Monday, April 28, 2008

The Balkis Saga..

and...I'd really like to see it resolved.

Although Balkis president Zahrah Kechik has explained that she and her exco had legal advice every step of the way in dissolving the association, the Selangor PR government is not satisfied and will pursue the legality of this move and related matters.

Everything was done in accordance with the constitution, she asserted.

The state government just wants Balkis (The Association of Wives Of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor) to give back the RM9.9million in its coffers.

And then everything will be ok.

Meanwhile, Zahrah who is wife of former Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo has warned that she will take legal action against anyone making baseless allegations about Balkis and the women in Balkis.

All I can say is I hope she knows what she is doing because, really, she is not the only one who can run to her lawyers....

Besides, she ought to be sure that there are no cans of worms....

Meanwhile, I just finished reading The Sun's page one today, headlined -- "Globe-trotting VIP Wives", which tells of the lavish spending by Balkis, including overseas shopping trips et al...


IZWAN said...

haloo...Yups....Pretending to be good as usual...We dont understand those people..Bribery..Breach of trust..She still said its ookayy..My God..!!

anak melaka said...

The issue of 'babi selangor' was no more talk-of-the day today and the new hot topic in Selangor was the issue of 'balkis' with RM9m in its coffers.

Both the office bearers of Balkis and the PR government are clashing heads. Balkis is adamant with their action in dissolving the association followed by transfering their funds 'temporarily' to Bakti. The new MB TSKI and exco Theresa, on the other side, threatened to take legal action if the money was not return to the state government.

I, myself, missed a few points here...Who formed BALKIS? Was it by the BN's MP/ADUN's wives - meaning, the the opoosition-party's MP/ADUN's wives were not listed as members of Balkis?

If the above assumption was correct, then, the present government has no right to Balkis. But if the membership was opened to every MP/ADUN's wives from both quarters, it will be a different story.

But as I said before ..... the rakyat, especially myself, is still groping in the dark regarding the issue. But the gist is that when it involves 'big-monies', everybody is interested....!


expat said...

Can the 'et al' be expanded? Could it have been extra-marital flings? They cannot be under-estimated, especially with all the power & wealth at their disposal.

Aziz Johan said...

Kak Ana.

I hope next election you masok bertanding lah di PJ Selatan.Kita ada Blogger dan kita perlu ada wartawan macam kak Ana.Balkis Saga amat memalukan lah wanita.

How long you nak bersendirian lagi.Salam.

Anonymous said...

Go get King Solomon, he will bring back Balkis in the twink of the eye !

Perhaps, not, this is no Queen Sheba !

Temple of Jerusalem.

pua kang kang said...

Thats your first can of worms i guess... Can't wait to hear it all. By the way if the post one is holding is a public post and any matter that had been derived from the post (such as Balkis) should be public too. Public here reads the people of Selangor. Jika pertubuhan itu adalah pertubuhan Isteri Khir Toyo, dan atas nama perseorangan adun adun lain, maka mereka berhak buat sesuka hati mereka. Tapi ni atas nama jawatan yg merupakan hak Mrs Khir Toyo..just shut up and return the money

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

If the fund is not meant for fun but charity
Why is there the need to keep so much in the kitty
With real limited beneficiaries getting so little publicity
And feeling so shy when asked for further clarity?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280408
Mon. 28th April 2008.

Anonymous said...

Que Sera Sera

Zawi said...

Your final paragraph about VIP wives splurging abroad like there is no tomorrow as reported by the Sun is kinda scary. They can shop till they drop because the fund was so huge and more keep coming everyday.
The funny thing is that they have built in an escape clause in theri constitution such that when their husband lose their post, they can abscond with the money or so they thought and advised.

Bunnies said...

Only a guilty one will make threatening/warning remarks like she did. Sigh... definitely not a very clever woman I must say.

Anyway, I do hope the Selangor MB make an official police report and make this a CRIMINAL case. I want to see if she and/or Toyol will be as cocky as they are now when the sentence is read to her. CBT is no petty thief jail term I think.... Hmmm... 10 years?! Woo Hoo... by then I do hope that Toyol will be there standing and waiting for her to finish her "holiday" in Kajang Detention for Woman resort. Hmmm... let's hope he wont talak her and marry another one? Wahahahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

sebagai orang islam kita semua tidak sepatutnya " jump to conclusion" biar BALKIS & state govt settle the matter in court then we will see who is right.

banyak-banyak astaghfar , jangan terlalu ikut emosi cepaqt-cepat nak ada prasangka burok.

kalau menghukum perkara yang belum terbukti dosanya besar f i t n a h.

Anonymous said...

What happen to Marina Mahathir's blog on this issue? kena spam ke? dah keluaq cacing? she's not toeing the official line?

Anonymous said...

Don't you all get it? Balkis is supposed to be an apolitical association - that is why contributions to them is tax exempt! It is not BN money. And the IRD's consent has to be obtained before they can close the bank accounts and transfer the money. Then the next question is whether they have set up the association as a front for their feeding from the trough rather than for the purported charity works.

Anonymous said...

Next time Balkis, or Bakti or for that matter any High Socety dinners to collect donations should serve Food is is eaten by the poor.

