keruntuhan kepada bn.. ada arti ka?

Anonymous said...

hari ini kita jumpa satu istilah baru 'cyber-rempits'...msm dan dewan bahasa pls take note... i like it rocky.. selain mat rempit skrang kita boleh buat ayat, Di Malaysia, gejala merempit di alam siber kian menjadi kegemaran ramai...kahkahkah...

Anonymous said...

People can be divided into 4 categories:
1) Not clever; and know they are not clever.
2) Clever; but don't admit they are clever;
3) Clever; and admit they are clever.
4) Not clever; but think they are clever.

Sorry la, i find most of you here are in category 4...mentality mat rempit.