Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Balkis Accounts ...Wham Bam!

Well, I'll be!

The external auditors for the Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation (Balkis) said yesterday they were not consulted before the body transferred its RM9.9mil funds.

Yee Choon Kong & Co principal Yee Choon Kong said the firm was never consulted by Balkis president Datin Seri Zahrah Kechik, its executive committee members or former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo prior to the transfer.

He said the organisation’s financial statements remained unaudited till now and the firm had not issued a signed Audit Report on Balkis’ conduct and financial affairs for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2007.

“My firm had on a number of occasions called the organisation’s treasurer Datin Suraimi Sapuan to send the financial records including bank statements, official receipt books, payment vouchers, supporting documents, fixed deposit receipts, minutes of meetings and the details of membership and subscription for 2007,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said Balkis ignored the requests, adding that contrary to press reports, the accounts had not been finalised before the funds were transferred out.

Yee was commenting on a recent statement by Dr Khir that Balkis had consulted its auditors and legal advisors before transferring the funds to the Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti) and there was no “hanky panky” involved.


(Source: The Star)


berok said...

To my knowledge, It is NOT mandotary for an organization to be audited by external auditors. An INTERNAL auditor is sufficient.

novice101 said...

What's wrong with this Mohd. Khir Toyo, he seems to have no qualms about telling lies. First, he said the pig farm wasn't approved by his government, and now he lied that he had consulted the auditors. Is UMNO so starved of decent people?????

donplaypuks said...

Please ask Mrs. Toyo and Balkis to confirm the names of the Auditor & Lawyer they consulted before transfering the money to Bakti.

If there is nithing to hide, then Mrs Toyo should have no objections to having Balkis' accounts audited by the Auditor General and making public:-

1. Names and amounts received from state agencies, PLc's, GLC's and general public.

2. Purpose,Number, Venues and persons who went on overseas trips and costs thereof.

3. Total donatins collected and how much money was actually disbursed to the NEEDY. This is the most important info the public would like to have.

Also, Mr Toyo should reveal details and $ value of contracts awarded by state govt to donors such as Sunway, LBS etc.

Time for Mr & Mrs Toyo & Balkis to walk the talk!

Anonymous said...

A grand jury should be emplaced to determine if indictment(s) are warranted. Reports do indicate that CBT amd fraud had been committed, unless the accountant's press release is refutable. As of now it's "he said ... they said."

lucia said...

i am with a church-based charitable organisation, which is an international organisation, and we are registered with malaysia's registrar of society (ROS).

if balkis is registered with ROS, then it is mandatory to have its account externally audited.

internal auditing is for members only. for example when the organisaiton is having its AGM, it's ok to have the accounts internally audited only, (without external auditor) to be passed. but still after AGM, they must submit the externally audited account to ROS.

don't know if balkis is registered with ROS... i'm sure yes. but even no, their accounts must be internally audited.

amoker said...

Second Novice 101. Mr Khir has been caught lying and again. And the biggest lie he did is when he delcared that in GE12, he would wipe out opposition in Selangor. But we forgive him on that one. :)

pua kang kang said...

dontplaypuks, you have a good point there. Kalau takde apa apa nak di sorok, kenapa nak sembunyikan tangan...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Please don't play "Hide & Seek" with genuine charity fund
For those poor and in real need this waiting is no fun
Go back to the stated objective for which the Society was found
Get cracking to do whatever is openly noble and sound

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290408
Tue. 29th April 2008.

Anonymous said...

wah, the charity organization has so much money...this is more like deposit taken organization.

Bunnies said...

Berok and donplaypuks,

It is not about whether there is a need for an organisation to be audited by external or internal auditors or ask those 2 slimeballs to name their auditors. The fact is the male slimeball lied with his eyes open!! He lied about the accounts being auditted! He was cocky when he claimed that everything was done in accordance to law and god knows what!

Now, if he can lie about such things, think how often and many other things he could have lied to us!? And if you think that is not bad, there is this big big story splash all over some newspapers saying that these bimbo wives have been using this so called for the poor association to go Hola overseas in style OK!!! That is wrong!

I say nail these 2 slimeballs and send them to jail! A person like them who have no integrity, honor and pride have no place in a society that is trying so hard to make things right.

If I am that bimbo wife of his, I will scoot!! Run! Cabut! whatever, out of this country and go hide somewhere like Aghanistan where nobody will ever find me... dead or alive!

Jail sentence for CBT is no small time... at least 10 years I tell you... jail is definitely no fun.

Anonymous said...

For all we know all the money in the kitty is gone due to afternoon highteas in hotels, and shopping extravaganza in Europe

True-Leaders.com said...

Once again, the PM is silent. Pak Lah, don't you have anything to say? This is huge disaster for UMNO! Their honesty, decency, integrity questioned.
At the very least, he should say that "no stones will be left unturned in getting to the bottom of this" to show he means business. What does his silence mean? Does he condone what Balkis has done? Or doesn't he know what to make of it yet until his advisers tell him what to do.

Anonymous said...

No external audit is needed for association. But if external auditor is used, it is better and the accounts is more "trustworthy". The questions should be whose money is it? If the RM9.9 mil comes from state /federal govt grant, I would say Mrs Toyol is a thief. If Mrs Toyol and isteri-isteri BN fellas contributed all the money, let them do whatever they want with the money. Who are the public to tell Mrs Toyol what to do with his money. Of course, if those were Mrs Toyol's money, I would the newly independent "ACA" (let's hope Badawi did not lie again) would charge Mr Toyol and wifey for corruption if the money is not clean. Also, can someone tick off Inland Revenue Board for the clean money of Mrs Toyol, if the contributions were from her. Not satisfied being a thief and robber, someone resorted to being a liar. Wonderful Malaysia.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Sis Ena
We're not surprised if the crass, Botox notwithstanding, Mak Datins are subject of ridicule. Give us Mak Bedahs anytime.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing sucks like a vacuum cleaner....

Anonymous said...


Another Imelda Marcos ala malaysia boleh? Sadly corruption has got into the bloodstream and is just part of them now. Need a fix quick but sadly no more projects.

Imagine what will surface when Federal government falls next round, Mother of Scandals will surface surely.

Engleong said...

Could the former BN MB be misrepresenting the truth again about Sami Vellu calling for the destruction of the 100 year old Indian temple? After all he has been found wanting on the truth of the pig farm approval and now on the consultation of the the Auditors of Balkis!

suaramalaysia said...

something smells of another datuk siphoning of money. will the ACA probe this or will the powerrs that be sweep in under the carpet as with so many fraud practices sanctioned and run by the BN government.

lee said...

as soon as all the statement put on the table, every one will know wats happening.

shahbandarmalakat said...

Actually, I am warry of any association of "wives of dignitaries",
especially wives of politicians, involving in voluntary works;their organisation automatically become "high-class society".However, It is different if the involvement is on individual basis,say, in the 'kampung's activities in the constituency of their husbands or in other organisations.
It is a nuisance and annoying when the wives of ministers formed their own society,always keeping together with themselves!

Anonymous said...

How so much money collected?