And what are the simple food?

Broken Rice with salt fish or sardin.

Broken Rice with 2 cheap fish with lots of gravy curry without santan.

Broken rice with Kicap and snails [remember the poor family shown on BersamaMu Tv program].

So, you rich people stop pretending, the next time you all want to donate donate without wasting more moeny on Lavish Expensive dinner functions.

Bolsheviks, 1917 Moscow Street in Winter.

Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Nuraina,

Datin Zaharah Kecik was quoted by The Star as saying, `What the (state) government is doing now is a smear campaign, so all this rubbish talk must stop.'

Alahai Datin... can't take the heat ke? Yang suami Datin dok cerita berbelit pasal ladang khinzir tu bukan smear campaign ke? If you want it to stop, then simply return the money.

While you may claim the dissolution of Balkis was done as per constitution, what you did is morally wrong. The objective of Balkis is primarily charity work. What Balkis have done prior to the new state government would be remembered and appreciated. Why would you want to deprive the wives of the current PR assemblymen the chance to continue the good work?

By doing what you have done, you have just shown the rakyat of Selangor your narrow-mindedness and ill-intentions. Nampak sangat busuk hati you Datin Zaharah.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Balkis BN kindly change your name to Baksheesh BN... it's more appropriate.

Wakmasnoor said...

Hi Ena, still on this issue ke...

We have to look at this issue in two main criteria. 1. The formation of Balkis, and 2. The source of that RM9.9mil in question.

Who and what manner does one formed this Balkis? Im quite sure Balkis is formed by individuals rather than by their virtue. They can have whatever names they want, but the individuals that represented and elected as owners of the association, have the right to band or disband the entity. Because Balkis does not belongs to State govt.

The most important in order to justify the whole situation is the question of where does the money comes from? Contribution indeed. But did those contributions come from any State govt agencies? Of course, its a yes. No one association can really accumulates RM9.9mil just from private sectors. If the money came from state agencies via contributions etc for the use of Rakyat Selangor, then the money must be returned in whatever ways, back to the state or related association.

The formers have the right to close Balkis, but the ownership of RM9.9mil wasnt very much theirs according to publics.

Can someone get the Audited Report of Balkis then?

nstman said...

The lady said she consulted lawyers before embarking on dissolving the association and handing over rm10 million to her Bakti sisters who are now laughing their way to the bank. Case closed, so simple as that. It's just like a robber telling the whole world that he consulted a lawyer before going on a robbing spree. So simple as that. Case closed.

busymum100 said...

It's just too ridiculous! Mrs Khir IS STILL a member of Balkis, because unfortunately, her husband is still an ADUN!

They way they behave, it's as if they are the only good samaritans (doing all the charity work).

Dr Khir said the association was unsure if Khalid’s government would want to go on with the programmes already in place, or use the money for similar intentions,

Do the rakyat really think the PR are in Power to damage the country?

Kalau hati sudah busuk, hati org pun depa ingat busuk juga :-(

wak segen said...

'Whats in the name of charity...'
Some may ask ..whats the big fuss? anyway it is all for charity.
Well the truth is....Charities today are big business. Charity drive do's are big events, dinner gala shows ,big media splash events..You get big PR expose, political mileage.Non-profit they always say but taking up to 80% for organisation /admin costs leaving a meagre 20% or less for the charities.Ask our well known 'philantrophist', Lim Kok Wing, he knows he's been at it for decades.
Now on Balkis, its constitution says ..chairperson must be MB's wife and members are wives of excos and female excos.Someone just wants to cut the ribbbon and present the big cheques and there's the overseas trip to buy gifts..for charity of course..And yes.. maybe we may even have a Mother Teresa of Selangor soon...hehehe..
..jangan mareh...

Anonymous said...

To Wak Segen

Mother Teresa is by any means better than those people in Balkis.
She was offered even more money and Gala dinner than you could ever imagined compared to any charity set up by anyone and at least Mother Teresa had the courtesy to ask them (those people offering her stuff and money, or those lavish dinner with the US Prez) to instead give it to the poor directly and not to her. So don't even compare Mother Teresa with those in Balkis, it's an insult. So get your facts right before you comment, do some research on her life first.

mad said...

i hope the selangor government can obtain the documents on balkis' past activities and spending and make it public. knowing it was under bn's mp's wives i'm sure there's lots of lavish personal spending of the foundation's money.

wak segen said...

anon 11.42am
Sorry if it had offended you,but the most revered Mother Teresa of Calcutta was never in my mind.You just did'nt catch the drift.
Have a nice day .Peace!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...this is so frustrating. ada ka patut, an organisation tht is suppose to help poor people boleh simpan cash RM9 juta. duit masih banyak, orang susah tak kurang juga.

pastu opisnya duduk kat bangunan value berjuta-juta (dibeli), di kws orang tak susah. mcm nak memancing ikan, tapi pegi kat kandang lembu.

mad said...

i agree with you. looks like balkis is just a front cover for some other activities beside helping the poor. with 9 mil extra cash still in balkis' piggy bank, i'm sure there's no more poor rakyat to donate money to these days. i don't know, i don't live in selangor